Tecra S11 Bulletin Board doesn't show any updated drivers


Tecra S11 Bulletin Board is one of the best service I've ever had, but when I visit the page of the Toshiba driver, I found a few updated drivers, but the scoreboard does not show these updated drivers on my machine.
Is this possible? or am I disabled something?


> but when I visit the page of the Toshiba driver, I found a few updated drivers, but the scoreboard does not show these updated drivers on my machine. Is this possible? or I am disabled
> something?

Yes, it is possible. Personally, I've never used Bulletin Board removed since purchased my knees. Anyway, you can update drivers yourself

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    I use the recommended procedure to change the password, it's rebooting with command-r, go to the Terminal and then opens the password reset but no volume appears, and I have nothing to select.

    Advice would be welcom


    Take this action after the start in recovery mode, if you use FileVault 2. Start utility disk, then select the icon for the volume FileVault startup ("Macintosh HD", unless you have given it a different name.) It will be nested under another icon of the disc. Select open in the file menu and enter your login password when you are prompted. Then quit disk utility must be returned to the main screen.

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    Thanks for your comments,


    As reported by the VMware support, it's normal behavior with this version of vCOPS. Switch to the 6.x version to solve the problem.

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