Tecra S5 - operating system cannot be charge with new battery


I have a problem with my Tecra S5 (PTS53E).

It works quite normally. But with a new battery, it is impossible to boot the PC, even with the AC adapter connected. The battery is fully charged, the access to the bios is correct, first tests the system of appointment OK, but then the screen turns black with a flashing cursor.

No loading of the operating system, either on the hard drive (W7Pro-64) or USB (Linux). If the PC starts only with the adapter, then the battery is correctly recognize (fee level, serial number,...) by the operating system.
This PC work normally with the old battery.
Does anyone have an idea?

Thank you

It's really strange question.
Original battery Toshiba Toshiba logo sticker battery you bought?

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    Thank you

    Try this:

    Disconnect the AC
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    Because the computer is located in a no start situation and you don't have the installation disc, it is best to contact the manufacturer for assistance.

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    I need a route which can accommodate my learning needs.  I'm open to suggestions that might involve touchscreen options to win 10 OS while keeping the mouse driven navigation for Win 7 applications.  Clues on a postcard!

    10 dual-boot Windows, you will need to buy retail (it's only free if you use it to replace Windows 7, not to start the long side).

    So first, buy an installation Windows 10 CD/USB stick to your favorite tech store and install it as a dual-boot option.

    You will find that there is no dichotomy of the 'touch' vs 'mouse' use Windows 10.  You can use the mouse as you do today in Windows 7: there is literally not a single instance of a hidden mouse-gesture-operated menu, you need to know the secret movement to activate (unlike Windows 8, Windows 10 has been designed so that a user of Windows 7 could jump in without any training).

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    I have an old program that has been written in "basic", or maybe Fortran around 1995. Program is running on an operating system ms back. I can run the program, but cannot print program. I would like to print the program so I can understand the requirement of entry files. I intend to rewrite and use the latest system. The program calculates the speed of data processing.

    Hi, Robert,.

    Have you considered converting the format of Visual Basic?


    Free BASIC compilers and interpreters




  • I just bought a new computer.it has windows 7 64 bit operating system, it is good with the exception of my call of duty games running, they used to run very well on my windows vista 32 bit system, what is the problem?

    There are video games that are compatible with windows 7 64 bit operating systems?

    Hello Peter.

    Yes almost all games in 10 years works perfectly on 64-bit Windows.  What Call of Duty games are you having problems with?  If the first two, you might have to enter the video drivers for your graphics card/computer manufacturer as the first two required OpenGL which is not included with the drivers that Windows uses by default (this has been the case since at least Windows XP).

    Paul Smith - MVP for Windows desktop experience... I crawled off NNTP - for now. Detachment Aldershot, United Kingdom. On the internet at windowsresource.net and dasmirnov.net. Please post back to let us know what works and what does not. :-)

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    Having been forced to upgrade too because I need to process RAW images from the 2 7 using Photoshop, I can tell my updates went well. I bought Win 8.1 & done a clean install on a new hard drive & waited to win 10 out & from my old programs would continue to operate. 10 once was readily available that I made an another clean install on another hard drive as an installation & nine 64-bit (added 16 gigabytes of memory also) & things was great when working in Photoshop, BUT for all those who 7 2 treatment check CR2 what device profile is best. By default, it chooses an Adobe profile that works very well with my other camera files but Standard camera looks better with 7 2 files.

    (My computer has provisions for 5 internal hard drives & I 5) I can easily re boot for XP or Win 8.1 if I need to use one of my old programs, but so far, I've been running Win 10 on my office & XP on my laptop.

  • My PC will not repair or install an operating system. I tried with Vista, 7 and Windows Server 2008 installation media, but it does not get as much as the first menu.

    As it is said above. Everything worked fine until a few days ago. Now, it will fail to start correctly wih STOP 0 x 00000024 (ntfs corruption), but I can't boot from any installation media to reinstall the OS or repair Vista. All I get is the wallpaper but no menu. I tried to unplug the SATA HDD and inserting an IDE drive with no effect.

    I can't start to BACK among the several start-up/repair CD I tried but I am unable to boot from a DVD of Windows XP PE (BartPE or Hiren boot CD), but I can boot Knoppix Linux (5.3.1 and 6.4.3).

    All I want to do is run chkdsk /r and then either to repair or install a new OS to make it work again.

    Any thoughts?


    Hi Dave,.

    You can read the following article which talks about the same issue:

    Error message in Windows 2000: "Stop 0 x 24 ' or «NTFS_FILE_SYSTEM»

    Note: The steps mentioned in the article apply to Windows Vista n 7, so operating systems.

    1. do you have the original supplied with the computer disks?

    2 have you tried to use the original Vista disks?

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    T310 Server 2008 Standard SP2 system installed using Dell OpenManage for a matrix RAID with 2 HARD drives. The table is divided into a volume EISA 39 MB, a RECOVERY volume (drive D) / 3GB, 40 GB OS volume (drive C) and a 422 Go to Volume DataPart1 (drive E).

    The reader of the OS (c :) currently has less than 1.5 GB of free space. I have already moved or uninstalled as much as possible, but the space seems to be used for updates/hotfixes for Windows Server 2008. I found about 1.2 GB in the Windows/Temp folder, but not sure if the files can be deleted without a problem.

    Drive would be "is the recovery disk with drive"E", used for data and program storage.

    I can't find a way to extend this player, although there is enough space on the disk. Using the Windows Disk Manager I was able to open about 20 GB of free disk space that can be used to extend the OS disk - only no options are available.

    Here are my questions:

    (1) can I delete or move the deployment files MS Updates? If so, where are the?

    (2) how can I enlarge the OS drive?

    Thanks for your help!

    Jack Leonard


    One-way ticket, you can go is to use the tool Extpart found here. This program will allow you to extend the space on the C: drive. There is a catch though. With Extpart you can develop the C: drive, but only if he is not a player after him. So, in order to expand the C: drive, you will need to back up and delete drive D: and E:, and then expand c. Can you re-create and restore D: and E:

    Now with regard to your questions, I would have to research if the update files can be moved. I know that most of the time the file that consumes the most space is the page file for the operating system. That can be moved to the E:drive.

    Let me know if it helps.

  • How findout if all the partitions have been deleted and now a laptop that has Windows 8 operating system using Windows Vista with a shell IE 9?

    I bought a laptop broken at a friend's House. It is not used for the operating system windows 8 and wanted to use the Windows Vista operating system. Son of friends put in place this laptop for it, which was new when she bought in a retail store. Is there a way I can find out whether all the partitions have been deleted during the installation of Vista? I still see window 8 logo that I sign as an administrator user on this laptop.

    When I log on this computer, the previous owner of the screen name is the only one that appears. I go in Control Panel, click Add another account, then I see the screen name I posted. I could use the WiFi from my PC at home that Win 7 OS.

    When I started working with the laptop, I was able to bring control of the camera. Now I thought that the version that I use does not allow this operation. Be happy with any Positive help with my problems.

    Thank you

    Phil W.


    Start > type CMD

    Right click on CMD and select run as administrator

    Type diskmgmt.msc

    Press enter

    This opens where you can view the partitions on the disk management system

    Who has installed Windows Vista, your son or friend?  Fact that they create a dual boot environment or reformat?


    Multibooting requires separate partitions on the hard drive of your computer for each operating system.  To create and format a partition, see create and format a hard disk partition.

    To check if a dual boot system in place, start > Type msconfig

    Click on the Startup tab

    You see two operating systems listed?  Windows 8, Windows Vista


    I think that Windows 8 has the following partitions

    400 MB Partition Recovery (contains recovery information dated from before my upgrade)

    • 300 MB EFI System Partition
    • 350 MB Partition Recovery (contains information for recovery of my upgrade)
    • 17 GB Partition Recovery
    • 220 GB of Partition primary

    Windows Vista has drive C and drive D

    Done reformatting refers to a hard disk or partition that already has been formatted or that contains data on it. Reformatting a disk deletes all the data on the disk.

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    Without doubt, El Capitan, as the Sierra is not released until September 20.

  • How to make a copy of all the software and the operating system that came stock with the laptop?

    I have a laptop that I have replaced the motherboard and now HD took a dump and should be replaced also. I need the software and the operating system disk, so I can restore the operating system to order.

    Please advise!

    This link will take you to a web document that explains how to order a recovery for the initially installed operating system disk.

    Here is the support for your laptop computer portal.

    Best regards


  • Operating systems certified for use with Oracle Designer repository

    Hi all

    We have Oracle Designer repository version 10g ( installed on Microsoft Windows 2000. As our team OS and network will migrate the Windows 2000 operating system to Windows 2003, I want to know if Windows 2003 is certified for our designer version or not.

    Thanks in advance.



    I took a glance on Support Oracle certification the other day and I think it says your client, or close to, was certified on Windows 2003, but not supported. Best for you to double check

  • I want to activate the operating system 64-bit on a new construction

    I activated the operating system 32-bit on my laptop.  My laptop is dead.   I want to activate the operating system 64-bit on new construction.  I've never used the operating system 64-bit before.

    Original title: new generation system in a few days

    As long as it is the key to detail (store bought) that was used to activate the license on your laptop, you can transfer to a new machine and reactivate over the telephone.

    How to activate Windows 7 manually (activate by phone)
    1) click Start and in the search for box type: slui.exe 4
    (2) press the ENTER"" key.
    (3) select your "country" in the list.
    (4) choose the option "activate phone".
    (5) stay on the phone (do not select/press all options) and wait for a person to help you with the activation.
    (6) explain your problem clearly to the support person.

    64 bit 32 vs


    My PC running the 32-bit version or 64-bit Windows?



    Windows 7 64 bit comes in handy when you need to deal with at least 4 GB of RAM or more. Windows 7 32 bit can use up to 3.2 GB of RAM. Because the address space of memory is much larger for 64-bit Windows, this means that you need two times more memory than the 32-bit Windows to accomplish some of the same task, but you are able to do much more, you can have more apps open, do things like run a virus scan in the background it will affect the performance of your system. 64-bit Windows 7 is safer too, malicious code cannot easily infiltrate it, drivers are more reliable because they must be signed before it can work with 64 bit Windows 7.

    Regarding compatibility, you need device drivers 64-bit hardware devices, you may have. In addition, there is no 16-bit subsystem in Windows 7 64-bit, which means, your applications must be 32-bit only, not 16-bit Installer or programs uninstaller. Also, if you decide to switch to Windows 7 64 bit in the future, there is no way to upgrade from 32-bit Windows, clean install only.

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    My old iPod used to load with my previous laptop (also Windows 7).

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    He still will not load.

    I tried with my desktop computer (Windows 8) but that does not charge the iPod either.

    I tried with my old laptop (windows 7) and it loads DID.  I can't keep my old laptop.

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    Are you just having a problem with the "load"?  If the iPod appears in iTunes when connected, try the following as a test.  Go to the screen of the iPod settings in iTunes.  Look for the setting (a check box) to allow the use of the disk.  If currently, this option is NOT checked, check it and click apply.  With disk use enabled, does make a difference to the number of cost?

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