Tecra Z50-A-180 does not start using the new SSD OCZ Vertex 460


I bought an SSD OCZ Vertex 460 for Tecra Z50-A-180 but the system only started only not with this device.

BIOS detect SSD but not find any system start-up.

I cloned the old SSD HARD drive, but the system does not boot with SSD.

I installed the firmware 1.03 on OCZ.

I await response.

Thank you to


What program did you use to clone?
Maybe it's not compatible with the version of Windows.

If you load a new copy of Windows or Ubuntu on the SSD can it start?

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  • C870-19(r) satellite does not start with the new SSD


    I will update the Toshiba Satellite C870 19(r) with a Pro 840 Samsung SSD, but it does not start.

    He said: not found system.

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    None found system means that there is no system installed on the SSD drive...

    What you trying to do?
    You start from a disk in order to install the new system?

    In this case, you should disable startup secure in the BIOS.
    I also recommend moving from UEFI mode MSC!

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    To give you some background, I have a Macbook Pro configured to dual boot OSX 10.6 and Windows 7 ultimate (64 bit).  I can boot under OSX and run the virtual machine very well under Fusion.  However, if I boot into Windows 7 and you try to run an exact copy of the virtual machine Workstation 6.5.3 or Workstation 7 RC, I get just the cursor the left upper corner of the screen and the startup process appears to hang indefinitely.  Any ideas?  Here are the last few lines in the newspaper of vmware:

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    22 Oct 12:56:23.745: vcpu-0 | pciBridge7:1: ISA/VGA decoding activated (ctrl 0004)

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    22 Oct 12:56:23.792: vcpu-0 | EMPTY: Curr CHS info cyls: 17475 heads: 15 sects: 63 lba_cap: 83886080

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    22 Oct 12:56:24.011: vcpu-0 | BIOS UUID is 56 4 d 41 39 44 6 b 8 d 49-0th 56 69 c4 23 1 b 97 e7

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    22 Oct 12:59:22.953: vmx | GuestRpcSendTimedOut: message to the Toolbox has expired.

    22 Oct 12:59:22.953: vmx | VIX: : error VIX_E_TOOLS_NOT_RUNNING in VMAutomationTranslateGuestRpcError(): VMware Tools are not running in the comments

    22 Oct 13:06:18.586: vmx | Adjustment TOOLS of inherited '0', clear status tools version is 3

    22 Oct 13:06:18.586: vmx | DISKLIB-DDB: "toolsVersion" = "0" (was "7461")

    22 Oct 13:06:18.679: vmx | VMXVmdb_SetToolsVersionState: the value «noTools» status value

    22 Oct 13:11:01.227: mks | Setting size 39 battery thread to 1048576.

    I tried two suggestions I've seen on other threads: starting from the Windows XP CD and repair the virtual machine boot sector using the fixmbr command and also tried to change the BIOS & gt; Advanced & gt; The disk access mode complex BACK to others and niether seemed to work.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Try the floppy-image attached drive


    VMX-settings- VMware-liveCD - VM-infirmary

  • Satellite Pro 460 does not start with the new drive in

    I recently received a Satellite Pro 460, but he had no hard drive.
    It starts great without a disc in but as soon as I put a new hard drive in it does not start.

    I thought that it might be again a hard drive, so I pulled out my old Toshiba Satellite with my old drive to work, and yet, it does not start.

    Someone has any ideas why this is and what I can do about it

    I think that you can not do much. Satellite pro 460 CDT, for example, comes with 2 GB of HARD drive. If you try to get it work with similar HDD without success, it may be defective IDE port on the motherboard.

    What HARD drive you are trying to use on this good old classic?

  • Select CTRL or copy, does not work - using the new Windows 7-

    Using the new Windows 7, it still does not work:

    > To select the non-consecutive files or folders, press in and hold the Ctrl key and then click each item you want to select.

    There is also the same problem when you use the Ctrl key to 'Copy', rather than 'move '.

    Sometimes a reboot will fix it, but other times not. Is it an appropriate solution for the Ctrl key work properly?


    It is difficult to imagine a particular key for only certain combinations of keys does not?

    Here are a few troubleshooting steps that you can try to isolate if all goes well the problem.

    1. start the computer Safe Mode and try to reproduce the problem. Start your computer in Safe Mode

    2. perform a clean boot, and then follow the instructions in the following article to help identify the problem.

    How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista or in Windows 7

    3. create a new user account, log in to the new account and test the issue. Create a user account

    If this step resolves the issue, is that your user account may be damaged. Replace

    your original user account.  How to fix a corrupted user profile.

    Let us know the results.

    Thank you for using Windows 7

    Ronnie Vernon MVP
  • Inspiron 560 does not start after the new mobo

    just relpaced mobo with nine years of old stock that it does not start in windows 7, just goes into repair options, but will not repair.

    He's trying to start windows, it happens from windows, you see the glance just color logo on the screen, then it restarts.

    Yes, it's the same model mobo.


    Check the operating mode SATA for disks - it must be about the same as it was before the jury was replaced (AHCI, RAID, etc.).

    F2 at startup to check.

  • Windows 7 does not start on the new Satellite C660-195


    I just bought a Toshiba Satellite C660-195 with Windows 7 pre-installed.

    This morning I turned on it and it came with a black box with x:windows\system32\drvload.exe in it. This box then disappeared and Startup Repair kicked. He then told me that Startup Repair cannot repair this computer automatically. The notice were to remove any device that had recently been attached to the laptop (such as a webcam or music device) but I did not install a hardware or devices. I clicked finish and stop you the laptop.

    I lit it again and it's the same thing (new!)

    A forum would suggest trying the following: click on the link 'Show advanced options of the system and support recovery' who asked me to choose the configuration of my keyboard, but then when I do & click then it tells me "you must register to access system recovery options" I am never given the option connect!

    When using the F8 advanced boot options I'm still not able to solve this problem. The same thing (see above) that happens when I try to start in all security modes, last good known Configuration (Advanced), debug mode, start Windows normally etc. I don't understand it.

    Looking for other forums, they suggested dΘplaτant zero while running and then one selects Windows 7 to restore the laptop to its factory settings, but the same thing happens - it shows just the black screen with x:windows\system32\drvload.exe launched then startup repair, that does not solve the problem.

    I don't have a disc of windows 7 to restore since I only bought the laptop 6 days ago and didn't have time to do a still. In addition, the laptop must have the restoration on his hard drive, but I can't access it to restore windows.

    I'm just a home user understand all technical talk. Please can someone help me?


    Sorry to hear you I have this problem. The fact is that the new laptops come with only HARD drive recovery image and not with recovery DVDs. What you can try now is to install the recovery image using HARD drive recovery facility.
    If this works you need out of the box again.

    Please do it following the instructions in this document - http://aps2.toshiba-tro.de/kb0/HTD9102IR0000R01.htm

    Please send us comments.

  • SMU 8108 does not start with the new hard drive


    I am currently using SMU 8108 with SMU-1062 q.

    The previous record was borken, so I had to install a new hard drive.

    The new hard drive is fommatted as NTFS format, and it is currently mounted on 8108.

    Unfortunately, I don't have recovery disk available to the general public so I am trying to install Windows 7 on a blank hard drive.

    When you start, the LED OK PWK light is all the time, orange DRIVE LED turns on for a few seconds only when I turn on the switch.

    LabVIEW RT switches are all off, I cleared CMOS several times to the Board of Directors, but the screen does not show anything.

    I tried to use my DVI monitor with any other device as well, and it worked, so there is no problem with the monitor.

    In addition, I tried to go in window safe mode by pressing F8 or Del it didn't work, so I can't see anything on the screen when his kick upward.

    I tried to put a lot of information I can it will be very appreciated if you can help me with this problem please.

    You said that you can't in Windows safe mode, you have installed Windows on the hard drive?  Are you able to get into the BIOS of the controller?

    If you are not able to access the BIOS for the controller, it may be due to bad RAM.  If you are uncomfortable installing RAM and you have a few extra laptop RAM of the same type (I think it's the DDR3 for your controller) laying around, you can try to replace the RAM.

    Was your hard drive damaged through certain events, or it just stop working?

  • Satellite 1800-712 does not start with the new HARD drive

    Hello world.

    I am currently trying to install a new HARD drive in my notebook of 1800-712.
    I'm having a few trubbles as my Satellite won't start with my new HARD drive.

    I upgraded my BIOS to the latest version.
    The new HARD drive is a 40 GB Samsung.

    Any suggestions on what I need to do to make it all works?

    THX, Philippe


    This device was shipped with 20 GB HARD drive.
    You again is 40 GB.
    I guess that the BIOS does not recognize the HARD drive because of the size.

  • C55-A-1MW satellite does not start with the new RAM inserted


    I hope to find someone who can help me... I bought ram memories and tried 4 different memories in my C55 A 1MW Satellite. But each card RAM I have insert makes the computer cannot start... It lights just to stop again.

    Is there a compatibility issue or anything like that? I used 2 different aData Ram extensions cars, 1 1 and 4 GB 2 GB. the 4 GB card was 1333 mhz and was 2 GB 1600 mhz card. and I tried 2 corsair 4 GB 1600 mhz different cards.

    Is this something that makes only able to expand RAM with Toshibas own memories or is the second cardslot for broken RAM memory?

    As I see you use RAM modules with different specifications. Your problem is certainly of RAM compatibility and you must use the RAM modules with the same specifications.
    According to specification of laptop there are 4 slots of memory and laptop can handle up to 32 GB of RAM.

    The compatible RAM modules are:
    4 GB DDR3L-1600-PA5104U-1M4G
    8 GB DDR3L-1600-PA5104U-1M8G

    Of course, you can use modules from other manufacturers, but please do not use some cheap products. I can recommend the use of Kingston memory modules.

  • 1800 514 does not start with the new dvd/CD-RW drive

    My old dvd - rom on my toshiba s1800-514 drive was broken, so I had to replace it. I used an old teac as a temporary replacement cd-rom drive. but now, I bought a new dvd/CD-RW-drive combo (toshiba sd-r2612). but the laptop does not seem to post, I get the "toshiba" screen (when it says press f12 to select boot device). but it stops there and does nothing. I can open the player, it seems to be connected ok.

    Why won't it work? (only the bios setting which applies is one that I can't change...). the drive is nine ar so small chance it's already broken.

    What should do?


    A few weeks ago one of my friends also had a problem with his replacement new drive. He wanted to move the DVD/CD player to a DVD burner.

    The only thing he had to do was change the master/slave settings!

    Goodbye Chris

  • Computer does not start with the new video card


    I have hp pavilion 500-277cb and I love it, but it won't work with my new video card

    The video card is
    Sapphire ATI over-pants 2460

    I heard 6 beeps and I turned off safe and active start legacy. It does not beep, but it is not start either, just black screen.

    It seems to me to have the latest version of the bios and windows 8

    What can I do else?

    Thank you very much



    Hi JM,

    Did you remove the Intel HD graphics drivers prior to installing the ATI graphics card?

    Your PC comes with one of the following built-in Intel graphics drivers:

    • Graphics Intel HD 4400 (GT2)

  • Acer Aspire S7 392 does not start after the new Antivirus installation


    I bought the Acer Aspire S7 392 in October this year of digitec.ch AG here in Switzerland. Everything worked well until December 19 when my Antivirus McAfee has expired and I decided to change my Comodo Internet Security antivirus. A month back, I had installed Windows 8.1 as well and things were smooth until last night. Last night, when I installed Comodo Internet Security, the computer requires a restart, I did, and then my computer erased. I could not even reached the Acer logo at startup.

    As I tried to check the observation of details of covers them this white screen problem, Irealized that many people suffer from a similar problem. It seems that Windows 8.1 and an installation of a new antivirus may have led to this white screen problem. In addition, it seems to be a bios problem that the computer would not start and I hope that someone could help me with this problem.

    Thank you very much Acer-Tommy. I had to take it to the Acer Support in Switzerland. He partially solved the problem. My S7-392 has a built-in battery that I had to reset which allowed the laptop to reboot normally. As in, I was able to boot up to Windows 8.1. However, as soon as I logged into Windows, it hooked up soon. Do the restart 3 times triggered the automatic repair/update option. That I took and returned to Windows 8. I had a Bios 2.05 2.03 intead and I had to install 2.05 before making updates. I recommend you seriously all the people who use the S7-392 to strictly follow the installation procedure for Windows 8.1 mentioned on the Acer site.

    Please update your Bios to 2.05 before installing something new, especially a new anti-virus.

  • Inspiron 13-5323 does not start after the new installed hard drive

    Fall of my Inspiron and Geek Squad said she needed a new hard drive.  I installed a new identical to the former myself blue WD.  When activated, it immediately passes to "Phoenix Securecore Tiano Setup.  Pre-launch tests indicate that the new hard drive works fine.  I tried to start in safe mode UEFI and in the boot Legacy mode, but no boot.  I get a message "Not found operating system".  It is my understanding that this computer has an operating system embedded on the motherboard.  I previously had it improved Windows 8.1 to 10.  When I tried to boot mode safe mode using F8, I had the same operating system not found message.  The F2 and F4 keys on commissioning do nothing different, either.  Am I missing a step in the window settings of Phoenix?  Suggestions while in Phoenix window bringing me could happen to start the system would be appreciated.

    In fact you have reloaded the operating system?  If not, the new drive is empty - it's why you see the message you see.

    You will need all the recovery media, as you did when you received the system - or, if you do not prepare a set, you will need to call Dell to buy a flash drive with the media today.  The alternative is to download Windows 10 TH2, of the same version (standard, pro) that has been installed and activated previously.  You can then reload the operating system.

  • L855-135 satellite display brightness does not work using the new ATI driver


    I just bought the L855-135 with a Radeon HD 7670 M and wanted to update the graphic with map
    the last driver AMD. After that, I realized that the brightness setting didn t work anmore. So I uninstalled
    the new driver and installed again the old driver from this site. Now, the brightness setting works fine again but I Don t really want to get stuck on this older version of the driver. Its around the age of 8 months. Before I bought my laptop I've never heard their update policity. Can someone tell me when they intend to update their-own-amd-drivers toshiba? I really want some new drivers but I Don t want to lose the ability to adjust the brightness. For me, it's a reason to give the laptop back, but I like really this laptop with the exception of its own pilots.

    Can someone tell me how long it will take to get a few new drivers? And I mean not more recent that the 'old' but still 6 months of NEW drivers.

    Thank you.

    > After I realized that the didn t of brightness adjustment works more. So I uninstalled the new driver and installed the old driver from this site again. Now, the brightness setting works fine again but I Don t really want to get stuck on this older version of the driver.

    I found another thread on the same topic.
    It seems that the command buttons FN brightness don t work using the NON-Toshiba graphics card driver.

    You know this Toshiba page graphics card driver is a driver updated, created and configured especially for models of Toshiba laptops.
    This driver supports protection against overheating. Other drivers don t

    However, it seems that there is no other solution than to use the Toshiba configured and modified drivers.

Maybe you are looking for