Telstra Australia tell me that I have to use Chrome, as their facilities will not work with Firefox. Why?

After spending literally hours trying to pay an account on Telstra Australia (that I just joined them, so it's the first installment), I finally gave up and contacted directly. I was told that Telstra services will not work with Firefox and that their preferred system is Google Chrome but Internet Explorer will not work.
I have used Firefox for a long time and I'm happy with the program. Specifically, I have everything set up to work with Firefox and do not want to change. At the same time, I want to have the convenience of paying bills online.
Can I load up, Google say, just one thing, or the program will then try to "catch" other functions as well?

Yes, you can install Chrome and use it for a website. "Recovery" Chrome as other functions on your PC, just don't let it not be defined as "browser default" If you are prompted during the installation procedure. In addition, I doubt if you'll have a problem.

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