Teredo Tunneling Pseudo interface displays the code 10 in Device Manager

I have a code 10 on it. I went into the Device Manager and it says that my drivers are up to date for this device. I still have the yellow sign on it?


Hello William,.

Thanks for posting your question on the forum of the Microsoft community.

I would like to know some information about the problem so that we can help you better.

What is the brand and model of your computer?

This problem can occur when the device driver is missing or damaged.

Code 10 is displayed for the following reasons.

-Device Manager cannot start the device.
-One of the pilots who needs the unit does not start.
-Device Manager has insufficient information to recognize the error shows this device driver.

I would suggest trying the following methods and check if it helps.

Method 1:
Run this Microsoft fixit and check.
Hardware devices do not work or are not detected in Windows

If this does not help, use method 2.

Method 2:
Please use the suggestions in this article and check the issue.
FIX: "this device cannot start" error Code 10 in the Device Manager in Windows

Note: Serious problems can occur if you modify the registry incorrectly. Therefore, make sure that you proceed with caution. For added protection, back up the registry before you edit it. Then you can restore the registry if a problem occurs. For more information about how to back up and restore the registry, click on the number below to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

I hope this information helps.

Please let us know if you need more help.

Thank you

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  • Cannot go online, because Norton is uninstalled. It seems that something is wrong with Teredo Tunneling Pseudo Interface - got error code 31.

    I uninstalled Norton, and since then I can't go to Internet. There is an error code 31 for Teredo Tunneling and I can't reinstall / restart the driver. You have the problem with the default gateway after diagnosed. Please help.


    Download the Norton removal tool to remove the remains of it.
    It often leads to such problems.

    The computer you are using now if you have an Internet connection with the other > download / save the tool > copy to Flash Drive > transfer / install on another computer/laptop computer > run it.

    See you soon.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • Where are the drivers for "Microsoft Tun Miniport Adapter" (named by the System Diagnostics report), also known as "Teredo Tunneling Pseuso-Interface" (as he is called by Device Manager)?

    Microsoft Corp. has made an extremely simple task almost impossible. All MS don't research drivers, software, etc. for this show no results found. There are dozens and dozens of forums discuss many problems thereby, but not links to downloads for the drivers. Despite the many discussions that say it can't be uninstalled, they are wrong...
    After all appropriate measures in the right order without result, I did as directed and diagnosis. Archbishop of the device with the plan to reinstall later uninstalled...  Now, it is not found on my computer or on MS research.
    I have Vista Home Premium on a Compaq CQ50 Notebook, w / 160 G hd, 2 GB RAM, 1YR & 1 Mo. old.

    ALL I want is a link to download the drivers & or whatever is needed to reinstall this device in good working condition. If this is not possible, please let me know what other options I might have.
    I thank very you much for your kind consideration of this request.

    Hello danjams,

    This is no fault of Microsoft, that a driver problem to the hardware of your system. Microsoft did not make these drivers for your computer. You must visit the site Web of HP/Compaq download all the drivers/software for your make and model of system. Also never leave windows utility updated your computer's hardware. Once you have downloaded them, record them onto a cd for him come in handy should need you the in the future. Hope this helps you. Let us know anyway. Make it a great day!

    "And in the end the love you take, is equal to The Love You Make" (The Beatles last song from their latest album, Abbey Road.)

  • How can I fix adapter Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface of network problem that shows an indication of a problem in the Device Manager?

    I've never seen this problem before.  The yellow triangle with the exclamation point is visible on this network adapter called Teredo Tunneling pseudo-interface.  The driver update does not work, and apparently the last and the best driver is already installed for this device.  I tried to disable and searching for the hardware changes.  Whenever the device is displayed again with an indication of problems triangle and even yellow exclamation point.  It is said that the device cannot start.  I rebooted the machine to see if something has changed.  There can be no.
    I just uninstalled the device and scanned for hardware changes, but it has not been detected and remains missing under the network adapter category.  I ran diagnostic system provided by HP software, but nothing seems to be defective.


    1. What is the code that you see under the status of the device and the exact error message?
    2 have you made changes on the computer before this problem?
    As you have already tried updating the drivers and still you face the same problem, you can try to uninstall the existing driver and manually download the stand-alone version of the driver and install it.
    Step 1: first of all, I would say you temporarily disable any security software and then try to install.
    Note: Antivirus software can help protect your computer against viruses and other security threats. In most cases, you should not disable your antivirus software. If you need to disable temporarily to install other software, you must reactivate as soon as you are finished. If you are connected to the Internet or a network, while your antivirus software is disabled, your computer is vulnerable to attacks.
    Step 2: Now try to install the drivers
    a. open the Device Manager by clicking the Start button, click Control Panel, clicking system and Maintenance, and then clicking Device Manager.
    If you are prompted for an administrator password or a confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.
    b. identify the sound card, right-click on it and select Properties .
    c. go to the driver tab and click Uninstall to uninstall the driver associated with the device.
    Restart the computer and install the latest driver.
  • I have no sound it says windows Teredo Tunneling pseudo-interface must be re installed

    It isThere there's a problem with the driver for Teredo Tunneling pseudo-interface. The driver must be reinstalled.


    I suggest you go to Device Manager and see if there is an exclamation in addition teredo tunneling. If Yes, then follow the steps in this link to update the drivers:


    If not, try running this fixit and check if it helps:


    It will be useful.

  • [SOLVED] Error 404 Google + card Tunnel Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface disabled in NetBIOS over TCP/IP

    I realize that it is a long title.  It could be useful describe my problem.

    Recently, I downloaded something (not sure if I can't talk about website) and with download received 4 bad files found by Malwarebytes named: PUP. OfferBundle and PUP. ToolbarDownload.  These 4 files were quarantined and then removed, but this does not solve my problem.  I ran Microsoft and other spyware, but nothing more has been discovered.

    I have Norton Internet Security, which extends constantly and I always have these terrible files.

    I can not access Google search engine.  I get this message: error 404 (not FOUND)! 1

    The address bar reads: cgi-bin/redirect.ha.  I have another computer and am able to access Google since the router same use so I know there are still a few malware rootkit on my computer which may be connected to the Teredo Tunneling adapter, I don't understand.

    I'm not sure how to solve this problem.  I don't know where watch, but ran many scans of data collection.  Here is a part of a single test showing wireless and LAN configurations:

    Windows IP configuration

    Name of the host...: StrikingEagle-HP

    Primary Dns suffix...:

    Node... type: hybrid

    Active... IP routing: No.

    Active... proxy WINS: No.

    ... DNS suffix search list: att.net

    Wireless Network Connection 2 wireless LAN adapter:

    State of the media...: Media disconnected

    The connection-specific DNS suffix. :

    ... Description: Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport adapt

    Physical address.... : 20-10-7A-1C-AF-7D

    DHCP active...: Yes

    Autoconfiguration enabled...: Yes

    Wireless network connection Wireless LAN adapter:

    The connection-specific DNS suffix. : att.net

    Description...: Realtek RTL8188CE 802.11b/g/n WiFi adapt

    Physical address.... : 20-10-7A-1C-AF-7D

    DHCP active...: Yes

    Autoconfiguration enabled...: Yes

    IPv6 address: 2602:306:cdb8:5300:b5fc:b411:6df0:e722 (Preferred)

    Temporary IPv6 address...: 2602:306:cdb8:5300:b9d4:2772:d89a:3a5f (Preferred)

    Address IPv6 local link...: fe80::b5fc:b411:6df0:e722% 13 (Preferred)

    IPv4 address...: (Preferred)

    ... Subnet mask:

    Lease obtained...: Sunday, April 22, 2012 23:29:35

    End of the lease...: Monday, April 23, 2012 23:29:34

    ... Default gateway. : fe80::42b7:f3ff:fec9:a2e0% 13

    DHCP server...:

    DHCPv6 IOOKING...: 320868474

    DHCPv6 DUID customer...: 00-01-00-01-16-A6-EF-8E-2C-41-38-5C-76-B6

    DNS servers...:

    NetBIOS over TCP/IP...: enabled

    Ethernet connection to the Local network card:

    The connection-specific DNS suffix. : att.net

    Description...: Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller

    Physical address.... : 2C-41-38-5C-76-B6

    DHCP active...: Yes

    Autoconfiguration enabled...: Yes

    IPv6 address: 2602:306:cdb8:5300:584d:2ddf:6 a 08: f6a7 (Preferred)

    Temporary IPv6 address...: 2602:306:cdb8:5300:575:56e9:298d:9097 (Preferred)

    Address IPv6 local link...: fe80::584d:2ddf:6 a 08: f6a7% 11 (Preferred)

    IPv4 address: (Preferred)

    ... Subnet mask:

    Lease obtained...: Sunday, April 22, 2012 23:29:32

    End of the lease...: Monday, April 23, 2012 23:29:32

    ... Default gateway. : fe80::42b7:f3ff:fec9:a2e0% 11

    DHCP server...:

    DHCPv6 IOOKING...: 237781304

    DHCPv6 DUID customer...: 00-01-00-01-16-A6-EF-8E-2C-41-38-5C-76-B6

    DNS servers...:

    NetBIOS over TCP/IP...: enabled

    Tunnel adapter isatap. {38655146-6231-4777-AB1C-2DC12E0017FD}:

    State of the media...: Media disconnected

    The connection-specific DNS suffix. :

    ... Description: Microsoft ISATAP adapter

    Physical address.... : 00-00-00-00-00-00-00-E0

    DHCP active...: No.

    Autoconfiguration enabled...: Yes

    Card tunnel Local Area Connection * 9:

    State of the media...: Media disconnected

    The connection-specific DNS suffix. :

    ... Description: Microsoft 6to4 card

    Physical address.... : 00-00-00-00-00-00-00-E0

    DHCP active...: No.

    Autoconfiguration enabled...: Yes

    Tunnel adapter ISATAP.att.NET:

    State of the media...: Media disconnected

    The connection-specific DNS suffix. : att.net

    ... Description: Adapter Microsoft ISATAP #2

    Physical address.... : 00-00-00-00-00-00-00-E0

    DHCP active...: No.

    Autoconfiguration enabled...: Yes

    Card tunnel Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface:

    The connection-specific DNS suffix. :

    ... Description: Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface

    Physical address.... : 00-00-00-00-00-00-00-E0

    DHCP active...: No.

    Autoconfiguration enabled...: Yes

    IPv6 address: 2001:0:4137:9e76:2413:2ee1:3f57:feb8 (Preferred)

    Address IPv6 local link...: fe80::2413:2ee1:3f57:feb8% 14 (Preferred)

    ... Default gateway. :

    NetBIOS over TCP/IP...: disabled

    Server: dsldevice.att.net


    Name: google.com


    Please note the last entry.  DHCP is not enabled.  NetBIOS over TCP/IP is disabled.  Now, it's for the Tunnel Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface AND Google map is registered immediately thereafter with a list of IP addresses.

    Would be - why I can't access Google?  How can I fix it?  How can I activate this card Tunnel?  I want to do this?  I did a ping for the Tunnel of the card test and it seemed to work OK.  How do I know if card Tunnel is really on?   Why is the Tcpip BIOS

    people with disabilities in the last list of IP and not on others?  Why are all those Google IP addresses listed?

    Any help is greatly appreciated.  I'm very stuck.  Thank you.

    Edit = Edit

    has run another scan: MicrosoftSecurity Agent (I think) that produced a VERY long report, CBS.  There are a lot of mistakes in this report, and I don't know which ones were repaired my Microsoft or if errors are related to my problem.  Here are some of the errors.  All t errors are repeated throughout the report. I hope this info is helpful:

    2012-04-11 07:29:06, CBS Session info: 30218206_2951615106 initialized by the WindowsUpdateAgent client.

    2012-04-11 07:29:06, missing version of the CBS identity information. [HRESULT = 0 X 80070057 - E_INVALIDARG]

    2012-04-11 07:29:06, error CBS has no identity shred: Microsoft-Windows-Internet Explorer-LanguagePack [HRESULT =

    0 X 80070057 - E_INVALIDARG]

    2012-04-11 07:29:06, CBS Session info: 30218206_2951615106 initialized by the WindowsUpdateAgent client.

    2012-04-11 07:29:06, missing version of the CBS identity information. [HRESULT = 0 X 80070057 - E_INVALIDARG]

    2012-04-11 07:29:06, error CBS has no identity shred: Microsoft-Windows-Internet Explorer-LanguagePack [HRESULT =

    0 X 80070057 - E_INVALIDARG]

    2012-04-11 07:29:07, CBS Session info: 30218206_2956451109 initialized by the WindowsUpdateAgent client.

    2012-04-11 07:29:07, info CBS doesn't have the package opened internally. [HRESULT = 0X800F0805 - CBS_E_INVALID_PACKAGE]

    2012-04-11 11:20:30, CBS M² info: could not start the download with pattern file: C:\Windows\servicing\sqm\*_std.sqm, flags: 0 x 2 [HRESULT = 0 x E_FAIL 80004005]

    We are pleased to know that the problem is solved.
    We know in the future if you have problems with Microsoft Windows.
  • Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface - This device cannot start. (Code 10)

    Original title: code10microsoft toledo tunnelling

    We think we've found a driver but we are not sure because he vomits again code.10


    1. don't you make changes to your computer before this problem started?

    2. What is the brand and model number?

    If the device has a FailReasonString value in its hardware key, that string is displayed in the error message. The driver or enumerator places this registry string value there. If there is no FailReasonString in the hardware key, you receive the following error message: this device cannot start. (Code 10)

    You can try the following steps and check if that helps you solve the problem.

    Method 1:

    Open the Device Manager and the analysis of new hardware and select 'Show hidden devices' in the view menu and check if you find errors.

    a. Open command prompt with administrator credentials (type CMD and right - click Run as administrator).

    b. Type "netsh" and ENTER.

    c. Type "int teredo" and ENTER

    d. type 'set disabled state' and ENTER.

    e. open the Device Manager and uninstall "Teredo Tunneling pseudo-interface".

    f. Open command with administrator credentials prompt once more.

    g. type netsh + ENTER.

    h. Type "int ipv6" + ENTRY

    i. type 'set teredo client' + ENTRY

    j open the Device Manager and the analysis of new hardware.

    k. Select 'Show hidden devices' in the view menu. You will see now that she is present without errors.

    Method 2:

    If the steps above do not help, you can try to uninstall the drivers of the computer network and reinstall and check if that helps. Before uninstalling the network drivers, make sure that you download the latest drivers on the site of computer manufacturers. Follow the steps below to uninstall the network adapter.

    Follow the steps below to uninstall and reinstall the network card.

    a. click on start

    b. in the type of search box of start of "devmgmt.msc" and press enter

    (c) in Device Manager, expand network adapters

    d. right-click on the network adapter and uninstall.

    e. restart the computer, and then reinstall the network card.

    Note: When uninstalling device drivers make sure you put a check mark against 'delete the driver for this device '.

    I hope this helps.

  • Could not load the driver for Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface


    Does anyone know how to fix this problem (Vista) Business

    Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface

    Could not load driver software

    Windows was able to successfully install device driver software, but the driver has encountered a problem when he tried to run. The problem code is 10.

    Signature of the problem
    Problem event name: PnPDeviceProblemCode
    Architecture: x 86
    Hardware ID: * TUNMP
    Configure the class GUID: {4d36e972-e325-11ce-bfc1-08002be10318}
    The PnP problem code: 0000000-a
    Driver name: tunmp.sys
    Driver version: 6.0.6000.16386
    Driver date: 02/11/2006
    OS version: 6.0.6000.
    Locale ID: 2057

    Additional information about the problem
    Bucket ID: 12121968


    Hi Dave

    Can you please give us more information on your laptop and what is happening exactly?

  • Teredo tunneling pseudo interface of windows 8 pro driver works do not error code (code 10).

    Please answer as soon as possible... That's what it shows... code (10)... I tried to update the driver... It shows that it is the best driver available and installed in my camera...

    OT: teredo tunneling pseudo interface driver Windows 8 pro does not not work... Please help (code 10)... I tried to update shows it is updated and the best driver is installed on my laptop

    Hi Shilratna,

    The Code 10 error code is generated when the Device Manager has not enough information or error that spread upwards by device drivers is not recognized by Device Manager. In addition, this error may occur if one of the pilots who needs the unit does not start. If multiple drivers are used by a particular device, it can be difficult to determine which failed.

    I suggest you try the steps from the following link:

    FIX: "this device cannot start" error Code 10 in the Device Manager in Windows

    I hope this helps. Let us know if you have other problems with Windows in the future.

  • Problem with the HP 430 (bluetooth and teredo tunneling Pseudo-Interface) drivers


    recently my bluetooth function cannot to connect to other devices... This is what happens to the Device Manager:

    What is teredo tunneling pseudo-interface is for? is it important?
    If so, how to solve this problem?
    How to solve the problem of the bluetooth?

    Generic Bluetooth adapter:
    USB\VID_03F0 & PID_311D & REV_0001
    USB\VID_03F0 & PID_311D

    Teredo tunneling pseudo-Interface:

    * TEREDO

    Go to Device Manager, right click on the device and select Update driver. Path to the .inf file that you downloaded for use.




    Please, do not type in uppercase.  It is difficult to read and is considered rude/scream.  Thank you.

    Follow the solutions listed here


  • My Teredo Tunneling pseudo-interface iis does not

    Teredo Tunneling pseudo-interface is not working. It displays an error Code (10). How to solve this problem?


    You have Zone Alarm installed?

    It is a known problem if you have Zone alarm installed.  If you have installed remove it at least to check

    To disable Teredo tunneling 6to4 interface open an elevated command prompt and type

    netsh interface set terredo disabled state.
    To re - install
    1. Click on start.
    2. Type Device Manager in the start search box, and then open it.
    3. Click the Action tab on top and click Add legacy hardware
      then click next and next again, he will then scan and find nothing then click on the screen after that.
      Wait a minute and you will see a list of devices appear, scroll and select network adapters and click Next, then in the left column choose Microsoft then in the right hand column scroll down and choose Microsoft Teredo Tunneling adapter, and then click Next and it will install it.
      To check simply do as it is set to show hidden devices right click on the Device Manager right click view, then show hidden devices.
  • Somehow E changed Teredo Tunneling Pseudo Interface Microsoft Tun Miniport map2, how to change it back please?

    Hi all, I tried to figure out why I got with the Teredo Tunneling Pseudo Interface 10 exclamation point error code and the error code 2 adapter 6to4 31, tried to update driver and somehow changed Teredo to Tun Miniport, can someone help me change to Teredo please?  32-bit Pavilion HP running Vista.

    Is something that does not? These errors can usually be ignored.


  • Map Microsoft 6to4, ISATAP Adapter #2, #3, Teredo Tunneling Pseudo Interface, PCI Device do not work in my ASUS k55VM laptop. Help, please

    Map Microsoft 6to4, ISATAP Adapter #2, #3, Teredo Tunneling Pseudo Interface, PCI Device do not work in my ASUS k55VM laptop. Code 31 for others and for the PCI device is code 28.

    Hi Amit,

    Thanks for the reply.

    Step 1: Check out the link: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=8957

    Step 2: See the articles for the problems of driver on the computer:

    Update drivers:

    Updated a hardware driver that is not working properly

    http://Windows.Microsoft.com/en-us/Windows-Vista/update-a-driver-for-hardware-that-isn ' t-work correctly

    Automatically get recommended drivers and updates for your hardware


    Note: The article applies to Windows Vista too

    Tips for solving common driver problems


    Step 3: Run the hardware troubleshooter

    Open the hardware and devices Troubleshooter


    To solve the problems of slow computer performance:

    Optimize Windows 7 for better performance


    Note: The data files that are infected must be cleaned only by removing the file completely, which means that there is a risk of data loss

    How to make a computer faster: 6 ways to speed up your PC


    Ways to improve your computer's performance


    Slow PC? Optimize your computer for peak performance


    Important: When running chkdsk on the drive if bad sectors are found on the disk hard when chkdsk attempts to repair this area if all available on which data can be lost.

    Please let us know the result. If the problem is still not fixed, we will be happy to help you further.


    My laptop is a HP G7030EA - MS Windows Vista Home Basic 32-bit SP2 Intel Pentium Dual CPU T2330 @ 1.60 GHz, 1.0 GB RAM, Mobile Intel 965 Express Chipset Family, bought new in February 2008.  I have not changed any hardware, software, etc.  I do not use it for games, only for things such as e-mails and visit websites

    Until last month when my desktop computer broke, I used the laptop only occasionally as a backup of the computer.  It never quite worked and seems to be unable to handle several tasks at once, often taking minutes for Google to load.  When I get impatient and click the mouse too much I heard a horrible noise and the screen mouse cursor freeze for a minute or two.

    As the laptop has become my main computer at the moment, I downloaded AVG PC Tune Up to see if it would improve it performance has not helped.  I was surprised to see how much memory the AVG2013 anti virus program uses, but wonder if the speed of connection and freezing problems I experience result (AVG Tune Up conclusions on) the Teredo Tunneling pseudo-interface unit does not properly.

    I follow AVG on screen re boards: looking for a software driver update but none was found, and I got the message "the best driver for your device software is already installed.  Windows has determined that the driver software for your device is up-to-date, Tun Miniport, Microsoft Map.

    This left me confused.  If there is a problem with this device, no solution seems to exist.

    Any help that will allow my laptop to function normally is welcome.

    I understand that you want to know if the teredo adapter can cause performance problems.

    The teredo adapter should not cause performance problems.  It is really just used to allow devices work IPv4 with IPv6 Internet service provider.  If the ISP was using IPv6 and your system did not have the adapter teredo, so it wouldn't work properly with the service provider.  For now, IPv6 is a significant minority that the world continues to work on IPv4 as not all networks, Internet service providers, and businesses are not entirely passed to IPv6.

    This thread on the Microsoft forums goes into a little more detail about the adapter teredo including how to disable it so that you only see it in Device Manager.  Unless you are using IPv6, this shouldn't really be a problem.

    If you start in safe mode, the performance problem persists?  Turn on the computer and press F8 once per second for the Mode option, safe mode with networking.  This will help you to further isolate the performance problem.

    Furthermore, does this happen that the adapter is connected or not?

Maybe you are looking for

  • If I can restore iphone and data sync with iTunes to help uncertified lightning cable?

    Hello guys and girls... I was just curious to know if it is ok if I sync data and restore ios using non certified lightning cable which means I have a Chinese... itunes restores the iphone to ios 9.3.1 perfectly and allows you to synchronize all the

  • Satellite Pro A120 - do not have the original installation CD - how can I fix it?

    I booted up my laptop as normal a day and now have a black screen saying "Windows could start because the following file is missing or corrupt: \WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\CONFIG\SYSTEM you can try to repair this file by starting Windows Setup using the origin

  • F10 break down every 3-4 months

    For the 4. time this year I have to get my card mother and a screen changed by my ISP. This is the same problem every month 3-4. My screen goes green and after 10-15 sec., I can't start my PC.Any suggestions or just security keeps repair my F10


    I m working with a MacBook Pro 13 inch, processor 2.9 GHz, Intel core I7, 8 GB memory, 1600 MHz DDR3. Have problems with the browser Version 9.0.3 (11601.4.4), the need to restore Safary. OS X El Capitan. Thank for help.

  • change the name of the parcel

    I'm editing a program that has an XY graph on the front panel.  It has 5 slots.  When I started working on this, he had the first 3 parcels shown in the legend of the plot.  I added a second scale of Y and 2 last visible plots in the legend.  I then