Terminal command to change the wallpaper does not

I recently did a program that changed my desktop wallpaper according to the time of day.  He worked by entering a terminal command that looked like something like this:

osascript-e ' tell application "Finder" to the image of the desktop value "/ path/to/file.jpg" as a POSIX file '

It was working fine, until recently.  Now when I enter the command to define 'fichier.jpg', it works, and defines it as my desktop background as it is supposed to, but when I replace it with a new image of the same name and path, the command affects my wallpaper the original image of the same name.  When I went to change my wallpaper in system preferences, it showed in my new defined image preview area, even if it wasn't.  I'm doing something wrong or is there a problem with my Mac?

osascript-e ' tell application "Finder" to set the image of the Office of POSIX file "/ path/to/image.jpg" '

On OS X 10.11.6 and by operating in the Terminal, the foregoing has changed the image of the office immediately whenever it is run with a new image.

Tags: Mac OS & System Software

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    Do you use a third-party AV?   If so, try uninstalling and using only Windows Defender (for a trial).

    (Microsoft search for)
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    Robert Aldwinckle

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    I just tested with Photoshop CS5 and CS6, and layer update for me names when I edited the text.  I have not configured something specific that causes.


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    If using a desktop computer search an automatic reset on the monitor button

    or try these methods

    go to your graphics card manufacturers site or computer and are looking for the driver download section

    Search your computer or graphics card model number based on what you have and download and install the latest graphics drivers for vista

    then try to make the screen of solution of problems


    Change the screen resolution


    or try a restore of the system before this happened


    If necessary do in safe mode

    Windows Vista

    Using the F8 method:

    1. Restart your computer.
    2. When the computer starts, you will see your computer hardware are listed. When you see this information begins to tap theF8 key repeatedly until you are presented with theBoot Options Advanced Windows Vista.
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    4. Then press enter on your keyboard to start mode without failure of Vista.
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    It is possible that the edit view has become silent in the timeline panel.

    Beyond that, you may also need to make sure that the latest patch has been applied as well as following the steps described in the two posts below the link.

    An extension number

    Position of number two

    I hope this was helpful... Rick

    Useful and practical links

    Captivate wish form/Bug report form

    Certified Adobe Captivate training

    SorcerStone blog

    Captivate eBooks

  • Impossible to change the wallpaper, the location of the image does not display images.

    Original title: photo location not display images

    I'm trying to access my pictures folder and select a background for my office. But when I search for the location of the image and select the folder of the screen does not display images, even if the pictures are present in the folder. The screen shows only 'solid colors.
    I moved to the location of my pictures, sounds and video to another folder. Then, the default folders are different.
    In Explorer when I just click on the photos forlder ther is a location tab saying my it's the default folder.
    One last thing.
    If I go to explore and navigate to the folder my pictures, right click on a picture and select 'Set as wallpaper', then it displays the content and the folder.

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    I got it working again.
    And that's a good reason to not mess with the registry.
    I have used a tweak registry to hide the libraries in the Explorer navigation pane. Once I've restored it Windows seems to have found the files for my photos. I then re - hid libraries and everything seems to work ok.


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    The extension of the Yahoo! toolbar and the extension of Babylon have been reported because of this problem. Disable or uninstall the modules.

       * https://support.mozilla.com/kb/Troubleshooting+extensions+and+themes
  • App, opening a file via windows shell commands: "a device attached to the system does not work.


    I hope that someone here will be able to throw some lights on my question, if I post this is the wrong place please let me know because I was directed here (which forum? ). OK, I support and develop custom applications. An older application especially written in Delphi allows users to attached documents (pdf, jpg, txt, etc.) to the records of equipment in a data base. Later users can view these records of equipment and press a button to display the document.

    When the user presses the button to view the document, the application uses the folder variable to save the document to the temporary path and then asks windows via a shell command to open the file. The appeal of Delphi for windows used is the following:

    ShellExecute (GetDesktopWindow, 'open', PChar (TempFile), ",", SW_SHOWNORMAL);

    Normally this process works very well, we have had no problems so far. On a single computer (windows xp pro with Service Pack 3) belonging to a client, instead of opening the file, windows returns the system 31 error and the message ""a device attached to the system is not functioning. ". is displayed.

    * If I navigate to the location where the file is stored on the disk and try to open it, software adobe reader opens the file correctly.

    * I found some suggestions that the file extension is associated properly. PDF associated with Notepad, I changed, and the application could ask windows to open the file very well. Open the file from the location on the work of disc as well. Change the file for adobe and the problem persisted.

    * I reinstalled adobe reader software, but also a previous version of adobe and the problem persisted.

    * The application doesn't have any problem asking other files opened, only those associated with adobe reader on this same machine. The problem does not exist on other machines.

    That about sums up the problem. Any suggestion would be appreciated.

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    It was determined that the version of adobe reader was at fault.

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    So I want to allow the use of the "reserved host RAM" option instead of playing with the pagefile, but setting told me to doesn't seem to exist in VMware Player

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    Is there something I can add to the VMX file to enable this option?

    Porto Richardson wrote: this setting for VMware Player is found in the file config.ini to the player %allusersprofile%/VMware/VMware

    The OP said "I'm under VMware Player on a Ubuntu 14.04 host" so the file name and path you mentioned is not applicable.

    @LukeJS host on a Ubuntu (Linux) from the file name won't get the .ini extension and will be simply called the config and will be parked at/etc/vmware /.  So with the machine virtual shutdown is not suspended and VMware Player closed then a Terminal used the following command.

    sudo nano/etc/vmware/config

    Then add the following line.

    prefvmx.minVmMemPct = "100".

    It is essentially the same parameter that gets the value of the UI of VMware Workstation preferences for submission in response to the message that despite the instructions contained in the message does not exist in the VMware Player preferences user interface.

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    Changing the iTunes media folder location setting affects only where new additions to your library will be stored.  To use a disk external drive to store your library complete (and assuming that you have access to the original data of the library on an old computer) you must copy the iTunes folder, by default in C:\Users\username\Music, on the external drive - structure library and its records should be like this:

    The hold button SHIFT DOWN when you start iTunes and when you see this message:

    Click choose a library... then find and select the iTunes Library.itl in iTunes on your external drive folder.

    For more information, see user turingtest2 on make a library of portable split.  You must also acquire a 2nd external drive and allows create and maintain a backup your library.

  • Why an amplification of the RAM does not change the index performnance of windows vista?

    Why an amplification of the RAM does not change the index performnance of windows Vista?


    I m not very well, but maybe you have more than 3 GB of RAM and Vista 32 bit.
    Usually the 32 bit OS is capable to manage and send only 3.2 GB.
    The more than 3.2 GB RAM will not operating system used and therefore would not increase the index
    In addition the laptop will be not really faster after upgrading RAM. You will notice better performance using applications at the same time, but this does not affect the index of Vista.
    But this is only my personal hypothesis.

    Welcome them

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