Terminal Server is missing from the recovery mode

Does anyone know how to start the terminal in recovery mode? Apple support says it should be in the menu as before (boot with command-r) bar, but all I see is a language selector and no option to choose a language or continue.

I see it when I start in the Recovery HD.

It is possible that your Recovery HD is corrupted. Have you tried to reinstall macOS Sierra on itself? It will rewrite your HD Recovery. You are not hurting your data, user accounts or applications. But a system save before the reinstall would be a good idea.

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    The backup program is automatically installed on XP Professional, but not on XP Home. If you have the genuine bootable XP Home installation CD, insert it into your system and navigate to this folder:


    Double-click the Ntbackup.msi file to start the installation.

    Here is a nice article from Microsoft which tell you all this:


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  • Disabled IPad can be reset using the recovery mode

    Someone with a good it knowledge doctored iPad without permission and now it can be reset using the recovery mode. While that plugged into iTunes, software downloads, iPad, then displays the Apple symbol but then returns the message "iPad is disabled connect to iTunes".

    Hi stephen158,

    I understand that, in the process of restoration of an iPad in recovery mode, your iPad rebooted and returns to the screen "connect to iTunes". This can occur if the software download takes longer than 15 minutes, how the iPad will exit Recovery mode and the software will continue to download. In this case, you should be able to put the iPad in recovery mode and choose to restore the device when prompted.

    1. Connect your device to your computer and open iTunes. If you don't have a computer, borrow one from a friend or go to an Apple Store or service provider authorized Apple for help.
    2. When your device is connected, force restart it: press and hold the sleep/wake and home for at least 10 seconds, and only release when you see the Apple logo. Keep until you see the screen in recovery mode now.
    3. When you see the option restore or update, choose update. iTunes will try to reinstall iOS without erasing your data. Please wait while iTunes downloaded the software for your device.
      If the download takes more than 15 minutes the device out of recovery mode, you must repeat these steps and choose restore instead of update when you return to this step.
    4. After the update or restore is complete, configure your device. If you have backed up your device with iTunes or iCloud and you need to restore your device in step 3, you may be able to restore from your backup during installation.

    If you are unable to update or restore your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

    See you soon!

  • Vista 64 does not start after the bios screen. Can not boot from the recovery cd or help

    Last night a MS pushed a windows update and my pc restarted automatically.  But it does not actually restart.

    The PC goes through the bios tests, passes and then crashes and does not start in Vista.

    I can't start at all, including safe mode.

    I can't the system recovery option in HP bios to load.  Can I only use my Vista64 system recovery bootable cd or actually start.

    First of all, I thought it was a HARD drive problem, but tests of the bios disk hard that all spend, even the 2 hours 'SMART' test that he was running.



    What happens when you try to boot from the recovery CD? You receive messages or error codes?

    You can check if the boot in the BIOS settings priority is configured to boot to CD\DVD.

    NOTE: Change (CMOS) BIOS/complementary metal oxide semiconductor settings can cause serious problems that may prevent your computer from starting properly. Microsoft cannot guarantee that problems resulting from the configuration of the BIOS/CMOS settings can be solved. Changes to settings are at your own risk.

    For more information, you can consult the following article:

    BIOS: Frequently asked questions

    If you still experience the problem, you may need to contact HP for assistance.

    HP support

    Hope this information is useful.

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    However, after reading the online group policy settings, when I tried to apply the GPO settings, I found that 'Access to removable storage' folder is missing from the group policy under administrative Templates\Systems.

    Please suggest others.

    Thank you

    Amit Jogi

    Hi Amit,

    Thanks for posting your query in Microsoft Community. However, your question is beyond the scope of what is generally answered in this forum of consumer and would be better suited for the IT Pro TechNet public.

    Please post your question in the TechNet Forums.

    Thank you.

  • Windows 8 does not not log on screen, all black dekstop, explorer.exe, disc missing from the Task Manager

    Hey. I am a newbie in this forum. And I really like to make my PC more 'me' even though my parents and brother told me that my PC did not differ from how difficult. But, I still like my PC... ^ ^
    But my PC encountered a problem in my birthday (March 8, ehehe just FYI). Its a terrible birthday gift: (...) Oh, there. Its all started when I accidentally install a skin pack or win 7 in my PC 8 victory. There is nothing wrong with installing proggress except a notification which inform on win 7 Starter has not installed correctly. :( Well, I ignored, first. But after I have it reboot, my dekstop went all black but it still can open the Task Manager. And then I try the system restore. It did not work properly. The only thing made worse. Somehow, my "(le seul compte dans mon PC) DELETED account." In fact, the log on screen consist only of the ease of access and power button with backgorund optomistic. Where are the data of the user, I mean a place where we inserted the password? XC its make me super bad mood. And after some restoration system with various restore points, I restarted my PC in safe mode successfully. Yippie, its worked perfectly in safe mode. I created a new account in safe mode. I thought that my problem more but no. and the bad news is that there is only one user account (a new one) in the journal on the screen! It'll be better I have the new account very well work, but it didn't! The dekstop always all black with no taskbar and it's the same problem as the first.
    I am not really confusing. What should I do? Should I remove a skin pack safe mode? or reinstall win 8 in PC COUNTER? Or do something that you already know the guy?
    Help me. I am so irritated by this problem. In any case, I want to ask one last thing, you prefer something after me or just think it was a charitable organization? Well, I just want to know. And I'll do my best to show my appreciation once you help me. I am so TROUBLED even if today is my birthday! I want a big anniversary with neither party. But its seems no big birthday. Please, help me. His will probably be my MOST BEAUTIFUL GIFT to a person who I know in internet. If you need something detailed about my problem, ask me. I need your response. :") SURE ME MY CRAZY MOM, IF SHE KNEW IF I AM WRONG IN MY PC AGAIN.

    Oh, there. The explorer.exe does not start in normal mode, but it works fine in safe mode. Also, I discovered that the disc is missing from the Task Manager. :) Help?

    Wish you a very happy birthday, Damaris.

    Of course, I can understand the situation you're in right now, and it's a shame. I will be happy to answer your query and try my best to offer my help as a gift for your birthday.

    Let me ask you;

    1. What happened when you tried the system restore?
    2. What was the last time that the computer worked well?
    3. What security software is installed on the computer?
    4. Remember to no particular change in the computer before the show?

    The issue may be due to any dispute of third party software, virus or any system or missing files / corruption. Let's try the methods below and check the status.

    Method 1: Since you are able to start the computer in safe mode without any mistake, I you suggest to start the computer in safe mode and then perform the clean boot to avoid software conflicts.

    Step 1: Start the computer in safe mode (as you are able to start the computer in safe mode with the steps you tried).

    Step 2: Perform the clean boot

    To help resolve the error and other messages, you can start Windows by using a minimal set of drivers and startup programs. This type of boot is known as a "clean boot". A clean boot helps eliminate software conflicts.

    Put your system to the clean boot state helps determine if third-party applications or startup items are causing the problem. You must follow the steps in the article mentioned below to perform a clean boot.

    How to perform a clean boot in Windows

    Note: see 'How do I reset the computer to start normally after a boot minimum troubleshooting' to reset the computer starts normally after troubleshooting.

    Method 2: Run Microsoft Safety Scanner

    The Microsoft Security Scanner is a downloadable security tool for free which allows analysis at the application and helps remove viruses, spyware and other malware. It works with your current antivirus software.

    Microsoft safety scanner

    Note: The Microsoft Safety Scanner ends 10 days after being downloaded. To restart a scan with the latest definitions of anti-malware, download and run the Microsoft Safety Scanner again.

    Note: Data files that are infected must be cleaned only by removing the file completely, which means there is a risk of data loss.

    Method 3: Run the tool File Checker system in case where any system files are missing or corrupted.

    System File Checker is a Windows utility that allows users to find corruptions in Windows system files and restore the damaged files.

    Enter in the right edge of the screen and then click on Search. Or, if you use a mouse, point to the corner bottom right of the screen, then click on Search. Type the command prompt in the Search box, right click invite, and then click run as administrator. If you are prompted for an administrator password or a confirmation, type the password, or click allow.

    At the command prompt, type the following command and press ENTER:


    Note: Not close this command prompt window until the audit is 100% full. The results of the analysis will be posted when this process is completed.

    Hope this information is useful. Please feel free to answer in the case where you are facing in the future other problems with Windows.

  • After download iOS 10.0.1 from mac recovery mode

    After updating to iOS 10 my iPhone 6 s to the recovery mode. I connect it to my iTunes and it said iOS 10.0.1 must be downloaded. Anyway, I have download it again but to extract process disconnects my iPhone iTunes. I have the latest version of iTunes, and even if I want to restore this happen. My phone won't turn on either.

    Follow these steps to resolve the problem with the recovery during the installation of iOS 10 mode.

    1. Connect your iPhone to your computer via iTunes.
    2. Wait about 30 seconds to let iTunes your reading device.
    3. Click Update on your computer when you are prompted, who, "is there a problem with the [device] who forces him to update or restore."
    4. Again click the update on your computer when you are prompted, "If your [device] is unable to be updated, you need to restore it to its factory settings."
    5. Click on restore if you see «your iPad cannot be updated...» "(you won't necessarily have to restore).
    6. Click Restore and update to confirm that you want to restore your device to its factory settings.

    You can also use this information to solve the problem If you see an error when you update or restore your iPad, iPhone or iPod - Apple Support

  • How can I exit the recovery mode when I updated to iOS 10? !!!

    How can I exit the recovery mode when I updated to iOS10?

    Connect the device to your computer and use iTunes to reapply the update.  It worked with my Pro iPad after I first tried to live update. He went into recovery mode, so I had to download the update in iTunes and updated (new), but he returned right after that.

  • Help! iPad 2 keeps coming out of the recovery mode. I have the latest version of itunes and updated my drivers.

    Help! iPad 2 keeps coming out of the recovery mode. I have the latest version of itunes and updated my drivers.

    Please take a genius appointment at an Apple Store, or select another authorized service provider.

  • I used the functionality of bookmark successfully for some time, however, just reciently I can't locate the function 'organize bookmarks '. It seems to be missing from the usual list of options.

    Have been using Firefox Bookmarks for awhile. Just noticed recently when I open the bookmarks that everything is there except the option to 'Organize Favorites '. I tried to rename a folder, but two names - organize bookmarks is missing from the top of the list.
    Is this good, unusual or the result of a virus or what?
    Should I reinstall Foxfire. I don't want to lose all the files.
    Appreciate any advice. THX

    In the Firefox Orange button > bookmarks > show all bookmarks > organize etc.

  • Satellite A10: Cannot boot from the recovery CD after the replacement of the motherboard

    Heres one in your brain is going...

    I recently started a format hard drive via the normal recovery CD, but it never finished as long as the power cut.

    Not to worry I thought, I kept all my data and a new motherboard was on order.

    The fitting of the new Council, I tried to boot from the recovery disc and all I get is 'non-system disk '.

    Then I replaced the HARD drive with a former to check the functionality of the Cd. The old disks (I tried two) both still booted from the cd and their HDs has worked fine once in windows.


    When I try to start any of these 'good' HDs from the cd nothing happens, nada zilch. In fact they will not start even to a 'Beginner PC' recovery disk either, so it's not the Toshy recovery disk.

    Another weird thing is when I go into the bios by pressing ESC the power upward and then F1 and try to change the boot sequence and press end to exit and save, nothing happens.

    If the CD is not defective because it is recognized in windows
    The recovery disks may not be at fault because the other disks also fail to start.

    This is not a drive problem hard as other HDs start normally (but not Cd)

    This could be a fault on the new motherboard, perhaps a problem with bios, or the sequence of events suggests something else?

    Any suggestions would be welcome

    Paul h


    Long story. In my opinion you should write is a little shorter but with more useful information.
    I am interested in one thing: have you got a new mainboard or used one?

    To be honest, I'm also confused with the recovery disc you are using. The history is confusing.

    > so this isn't the Toshy recovery disk.
    Can you please tell us what kind of recovery CD are you using exactly?

  • How can I configure Satellite A300-148 boot from the recovery partition?


    I had some problems when trying to install MAC - OSX, for her, where the partition table is deleted, then I retrieve the entire score as it is, but I can not start in any case.
    Then I decide temproraly install another copy of vista drive Vista (not the partition), then set up my laptop to boot from the recovery partition and reinstall the good copy.
    My problem is, it's all here, the only problem is, I need to configure the system to boot from the recovery partition.

    My device is:
    Satellite A300-148

    Thanks to the device.


    If you have already changed the partitions of HARD drive and deleted files from the HARD disk, then your HARD drive recovery is too bad!

    But to make sure that the HARD drive recovery is not possible please press F8 immediately after the power of the laptop. Usually a start menu should appear and you should be able to choose the option called fix my computer. Then you should be able to choose recovery option.

    But like I said that this is only possible if your HARD drive was not formatted!

    If you have formatted the HARD drive and changed partitions then you will need a Toshiba DVD recovery that you have not because you didn t he create at the beginning. Is this good? Well, then you must order the recovery DVDs if you want to retrieve the laptop to factory settings.

    Welcome them

  • What to do if you forget the password for the recovery mode?

    What to do if you forget the passwd for the recovery mode?

    What do you mean by "the password for the recovery mode"? Do you mean the password of your Apple ID? If so, reset it to https://iforgot.apple.com.

  • Satellite A100 PSAA9A - drivers and applications from the recovery disk

    This laptop was reformated HARD drive and I decided to try Windows 7 (beta), which is currently installed and working well. I would like to install the original drivers and applications from the Toshiba recovery disc but I don't want to reinstal the operating system (XP). Is this possible?

    As far as I know that is not possible because applications from the recovery disk and drivers are for Windows XP and they are not compatible with Windows 7.
    In addition it of not possible to install the only special drivers or applications from the recovery disc.

    You can download all the drivers and tools on the site of Toshiba, but I doubt that it of compatible with Windows 7, but you can try it out and post your result here.

Maybe you are looking for