Terminal watch ' print: / $ username'-how to reset to remove 'print' command line?


When I open my Terminal on my iMac, I ' print: /' before my user name$. It's not happened before with me and can't get on my Macbook Pro. I tried to remove plist, cd back home, but still adds the ' print /: How can I get that back to my default command line? * See example below

Thank you!


sudo scutil --set HostName whatever-you-want

If it does not, the host name is used for the result of a reverse lookup of your IP address on a local DNS server, very likely your gateway.

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    You can still get the same GUI that allows you to turn it off.  Simply go to the network and sharing Center and the "change advanced Sharing Options" will be on the left.

    ↑ This still works in Windows 8

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    in the srvrmgr console, type:

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    Thank you.

    Hi Ajay,

    How are you?
    Nice to see you on the forums...

    Before indexing an attribute, we need to consider under item...

    -Is-data already exists for the attribute?

    If so, use the command of catalog
    If not, use the ldapmodify command

    See below URL for more information.

    http://download.Oracle.com/docs/CD/B14099_19/idmanage.1012/b14082/schema.htm#BGBBIEJA indexing of an attribute for which data exists by using the catalog management tool index an attribute for which No Data exists by Using ldapmodify

    GK Goalla

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    Kind regards


    1.) it of not possible to remove the BIOS password yourself.
    If you forgot the password of the BIOS, then contact Toshiba service partner in your country to remove the password.

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    But if the BIOS password you can not pass the BIOS. The password of the BIOS must be removed for updating the BIOS.

    3.) see FAQ

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    Hi Angela,.

    Thanks for posting on Microsoft Community.

    I appreciate that you try to remove the Web sites, which have been added by your son, after changing the password, so that once more, you can set restrictions on what websites to access.

    You must manually add the site you want to block.

    You can check the link below to set limits on Web sites that your child is accessing:


    Hope this helps to solve the question, if you have problems with Windows. Get back to us.

  • How to reset or remove (corrupt) rendered text in PDF file?

    Running the last DC Pro Acrobat on OSX 10.11.1.

    I would like to raise the OCR from scratch.

    But refuses to Acrobat as the pages already have rendered text.

    But this text became gibberish when I added a new page to the document in the preview.

    Hi Stephen Pollak,

    If we already performed OCR on a PDF file, so it is not possible to re - run OCR on the same file. To rerun OCR, you must flatten the PDF.

  • How install Flash Player via the command line using sudo to install without being invited for the dialog "Preferences updated Flash Player"? Is there a really quiet option, no prompt?

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    Silent installation of Flash Player (using Installer .app bundle)

    To silently install the Flash Player 11.3 or later on Mac, follow these steps:

    1 extract the bundle to install Adobe Flash Player (install Adobe Flash Player.app) of the. DMG file.

    2 open a terminal window and change to the directory where the .app file is saved.

    For example, if the .app file is saved to the desktop of the current user, type:

    CD ~/Desktop

    3. run the installation program contained in the .app file using the following command:

    sudo. / Install Adobe Flash Player.app/Contents/MacOS/Adobe Flash Player install Manager.


    4. type the password to continue the installation.

    Thank you.


    You experience this behavior because you use the installer online, download and install Flash Player silently in background, but requires also the user to provide the option to update.  Setup Online is not intended for the distribution of the company.  Distribute Flash Player within your organization, you will need Flash Player (usually free) licenses for distribution.  Apply for a license, go to Adobe Flash Player Distribution. Adobe and complete and submit the form.  After application, you will receive an email with a link to download installers for the distribution of the company.  This includes installers .app both .pkg you can use.  None of these prompts to update the options during installation in silent mode.

    I apologize for not noticing this before, however, I assume that you did not use the installer online since you were distributing Flash Player within your organization.



  • How to find and remove the corresponding line in British Colombia ADF


    I have a table with simple fields and I created the class of java for this entity also
         - Person_Id (PK)
         - Person_Name
    I wanted to create a method of application module to find the entity corresponding to certain name
    but I can't find the code to do this.
    public class AppModuleImpl{
      public boolean deletePersonByName(String personName)
        EntityDefImpl personDef = PersonImpl.getDefinitionObject();
        //How to get all rows and find the matching name then delete the row
        return false;
    Thank you Jdev

    You can do findByKey or getfilteredrows to get the lines and you can then delete.

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    I try to create a file * .bat, on my XP Pro machine, which will include a file *.wav I want to open it with WinAmp. I'm a true novice and cannot understand it.

    It is preferable that you re - ask your question in the XP section:


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    Could someone remind me what the command would be to add a license key via the command line interface?  I want to downgrade the software and it was initially delivered with version TC7.

    Hello Douglas.

    Here are the commands:

    xCommand SystemUnit OptionKey Add Key(r):

    xCommand SystemUnit ReleaseKey Add Key(r):

    You can also enter them via the web interface by going to the maintenance > Software Upgrade.

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    HI -.

    I would like to see certain documents in a cache using CohQL on the command line. The filter should I apply includes some Boolean properties on objects.
    public class Foo {
      public long getId() {...}
      public boolean isFlag() {...}
    It works:
    CohQL > select myCache id where Id < 10L

    But it does not work:
    CohQL > select id, flag of myCache where Id < 10L
    Portable (com.tangosol.util.WrapperException): (Wrapped: execution of requests that have failed for the maintenance coherenceCache Member (XXX)) missing or inaccessible method: Foo.getFlag)

    I also need to filter on the Boolean property, but get a similar error.

    I would appreciate if someone can explain what I am doing wrong? I need a getFlag() and an isFlag() on Foo method? Foo must be a javabean as a CEP cache, so I can't remove isFlag().

    -Thanks, Barney

    Hi Barney,.

    You can use 'isFlag() '. In your example:

    select Id, isFlag() from myCache where Id<10L

    Hope this helps,


  • How to deal with the plugin command line options?


    I am currently working on a plugin c ++ for Adobe Acrobat 7 with the version 7.0.5 SDK.

    I let the user opens a specific pdf file by clicking on a link in the browser.

    to this end, I signed an additional protocol in the windows registry. Works very well.

    But now, I mean my plugin for specific things when calling acrobat.exe in this way.

    So is it possible to get the specified command line parameters given to acrobat.exe Self?

    It would also help if my plugin can be added with URL parameters.

    I could also use.

    I found nothing on this issue.

    Kind regards


    No, your plugin does not access to the command line.  Look for other methods of IAC (COM, DDE, memory shared, shared files, etc.).

Maybe you are looking for

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