How can I change a message in PDF format

What does this have to do with "terry".

If you mean that you do not want to save a message as a PDF file, free download CutePDF Writer.  http://CutePDF.com/

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  • "OffSpon.EXE has stopped working" what? Then, the PC crashes! How did you fix this? Terry.

    I get this: "OffSpon.EXE has stopped working" what?  Then, the PC crashes! Details in the box of the article reads as follows: the problem signature: problem event name: APPCRASH how you fix this?

    Application name: OffSpon.EXE

    Application version:

    Application timestamp: 4b8a345a

    Fault Module name: sftldr_wow64.dll

    Fault Module Version:

    Timestamp of Module error: 4c8e9b5e

    Exception code: c0000005

    Exception offset: 0007dc96

    OS version: 6.1.7601.

    Please help, as this plant without notice with this blue background


    offspon.exe is the process that displays rotating advertisements in Microsoft Office Starter Edition.

    "offspon.exe has stopped working".

  • Tried to follow a video of Terry White. When I went to edit, fill, pattern, scripted model I couldn't find tree?

    why I couldn't find 'tree' - do I need a special download?

    In the latest version, tree was moved to filters. Terry has a tutorial on the new three filters in photoshop.

  • Mega menu in video of Terry White

    Terry White video, it's a mega menu with images inside for artists. Does anyone know how he did it? See 10:28 in video.

    What's new in Adobe Muse CC? June 2014 - YouTube


    Terry shows the empty Composition widget serving a menu. In the widget, the triggers are the menu items and targets are the menu items showed when you rollover the triggers.

    See also MuseThemes.com - Mega Menu Widget (FREE) | Adobe Tutorial - YouTube Muse

    and also Adobe Muse Mega Menu Dropdown Widget | MuseThemes.com

    Best regards


  • This may be a very stupid question, but I don't have the "button new tab" displayed on my tab bar. Can you advise me how can I enable this feature? I've searched around, but I am unable to find any ifo. on that. Thank you, Terry

    I just want to know how to get the "button new tab" displayed on the tab bar.

    Try this:

    View > toolbars > customize

    and see if the 'New tab' button is there. If this is the case, make it slide and put it anywhere you want.

  • I have received several e-mails claiming that pc scan service Hotmail PC errors may be harming the computer, it's a scam, THANKS, TERRY


    It's a scam. Do NOT leave them in your computer. If you check the forums here, you will find a large NUMBER of similar reports.

    I hope this helps.

  • Problem with list of contacts after upgrade of the system

    I upgraded my MacBook Pro to 10.7.5 to 10.11.6 and everything seems to be going smoothly, he started and worked

    and ran all programs as planned; However, when I checked my list of contacts that was > 200 people with phone and address information in my 10.7.5 system, the 10.11.6 contacts in the file only had the info address of Apple in Cupertino.

    what I really needed was gone.  Is it possible to restore it? My iPhone still has information

    in contacts but I kinda scared that if I connect my iPhone via iTunes, it might wipe my iPhone contacts as well & that would be a disaster.  I also have a Time Machine backup of the 10.7.5 system that has not been connected to the 10.11.6 system yet.  In addition, all the birthdays, family, appointments, meetings, and special events in iCal application were destroyed as well (but still exist on the iPhone).


    What happens if you choose Contacts > display > display groups?

  • I don't like the idea to ERASE my phone information and then hope to God that it backs up. What worries APPLE.

    I need to unlock my IPHONE I will go abroad and will not have access to another "sim" card until I'm there. I didn't intend to take my computer with me, so I can "erase" my iPhone and then back it up while I'm out of the country. Sheesh not an easier way for ppl to unlock their phone?

    What hassle!

    Do you know someone in the Cayman Islands that will do this for free? When I get a ' Sim ' on their part and make this procedure difficult?

    Terry Givens

    cadreamer20 wrote:

    I need to unlock my IPHONE I will travel abroad...

    You are not obliged to use another SIM card just because you travel outside of your country.  You can, if you wish, use your cellular operator standard home and make international roaming.  Yes, it is generally expensive, but maybe in your case, it would be a better alternative.

  • Why did I receive a message for 2 weeks saying "secure connection failed" on Thunderbird?

    for the last two weeks, I get the "secure connection failed" message and clicking Add exception does not work.
    It seems that a lot of people have this problem and does not seem to be a practical solution on the help site.
    Thank you


    Please start a new thread for your problem with the information that you posted above. Provide as much detail as possible.

  • How can I move in my email back to my Inbox list without having to scroll to the left on my tab bar. I couldn't find anything in the keyboard shortcuts.

    I don't know there is a simple toggle to put in my list of emails in my Inbox, and the list of files. But I'm not. Any help will be greatly appreciated. 8.1 user to win.

    Thank you


    I keep multiple tabs open because I'm collecting items that I want to send my brother at a later date.

    I guess I could "tag" them. I'll have to read on the tags function to see if it will work better for me.

    Or I could create a directory for him and move the mail, a message at the same time as I read them.

    The method I use won't cut it.

    Thanks for the help, I actually had my problem solved.


  • Can't seem to find a settings button when using on Firefox on mobile phone with cyanogenmod 12.1

    I put this rom on my phone and my tablet. Great Firefox œuvres, but cannot find anywhere to open a menu to change any settings. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    I have not had any problems on any other roms

    Hello terry, the menu button will be shown if there is no hardware key which is used to call the application menu. Please take a look in the system settings > buttons if any key is assigned to make the menu appear (also by long-pressing, etc.).

  • Instagram and Safari Facebook problem

    I have two iMacs, recently updated to the latest El Capitan, 10.11.6. iMac 27 "end 2013 works very well.

    End of 2013 21.5 "iMac is incoherent loading Instagram pages with many images and pages Facebook with several images in Safari and Chrome, but the worst in Safari.

    Instagram is the best example. Loading of the page, but not completely. So, by example, when we look at a grid of Photos Instagram, most, if not all, are blank with some placeholders - sometimes show captions, but not images.

    Behavior is inconsistent, but often none of the photos load. Other web pages look good. It makes the machine pretty useless since it is the main use of it for my wife.

    I've emptied, hide, restarted Safari, rebooted the machine several times. I have checked and unchecked WebGl support - nothing seems to have no lasting effect.

    This 'new' only arose since 10.11.6 updating.

    Any suggestions?

    Thank you


    Try re-applying the combo update to your Mac troubled.

    Download update of OS X El Capitan 10.11.6 Combo

  • Need a dictionary of 64-bit download to Thunderbird

    I have a 64 bit system and unable to download any dictionary since the installation of Thunderbird program. He informs me that dictionaries of 32 bits are second to none.
    What should I do to get a dictionary in order to run the spelling checker.



    Terry I had trouble with the Aussie dictionary on and off for years. Do you have a problem if you choose the British (my backup choice) or
    US versions?

    A screenshot of the error message may help too, so that we can see exactly what you are.

  • How can I delete messages in my Inbox. What is the profile folder

    Messages in my Inbox had a large red cross on them when I delete all of them, but it does not actually delete the message. In the instructions on how to fix this he begins by saying open a profile folder or something. WELL... If I know what they're talking about!
    Please explain how to simply delete messages in my Inbox > please, do not assume I know nothing so please do the simple instructions.
    Thank you. Terry Craig

    It must be something IMAP because there is no option under settings server settings for the account on my pop accounts

    Happy that you guessed it sorted.

  • .xls files do NOT open in figures

    I have a 2009 end MBP (15 ") and spin El Capitan.  I use numbers vn. 3.6.2.

    I have now 2 external applications this file .xls products that just numbers cannot be read.  The first is that despite the many protests and my Bank, they seem unable to do anything.  The most recent is eLink2 of eFergy which comes with the efergy energy monitor.  Any attempt to open this file just fails.  It seems to be a common practice for some companies to focus on export only to Excel.

    I am convinced that (no facts other than the pdf file does not produce with him) that the .xls file (mostly) contain charts or graphs.

    Any ideas please? No answers yet eFergy, but it was the weekend.

    TerryB, Northumberland, England

    Hello Terry,

    I suspect that the maps are the issue.

    Try to open the files with LibreOffice or Apache OpenOffice.

    Kind regards


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