test of his problem and my friend can't hear me

New update make me sad because my friend can't hear me.or when I call Skype sound test. I can"

My voice... pls fix it as possible soon...

I have the same problem - my question here: http://community.skype.com/t5/Android/Microphone-not-working/td-p/1730051

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  • my friend can't hear but I can hear him

    my friend can't hear me on my mac when I Skype but I can hear it


    In most cases, the incorrect audio settings causes this problem. To make sure that the audio settings are correct, you can refer to the following steps:

    1. make sure you have the correct sound devices selected in Skype > Preferences > Audio. Check that they are not muted.

    2. Select System Preferences > Sound and make sure that the correct devices are selected here too, and for the tabs of the input and the output volume is not set too low.

    3. ensure that the balance in the Output tab slider is moved to the Middle

    4. you can test your audio settings by calling thecho/Sound test serviceE. It comes to our service of automated test. To do:
    a. click on phone calls or Send SMS messages at the bottom of the Skype window.

    b. type echo123 in the number field.

    c. you will listen to a short message and guest to leave a spoken message. This will be read to you. If you can hear the message, your settings are correct.

    Standard headset requires an entry ("taken from microphone') amplified sound on your computer. Apple computers have a non-amplified Line-In connection, but offer no connection for the microphone. Unfortunately, this means that if your helmet is equipped with a normal microphone plug, it will not work unless you use an USB external sound card that connects audio records of the headphones with your Mac. However, you should be able to use a newer unibody MacBook or MacBook Pro with a headphone jack iPhone compatible.

    I hope this helps.


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  • My sound to my helmet began to fade, and now I can barely hear a thing

    Original title: a change suddenly in the sound for headphones

    My sound to my helmet began to fade, and now I can barely hear a thing, especially the voice. What was wrong. Please help me.

    Is the audio remains moderate when you use the Test feature in the default playback devices?

    Do a right-click the sound icon in the notification area and select the playback device, right click on your device and choose Test. In addition, you can try clicking on configure and make sure the camera is set to stereo.

  • Speakers; The speakers do not work. I tried to change the sound to make it stronger and now I can't hear anything.

    The speakers do not work. I tried to change the sound to make it stronger and now I can't hear anything. How can I fix it?


    Did you of recent changes to the computer?

    Method 1:

    Check if your headphones are configured to be used as a Communication device by default instead of the default device, or if the two devices are configured by default. If so, that the fault of headphones, so that Windows will only use when they are connected.

    Check volume settings.

    (a) right click on the speaker icon in the taskbar, then select volume control options.

    (b) click a checkbox on "all devices evolving sound.

    (c) make sure that you have "Default uncontrolled communication device".

    (d) place a check on the speakers and headphones.

    Method 2:

    I suggest you to return the item and check.

    Open the troubleshooting of Audio playback


    Method 3:

    I also suggest you to see the links and check.

    No sound in Windows


    Tips for solving common audio problems


  • Woman lost his iPhone and now I can't text her replacement phone.

    My wife lost her iPhone and now I can't text her replacement phone (Galaxy s3).  She can text me, but she does not get my answers.  She also receives no guest calendar, etc.  Any ideas on what's going on?

    MonkeyNumber100 wrote:

    My wife lost her iPhone and now I can't text her replacement phone (Galaxy s3).  She can text me, but she does not get my answers.  She also receives no guest calendar, etc.  Any ideas on what's going on?


  • My friend can't hear me through Skype to help me?

    Whenever I'm with a friend on Skype, he videocalls me and he can not hear me through the microphone in some way, but I can hear the other side of his call, I can't seem to find a way to fix my microphone can someone help me?

    Have you tried to do a test call to Skype Echo Sound Test Service (echo123)?

  • When I spek, computer cant not registered? and when I say n Skype, my friends can't hear me. but I hear. Why?

    Raju Gorkhali stem...

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    Hi, Raju,

    The microphone worked before?

    Have you tried a system restore?

    What is system restore?


    If this not your operating system, follow the instructions in the manual, try this Mr. Fixit (Windows Vista).

    Tips for solving common audio problems


  • My iPhone 4S has had problems with Wi - Fi and now I can't enable Wi - Fi more. Please help me solve this problem!

    My iPhone 4S began no not detecting WiFi signals. I have fixed that by removing the SIM card, but after awhile it was not detected at all and kept scanning. I tried to type the details of a Wi - Fi connection in the other section, but it didn't work. He says 'Could not find wireless networks'... I restarted because after removal of SIM card, which fixed the problem and now I can not turn on Wi - Fi. I need a Wi - Fi connection so please help me!

    A certified technician have a look...

    But it seems to me: I have seem similar symptoms before - as the WiFi radio gave up the ghost.

    I bet if you went to "Setting"-> "Général"-> "About" you won't see any address for the WiFi radio.

    If so, the radio has launched the bucket and as far as I know, it is part of the motherboard - there is therefore no route to the resurrection really... It is live with it that way, or get a replacement phone. I'm sorry.

  • T400: Problem and FIX for UK Conexant Audio Driver for Windows Vista and XP ( 2009/04/23)


    I installed the new drivers Conexant for my T400 (the driver is also for R400, R500, T400, T500, W500, W700, W700ds, X 200, X200s, X 200 Tablet, X 301) yesterday.

    This morning I had to adjust the smart-audio feature works correctly with my helmet of docking station for VoIP calls. The control panel SmartAudio applet would work well. It crashes.

    Today a .net developer and that it is a .net application I got it debugged in Visual Studio. The problem, apparently, is that the folder "C:\Program Files\CONEXANT\SAII\en-GB" does not exist on my machine. Of course, it is true. The solution is to go to "C:\Program Files\CONEXANT\SAII" and copy the contents of the "en-US" folder to a new folder "en-GB".

    Just thought I'd share this incase anyone else has problems and so Lenovo can fix if all goes well the installation. I suspect it will be wishful thinking, to provide them with real ENGLISH values for resources in en - GB instead of corrupt English which is probably in the American version resources


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  • After that an update of Windows can not hear noise and can't read the DVD

    I downloaded updates Windows today and now I can't hear any sound and my laptop will not read the DVD. Any ideas?

    There are a couple of Microsoft FixIt automatic that might help with your problem.

    Troubleshooting problems of CD/DVD.

    Troubleshooting sound problems:

    Let us know if these help you with your problem.

    Thank you


  • Other people can't hear using Skype

    Hi I have upgraded my Skype around ago a week, which has always worked well for years, since then when I try to make calls, I can hear them but they can't hear me, my money down whenever I try as I have a family account rest don't? especially those in Australia, I did the tests sound & left messages, but I can't hear a thing about reading. Most frustrating! I don't know even how to contact Skype & ask for a refund.

    Hello Peter,.

    Thanks for posting your question on the Microsoft community.

    Thank you for details on the issue.

    This problem can occur because of incorrect settings in Skype.

    I suggest you use the steps in this article and check if it helps.
    Skype support: My friend can't hear me not (Windows Desktop)


    I hope this information helps.

    Please let us know if you need more help.

    Thank you

  • Can't hear with headphones

    I have an X 200 tablet, I can use my headphones when listening to music on my computer but when I go online say Youtube, I don't hear anything with my headphones. The speaker on my computer works well. The problem is that I can't hear with my helmet when I watch a video online. Can someone please help me solve this problem. I tried Control Panel and go to the audio. The computer says that the headphones do not work properly...

    Looks like a mechanical problem with your audio jack. But let me ask this question? If you put a music CD, you hear its coming out of your set of headphones, or are there still no sound in the headset? Also, try to use a different headset put just to make sure that the problem is not with the helmet itself.

    Also check the settings on your main volume control to make sure that nothing is set on "mute" by mistake.

    If you're still having problems with no audio coming to all headsets, contact technical support for help.

    Let me know if it helps.


  • Can't hear playback of mp3 on the storm

    I use the following similar code in my application by one of the poster

    play a sound mp3 on the storm.  The app works very well in the Simulator.

    public void playClick( ) {
                try {
                    Class cl = Class.forName("net.berrysoft.dib.Dib");
                    InputStream is = cl.getResourceAsStream("/sounds/switch.mp3");
                    // Create an instance of the player from the InputStream
                    player = Manager.createPlayer( is, "audio/mpeg" );
                    volumeControl = getVolumeControl(player);
                    if (volumeControl != null)
                } catch (Exception e) {
                    System.out.println("ERR: " + e.toString());
        private VolumeControl getVolumeControl( Player p ) {
            return (VolumeControl)p.getControl( "VolumeControl" );

    the problem is that I can't hear the sound when I plugin the atrium.

    Once I unplug I can't hear anything.

    The sound works on my Storm. I can listen to music with the media app.

    someone knows why?

    THX. I read your responses on the other thread.

    No wonder he has many updates. hehe

    I hope a release very soon because it's very annoying.

  • His problem: my friends can hear me but I can't hear them

    When friends call me on Skype, they can hear me but I can't hear them. My audio is high enough and generally works well for all the things on my computer. I use Mac 10.6.8 and Skype


    Which version of Skype you have? Everything before, released in mid-January, had a bug which could stop audio application after the computer woke up from his sleep. See this thread for more information.

  • More than 21 years seen by members of the forum, and no one wants to step up and give "Thank God, a helping hand in setting his problem, so he can listen to religious music? __Cannot the checkbox in Control Panel... fields are grayed out. has tried windo

    After receiving more than 20 views... I guess that PERSON DO want help 'Thank God' by fixing his problem from his computer, so he can listen to his religious music. ???

    Thanks, Hello God

    If you would please provide additional information about you survey, I'd be very happy.

    Please continue with the following support steps listed below...

    -Clean Windows Boot to isolate 3rd party interference

    -Create an another user account and verify if you experience this problem.


    -Disk Cleanup

    -System Restore to a date and time when your computer was functioning normally

    -Fix the Windows Setup (steps are listed below)

    Please proceed to a repair of the OS installation.  In case of failure, please make sure that you back up your data to an external location before performing the repair.  Here are the steps to proceed with the repair.

    To start the repair facility, load Windows 7 and make sure that you are connected to an administrator account. Then, insert the Windows 7 DVD and run the file setup.exe from the menu autoplay:

    Then click install now to start the process:

    Now, uncheck the box "I want to help improve Windows ' and select the optionto go online to get the latest updates for installation :

    The installation process will then search online for available updates, which may take a few moments. Once complete, read the license agreement, then checkthe box I accept and click Next:

    Now, click on the box to upgrade to start the Windows 7 repair facility:

    Windows will then be re - install Windows 7 over itself and you will be informed of its progress as it does. Your PC will reboot a couple of times during this proc

    Once restarted, you are then prompted to enter details of the usual initial installation (for example, the license key, location and time settings). When it is finished, the repair facility was conducted entirely.

    Thank you

    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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