Text in the text captions in the process of disappearing in Captivate 6

Hi, we have a problem of corruption. We use Captivate The text in the slide captions disappear when we open the file. And it is only the text itself, the text box is visible. When you look at the film, the text is there, and if we select a legend on the blade and move it, the text appears again. However, if we do this, save and close the file, the text will disappear from the slide again once the file open.

These files as summer created in CS5, we later moved to CS5.5, then knit using 6. My colleague and I are working equally between 32 and 64 bit.

If someone has had this problem before or someone knows a solution for this problem? This is getting very frustrating because all our files have been to corrupt as apparent that without reason. Thank you.


Welcome to the Forum from Adobe.

You can try copy paste all slides empty new project.

Also try to make a new empty project and insert a text caption and check whether you are faced with the same question.

Thank you


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    The functions of project properly in the preview, a calendar and
    the properties are in working condition. Once the project is saved and captivate is
    close, and then reopen the project, text appears in the film but not in the
    project in the main display area.        I hope I get a response "THIS YEAR."CP 8 Issue-1.jpg

    You were on the Linkedin group, right?

    What version of Captivate 8 (number of exactly please)? First version had several bugs that have been resolved with a patch for

    You use the "Half-tone" theme but subject to change. Can I see the chronology of the slide that is used here?

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    I'm having a problem of text of text editable in endangered fields after you export the document as an interactive pdf. I created the text that should be editable in acrobat with InDesign CC. Thus, for example, I want to have a field editable text that said "I am Marie." I want users to have the ability to change from "Married" to "Tom" or "Ben" in Acrobat. So the pdf should have a form of editable text, saying the phrase "I am Mary" when users open the PDF in Acrobat. However, aafter export, the remains of fields of text, but the text itself "I am Mary." disappeared. I do not understand why this is happening because the text is there when you preview in the Preview SWF window in InDesign.

    Here it is the list of steps in my work.

    STEP 1: Create some texts (for example, m with the tool text frame in InDesign CC )

    STEP 2: Click with the right button on the image and click on "Interactive > convert to text field»


    STEP 2: Select the block of text, open the window "buttons and forms" and change the type as "text field"

    STEP 3:  Export the document as an interactive pdf. The parameter is set by default.

    Result: When I open the PDF in Acrobat, the text field is there, but it is empty.

    Please help me solve this problem. I know this is possible because a person in front of me in my work.

    Thank you!

    As far as I know, to have a form pre-filled text [I am Marie] appear in the text field, you must set the default value of the text field in Acrobat. You can do this by selecting the field property > Options > Default Value

  • text captions are not not on registration of Captivate


    I am using captivate 8

    I select software simulation new Record

    In the settings, I select the demo mode and check Add text captions.

    But when I save and read/pulbish there are no subheadings created for when I click the buttons/menus (I do a recording of some actions that I do on the chrome browser) on the screen or in the timeline panel. Have I missed something obvious that I need to check?

    Thank you very much

    Totally agree with the suggestions of Lilybiri!

    I was going to suggest the liberal use of the PrintScreen key so...

    And I always when you save web applications.

    Captivate picks up clicks of buttons and adds simple captions, using "system hooks. For example, when point 'File' Notepad is clicked, it generates a Windows event that Captivate can 'hear '.

    Web/browser applications do that (usually), Captivate can 'hear' the clicks... so you have to hit 'PrintScreen' any when click you an element in the web application and manually capture with PrintScreen key.

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    Hi all!

    I came across a rather painful problem with Illustrator. It may be a matter of preference, but I doubt it somehow.

    When I use the tool pen to create a new path, the path seems to disappear whenever I have hold the left button of the mouse to adjust the curve of the anchor point to simply add a new.

    Attached below is the picture of the problem, I hope sincerely that someone can help me, since the issue has been draining the life out of me!

    Left: what the entire path looks like when I'm hanging out another point

    Right: what it looks like once I release the left button of the mouse - I care a lot for the entire path to appear during the process of the whole creation


    Thank you

    Lunar sky

    The path segment never gives up to mouseup.

    Has ever.

  • The div background image in the process of disappearance in the product page of model


    I created a Web page using css and DIV tags  I created an editable region that has a background in her image.  Within this editable area there are a couple of ther tags div too.  When I look at the page as a template, it looks fine, but when I produce a new page of this model, the background image disappears?

    Can anyone help with this?

    Thanks in advance.


    What file name is the background image? The path is correct?

  • Urgent! Component and holder of the MC in the process of disappearance

    Hi all
    I use the extension of pf2 GG book in the new site I've created. I have the site set up so that when the browser is resized objects are repositioning themselves in proportion to the page. Everything was fine until I loaded my book.

    When I resize the browser the book component disappears with the MC, it is loaded in. I tried to have the component on the stage by himself (not loaded into a clip, both at the level of the root) and still it disappears.

    Here's the code for repositioning I use.

    Stage.scaleMode = "noScale";
    Stage.Align = "TL";
    var stageListener:Object = new Object ();
    stageListener.onResize = positionContent;
    Stage.addListener (stageListener);

    function positionContent (): Void {}
    myHeader_mc._x = Stage.width / 2 - myHeader_mc._width / 2;

    myContent_mc._x = Stage.width / 2 - myContent_mc._width / 2;
    myContent_mc._y = Stage.height / 2 - myContent_mc._height / 2;

    myFooter_mc._x = Stage.width / 2 - myFooter_mc._width / 2;
    myFooter_mc._y = Stage.height - myFooter_mc._height;

    image_mc._x = Stage.width / 2;
    image_mc._y = Stage.height / 2;



    Any ideas or suggestions?

    Thanks in advance.

    Well... after a few expletives and a bit of math, I realized a work around.

    I set the alignment of the stage to:

    Stage.Align = "CC";

    Then loaded my FlipBook in the center of the stage and took off the code reposition.

    Then I changed my code to reposition on the other MCs to compensate for the scene being centered.

    myHeader_mc._y = 0 + (400 - Stage.height) / 2;

    0 is where my mcHeader_mc starts. 400 is my starting point height. Subtract the new height of 400 scene to make a difference. Then divided by 2 as it grows from the middle.

    As simple as that...

    The free FlipBook component to http://www.ggshow.net/book.asp is awesome... just this problem disappears put me back a few hours.

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    Help.  I got this torch since November 5.  don't know what the problem is. I have a few people that I keep the current text messages. Today, I had to go find an address in a text and he went.  several messages missing and not just for her, for others. Whats happened? How can I get back them? is there a limit on how many test messages can have?


    Is it possible that the messages are older than your time that you specified to keep messages?  Go to your SMS or the main folder of Messages, press the BB Menu button and select Options > General Options.  Scroll down to the bottom.  Where it asks how many days to keep the messages, what is he on?  You can modify it as you see fit.  The only thing that you must be aware of, it is that changes to it will affect all messages, including emails, etc..

  • BlackBerry Smartphones why my livelihood of the home screen messages in the process of disappearance (SMS, missed calls, etc.)?

    My messages, all other next to the e-mail, because I have not yet implemented, just keep disappearing.  I have the theme of the home screen that displays messages, calendar, call log, and applications.  The messages section shows me when I have a missed call or text or something like that... but for some reason, I go back to my phone and I do not see who called or texted.  The messages section of the home screen is blank and if I select and go to my App messages, there are only 3 registered and 2 are BlackBerry April 25 and July 30, only appears from my boss on 5 August.  The only reason why I can not even imagine still appears so is because she too has a blackberry.  I don't know, but it really starts to aggravate the crap out of me.  Someone knows how to help?

    I went to the General Options messages and ensures that all calls are sent to messages and call log.

    Oh yes!  The call log does not nothing either.  It's ridiculous!

    To please help because I love this phone, it does not work to the maximum but it's disappointing.

    This has been asked before and solved... you have a problem of memory... you must have at least 12 MB of free space for the phone works smothly. If you have not yet get a memory card and move your photos and videos on memory card. and ringtones downloaded... to find out what the status of your file is click on options of--> the situation and see what your file free it is another thing that could help is to do a battery pull, then do step above... Also make sure you have all internet programs running in the background IE: weatherbug... it causes continually downloads of data... clear your browsing history by going to a browser opened by clicking on menu, then options and then cache and clear your history... There are other measures to help, but I don't see any at the present time...

  • Keyboard for Smartphones blackBerry "highlight" in the process of disappearance.

    I had this problem. When I use the keyboard, the blue "highlight" when selecting what letter I want to type light for a split second, then either disappears as I'm not touching it, or it will show something completely different, the path through the keyboard. I did the battery several times pull, and it does nothing. I also did a full cleaning of the phone and it does nothing, the problem persists. Now, I am the owner of a faithful storm, but this phone is my 5th replacement, and my 4th replacement also had this problem, that is why I got it.
    I want to stay loyal owner of a storm, but I'm starting to become owner of a disgruntled thunderstorm. Help? Thank you very much.

    Using the Blackberry Storm 9350
    Verizon Wireless 3G
    It is the official OS, is not a leak.

    Help is greatly appreciated!

    I put them

    TI - 300
    HP - 600
    SS - 3
    KR - Normal

    I'll text a bunch of people and see if it happens again.

  • The continuous mouse cursor in the process of disappearance

    If I leave the computer for too long, it is not a screen saver and will all right to say that some cable is not connected, and when I do something like press a key on the keyboard, move the mouse or press the power button, it goes back to normal except the cursor of the mouse is still missing and I can't click anything is just invisible or something , but just left and reappear only if I restart the computer. Sometimes, the cursor is there after leaving the cable not connected the thing, but then the keyboard does not, and once the cursor or keyboard worked.

    My computer broke (something certain driver is not installed correctly, but I don't know that one) and I had to fix this computer for 6 months after and he always did the same thing with the keyboard, and now after she came back the cursor disappears when I leave the computer long enough that he should go to a screen saver , but go to a black screen with a blue-ish with white text bouncing around rectangle say that a cable is not connected...

    Is it possible to fix this without having to restart the computer? It is extremely annoying, because it keeps installing an update each time I restart (why not simply install all updates only once instead of installing an update every time?) and it takes like an hour and then I could decide to leave to do something else and when I'll be back I was absent too long, the update completed installation and now I have to restart again because he went to the cable not connected thing and the mouse is gone again before I could even connect to the computer.


    You can run the SFC scan and check if that helps. SFC/scannow is a very useful command that you can use in any version of Windows. When the SFC (System File Checker) command is used with the/scannow switch, the tool analyzes all the important files of Windows on your computer and replace if necessary. Missing and the corruption of the operating system (like many DLLs) files are probably the main cause of the major problems of Windows.

    See the following steps to perform a scan SFC:

    (a) press the Windows key + X, select the prompt (Admin) to bring up the elevated command prompt.

    (b) in the command prompt, type the following command: sfc/scannow then press ENTER.

    (c) after the scan, restart the computer and check if the problem persists.

    Thank you.

  • Space character according to some user variables in the process of disappearance


    I just started using FrameMaker 10 (Version: for updating a set of structured documents that were originally created using FM 7.2. These documents contain a large number of user variables.  However, in FM 10 sometimes if there is a space character following the variable it is removed when you save a reopen the file. If a non-breaking space is there but it isn't always a suitable solution.

    All variables were created without any character formats and containing only plain text.

    Is this a known problem or am I missing something very obvious?

    Best regards



    Any chance that these files are open XML format? If so, maybe take a look at this thread, which is a new 'feature' in FM10 which can be disabled white space normalization:



  • External hard drive in the process of disappearance

    I use a Synology hard drive for storing music. Until recently, it was linked to an ethernet cable to an Airport Extreme, which then connected to a Mac Mini which I use as a player. After that a closed power Synology became unusable/invisible when it is connected to the Airport (and the hard LAN is not lit). But when I connect it directly to an ethernet circuit (set up to extend a network established by another airport functioning as a router) the external drive becomes visible. The problem with this is that the transfer speeds are much slower (although not quite slow to affect the sound quality) and iTunes must have the file for each song is identified and selected individually in order to play.

    Any suggestions on how to make recognizable tough with a direct connection to the airport? The glitch is more likely to be at the airport or the Synology disk?

    When I saw the title I was sure that this would be another problem of USB hard drive... We don't have a lot of problems with Synology, which are excellent products by hand.

    I would say that your test procedure indicates the problem with Airport Extreme. Since the Synology works when plugged into another device on the network.

    The witness of not on network indicates a problem of basic connectivity. I suspect that stop feeding has corrupted the configuration of EI... It's weird, but it happens.

    My recommendation is just factory reset of the AE and start with a new clean configuration.

    If you are using a very old AE... so let me add a few questions...

    Æ must be connected by ethernet to the rest of the network. And then in Bridge mode and create a wireless network... does not extend...

    Or to extend a wireless network (from another router from Apple) and no ethernet on its wan port.

    You should not use join a wireless network. This option is not yet available in Airport utility later to the extreme... but it is always possible to get messed up with previous utility.

    I will also say that old AE may fail on the ethernet ports. What model exactly is EI? If it's more than say 5 years, it is time to update without worry.

  • Satellite Pro L450D-12 X - Wireless card in the process of disappearance

    Hi guys,.

    So, I have a laptop Toshiba Satellite Pro (L450D-12 X) in my possession.

    She has 8 installed inside windows (but came pre-installed with windows 7).

    The problem I face is that, suddenly, the wireless still endangered, literally as no wireless card exists - but there is a wireless card.

    I was able to fix it by reinstalling windows 8 OS. It worked only for a little while and then it disconnects / disappears. No wireless in the "map settings" icon Only the "ethernet" adapter
    Cannot search or browse for wireless network either.

    Since the fix above was not permanent, started the service that controls the card wireless among others who are associated with what this either wireless (don't remember the name) - it worked again.

    Now it has stopped. Well, I'm not with the laptop at the time, I said there and all attempts to restart the service via the phone, does not provide any solution.

    Any ideas guys?

    All responses appreciated.

    Problem is that your laptop model is NOT supported for Win8.
    What WLAN driver have you installed?
    Where did you find?

    When you are faced with this problem wireless network card is listed in the Device Manager?

  • iMessage read received in the process of disappearance

    This issue that has happened since the first beta of iOS 9.3 and continues still on iOS 9.3.1. When someone has read receipts on, I can see when they read my message. However, if I lock my phone, close the application messages or simply wait a few minutes, then the indicator changes back to "Surrender" and the read receipt moves upward to my previous message even if they have already responded to my last post. I tried to turn off iMessage and reset network settings, then turning iMessage turn it back on. I have even reset my phone and set up as a new phone in case a backup could be the problem. I have the same problem for all my messages.

    I'm having this problem too. I noticed it when I said there was a new update and it's quite annoying. Can we please get help on getting this problem

Maybe you are looking for

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