Text only popup

Using RoboHelp x 5. I tried to use only text in pop-up windows, but I noticed that there is a limitation on the number of characters allowed for a popup window. Is there a way to push this limit? I tried to resize the margins etc, but nothing seems to work.

Thank you


Hi Charlie. Unfortunately, text only popups are designed for small amounts of info and only accept up to 255 characters. There is nothing you can do about it. If you have more text is there a reason that prevents you from using a related topic to display in the form of a popup? You can even apply a stylesheet with the same background color.

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    Seems a cookie this old one.
    Refreshed Firefox, now, some Web sites are not properly, text only
    Other sites, including google sometimes present "this connection is not approved.
    Use ESET Smart security.
    No Maleware or virus.
    RELOADED Firefox and ESET, problems persist.

    Have you tried this in ESET:

    Path: Advanced Setup -- Web and Email --- SSL/TLS
    Root certificate then uncheck "Add the root certificate to know browsers"
    SSL protocol: Do not scan SSL protocol

    If you cannot inspect the certificate by "I understand the risks", then try this:

    Open the "Add Security Exception" this URL chrome by pasting into the address bar of Firefox and check the certificate:

    • chrome://pippki/content/exceptionDialog.XUL

    In the field of location of this window, type or paste the URL of the Web site.

    • retrieve the certificate via the button 'Get certificate '.
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    You can check details such as the issuer and the certificate chain in the Details tab of the certificate display.
    Check which is the issuer of the certificate.
    If necessary, you can attach a screenshot that shows the display of the certificate.

  • In Thunderbird, can I received email from one address to be text only (no html)?

    LinkedIn sends updates to the son of group discussion with a "teaser" of comments posted in a comment. I heard somewhere that if I can convert email of the SENDER in the text only (no), then I will receive the full text published in this comment.

    I have no need to do this for any other SHIPPER to my system.

    So, is this possible?


    A simple answer to your question is NO, it cannot be done for just a single sender. All messages would be treated the same.

    You may have heard that the text version only contains the entire text of the html message. This is true if the message was composed in BOTH formats 'html' and 'text', (a multi-part format)

    If the update of LinkedIn does not give the entire message in html format, change to display it as text will display any additional parts of the message.
    The text version is the same message as the html version, but without the html tags.

    The following article has a section named
    'Send plain text and HTML'


    TB - 38, 3 Win10-PC

  • Why has Firefox suddenly lost all the graphics and went to the text only?

    When I started this morning Mozilla Firefox has emerged as a text-only page, as did everything I tried to access it through Firefox. I did an uninstall, folder cleaning and clean install of the latest version of Firefox, but it has developed exactly the same thing. Can someone help, please? (I'm Windows 7 PC).

    Start Firefox in Safe Mode {web link} by holding down the < shift >
    (Mac options)
    key and then from Firefox. Is always the problem?

    Still in Safe Mode.

    Type Subject: support in the address bar and press on Enter.
    Under the main banner, press the button; Copy the text to the Clipboard..
    Then in the box to answer at the bottom of this page,
    right-click the area and select block.
    This will show us the details of your system.
    No Personal Information is collected.

  • E-mail "Inbox" of old messages have all changed to text only after Norton scan?


    Last night, I did a full scan Norton from my computer and found this morning that all messages in the 'Inbox' 'soft' at the time of the analysis seem to have been changed to text only with other codes and symbols, but without good formatting of text and graphics. With these old messages Inbox address and the subject lines are now empty, as is the "to:" and "from:" actually all of the space where they should appear now just says "subject". There is also no graphics in the actual message just the text and symbols area. This has happened only on my POP3 Inbox server. He did not go to my other email address which is an IMAP server. Nor has it affected message "Sent" boxes, or 'Archive' for the POP3 server system. However, entering a new email I just received this morning and post the scan of Norton is ok.

    Y at - it a way I can recover or reconfigure these old messages in the Inbox of what appears to be the text probably HTML with the correct subject lines and text/graphics, formatting that seems to have been lost since the Norton scan?

    Thank you very much.


    Not sure I like the idea of restoration of Norton files/emails that contain a problem even if he could get them back.

    The security industry did a good job of scaring people into compliance. It's a shame, they put a little effort in teaching.

    As the scholar on the plutonium in a box of double lead. Your "virus" was not causing issues, i.e. up to what the Greens Norton entered, open the box threw the contents on the floor and exclaimed, Oh Lord, we all die of radiation poisoning, fast, I will put the article in my forties.

    Why the e-mail Inbox not can not simply be saved as individual packets of data/information with the equivalent of metaphorical leap plastic separating one from the other?

    They can. Bug 58308 refershttps: / /bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=58308

    This has had a pretty Rocky journey so far, but last I heard that developers were talking about having a helping hand on the subject this summer in the United States. (I guess that means that soon, as it is chilly here)

  • Add - ons Manager pages appear as "text only"; Cannot download add-ons.

    Just installed Firefox v28 on new computer running Windows 7 Home. Installation went well and my browsing experience was as expected. Then I open the Add-ons Manager to install the same extensions that I used on the old machine, but something is wrong.

    The pages appear in a 'text only' weird format... scroll down and down... and down (screenshots). Navigation has been frustrating because all the following pages have been in the same weird format.

    Then I went to the box 'search all add-ons' top right of the screen and registered the names of the extensions that I wanted. The search results page was text only but easier to navigate. However, no matter what extension I have
    selected for install failed during download (screenshot).

    What I've tried so far: deleted all the history, cookies, cache, etc, closed Firefox, then rebooted the machine. But the problem persists.

    UPDATE: the problem resolved itself on its own. I left the machine in pure frustration. Returned two days later, and everything has worked well. Have a little problem with the site.

  • Some graphics are missing out on all the websites, Google menu text only

    First Google Chrome works perfectly. The problem is with IE and Firefox. The Google.com homepage has an additional menu at the top and it is totally the text, but more importantly, on most Web sites, only some of the graphs show. (IE Flash). It's worse in Gmail where everything is text only. And NO, I have not enabled on these Visual deficient settings. I have reset the settings in the two browsers bad and even downloaded a new copy of Firefox. Same thing happens in IE and Firefox, while Chrome is normal. He set last week, I don't remember what I did. But, after my weekly re-booting, it's baaack. Very frustrating. A lot of suggestions tried for 2 hours now. ... Help my navigation is paralyzed.

    Are you sure that you have not activated Windows high contrast because it happens is IE as well?

    The screenshot is in line with what to expect when web pages look like this (without colors and tables see the lined border cell).

    I don't know if Google Chrome respect this setting in Windows.

  • All my websites in Firefox display as text only - upgrade to version 10.01 had no effect. How can I restore graph of my Web site?

    I wasn't doing anything in particular when I realized that everything was text only with no graphics. When I open the same page in Safari - was be gmail - the page appeared as it should with graphics. Text only appeared on all sites open in FF

    Glad you fixed in the end and thanks for posting back.

    While if only logged in you mark the first post of cor - el like solving this, he will mark the thread as solved and help everyone looking for a solution for similar problems.

  • I recently ran a program on registry mechanic to clear browsers, files, history, etc, and now when I open firefox, I get the text only on tabs/pages...all all links are text only, no pictures, no background, etc. Someone knows what to do to fix this?

    It's what happens on almost every page now, for example, the Internet Movie Database site, shows text only, like below:

    Sign up | Login | Help

           In Theaters
           Coming Soon
           Top Movies
           Showtimes & Tickets
           New: DVD & Blu-Ray
           Top 250
           Editors' Spotlight
           Independent Film
           Road to the Oscars
           Sundance 2012
           TV Home
           TV Listings
           TV Episodes & Clips
           Best TV Series

    Create a new profile as a test to see if your profile is the source of the problems.

    See "basic troubleshooting: a new profile:

    There may be extensions and plugins installed by default in a new profile, so check that in "tools > Modules > Extensions & Plugins" in case there are still problems.

    If this new profile works then you can transfer files from the old profile to the new profile, but make sure not to copy corrupted files.


  • Add bookmarks to the toolbar in text only?

    I used to be able to reduce all my favorites on my bookmarks bar to the text only 3.6 and still maintain forward, back, home and reloading of the icons on the top.

    4.0 if I activate the text in the Customize menu then I lose the front, back, home and recharge the icons at the top as any change to the text.

    Anyway to fix this? I can change the code if necessary.

    Thank you

    You can do it with the bookmarks Deiconizer extension - https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/bookmarks-deiconizer

  • HOW TO SELECT FONTS IN Microsoft generic/text only printer


    How can I change the font of TEXT ONLY printer by using the tab selection of police under the PROPERTIES MENU in xp?

    Thank you.

    Please be patient and wait for the answers in your original thread...


  • How to reduce the size of the text only 500 CV Ko asked

    original title: word format

    How to reduce the size of the text only 500 CV Ko asked

    This is a forum for Windows Vista - so I assume you are using WordPad or Notepad?  What is an email that you put together without attachments?

    Type less.  More abbreviate.  Choose the unnecessary parts.

    If you have a single given pure text document you posted and assumptions that must be made because of that-, then these are your choices.

    If you have a version of some processing (such as Microsoft Office Word 2000, XP, 2003, 2007, or 2010) and this is what you are asking about - everything will depend on the version of Word that you have, etc.-, but the General advice above remains true with the addition of "stay away from fancy formatting.

  • Some saved HTML files in TEXT ONLY format view

    Hi all

    I kept some HTML pages of the past and many of them display correctly when I open them in one of my five different web browsers, but I saved some HTML pages that don't display correctly, but they get used.  Pages that do not display correctly appear to be display in a kind of "text-only" mode, or something is missing or modified in the HTML files that have been saved.

    Here are examples of how part one of a saved HTML pages will appear, then a sample of how this part of the page displayed when it is not display correctly...



    This is just a small sample of how the same page can display up correctly or incorrectly.  These two samples come from the same basic HTML page stops, but a single page to record displays properly, and we're the same saved page on a screen doesn't have different time correctly.

    The topper is that some of my old HTML page records always display correctly and some of them do not and records some of my new HTML page display properly, and some of them are not displayed correctly. Not all of the pages I've saved are on this page, but I still have problems with different pages HTML displays do not properly, then some of my stops on the same page do appear correctly.

    I have the latest version of Google Chrome, version 26.0.1410.64, an older version of Internet Explorer 8, an old version of Firefox 5and a semi-new version of Firefox Portable 10, Apple Safari 5.1.7and all these browsers display these pages (the pages that display properly) the same way, in what appears to be a text-only mode or something.

    This, to me, seems to be something that is related to something between a system setting or a missing plugin and which is apparently how my currentGoogle Chrome   and Firefox 5 browsers to save from time to time, since I've only used these two browsers to save the HTML of the page files, but I have problems with both of these browsers stops , and I have files of HTML page of these browsers that display correctly, as they did when they were pages live, originally in these browsers before I saved both.

    But it seems to be random, because as I said, a lot of my latest HTML of page stops have this problem when they display, but also some of my old HTML saved page also have the problem and vice-verse... that is, some of my more recent HTML page saved may not have this problem to display and some of my old HTML page saves are not having this problem or the other.

    The reason why I thought it might have something to do with a plugin or setting of Windows 7 is because when I open one of these files in page HTML problem as does ' t display properly in my old Internet Explorer 8 browser, first of all, it gives me a message that says...

    "To help protect your security, Internet Explorer has restricted this webpage from running scripts or ActiveX controls that could access your computer. Click here for options ".

    But Internet Explorer 8 apparently didn't know that I open this page HTML of a set of HTML files on my hard drive.  Then, when I click on "click here for options... '. ", it gives me an option to 'Allow content blocked'and then I get a message that says...

    "Allowing active content such as script and ActiveX control can be useful. However, active content can also damage your computer. Are you sure want to let this file run active content? "Yes / No".

    Which I select 'Yes' , but it still does not display the page HTML problem file correctly.

    I have a working Active X plugin installed and this isn't one problem on another point on this computer, but for some reason, IE 8 gives me this message.

    Any ideas?

    Thank you


    What is more likely is that some media files (files CSS and JS, among others) which relate to the HTML files that you have saved are no longer present.  They can be moved, or in another folder, or perhaps the HTML file itself has been moved and the relative path for the support files is no longer valid.

    If these files exist, you can probably change the HTML files to point to those. Search where it refers to a CSS file, for example and make sure that the file still exists in the location that the HTML file is looking for it in.

    Another possibility is that the HTML file is still referencing the site server for certain files, and the owner of the site has moved these files (or renamed).  In this case, there may be no way to bring your local display in full format.  To tell if this is the case, again look in the HTML file for references to CSS files and see if she is looking on a website to get this file.

  • Change the size of the text only does not work

    Font size standard on most of the Windows I have open in Windows 8 is a 5 or 6. I'm in front of my computer, 6 to 8 hours per day (teacher online), and it's the single most annoying problem that I have ever met.  "Change the size of the text only ' on my display settings page is grey - there is no solution.  Can I change the size of everything, that gives me giant icons, but the text on all the windows is still tiny.

    I hope someone has a useful suggestion. Please don't tell me to go to "Change the size of text only." This is the function that does not work.
    My Windows 8 was purchased in January - part of the Microsoft $! 5 offer to people who bought computers between October and December of last year. The installation went fairly well, but I had this problem of fonts since then.  ASUS computer laptop, Intel core I7, good resolution, good speed, ideal machine, except that Windows has me squint all that day, seven days a week.
    Thank you and best regards, all
    Reggie Audibert

    Font size standard on most of the Windows I have open in Windows 8 is a 5 or 6. I'm in front of my computer, 6 to 8 hours per day (teacher online), and it's the single most annoying problem that I have ever met.  "Change the size of the text only ' on my display settings page is grey - there is no solution.  Can I change the size of everything, that gives me giant icons, but the text on all the windows is still tiny.

    I hope someone has a useful suggestion. Please don't tell me to go to "Change the size of text only." This is the function that does not work.
    My Windows 8 was purchased in January - part of the Microsoft $! 5 offer to people who bought computers between October and December of last year. The installation went fairly well, but I had this problem of fonts since then.  ASUS computer laptop, Intel core I7, good resolution, good speed, ideal machine, except that Windows has me squint all that day, seven days a week.
    Thank you and best regards, all
    Reggie Audibert

    Hi Reggie

    The option "Change only the size of the text" applies only to the text for the following items.

    Title bars


    Message boxes

    Titles of palette

    Text of the icon


    What you need to do is select the link "Custom resizing options" directly above the option "Change only the text size.

    In the dialog box move the cursor in the rule box, hold down the left button of the mouse and drag the rule. If the size is 100%, try to start with it to 125%.

    Click OK, and then apply. You will be asked to disconnect / connect to before the change takes effect.

    If 125% does not for you try to bump the size up one another 10% gradually until you are satisfied.

    Let us know if it works for you.


  • Combination of taskbar - text only, no Preview Image

    I like the new Windows operating systems combine windows of the same program. The problem is that I don't like major insights we get in Windows 8.

    Back in Windows 7, combined windows would jump up like a list of titles of window in text only. Here on Win8, we get a complete overview of the window; I'm sure a lot of people like, but I have not, not when each of the windows look almost the same.

    Is it possible to disable the previews, but keep the combined windows, to get what we had in Win7? Or can I at least look forward me to him in Win8.1?

    Windows 7 has large previews too, as long as the Aero Engine (Aero has been the engine that provided smooth graphics, transparency and other effects using the graphics card for the office to draw).

    In Windows 8, most of the Aero effects have disappeared (transparency and other effects), but the engine is still there because it is necessary to use graphics hardware acceleration for fast performance (otherwise, your powerful graphics card would go unused).

    The team of the taskbar has not really changed anything, the text display mode is still there.  It just don't get triggered, generally because the Aero Engine running the graphics.

    How do it anyway!

    Fortunately, you can actually force it.  Is there a registry value that is used to decide Previews how it must exist before it switches to text mode.  This is so you don't end up with 1 billion tiny previews if you have lots of windows open.

    These instructions are for Windows 7, but they continue to work on Windows 8:


Maybe you are looking for

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