Texts of blackBerry Smartphones high priority?


Is it possible to place the phone on peace, but only to allow my daughter ring texts through?  What I was wondering is there a way to calm down just the phone while I'm asleep and only receive important texts?  Thank you very much... This phone is so addictive


You can set the incoming messages to the level 1 by going to Messages, and then click the [Menu] button and select Options--> e-mail filters.  In the filters screen, hit [Menu]--> New.  Name the filter as VIP, scroll to go, hit [Menu] select a name of--> and add the entry to the address book of your daughter to the list (you can add more names too).  Now all incoming messages it will set to level 1, which is usually by default used only for PIN to PIN messages.  Which is located under the Messages--> [Menu]--> Options--> General--> make PIN Messages level 1 Options (Yes or no).

Now, create a new profile called sleeping.  From the home screen go to --> Advanced profiles, click on the [Menu] button and select the new profile.  Together everything you want to Mute and beep only except for the Messages of level 1 - set what some tones, with or without vibration.  This is what will be used for incoming messages for your daughter.  Save the profile when finished.

Now, before you continue, if you also want to hear your daughter calls, follow these steps.  You should be in the list of profiles .  Click on the [Menu] button and select New Exception.  Give it a name like VIP, then scroll to the bottom for the from field, click on the [Menu] button and select add name.  Find your daughter in your address book and add to the list (you can add more than one too).  Once you have added all you want, scroll to the line of the usage profile and select the profile that contains the parameters of this ring the phone instead of silencing it (assuming you silenced the phone in the profile of sleeping).

Now, when you use the profile of sleeping, you will still hear all incoming Messages (email or text) as well as phone calls to your daughter.

There is a third party application called BlackBerry profile Switcher that can automatically change your profile at predetermined times.  If I really needed it, I would spend the $10 for it.  You can download (OTA or Desktop Manager facilities available) and first try here:


There is a link to purchase on this page too.

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    This is normally a message 'Level 1' flag.  Messages coming in and are set up as 'Level 1' will be highlighted... in your case, red, in other models and providers that they can be bold.

    To change to normal email (Google, Yahoo!, etc.), connect to your provider's Web site and go to where you Manager your email addresses through their service.  Check the filters that you have for the phone... you can then add or edit to designate which emails come out as 'Level 1' messages highlighted.  I have mine set for my wife, for example.

    If you have a Blackberry Enterprise Server through your business you can also change the priority, through them, as well as via the Options > Advanced Options > Security Options > General settings, and then change the settings there.

    In addition, you can change the way your phone notifies you (even if you can not change the color) by going to your profile, select the profile, press the menu key (left of trackball), select Edit and then settings level 1 Messages.

    If that doesn't help or you have any other questions, I would like to know or contact your service provider.  Hope that helps!

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    Can anyone help please?

    I bought my wife a Blackberry Curve 9300.

    Very good so far, but it cannot download the pictures that have been sent on a text message, it does not use websites to social network, or the internet for the time reserved for the messages and photos if she can get back them.

    The last message from her friend had a download box now on the screen of your messages, but it will not download anywhere.

    Any help would be much appreciated:

    You are welcome! This is why a small group of us volunteer here... to help other users our best!

    See you soon!

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    I have no idea why, but the text icon went from my BB Torch and I can't find how to get it back. Can anyone help please?

    Start by seeing if you have accidentally hidden there.  While on your home screen, press the menu key and select Show all or show all, that one is available.  If your icon is hidden, this will expose it.

    If that isn't revealing his comings and goings, you can reinstall using BlackBerry Desktop Software.  Connect your phone to your PC and open the COMICS.  Once your phone has been recognized, click Applications on the left.  (I do not know if this method does not work, it's been long that I used in the COMICS.  If no, proceed to my next suggestion below.)  Once in the application, search for your text message entry.  If it contains an "X" beside it, click to change to a checkbox.  If you are unable to do this, you will need to reload your operating system.

    To reload your operating system, open COMICS as described previously, and then click device at the top of the software, then click on restore.  Choose the most recent restore point and the load on your phone.

    Let us know if that helps you.

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    Try the same process I just describe to someone else here:


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    RGFBarbie, Hello and welcome to the Support Forums of community BlackBerry.com.

    Perform a simple reboot on the BlackBerry this way: with smart BlackBerry poweredphone, remove the battery for a minute and then reinsert the battery to restart. A reboot in this manner is prescribed for most defects and errors of operating system, and you will lose any data on the device doing so.

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    BlackBerry, frequently asked Questions

    BlackBerry 101

    BlackBerry Tips and tricks

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    I just got my first Blackberry Pearl yesterday. Everything is great... except the SMS text messaging. When I go to compose a text SMS, the little box you type in disappears as soon as you start typing and not reappear until the cursor moves on the second line. When you get 2 lines of text, what you wrote is displayed. BUT if you misspell something in line 1 and go to to solve this problem, if you delete anything, the text disappears again. Once I sent the message, I can see what I wrote, but it will not appear me while I type it. You can see the character count on the side of the screen moving, showing you type something, but nothing appears. Help, please! It's very frustrating!

    The next thing I would do is then to make a backup of the data using the desktop backup manager and restore the functionality. Then I would like to wipe the device and reload the software.

    If you want to try to wipe the device you would go to Options | Security options | Settings General, hit the menu button, choose wipe Handheld. Do erase all data, but also reset the device back to the factory. After wiping did try to go in the new sms message and see if it happens. Otherwise, you can use backup and restore to restore your data and try it once more

    If you try to reload the operating system, and then follow the last post in this thread


  • Icon text of blackBerry Smartphones is missing!

    Somehow, I deleted the text icon.  Can someone help me get back on my screen?  I can still text, but it's a pain because I need to go through the database of contacts.

    First of all, while you are on your home screen press the menu button and see all is an option.  You maybe just hid the icon and pressing it will display it.

    If this isn't the case, reload your OS.  To do this, connect your phone to your PC via USB and open BlackBerry Desktop Software.  If you have not installed on your computer, type www.blackberry.com/desktop in the browser on your PC.  Once you have your phone on and the software has recognized, click device at the top of the software and the restoration in the drop-down list.  Choose the most recent restore point and proceed.  This will put the SMS icon on your home screen.

    Let us know if that helps you.

  • Shades of text of blackBerry Smartphones

    Can someone tell me how I can change my tone text, I've recently upgraded from a curve to a "BOLD" and I do not hear the standard tone for the good and 'strong' profile is on top, the ringer is not as lound - is it a hopeless case?

    To change the tone or tune your phone makes when you receive an SMS text message, edit your profiles.

    1. Select the profiles icon

    2. a box will appear where you can quickly choose between Loud, vibrate, quiet, normal, phone only, and outside. If you like quick-change device profiles and select the one you want and get out.

    3. If you want to change the tones assigned to the applications in the device, and then select the last option, advanced options
    (some older models and 'Advanced' OS 4.1 and below will not step - so advanced is not present go directly to step 4 below).

    4. Select the profile you want to change. (Loud, vibrate, quiet, Normal (default), phone only, Off)
    Note: on the 8100, 8800 and 8300 models: do not click on the trackball. Instead of this, click on the menu button to the left of the trackball).
    Note: The profile that is in use will tell: (active)

    5. you will now see a list of all applications that can have an assigned tone (browser, calendar, level 1 Messages, Messages ([email protected]), Messenger, MMS, phone, SMS, job ect..)

    6. Select the application you want to change the tone / notification for

    7. you can now edit the tones of the case and Holster / notifications.
    (a) select between: none, Tone, vibrate, vibrate + tone
    (b) select the range that you want to use
    (c) Select Volume (the options are mute, low, medium, high, climbing)
    (d) to select the number of beeps (the options are 1, 2, 3)
    (e) select Repeat Notification (options are None, flashing LED)
    (f) if value vibrator or vibrate + tone and select number of Vibrations (the options are 1, 2, 3)

    8. repeat a to e for each of the applications set out in number 5 above

  • Texts of blackBerry Smartphones SMS and phone numbers in endangered!

    I can't understand this!  When I receive a call or a SMS text, make a call or send an SMS text message, it appears for about 1 minute, then disappears.  I actually hear the signal that I received a text, but by the time I get to the phone he left.  However, my emails are still in the thread until I have like 10 or 12, then start the abolition of his post earlier.  I used to keep emials, phone numbers and the text on my phone for a month.  Did anyone had this problem.  It is not checked to 'hide' the messages that I checked in the text SMS option.  Help!

    First thing? Check the file without Options > Status, what is the number to the free file?
    Now, remove the battery from your device, hold a minute, replace, and restart. What is the free file now?

    Read this: http://www.blackberryforums.com/general-blackberry-discussion/116396-managing-your-bb-memory-lost-ca...

    And this: http://www.blackberryforums.com/general-blackberry-discussion/112029-losing-call-logs-sms-emails-opt...

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    How and where can I create August text for my Blackberry 8900? I would like to try this for power but a signature on my text.

    Does anyone know if it will work?


    Yes it will work (I don't see the point in it...) SMS (SHORT Message Service) is intended for short messages, and a signature that goes against. Someone that you send a text to know who it's from.

    Options > AutoText.

    Good luck.

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    In my messages folder, when I select 'Compose SMS text' options are limited to the phone or Email and not my address book. I change all the settings, this just appeared out of the blue. Could someone here help?

    I'm a bit confused by your statement, you can try and rephrase it please

    In the meantime, try a battery Pull:
    1. remove the battery while the phone is turned on
    2. wait a few seconds before inserting it again
    3. wait for the long end of the boot process (takes a few minutes usually)

    This clears most of the software problems that occur on the BlackBerry from time to time. You can also use Quickpull, a free application that simulates a battery pull without removing the battery: http://software.crackberry.com/product.asp?id=27660
    A battery pull gets lost when using the applications memory and clears minor software errors that creep over time. The blackberry is running an operating system just like your PC is running windows and battery pull is the equivalent of a reboot / restart your computer.

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    There everyone whatsup

    I just bought the blackberry 8800 to my friend and I have a few problems. There is no icon or any feature that allows me to text or reply to a received text. I don't understand why not. I have a project to send SMS messages, but there is no icon saying don't compose text or the answer. Also my locks phone on me in a minute and have to enter the password again and again. There is no way to change the length or disable the password. Is it because I need to update the software and if so, what software do I need?

    Thank you


    Just so you have something in the services section, this means that a COMPUTER policy is in place on the device. Maybe it's prevent compose SMS messages, just follow the steps on this link to remove the policy:http://www.blackberryfaq.com/index.php/Remove_IT_Policy

  • Change your MSG for the text of blackBerry Smartphones

    On my BlackBerry Bold 9650-how can I change the text message ring tone? I downloaded the tones of the internet and they are on my phone and I put all that (I think) to the text message tone entering I want but it still sounds on preloaded tone that she has been set on when I bought the new phone. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thank you!

    When you go to your profile and change one, you set the incoming SMS tone until the ringer?

  • Archiving of text Messages blackBerry smartphones

    I asked for information on how to archive messages text for my PRIVATE in December-, but to this day - I've seen no suggestion.  I see there is a check-in option in the parameters of the text.  When I tested on a smaller string of text - simply - they disappear and I have no idea where they were "archived" to.  Can someone please.  It is important to my business to keep texts.  Today only a complete chain of very important texts just disappeared when I went to add new text.  I want to archive regularly important chains of text as a written record.  Can someone please. Thank you

    Hi gigiatTO,

    If we talk about SMS is very simple

    You have to do on the Messenger app, once he touch 2 sec on the avatar (image or color letter) located on the left side of the list of messages and you will get a few options on the upper part of the screen, one of them is the folder icon which allow you to archive

    To see these text messages, also do it on the Messenger application and the option is on the top right of the screen with the three aligned


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