that opinais of virtualizar el 2003 en vsphere

Hola y buenos dias, os hago esta pregunta is that in our company we are in ESX 3.5, plena Migración y has the 4, pero eso destrezas, como in todas las empresas surge the duda of ' what can virtualizar.

"' Soy el Manager del entorno vmware pero no del DA y esta persona me July pegas esta ' of that if neither vmware nor microsoft soportan ' patatine y y paratan.

Yo siempre he sido, Delcourt notice of that todo are virtualized salvo los recursos that asks sean large tal, what that tengas usar a host o datastore exclusive, en esos casos en UN nor me molesto, there is that if hay so many i/o, uso red, o o memoria o HD cpu, nada pues una Máquina física para el y punto.

El tema viene cuando tienes a Da in 2,3,4 o mas maquinas, knew uso're infimo, pero as of course necessary son y no debe haber any fallo Replicación or DNS, neither structure nor otras cosas internas del DA:

Aqui os dejo sus comentarios uno:


Haddad HE con soporte empresas back ingenieros y me han confirmed what is me imaginaba y as in su Día waiting a XXXXX, none will be replaced by Recomiendan conversion of DC´s reales por ser sensitive a los cambio HW virtual.

One of the rape mas comunes in el fallo are the Replicación, fallos in DNS, objetos than desaparecen (TOMBSTON) even the database need local del Activo directory.

Por mucho than soporte al proceso mediante Virtualizacion VMware knew "convertering" can be a riesgo por eso quiero hear a VMware u XXXXXX: & cmd = displayKC & externalId = 1006996 & cmd = displayKC & externalId = 1004588 ... VMware does not recommend virtualization of an active DC with converter.

Fijate what dice aqui & cmd = displayKC & externalId = 1004588 ... "The best approach for the conversion of a Windows operating system in a virtual machine is hot migrating with VMware Converter installed locally in the operating system. If this is not possible, a hot remote migration is the best choice. Perform a cold migration using the converter boot CD is the final choice as it may require additional drivers. »

The transport of Microsoft in aspects technical siempre hay than fantasies al dedillo segun our documentation cara publica su remember has the Virtualizacion.  Vereis aqui el documento por excelencia donde lo aclara. OS adelanto, the essentially technical contenido tiene


Sin mas aqui os dejo the chapa, cordially


Buenos dias Irasines,

I think that you can be util este documento:

Para poder garantizar a proceso virtualizacion, conveniente conocer los the application clearly what esta virtualizando's sus en entorno virtual strategy. In many cases, a P2V tool facilitated happy labor. In other, are necessary tener siempre present best practices para garantizar el exito y el entorno virtual en operation (Active Directory are an example, Citrix XenApp, SAP u tantos otros tambien).

I hope you sea of utility.

Kind regards


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    If this answer is util, por favor su marca used notificador.

    Gracias / looks

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    Here is some information for you on works suite 2003

    Discover the version 7 and 9 works

    Œuvres for Microsoft Windows

    • Microsoft Works 2.0 and 2. 0a (Windows 3.x)
    • Microsoft Works 3.0, 3. 0 and 3. 0 b (Windows 3.x)
    • Microsoft Works 4.0, 4. 0, 4.5, and 4. 5A (Windows 95)
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    Kind regards


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