The 30 day free trial is only *. I tried to download it six times, but nothing is really downloaded. So I just want to pay the rate, since all I need is just to convert PDF to Word. Nothing more. But the rate posted $ 1.99 / month

I use SONY VAIO computer with processor Intelcore 1.5 with Internet high speed, 7 gigabytes, but could not download your so-called "1 month Free Trial", with the intention of really subscribe if successful. But it seems all the *. Or empty promotion.


Hi clementine,.

I'm sorry for the inconvenience that you are experiencing. There are subscription ExportPDF, allows to convert PDFS into Word, which is what I think you're after and the 30 day free trial DC Acrobat. We offer a free trial of the service ExportPDF. But, if you subscribe and decide that you don't need, you can cancel within the first 30 days for a full refund. There is nothing to download with ExportPDF; you just need to register to https://cloud.acrobat.comand then log in your account to the same URL to use your subscription.

Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help.



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