The airPort Extreme (2007) and Time Machine

Hi all

I read the info "how to ask a good question" and apparently you need details. I'll try and be concise but informative with my problem. It has been a long journey to get to where I am, but hopefully, with a little help from this amazing community, I can get to my destination.


To produce a backup solution Time Machine for the family spending as little money as possible and using the BRIC and broc, I already have.

Equipment available

I have a House with some ethernet cables for most rooms that through switches to allow a variety of, most entertainment devices to communicate. It is:

1 x NAS/Media (ReadyNAS Duo v2) server,

2 x TV (Samsung),

2 x TEU (Beyonwiz),

2 x Apple TV (a 2 nd generation the other is the latest version)

2 x DVD players,

1 x iMac.

2 x 8-port switches,

1 x 16 switch ports,

1 x AirPort Extreme (2007).

1 x Airport Express (age unknown but older than the extreme)

1 x Fritz! Box 7490 Modem/Router

Courses in place

All the associated TV stuff are connected in 2 rooms through ethernet via switch 2 x 8 ports switch 16 central port and then to the Fritz! modem/router box.

There are also all the usual WiFi going on with mobile phones, iPads and laptops.

Remarkably, it seems just to work!

However, I want to add some backup data on our computers. I tried to do by using the ReadyNAS as it is supposed to support Time Machine, but I can't it to appear as a backup destination. So, I thought, as I have AirPort Extreme, I add it to the network and attach a USB HDD for Time Machine since it is supposed to be easy. However, I've been home for hours and cannot make the HARD disk appear in system preferences/Time Machine.

I plugged the Airport Extreme in one of the switches 8 port said to create a wireless network with the same details as the Fritz! The box according to another article of the support (Airport Extreme wired AND expand network - need of entry). Airport utility shows me Wi-wired connections and seems to work.

I look at the AirPort Extreme disks tab and can see the attached USB drive here. However, it does not appear as a choice of drives available for backup in Time Machine preferences. I tried 2 different discs with the same result.

The Question (finally)

How can I get Time Machine preferences to show the USB disk attached to AirPort Extreme as a valid choice for backups? If anyone can give me a little help in the right direction, I would be very grateful.

Thank you for reading this,


Unfortunately, the key here is that the version of AirPort Extreme you have does not officially support Time Machine backups on a drive to the USB port of the device.

The only version of the AirPort Extreme, which will officially support Time Machine backups on a drive in the USB port on the airport is the 802.11ac current version that looks like a "tower". Older versions of 'flat and square' of the AirPort Extreme don't support Time machine with a USB drive attached.

To check, please see "Time Machine in charge of USB drives" in this Apple support document... AirPort base stations: discs on USB - Support Apple

Support for time Machine to USB drives

OS X Time Machine supports compatible USB drives encrypted, related to the time Capsule (802.11n and 802.11ac) AirPort and AirPort Extreme (802.11ac).

Given that the average life of most wireless routers lasts about 5 years, and your AirPort Extreme seems to be about 9, your AirPort Extreme did very well for you... much better than the average. It might be time to start thinking about a replacement who will be responsible for backups Time Machine... either a time Capsule (i.e. an AirPort Extreme with a built-in hard drive) or another AirPort Extreme.

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    It's sad to say THAT PPPOE on the Apple is not reliable.

    I have the same problem... I can't use routers Apple with PPPOE on my modem in bridge... regardless of the brand.

    PPPOE is a bunch of variations... PAP or CHAP for example... and the number of... repeated attempts time between repetitions.

    Apple offers zero... whether it's no control... they are all available right now to find out what newspapers or.

    I had to simply replace the Apple router with another router... any other router seems to work fine... It's just the Apple that failed on me...

    I tried with several different Apple routers using all the old firmware, at latest... all fail. So I guess it's less coherent.

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    I'd appreciate comments on this issue because I am quite frustrated now :-)

    Using the tool of the airport, I logged on to the base station and changed the wifi settings, while 2.4 and 5 ghz networks have different names instead of identical names standard. That did the trick, eventually I just configured the printer using wps in a few minutes.

    Thanks for your help.

  • Difference between Seagate Plus backup and Time Machine?

    Can anyone tell me what the diff between backup and Time machine?

    I started and this next screen (see below).  This means that the Seagate Plus backup will replace Time Machine?  Or he supplement TM?

    I'm afraid that if I select "Use as backup drive", I might regret it... then I would understand.


    If you use Time Machine with your Seagate hard drive, say Yes.

  • Problems of ' 09 Time Capsule to the Airport Extreme upgrade

    I with success the setup a new Airport Extreme (AE) and I want to continue to use my Time Capsule (TC) 2009 as a backup drive. However, I have questions. What is the right way to implement these devices to play nice?

    I have currently the modem ethernet fall on the AE WAN ethernet. Then I have another ethernet cable connecting the AE LAN ethernet in the TC WAN.

    In addition, I have the TC Network Mode as 'OFF' and his router Mode as 'Off (Bridge Mode).

    Is everything is OK?

    All correct so far.  Also check the Internet tab to ensure that the TC is to connect using DHCP = AirPort Utility.

    At this point, what other problems are live you?

  • is there a way (or an app?) to set up a local proxy server on the airport extreme or time capsule?


    If you have the answer! I'll be so happy!

    is there a way (or an app?) to set up a local proxy server on the airport extreme or time capsule?

    Thanks for your time!



    All routers, including the AirPort base station, run as a transparent proxies for the local network behind them. However, if you are talking about the possibility of proxy requests between the LAN and Internet, then no, the airport base stations do not have a native function to support doing so.

    The two common methods to accomplish this are: 1) use a proxy on your local network, or 2) use a DNS, like OpenDNS service, which offers proxy services.

  • provider changed vague Qwest and now one device connects to the net.  Seems to not be recognizing the airport extreme.  Patches?

    Decided to change providers.  Network domestic fine fixed by extreme airport which has been consulted by 9 apple devices and windows device.  After the wave was installed yesterday, the only device able to connect is the cell that was active at the time of installation.  Is this a problem with my airport extreme or vague does not not with mac?  All the patches would be appreciated.

    After the wave was installed yesterday, the only device able to connect is the cell that was active at the time of installation.

    Sounds like Installer connected your laptop directly to a modem to put in place the new connection.  If that's what happened, then the modem will recognize your laptop, but it will not recognize the AirPort Extreme, then it will appear as if only your laptop can get a connection.

    The modem and AirPort Extreme should probably be reset and then set it up again. We'll know more soon.

    Can you provide the number of brand and model of the modem that was shipped with your service?

    What operating system uses the laptop?

  • Time Capsule will not extend the Airport Extreme network

    My airport extreme (do not know what version... can't even find it in the system report) offers a WiFi modem. I have a Time Capsule 4 G which extends the network. This works well for a few years now. Suddenly, the CAP began flashing yellow. Time capsule said Airport utility cannot extend the network and I should make sure the password is correct, that it is in the signal of a network, etc. I went through the settings of the time capsule by ensuring that passwords are correct. It is certainly within the range of the signal of the airport extreme (they are both in the same place as always... Besides, I put my iPhone next to the time capsule and I get a signal strong). I tried a hard reset of the time capsule. Of course, this does not work.

    Time Capsule seems to be communicating with the computer very well. I can access it via the Airport utility and reboot. I can access the data on its disk backup. Airport Extreme is to give a signal of good wi - fi connection. I'm still able to pick it up with my computer (even if my computer is far more than the time capsule).

    Someone has an idea of what's going on?

    Given that the Capsule does not correctly connect unless everything is OK with the AirPort Extreme... I suggest that you turn off the time Capsule for now and check that everything works correctly on the AirPort Extreme.

    My airport extreme (do not know what version... can't even find it in the system report)

    You say that the AirPort Extreme does not appear when you open AirPort Utility?

    If so, press and hold the option on your Mac key while you double-click on the image of the AirPort Extreme.

    Model of the AirPort Extreme, you will appear at the top of the summary page. What is it?

    Near the bottom of the summary page, check to see if there is a parameter that is displayed for the State.  If there is, what is the message next to status?

  • I just installed an airport extreme router and WiFi works, but the status light still flashes.

    I just installed an airport extreme router and WiFi works, but the status light still flashes.

    Open airport utility... Click EI... and see what the cause of the problem. It will give the list of questions on the summary page. Click on each of them and he will offer you even solutions.

    for example the firmware needs to be updated... nothing major... or DNS is wrong or double NAT...

    Without our crystal ball, we do not know what is the issue.

  • Failure of the Airport Extreme and Airport Express

    Airport Extreme not to talk to the device POE from the antenna of radio after a thunderstorm (lightning).  Plug the POE ethernet cable directly into Mac works.  Airport Express lights.  Airport Extreme appears, but there is no internet connection.  A port can be fried on the Airport Extreme?

    Yes, but unfortunately the port that will blow is that ethernet is plugged.

    If it's WAN then you do not have a way to use the airport as a router... only a bridge device.

  • How can I change the network address of my Time Machine drive?

    Hi people,

    This is my second question in 12 hours. Thanks to help I received here, I abandoned my doomed attempt to use my old AirPort Extreme and a USB key for Time Machine backups.

    I've used my ReadyNAS for Time Machine backups, but it has never been reliable. I think I have tracked the question and I would like to try again. However, Time Machine remembers the old network address for the ReadyNAS unit (smb://NAS_TimeMachine.local/ReadyNAS) and does not 'see' the same unit at current address (afp://[email protected]/NASTimeMachine). You could collect that networking is not something I understand.

    I think that this can be also responsible for the boring 'There was a problem... "messages that I receive at startup telling me the drive could not be mounted.

    Is there a way to force the time Machine to forget the old address and 'see' a new?

    See you soon,.


    (PS I have also posted this question on the legacy of networking community, but I think it's a better place for this)

    Click the 'clock' Time machine at the top of the screen of the Mac

    Click Open Time Machine Preferences

    Click select drive

    Click on a disc that appears under the heading of backup discs , so that it appears highlighted

    Click remove disk

    Do the same for all the other disks that may appear under the heading of backup discs

    Turn off and restart the AirPort Extreme

    Restart the Mac.

    Click the 'clock' Time machine at the top of the screen

    Click Open Time Machine Preferences

    Click select drives

    Under the heading of available records , click a disk that you want to use to highlight the disk

    Click use the disk

    Close the windows

    Wait a few minutes to see if a backup will start. Otherwise, click the "clock" Time machine at the top of the screen, then click on NTI Backup Now

    Report on the results

  • Where can I find the Airport extreme N model number?

    Where can I find the Airport extreme N model number?

    It seems that the 3, 4, 5 are all Ns.

    I wish that my laptop wireless backup. A friend has his 5 AE do this via the usb port that is connected to a powered hub.

    Thanks for any advice.

    ett2 wrote:

    Where can I find the Airport extreme N model number?

    It seems that the 3, 4, 5 are all Ns.

    That's kind of how count you...

    But if your AE running 7.6.4 firmware it is Wireless N...

    A look at the base of the number. It is on the first line of molded rubber or paper label. A1408 is Gen5.

    I wish that my laptop wireless backup. A friend has his 5 AE do this via the usb port that is connected to a powered hub.

    Now for a piece of info you don't want to know.

    Apple does not support the time machine is a model AE before last Gen6. A lot of people use it, but it can be unreliable... people have a different experience. Just to note that it is not taken in charge and reliability might be good bad or anywhere between the two... Ask yourself how useful is a backup that is not reliable.

  • The Airport Extreme 2 to died (light orange) 5 years

    A few days ago my MacBook pro let me know he could ' t locate the time capsule and hand't stored in more than a week.  I checked the other computers in the House, I discovered that they were all not finding time capsule not more.  When I checked the device the light was green, and all machines were connected to the wifi signal that he died.  I unplugged the Airport Extreme and gave him a minute or two and it reconnected.  I never heard the spin drive up so I guess the hard drive should have failed a few weeks ago.  After power cycling the light remains orange solid, and wifi no longer works.  Airport utility will not find the device.

    My questions are:

    Why if the wifi work until it's the power to bike after the hard drive failed?  The fact that the wifi does not work now shows that I should just trash and get a new one?

    Should I just install a new hard drive, if so where can I get the disk image format?

    Thank you for reading this!

    Why if the wifi work until it's the power to bike after the hard drive failed?  The fact that the wifi does not work now shows that I should just trash and get a new one?

    It worked because the TC was functional, even if the hard drive was not... If you open airport utility you should have seen a hard drive error, but he might have ignored, so... in fact the main light must have been orange flashing not green.

    The TC is designed to test the hard drive when starting... If it fails the TC does not start.

    You will have an indicators of solid orange color which is hard drive failure.

    If you open the TC you can replace the drive. See

    Should I just install a new hard drive, if so where can I get the disk image format?

    Once you install the disk simply go to the tab of disc airport utility and erase the drive... which will set it up properly.

    One thing to consider is the economy... a TC 5 years really may not be worth a repair... power supplies can also go wrong.

    If it's a Gen3 and when you open it is brand Delta power, then it might be interesting to replace the drive... a Gen4 usually also would be worthwhile. Disk 4 Gen is WD green... and he might have lost format rather that died... you could so be able to simply delete it.

    Tell me the A1xxx of the base model and I can help you understand what to do... I've fixed hundreds of them.

  • The Airport Extreme WiFi intermittent 2nd generation

    I'm having a weird problem with loss of WiFi on my Apple Airport Extreme.

    My 2nd generation that apple Airport Extreme Base Station began to close its WiFi broad signal several times.  It happens usually after 60 minutes or less works very well.  Power on and the new runs for awhile until it stops again the WiFi.  Green light normally forward either static rest without flickering to indicate data transfer, or it will just dark.  Sometimes it will turn off WiFi and then restart WiFi a few minutes later and appear to be good.  But mostly it just stops and I can, he extinguished/turned on to operate correctly with the WiFi again.

    Airport Extreme is connected by ethernet cable to my modem/router main fiber (which is a different floor home) and it is set to "Bridge" Mode  It worked without any problems and I did no changes to my system.  My ISP did update my modem broadband fiber a few weeks ago to a "Virgin Media Hub 3.0"I understand was made by Compal.»  It seems to work perfectly and I have no problems with speed download or reliability in wireframe.  I was away from home for about a week and was able to access my wireless IP camera remotely via my Airport Extreme with no problems.  The problem started almost immediately on my return, but, as I said, I did no changes to my network.  I have never had this kind of problem before with my Airport Extreme.

    I am running OS X Yosemite on an iMac that is connected by a cable ethernet to the Airport Extreme and seems to work very well even when WiFi is de-energized on the Airport Extreme.  Airport utility reports the airport as current firmware version 7.6.7.

    I used network utility, Fing, and it showed that my Airport Extreme has multiple IP addresses, which seem to conflict with the IP address for my three AppleTV.  I manually changed the IP addresses of the Apple TV to another IP address not conflicting, but Fing always shows that my Airport Extreme has three IP addresses and I still have the problem of WiFi.

    Any other suggestions on a probable cause of this problem or the best way to solve the problem would be much appreciated.

    Thank you!

    The question is the 2nd generation AE is now too old.

    I would say the power supply (external or internal) is dying.

    It service life is approximately 5 years... your must be 8 years old. so the solution is simple... buy a new one... or I'll tell... Newish...

  • How to reset the airport extreme to factory default

    My Airport & time capsule are not connected to the modem, saying no dns server is available, however the modem works when connected to the computer. (Macbook) After hours of troubleshooting, I would just restore default settings and see if I can get it going again. Can anyone provide info on restoring the default settings?

    Thank you!

    • Turning off AirPort Extreme for a minute or two
    • In the reset button on the back of the AirPort Extreme first... and keep taking them for 7 to 8 seconds... while simultaneously you reconnect the power on the AirPort Extreme.  (This step is a bit complicated for most users, because it takes almost 3 hands to do it properly)
    • Release the reset button to zero after the period of detention and allow a minute for the AirPort Extreme back on the way to a slow, flashing amber light status

    AirPort Extreme is now back to the State it was when you took it first out of the box.

Maybe you are looking for