The Apple Magic Keyboard can operate without bluetooth when connected to an iPad with the lightning to the USB camera adapter?

The Apple Magic Keyboard can operate without bluetooth when connected to an iPad with the lightning to the USB camera adapter?

I love the Apple Magic Keyboard to be very light (I want it with me everywhere). I also like that I can choose the layout of the keyboard I want (Canadian multilingual), which is not available on any keyboard for any brand, with the exception of Apple iPad (and I did a ton of research). I have problems with the old model of keyboard Apple Wireless because of the Bluetooth connection: I often have trouble connecting. I want a reliable keyboard. I don't like having to plug the keyboard on the iPad, and I think that a wired keyboard can more reliable and safer than a wireless keyboard. And a wired keyboard never had battery problems.

I read that the Apple Magic Keyboard can work wired with a Mac without bluetooth. And I read that some USB keyboards work with lightning to the USB camera adapter. There are several keyboards with a cable (Belkin or Logitech) lightning, but none with the available Canadian multilingual.

So, if I buy a magical keyboard Apple and a Flash to the USB adapter of the camera, according to my needs, I'll be satisfied or I'm going to be disappointed?

A better solution would be to have a male-male cable lightning between the keyboard and the iPad, but I don't find any of these products anywhere.

Thank you.


It will not work. And where did you read that the keyboard works wired with a Mac?

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    You first need to make sure that the USB camera is DirectShow compatible.  If it is not it will not work with the software of our vision. You must use the drivers IMAQdx (which requires a license) to acquire from a USB webcam.  Once you have installed the drivers IMAQdx (Vision Acquisition Software) and drivers that come with the webcam is installed, you should be able to see it able & Automation Explorer (MAX).  Once you can see it in MAX you can use it like any other device in LabVIEW.

    Kind regards

    Greg H.

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    If you still use Yosemite, as shown in your profile, you can find (if you look at the box) that the keyboard of Magic 2 is planned for El Capitan.   You should go if you want to get the best out of it.   I can't speak for specific failures, but there have been similar problems with the Magic Mouse 2 where the upgrade it is resolved.

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    Last Macbook Pro w / retina (got for Christmas a few months ago).

    2.8GHz Intel.

    1 TB

    16 GB of Ram.

    Thank you!

    The backlight on the keypad lights to power when FileVault is in use. If you need this feature, you must turn off FileVault.

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    If you want to do it all in LabVIEW, then you will have to buy the software for Acquisition of Vision.  You could then acquire the image, save it in a file and then use the reading * image * on the range of graphic Formats to read the image as a cluster pixmap.  You can then use the Unflatten to produce a 2D image data table.  If you do not need to acquire in LabVIEW, then save the image as a PNG, BMP or JPG and then do the same thing.  Once you have the table image you can perform calculations as you would any other table data.

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    The "DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL" error if there is a corruption on the hard disk. I suggest that you run a Chkdsk command.

    Follow these steps:

    1. Click Start.
    2. Choose run.
    3. In the box type "cmd" and press, Ok.
    4. Type chkdsk/r (note: there is a space after chkdsk)
    5. Restart the computer and allow to run the disk check.

    Important: Running chkdsk on the drive if bad sectors are found on the disk hard when chkdsk attempts to repair this area if all available on which data may be lost

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    Yes, I know the router puts a wifi signal, but my chromecast will not work with it.  After plugging the Wifi adapter and try to put up with Windows, I had the beginnings of dialog between my chromecast device and Setup chromecast - that's never happened before.


    I tried this site and I remember there were some problems.  It turns out that there must be default windows drivers and they work fine.  I finally got to work and my Chromecast is upward and the work.

    Thanks for your reply.


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    Hi garyhenrymacphail,

    Hmm and what should I say now? I also put t how to configure your USB WiFi adapter because I don t know which you have, what laptop and operating system.

    The spirit normally each USB WiFi adapter, you also get a manual how to install it. Alternative, contact the manufacture of this adapter for more information.

  • Can operate without BIS - in the universe of GMail and app blackBerry smartphones?


    I got a BB Curve 3 g 9300 for a week; I'm in England, and I have as well as a T-Mobile contract, Phones4U store in London.  Before agreeing to buy the BB and the contract, I went through a whole bunch of things that I wanted to be able to do with the seller and received assurances that they were all possible without additional cost beyond the contract.

    Now, the thing is that this contract includes unlimited T-Mobile internet, but does not include the T-Mobile "Blackberry Booster" - which I think is the terminology of T-Mobile for the BIS.

    After checking with a nice lady to T-Mobile, I didn't expected to be a problem, because she said that the Blackberry Booster is necessary for e-mail system push Blackberry and Blackberry Messenger, neither of which I want.

    Since then, however, I had regular problems with the GMail application (saying "this application requires a working data connection") and BB App World (with a similar message of not being able to connect to the server).  This is not the case all the time - sometimes both work very well.  But they do not (as described) approximately 40% of the time, and of course, it is enough to say that I can't rely on them.

    So I just called T-Mobile again and this time I was told this was caused by not only not the Blackberry Booster.  The person I spoke claimed that Blackberry power to prevent my apps to work (as I described) and that they periodically scan combined BB and disconnect people like me who are not pay for Booster/BIS.

    So now I wonder if it's really true and - in other words - that it's effectively impossible to use a BB correctly without the Booster/BIS.  If you are sure that you know about it, just reply to tide me over!

    I should add that you can find out something about the GMail problem anywhere on the web, many different solutions proposed.  But most of the success is old, and my impression is that none of the solutions are final.  I also tried most of the suggestions, and they have not helped.  (An important is only that I have not yet tried redownloading books service, because I do not understand, and because it sounds like it is bound to have BIS.)

    Thank you very much in advance for any help you can offer!


    Hi there, Neil.

    That is right.  To use BlackBerry App World and other applications like GMail, Facebook, and Twitter, you need a BlackBerry data package and access to BIS.  Without access BIS, these applications work properly, even if you access GMail online via your browser and you can manually download the applications through your computer.

    I hope this info helps!

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    Overflows are not covered by the AppleCare warranty.

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    With the native IOS software keyboard, I installed 3 keyboards: French, Dutch and English British and I've set up Dutch and British English for QWERTY. It has worked well. I was able to take advantage of the spell checking in all languages, while keeping the AZERTY keyboard layout. I am constantly moving between these languages, while it was important for me to be able to switch between languages, while keeping the Azerty layout

    On my new Smart Azerty keyboard, I can easily switch between languages using the button 'globe' on the left side of the keyboard, but as soon as I switch to British English or Dutch, the keyboard will automatically switch to the Qwerty. I checked my settings of the iPad has not changed: Dutch and English British are always set to Azerty. If I'm getting confused now.

    Of course, I could stick the french language as a framework for my keyboard, the smart keyboard would retain its built in QWERTY layout, but I would miss the spell check option.

    Any suspicion, the solution or work around it?

    Simply set French as the physical keyboard for English and Dutch in settings > general > keyboard > hardware keyboards.

  • Can I use touchscreen when connected to the Smart keyboard

    Is the touch screen on iPad Pro work when it is connected to the Smart keyboard

    Yes - touch screen is still active on an iPad or iPhone regardless of any keyboard, blue tooth or the smart connector connected. Similarly, the pencil of Apple not to turn off the touch screen when it is associated with.

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