The been lots of updates, but the effects, transitions and the text tool are the same. Why?

The been lots of updates, but the effects, transitions and the text tool are the same and in some cases, we lost a few of them. Add more damage upgrade

a couple of things that are not relevant. And promise a quick editing and improved timeline and more, but the program still crash and work almost the same thing.

While welcoming the technical team, it will be useful to improve the effects and titration module too

Hi Bisa Goma,.

While welcoming the technical team, it will be useful to improve the effects and titration module too

You can create a feature here:

Thank you


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    Hi Allegra,

    Please read the following steps.

    1 close the creative cloud application.

    2. navigate to the OOBE folder.

    Windows: [system drive]: \Users\ [user name] \AppData\Local\Adobe\OOBE
    Mac OS: /Users/ [user name] / Library/Application Support/Adobe/OOBE

    3. delete the opm.db file.

    4. start the creative cloud.

    I hope this helps.

    Thank you and best regards,

    Sumit Singh

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    so, the question I ask is you have a button or box click on the slide? (I'm guessing that you do)

    Buttons and click areas normally pause the slide. My guess is that you have one that is pausing the slide before the other legends were lucky to appear.

    See you soon... Rick

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    Please try with Edit > Toolbar > click on the default button.

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    helllo all,.

    I'm working on the application web flex4 with as3.

    I have a doubt, I've created a mxml it has two text boxes, except the button and a combo box that is has two option as a percentage and the amount.

    my needs are I gave here.

    need 1: when I choose option amount that two text boxes does not have to be editable.when I select text tat box two percentage option will be editable.

    need 2: when I select the percentage in combox option and two text boxes are empty, and then click the button Save-> I want to display warning msg

    need 3: when I select the option amount combox and the two boxes are emptu click the button Save-> I don't want any warning messages.

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    Looks like you are trying to do too much at once. Try to hang the events correctly

    The close event of the comboBox can do something like this

    protected function toggleTextEditing(event:DropDownEvent):void


    If (this.optionCmb.selectedItem.label is "Percentage")


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    Else if (this.optionCmb.selectedItem.label == "Number")


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    The button's click event can do something like

    protected function save(event:MouseEvent):void


    If (this.optionCmb.selectedItem.label is "Percentage")


    If (this.text1.text == "" & this.text2.text == "")


    Alert.Show ("text is empty");



    on the other




    Else if (this.optionCmb.selectedItem.label == "Number")




    If you can put in your entire code, maybe I can have a look to see if I can find something wrong with that.


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