The best wireless router?

Hi, so my network wireless router works little during these three days, and I think to buy a new one.
First of all, I really want the network at high speed. And also the range. I want to high power.
In addition, my brother and I'm an online game called Minecraft and sometimes we have had trouble with delay. I don't really want to do with my new router, so can you tell me what router should I buy?
Oh, and if I need to tell you which computer that is using my family's here.
We use all of the Mac.

And also, what is the difference between AC1200 and AC1900 or AC3200?
I'm sorry but I'm beginner...

Ago, the WRT54g now is becoming old and can't handle the bandwidth and other band. It is not even GB supports side LAN I think. AY, you are going to be interested in a WRT1900AC. Been working fine for me and I make game on XBL. I don't know so I not Wii or NDS experiences between people and the WRT1900AC router.

Provider of Internet and the Modem Configurations
Which Service provider Internet do you have? Cable or DSL?
What ISP Internet Modem MFR. and model # you have?
What Modem ISP link service accelerates upward and down are you?

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  • Working Group stopped after the installation of the new wireless router

    My working group stopped working after the installation of the new wireless router.  Router was switched were to move from DSL to fiber optic.

    I have a very simple home with two laptops working group, the two are connected with a wireless router.  A PC is running XP with the updates and service packs; the other PC is Windows 7 Home premium.  This working group was running without problems for a few years.  The Working Group has been used to share files between two laptops.  Internet access was through the DSL wireless router and print was with a wireless printer, without going through the working group.

    I had my DSL set out to free fiber optic last week, which meant that a new wireless router has been installed by my local phone company.  Internet works fine; wireless printer works.  The working group no longer works.  When I try to connect from XP to Win7 and I click on mode workgroup computers, I get this message:

    WorkGroupName is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions.

    The network path was not found.

    I tried to create a new working group, the new name for the same workgroup on both machines, but this did not help.  Working groups are supposed to be simple; This seems to be a problem on the new router - telco tech support says that nothing is stuck on the router. I don't believe them.

    What version of XP you use (Home or Pro)?

    Can you access the Win 7 a XP computer?

    You have identical accounts, passwords on both computers?

    If all that was done was to change routers without making any changes on the computers, the most likely cause of the problem is a third party (other than Windows) firewall on at least one of the computers.  Being by default, a router automatically assigns IP addresses to computers on your local network.  Different brands of routers, but use different address ranges.  For example, Cisco/Linksys routers typically use the 192.168 form addresses. 1.1 with 192.168. 1. 254, while the D-Link routers typically use 192.168.1 to 254.  A firewall configured to allow only the first IP range blocks communication to the scope of the latter.

    So... What is the name and version of your anti-virus program?
    What other security software is installed?

    On every laptop computer, open a command prompt window
    for XP: start > run > cmd > OK
    for Win 7: type cmd.exe in the search box and press enter
    In the black command prompt window, type the following command and press enter

    Please provide the values for the following for the adapter wireless of each computer
    IP (XP)
    IPv4 address (Win 7)
    Default gateway

  • What is the best wireless printer, I have an ipad and the mac pro with the lions

    What is the best wireless printer, I have an ipad & mac pro with the lions


    According to your budget, any printer in this list may very well do the job:

    Kind regards.

  • Find the best modem / router configuration.

    Be 'stuck' with wimpy CenturyLink DSL service (read 4 Mbps), I try to get every ounce of speed that I can with my configuration of a Wi - Fi. The material in question is a Technicolor C1100T modem/router/WiFi and a current model Apple AirPort Extreme.

    The question is, whose Setup is faster:

    [A] C1100T in Bridge Mode (i.e. modem only) > AirPort Extreme all the PPPoE router / WiFi work, or

    [B] C1100T modem handling / PPPoE - router work > AirPort Extreme in Bridge Mode, just do a Wi - Fi connection?

    The C1100T goes only up to speed "n" where the Airport manages 'ac '. So my thought is the configuration 'B' may have an advantage. I thought I would ask the collective wisdom of the community of Apple before playing with all the related parameters. Speaking of which, overall the Apple hardware, the PPPoE "Account name" is always shown as formatting as an email (e.g. [email protected]) address. In the C1100T admin settings, the PPP username (PPPoE) is in the format ABC123456789. Formats in the case of AirPort Utility parameters (i.e. it will accept Qwest format)?

    As long as we talk about press speed, are there any other tricks, for example by selecting the best channels 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz (assuming that one is faster than the other)? Literally, living in the Woods, there is no one else around with any related Wi - Fi signal to interfere.

    As always, thanks for the help!

    The question is, whose Setup is faster:

    [A] C1100T in Bridge Mode (i.e. modem only) > AirPort Extreme all the PPPoE router / WiFi work, or

    [B] C1100T modem handling / PPPoE - router work > AirPort Extreme in Bridge Mode, just do a Wi - Fi connection?

    Not trying to be cute here, but if the products work correctly, the results will be the same.

    However... speed could be one thing and another reliability.  Setting PPPoE Apple are old and is not known for their reliability.  As you know, in theory, you want the device that provides identification of connection information to connect directly to the Internet service.  This would mean that have C1100T PPPoE c would probably be a better way to do things, reliability wise.

    The C1100T goes only up to speed "n" where the Airport manages 'ac '. So my thought is the installation of 'B' may have an advantage

    Not in terms of connection to the Internet.  If you are thinking about speed on your local network, the airport would be the way to go. Just ignore the C1100T, or turn off the wireless feature if you feel that it can interfere with wireless the wireless AirPort.

    Speaking of which, overall the Apple hardware, the PPPoE "Account name" is always shown as formatting as an email (e.g. [email protected]) address. In the C1100T admin settings, the PPP username (PPPoE) is in the format ABC123456789. Formats in the case of AirPort Utility parameters

    No, but I would not use PPPoE over airport.  If you have tons of time and be ready to experiment and put up with connections, more broken then you could try PPPoE on the airport.

    As long as we talk about press speed, are there any other tricks, for example by selecting the best channels 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz (assuming that one is faster than the other)?

    N ° the most convenient airport at startup, it automatically scans to select a channel that meets the criteria set by Apple engineers. As soon as it finds one, he chooses.

    If someone really knew what could be the real criteria you had tons of time on your hands, in theory, it may be possible to guess and select a channel as good as who will pick up the airport.

  • Unable to connect to the drop folder digital network after the installation of the new wireless router

    I have already scanned to the folder of network of digital repository on a printer HP 8500 wireless, connected to a wireless G home network. However, I recently bought a new superisolants wireless router and am no longer able to use the scan function. I now get an error message that says: unable to connect to \\Computer\Folder Make sure the remote computer is turned on. The printer on the wireless network and works very well except for scanning to the folder of the network of Direct deposit. Thank you.

    I called HP tech support last night that had me add IP address of the printer to the McAfee Firewall as an approved connection. Digital archiving to the network folder scan function works now.

  • I configured the netgear wireless router and works fine but when I turn the computer power off and back on I can't get connection

    Hi can anyone help, I am with AOL, I just switched to the Platinum service, I configured my router netgear DG834G wireless and that's all works fine, but if I turn the computer then turn it back I cannot get a connection and when I ask her to fiind wireless networks the computer tells me that windows does not support my wireless network and I must have another program running , but I didn't so I have to reload the settings again for windows to set it up. What happens whenever I turn off the computer. AOL are without help please someone has any ideas - I use windows xp service pack 3

    Hi Timstimpson,

    It is possible that the Automatic Configuration Windows wireless service is not configured to run at startup.
    Try the following:
    1. click on Start and run
    2. type in the box to run services.msc
    3 scroll down and look for the Automatic Wireless Configuration service
    4. double-click on the service and make sure that the Startup Type is set to Automatic

    Let me know if it works for you!

    Cody C
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • HP deskjet 6840 undetected on the wireless network after you have added the new wireless router.

    Belkin Wireless Router unfounded, implemented with WEP security, is dead. Replaced by Belkin new value WPA/WPA2 security is enabled.

    I can connect ok with USB, but I don't know how to re - enable wireless printing.

    Can anyone help?


    To connect the printer to the network, you will need to use the PC. tehrefore knowing what OS you use will allow you to direct you better.

    If you are using Windows 7, you need to connect the printer with an Ethernet connection first, then enter the pritner EWS page to configure the wireless connection.

    You can find the exact measurements below:

    For Windows XP or Vista, please follow the steps below to connect the pritner to your wireless network:

    Kind regards


  • Unable to connect a wireless printer with laptop computer since the reset wireless router

    I have a wireless HP C4580 printer that connects to my Acer Aspire laptop using windows 7. The two have worked together very well for months.  My wireless router stopped working a few days ago, so I had to unplug the device to make it work again is it.  But since then, I can't get my lap top to communicate with the printer now.
    I went all the problem of shooting and insured the printer is on line and set it as default printer. I even did a system restore, as suggested in the troubleshooting
    With the help of the program are the two messages that I get now troubleshooting
    1 that the C4500 series can be contacted via the network (this is the message that I had before the restoration also)
    2 the C4500 series is not shared with the homegroup

    All the tips are greatly appreciated in progressive simple language as possible as I am a bit useless with computers

    I assume that the printer is all first directly connected on the router, then the laptop?  Access the router and make sure that the printer is listed as a "wireless client" connection  If this isn't the case, you should probably restore the wireless "link" between the printer and the router then the printer should work.

  • printing with the new wireless router

    I have a HP 8600 printer. How can I change the printer to recognize a new router. I printed the configuration page and the new router is on the list but I can't find where to change the printer so it will use the new router

    Hi @riverfront36

    I can help you set up your 8600 with your new network. Please use the following document to solve the problem and I would like to know the results of your efforts; Connection of the printer after you have changed your wireless network.

    I hope this helps.

  • 3050 will not work with the new wireless router

    I've been using a Deskjet 3050 have used wireless for my laptop.  I used a wired connection to my desktop computer.  I had to change my router from Verizon, and when I did I can't the 3050 to work wireless.  When I try to enter my new SSID he says he cannot locate. Someone has an answer for this?

    Hi garybeafl - have - you looked on the HP support site or the answer? Not knowing the exact Deskjet 3050 printer model you are using - I looked here- I hope this helps.

    If this isn't your model, simply search for you exact model (there are at least 5).

    Good luck.

  • How can I configure wep for the mn500 wireless router

    I have the router to the goodwill, need to set security

    Contact support on the Web site of the manufacturer of the router you purchased.

  • The e2000 wireless router does support jumbo frames?

    I can't find (unless I missed it) and in the e2000 on how documentation set sizes of frame of reference.  Is that supported?  If so, what are the steps?

    A fact important is jumbo frames are not compatible at a speed lower than 1000 Mbps

    I think that Linksys E2000 already has Gigabit Ethernet ports.

    And I think that you can change the size of the image on the properties of the Ethernet adapter if the card is a Gigabit Ethernet card.

  • Compatibility of the Netgear33 with HP2000 portable wireless router

    Anyone know if the Netgear33 wireless router is compatible with the HP2000 laptop with AMD E1-1200 processor?

    bighunk2167 wrote:

    Anyone know if the Netgear33 wireless router is compatible with the HP2000 laptop with AMD E1-1200 processor?


    You should be able to connect to any router with Notepad. The router transmits a wireless signal to certain frequency 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz, so you must have a wireless card that supports these frequencies. The CPU of the laptop is not important. The most important component for wireless is the wireless card. Almost all wireless cards supports at least 2.4 GHz so also that each router works. This means that the laptop is compatible with the router. However, before you buy a router to do some research and buy a good. I suggest buying this one:

    I use this one:

    I had mobile phones, tablets and laptops connected to the router and not at all with any device problems. The asus router has two separate wireless networks on 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz so you have less devices on each network instead of all devices on the same network as on most routers. There is also a network of comments, which means that there may be three different networks on the router.

  • Cannot connect Windows XP computer to the wireless router

    Original title: why did I have to disable my ethernet on my front XP computers connections all of a sudden they would connect to my wireless network

    I installed a new AT & T wireless router

    Only my Windows 7 laptop would connect to the new wireless router.

    For my XP desktop and the laptop I had to disable the ethernet connections [although no cable not connected] so that the wireless to connect.

    I did it on a whim after days of not being able to connect and many calls to support AT & T.

    Both computers have shown the presence of the network, had 4 or 5 bars and had the right key WAP.

    So what did this happen?  XP update?  Wireless driver update?  The AT & T router?

    I had the problem until I'm the new router, AT & T AT & T could find nothing wrong with the old.

    Their "solution" was to send a new router - Netgear v the Westell, I had for days of Bellsouth.


    Have you tried to proceed as stated in my previous post?
    If you want to continue to launch other steps, you try to temporarily disable the firewall and check. Check out the following link.
    How can I turn on or turn off the firewall in Windows XP Service Pack 2 or later versions?
    Note: on disabling firewalls, viruses, or malware can get into the system. After you complete this step of troubleshooting, turn on the firewall.
    Note: A firewall is software or hardware that checks information coming from the Internet or a network. Then, the firewall blocks the information or allows information to pass to your computer. If the information is blocked or passed through depends on your firewall settings. A firewall can prevent malicious software (such as worms) to access your computer through a network or the Internet. A firewall can also help stop your computer from malware sent to other computers. Windows XP, Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) and Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP3) include firewall software.
    Post back with the results.
  • Adding a new wireless router from Linksys at an old Linksys router system


    I'll install a new standalone DVR to a home video surveillance system.  I would like to be able to access it with my current PC so I would like to add a Linksys wireless router.

    I'm currently 1 Linksys Wireless - G Broadband Router with speed Booster model WRT54GS-BP and 2 models WMP54GS from PC that have PCI adapters Wireless-G with speed Boosters (802.11 g).  I had these installed since 2006 and although they are no longer supported I really want to have to upgrade because they work very well.

    My questions are:

    If I add a new Linksys router to my new DVR will be able to communicate with my older Linksys router and adapters?   If Yes, what would be the best new router Linksys type should I buy?

    Thanks in advance for any help and advice.

    Hi Dan,.

    Please excuse the delay of time here, but I had a hard time to post a reply.  I added Ethernet Wireless-N - WET610N bridge.  When I installed the software, I kept getting error 102 - an error occurred communicating with your device.  I called Linksys for help and the tech had me make a few changes to the router  I was able to install the Web Service to display the camera on both of our PC.  So the addition of the WET610N allowed us to access the DVR wireless!

    Thanks a lot for all your help!

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