the button new folder does not have System File Checker says no breach of integrity

Mem of Windows 7 64 bit, Sony VAIO, 8 GB, the latest journals to install checked no found error. Keyboard shortcut for the new folder does not work, but good ciick new-folder is there and works. Said it was problem-no hard drive problems, File Checker said no violations. Did usual defrg, reg cleaner, virus scans, etc. New folder button Windows Explorer stopped working after I upgraded my backup of instant backup software Memeo Memeo Backup Premium. When I return at the moment (the button) works when I uninstall Instant, it works, but when I insall Premium button no longer works. Explore premium a integration of windows and instant does not work. I say that the problem is because of this, but of coarse Memeo said it's a hard drive issue or microsofts problem. No hard drive problem, it's almost all scanned and new directions. The registry is scanned. I played in windows since 3.0.Granted I'm not a programmer, but I put togeather computers (all Windows Basic) since the 1980s. Did do a little programming for timex sinclair Boy I'm giving my age :) away  I solved just a poblem resolved not technicians at Sony. They told me that my only option was to restore my computer to factory State and again UGH!  Found the problem of sony, a former .exe file which does not have ugraded when needed, the deleted files and the sony program now works fine!  If the ideas on my "new folder button?

Found the answer! It was just like I thought Memeo Backup Premium has a subprogramme called backup that he mixes with the Explorer of Windows 7, uninstalled this (backup) and the new record button works again. Memeo people had me uninstall the rest of the software and gave me a link to download the software less backup. Now, I'm trying to find out if I will return my money or a fixed copy. No answer yet! But I don't think they work on Friday, so I'll have to wait beyond Monday to see if they're going to answer me. I tracked their problem they should pay me ;)

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