The Disney app is not available for my country

That is regrettable. I am also in the Netherlands.

I appreciated the help of worms when I lived in the United States, but unfortunately, I get the same message that you get when I try to use it in the Netherlands. There is nothing that one of us can do about it.

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    I recently bought a new camera from Sony a7 - ii.  the first time I tried to import raw images taken with it (with a. Suffix ARW) the program says "Preview not available for this file" and then "files are not recognized by the raw format support in Lightroom" I have the most updated version, I think as 5.7.  What should I do to get these files imported as raw files?

    Hi Bobsirkus,

    The camera you have is compatible with the latest version of Lightroom, which is Lightroom 6/CC.

    Please see the list of the camera supported by Lightroom: supported by Adobe Camera Raw devices

    You can use the DNG Converter, converts images and then import them into DNG in Lightroom.

    Kind regards


  • Hi, I have can´t buy cc for photographers. It is said that the plan is not available for my country, but a lot of friends already buy it, so... I don't know Don t. SOS! Please...

    Hello! I can´t buy cc for photographers. It is said that the plan is not available for my country, but a lot of friends already buy it then... SOS! Please, I beg you!


    I sorry but in Uruguay Creative Cloud for individuals is not available. The product that is available is creative cloud for the teams through resellers.

    Please see the link below for the list of countries in which the creative cloud is available. atrix.pdf

    Kind regards

    Hervé Khare

  • Hi, I need to download the acrobat PDF after registration and cc payment, I get the new which is not available for mac ist... How can I solve this problem... I use only the mac...

    Hi, I need to download the acrobat PDF after registration and cc payment, I get the new which is not available for mac ist... How can I solve this problem... I use only the mac...

    If you had bought subscription Acrobat Standard / stand-alone product , you need to cancel the subscription / order and re - register / re - order subscription Acrobat Pro DC / stand-alone product.

  • Can not buy online the CS6 & CC is not available in my 'country' - a U.S. territory?

    So, I can't buy CS6 online on your site, and the CC is not available for download or purchase of my 'country' which is Guam, USA. After review of Adobe Web site for several months, still a resident of Guam, a U.S. territory, cannot buy CC. However, other foreign countries are able to? So what do you have for me Adobe so I can upgrade from versions CS4 and please do not refer me to one other office is Far East Asia.

    I think you can order at Adobe Store North America.

    First choose your region here: Adobe - choose your region and then purchase here:Adobe Store - North America

    Please make sure that the country of your payment address, the country on your Adobe account and the country of the store you buy from are all the same.

    Adobe stores | Shipping and delivery FAQ

    see: North America:  The United States, Puerto Rico, Guam, other United States territories, Mexico, and Canada.

    You can try to contact sales to purchase by phone to the 800-585-0774 and discuss availability creative cloud and CS6.

    If you can not buy CS6 in your country, you can find a dealer Adobe here:

  • Introduce the tool button is not available for a question slide

    When I try to insert a button using the "Insert button" icon from the toolbar, the icon "Insert button" is not available. It happened in the background and is not an option for this slide. But it is for my other slides. Can someone advise me please? I don't know what happened, but let's assume that I've done something wrong along the way.

    Thank you!

    Scott, if you look a little closer at the Lynda tutorial, what happens is that they have set up an action if the user has not replied to the question correctly. The action led them to a slide in the presentation. Note that the blade they edited after the fact (it was slide 5) was a typical shift, NOT a question slide. Thus, the option was there to insert a button.

    See you soon... Rick

  • Shown music also purchased on the store page, but not available for purchase (cash receipt)

    I bought an album and three songs separate (Ed Sheeran 5 and Avicii Broken Arrows, For a Better Day and Waiting For Love) as I was charged and received an acknowledgement by electronic mail. They record as purchased on their individual pages in iTunes Store.

    At the time wherever I bought that I subscribed music Apple, and when this subscription has failed I want to delete songs and redownload them - I had messed with the news of multi - Ed Sheeran album, and it is no longer registered in iTunes as a 5-disc set. I deleted the Avicii songs with the rest of her album stories BEFORE Apple music subscription completed expects that they are always available for purchase but none of them are available here

    Did you check to see if you have them hidden in the Cloud: mask and unmask purchases iTunes or iBooks on your Mac or PC - Apple support ?

  • The year view is not available for some years


    I use El Capitan 10.11.2 and Photos 1.3. I've got 16Photos k and when I scroll to the view of years that I can't see the location in recent years information. I tried to repair the library but without success. Any ideas?

    Thank you


    The location to the year information seem to be limited to seven places.

    The years with no locations have pictures of travels long distances? If you have visited more than seven States or countries this year, the locations will not appear. I'm having the same problem. When I remove the pictures I took during flights long distances by air plane window, shows the locations, but as soon as I add an eighth country, places will show is more for the year.

    There was a discussion earlier about this problem in this forum with more examples, but I can't find right now.

  • How to switch my plan to a monthly plan? The 'switch' option is not available for me.

    I am wanting to go to the monthly payment, but do not see an option to switch when I go on manage my plan.

    You will need to cancel the annual plan, possibly with a penalty and then start a plan from month to month.  To cancel the annual plan, you must contact Adobe Support when they are available after the end of the week.

    How to cancel a subscription cloud creative

    To the link below, click on the still need help? option in the blue box below and choose the option to chat or by phone...
    Make sure that you are logged on the Adobe site, having cookies enabled, clearing your cookie cache.  If he continues to not try to use a different browser. ership_stillNeedHelp

  • How to fix the error code 80073712 windows component store is corrupt - I tried to install the tool and is not available for my computer. What can I do?

    What can I do to correct, to accept the update

    You can follow below link that can help you to solve your problem:
    You receive the error code "0 x 80073712" or the "Windows features" dialog box is empty when you try to install the updates or components in Windows 7 or Windows Vista
  • BlackBerry Smartphones (App) not available for download from Blackberry App World

    I use a Blackberry Bold 9000 (personal use) on Bell Mobility.  The operating system is v5.0.0.681 (1137 Bundle, platform and I'm in v2.0.1.12 App World.

    My App World worked well until I have asked me to set up my Blackberry ID.  Since then, App World is basically useless.  My main questions are:

    1. Whenever I try to connect on App World, I am taken to the additive screen of Blackberry App World membership.  I accept the conditions each time, but nothing is recorded, and I have to go through the same process the next time I log on.
    2. When I try to download updates to existing applications, I get the dreaded "...". not available for download on Blackberry App World. »
    3. When I try to download new applications (IE TSN Mobile), I get the same "... not available for download from Blackberry App World."

    After a very long session with Bell Mobility and RIM Technical Support staff, I was able to solve the problem I was experiencing.

    I initially created my Blackberry ID using my mobile device (9000 "BOLD").  Apparently, the program installation but unfinished and recorded properly and that was the root cause of all problems.  When I logged in Blackberry ID of my laptop, I was able to complete the installation in three steps process.  It was to download a plug-in on the Blackberry site, connect the phone to the laptop and then completing the installation program (including seizure of Paypal information, if you wish) on the laptop.

    After completing this process, I could connect the Blackberry ID on my mobile without having to go through the Blackberry App World membership additive and all my downloads have worked without error.

    IMPORTANT: the completion of recording Blackberry ID process must be carried out using Internet Explorer.  I had actually tried to do this a few days ago, but I've been using Google Chrome.  As a result, the global need App Plug In did not download properly on my laptop and I couldn't finish the rest of the installation procedure.

    I hope this helps other people who have faced this problem.

  • Cannot use the digital upgrade (not available for countries) (US)

    I have a product key to digitally improve Windows 8, but when I run the wizard, it is said that it is not available for my country, I would give a screenshot but XP isn't the Snipping Tool.

    Help, please!

    S ' ensure that you apply the latest updates before upgrading.

    -Try to switch to a wired connection if you download over Wi - Fi

    Disable/uninstall no matter what third-party Antivirus, you may have installed before the update.

    -Do a clean boot.

  • Elements 9 photo collage - message "not available for the creation of valid size.


    I'm trying to creat photo collage in Elements 9 and always get the message "Size invalid not available for this creation.".  Has anyone found a fix for this bug?

    Thank you


  • not available for purchases iTunes process

    WWhen trying to connect to iTunes or download an app I get the iTunes error message not available for purchasing process

    According to Apple, it seems to be a problem and they are studying. Check this site to see when it gets corrected.

  • OTA installation gives "not available for this device.


    I'm developing an application, and people need to test the application before releasing the app in App World.

    So I downloaded the files jad and cod and let people install the application OTA.

    The problem is that someone with a Z10 BlackBerry running the version can not install the application. She has the "Not available for this device" message and the browser actually open the jad, as if it were text.

    The application has been developed about 2 years targeting BB5.0 ago and I only have a 5.0 and 7.0, devices that work perfectly.

    What could be the problem?

    Not available for this device

    Java runs on the Z10, or indeed of any device BB10.  So if you want your application to work on the BB10 device, you are to re - write.

    I could give you more, but if search you around you will probably find more yourself, but come it please if you have any specific questions.

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