The distribution of applications and data between the disk SSD and HDD

I recently installed an SSD in my Macbook Pro (late 2011) instead of the DVD player. I want to install OS X on it, by replacing the current OS X on the original hard disk, I will continue to use for storing files. How should I allocate its use in car? OS X and applications on the data files on the hard disk of 500 GB and SSD?


The first series of instructions will partition and format the newly installed SSD disk then install OS X on it. The second block will help you configure OS X on the SSD with your data on the HARD drive.

Clean Install of El Capitan on a new disc

  1. Restart the computer. Immediately after the chime, press Command + Option + R until a globe appears.
  2. The Utility Menu appears in 5 to 20 minutes. Be patient.
  3. Select disk utility, then click on the continue button.
  4. When loading disk utility, select the drive (generally, the entry Out-bumpy) in the list aside.
  5. Click the Partition tab in the main window of disk utility. A panel will fall.
  6. Set the GUID partition scheme.
  7. Define the type of Format Mac OS extended (journaled).
  8. Click on the apply button, then click the fact when it is active.
  9. Quit disk utility and re-enter the Utility Menu.
  10. Select reinstall OS X and click on the continue button.

How to use an SSD with your HARD drive

If you want to use an SSD as boot with your existing HARD disk drive, as the disk 'data', here is what you can do.

After installing the SSD, you need to partition and format the SSD using disc utility disc. Then install OS X on the SSD. Once installed OSX boot from SSD. Startup disk preferences to set up the SSD as the boot volume.

Open the preferences users and groups. Click the lock and authenticate you. Or CTRL - RIGHT click on your username account list in the sidebar and select Advanced Options in the context menu. You will see a field called "Home dir: ' on the far right, you will see an Edit button. Click on it. In the file dialog box, navigate to the location in house now located on the HARD disk (disk HARD/users/user_name /.) Select the folder, click the Open button. Restart the computer, as shown. When the computer starts, it will now use the home located on the HARD drive folder.

Another more technical method involving the Terminal and the alias is discussed in depth here: using OS X with a SSD and HDD - Matt Gemmell configuration. It's my preferred approach because I can choose which records of the House, I want to on the HARD drive and I don't want to. For example, I like to keep Documents and library files on the SSD because I frequently access their content.

Make sure that you keep the bootable system entirely on your HARD drive where you need it.

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    I hope this helps.


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    HI Mel,

    Don't know how to go about this configuration, create categories of the front-end webapps and secure zone allocation is not something you (as a visitor of a site) can do.

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    I never suggested to the group only by reference. I geve suggestion you how to calculate the name of season. Of course, you also need this season belongs to which is:

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    select  case to_char(add_months(datum,-2),'Q')
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              when '3' then 'Fall'
              else 'Winter'
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    Thanks for any help.

    Edited by: user13106562 the 18.10.2010 23:32

    I can't uninstall the application and data source in the list AppWizard (tablespace and a user of the oracle database are deleted).

    You say you deleted the user and the tablespace before removing the application.
    If so you probably have to manually remove the application, an example is available here:- cannot remove the application planning 9.3

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    use the date filter between current_date and timestampadd (sql_tsi_day, -31, current_date)


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    this.parentApplication.canvas.label should do what you are looking for

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    Is there a programming method when you communicate with more than one instrument. What I want to ask is, say I have a function, oscilloscope etc engine generator How can I control them in windows separated (for example, separate programs) and pass data to the other?

    I would be grateful for any help.


    Global variables are not accessible to separate executables because their areas of memory are not shared. This can be found in the following document: If I can use a Global Variable to share data between two executable LabVIEW? The only way to have it working would be to use a main VI that launches your two separate applications like subVIs. This would allow you to share a global variable between the two. Your other option would be to use the method described in the article, or to use shared Variables: How to communicate between several executable LabVIEW using shared Variables?


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    It is a question related to what is the best possible approach for this scenario.

    A POJO domain controller that retrieves a collection (of about 200 folders). The application displays the same records for all users of the application. The collection should be updated from time to time when there are new items and it must be visible to all users in DB.

    Currently, for each user that connects to the DC POJO application runs the query and deliver results. This works well when amount just a few users, but when multiple users want to access the app becomes very expensive.

    I think to build a programatically EO - VO, and then display it in a SharedApplicationModule where through the Cache of BC, I'll save and share data between users. I need to mark make a poll and update the collection when new results come thru.

    Is this a good approach? What are your thoughts or how would be better applied?

    Thank you very much.

    JDeveloper 12.c


    Why do you use a POJO DC at all when the solution is to use a shared Module of Application ADF BC?  Sample 156 will become your friend:


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    Thank you very much for your kind response,

    Hi Anna,.
    As you say, you cannot trigger different parts of rules to run in HFM. Instead, you use a condition. In your case this condition might be guided by the management of the process. You can use a combination of GetSubmissionPhase, review status , and ReviewStatusUsingPhaseID functions that returns the current process management level and presentation details: phase. To me, it seems that as soon as you have finished legal, you complete a part of your process cycle and enter another stage of verification. Here are the parts of your publishing process, if you have defined a process in HFM management or not, which means that you should consider using it.


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