The DV2550ee and problems of Audio drivers display

Hi all

I have downgraded Vista to xp because of some hard goods which was not compatible with Vista

and I have so many hard goods such as finger, fast game, remote control etc. print but no matter

I just need to disply and audio drivers for win xp display card is nvidia (Ver7.15.11.119 NB8M-GS)

and the sound card is (Conexant HDA)

Please any body help me provide accurate drivers


If you don't have XP with SP 2, get it first:

Intel Chipset Installation:


NVIDIA graphics card:


UAA MS must be installed prior to Conexant Audio:



Conexant SmartAudio 221:

Unzip into a folder, use Device Manager.

In Device Manager, right click on 'Audio device on Bus High and Def', choose Update driver,

Not to communicate,

Install from a list or specific location,

Select don't search, I will choose the driver to install.

For the hardware Type select 'show all devices '.

Remove control "Show compatible hardware" and click on 'disk '.

Next... Navigate to the unzipped folder and choose the "WiSVHe5.inf".

Ignore XP when it complains.


Use your Vista for Alps Touchpad, HP Quick Launch, fingerprint digital, Ricoh, Modem and Marvell LAN card reader drivers:

.NET framework (before quick launch):

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  • Problem with Audio drivers after updating through the solution Center

    I left the Lenovo Solution Center perform an update on my system, and now I get two error each time Windows starts upward.

    FIRST ERROR: "command line of TOMY Application has stopped working".

    I give myself two arrows to click:

    "Check online for a solution and close the program" (does nothing)

    -"Close the program".

    "Display the details of the issue" reveals:

    Signature of the problem:
    Problem event name: APPCRASH
    Application name: SACmd64.exe
    Application version:
    Application timestamp: 4ee94e0a
    Fault Module name: SACmd64.exe
    Fault Module Version:
    Timestamp of Module error: 4ee94e0a
    Exception code: 40000015
    Exception offset: 0000000000150225
    OS version: 6.1.7601.
    Locale ID: 1033
    Additional information 1: e357
    More information 2: e357a1a1b0010a7001c2e1562bb09767
    3 more information: 7d1f
    Additional information 4: 7d1fe5f93672c47a0d347598ff39d707

    SECOND MISTAKE: "Dolby Advanced Audio.

    The current version of the Dolby audio driver is 7.2.8000.13 and the software application expects that the version of the driver 7.2.7000.11. Please install a valid application of driver and software combination.

    The only option here is to click an OK button.

    These errors did not appear until I left the Lenovo Solution Center perform a software update.  I would have thought that the built in Lenovo program would update the correct drivers and software applications.

    Can what steps I take to solve these two error messages?

    Lenovo Thinkpad Edge E430

    TYPE 3254-CTO

    Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

    Core i7-3612-QM CPU @ 2.10 GHz

    Kit of memory 16GB DDR3 1600 MHz Corsair Vengeance SDRAM (CMSX16GX3M2A1600C10)

    I source and solved my problem.

    Follow the link:

    I found that the instructions given by a member was more useful.

    First go to;

    Start > Control Panel > hardware and sound > Device Manager >

    Then go down to "sound, video and game controllers".

    Then 'right click' on the 'Conexant 20671 HD' and on the left, click on uninstall.

    Wait for the uninstall process to finish and then restart your computer.

    Wait a few minutes after the start to the top and Windows should automatically re - install the driver, that invites you to a message in the lower corner box right saying: "driver installed successfully', with the name of the driver below. (Mine was the same driver "20671 HD"

    Bingo, problem solved.

    If this does not work for you, there are other solutions and/or forum members/staff that can help.

    Hope this helps,


  • Satellite P100-487: problem with audio drivers for Windows XP Home - entered


    I have problem with this audio drivers The problem is that the output works perfectly but there is no entry.

    When can I expect from the good work on Toshiba support drivers?

    My way to have entry and exit works well is: first install drivers from Toshiba site to install Support Intel and do not restart after the installation. It's hard because every time when I restart the PC I have to for this making begin.

    Anyone have the same problem and found another job drivers?

    Thank you

    HI Supportneeded,

    You gave me the trick with the driver to resolve the problem in the next restart.
    And I replied to your thread Thursday evening at 20:30. Ask you Toshiba phone when we can expect new drivers. (I have a Satego P100-10F) I added a complaint of litte that Toshiba should also support a 'old' OS like XP. And after that at 21:00 the detachment was completely absent.

    Anyway, I tested some drivers of other manufacturers and other Chipsetdrivers, still the same problem.
    the sound with this material does not work on XP due to a rather bad.

    Of course, toshiba brings out a new driver that will feature at the end of February, but now it is March and I see nothing. (stop: a new driver for Windows Vista is online since yesterday)
    I had it installed on xp and the sound is completely down. Whether in - or output.

    you already called toshiba support when they expect our problems?


    [Edited by: admin on March 17, 2007 17:03]

  • Install Windows Xp on the Pavilion dv7 - 1147ca, no audio drivers. How can I find them?

    Recently, I've killed my Pavilion dv7 - 1147 Vista ca for the edition of office Xp Pro. I could find the drivers for pretty much everything, but I can't work in my audio drivers. I looked around, but really can't find anything on my product, in terms of troubleshooting. I don't really know what that you guys need information, so ask and I can get it for you.

    Problem solved. for someone else who has the problem, as soon as you install the MS UAA, it allows to detect certain hardware. Instead of having it go online to find the drivers, tell it to search in a specific directory on your computer. Even if you have the window "select a directory" open, run the sp45044 driver. The installation program will fail, but it puts the driver on your computer. return to the window "select a directory" and have it searching for C:\SWSetup\SP45044\WDM\WinXP. It now allows to install your drivers and audio will start to work immediately!

    Thanks for the help of Paul

  • I'm of the Indonesia and I hate my browser displayed in Bahasa (Indonesia) how to switch to English?




    [Deleted by the moderator of profanity. Please read the guidelines and rules of the Forum, thank you.]

    For the Firefox items (menus, toolbars, etc.) to display in English, you need to download the English version. You can get it on

  • Profile of Newbie Xcode provision of the question and problem recording peripheral Dev Member Center

    Help!  I am a user of Xcode newbie. Just signed up for a developer account (free version added to my existing Apple ID).   I followed a tutorial to make a few changes to the Apple TV 4. In the tutorials that seem very useful do not have additional info for potential problems as those I seem to face at every turn. As far as google can be useful, it can also be a time suck empty soul.  I have a life to live then all help to speed up the answers to these questions would be greatly appreciated.

    -Launch Xcode → click on create a new project in Xcode → select Application under tvOS → Application unique view, and then click Next. Fact

    - In the product name field, enter a unique name such as KodiAppleTVforYourNameHere (done, but I have a problem I can not find the answer to...), and then click Next → create

    The 'organization' identifier is empty and I do not know what to enter and the tutorial says nothing...

    - In the drop-down box team, select your personal team and click the question difficulty to solve problems of commissioning. You will ensure that you are connected to Xcode with a free Apple Developer account. You can learn how to do it using this tutorial.

    I get a "no provisioning profiles found.

    When you click on "solving the problem", I get a pop up saying "no device - create a profile doesn't require" fitted with a registered in space subscribers.

    Then I went to the Member Center and can not find the place where to save a device... nor can I find detailed (for a novice like me) instructions on how to do it.  I tried to follow these instructions, but had problems as shown below.

    1. go to

    2. go in the "Member Center". (This is not an option that I see...)

    3. go in "Certificates, identifiers & profiles." (Went straight to this...)

    4 Select "Devices" on the left navigation. (nowhere to be found... and am stuck here...)

    .... 5. click on the sign "+" to add a device.

    .... 6. enter a name for the device and the UDID.

    .... 7. at the bottom of the page, select continue when you are finished.

    .... 8. at the bottom of the page, choose "Save" to save the new device. Repeat these steps to add up to 100 devices on a regular account.

    These steps seem easy enough, but I continue to find myself in a position that some things I should do just are not there... like the devices section not found in the center of development Member?

    Help or direction would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you!

    Have you ever this resolved? I'm having the same problem.

  • in the range and problem forced

    Nice day

    I'm using labview 2009 and I have a problem with range and VI under duress. The problem is that I want to map an analog value ranging from 0 to 12 on a scale of 0 to 20 and the VI in range and under duress, but this VI is ignoring the numbers after the decimal point. I already have different values for the lower and upper limits, but it continues to be.

    I posted my VI, so you can see all the hurt I feel.

    Best regards.

    Esteban Gonzalez

    P.D. The error is easy to see when the digital indicator with the 'Current' label have a value of 9.

    First of all, you probably would need a lot less code, maybe the size of a postage stamp. (index: table of threshold)

    You have duplication of conditions, for example between 11 and 11.1, two LED lights.

    You have gaps where it fails not right between two LEDs.

  • How to calculate the second and minisecond for audio landmark

    I'm doing a sound synchronization for the clip audio and video in Flash. I found a tutorial on the web, and it seems to work. However, I do not know how to calculate the second and the mini (deuxieme from mp3 file. The first frame has the following lines to set the duration for each animation:
    Import class
    Import net.quip.sound.SoundSync;

    Stop the main timeline

    Create an instance of SoundSync
    var ss:SoundSync = new SoundSync();

    ss.addCuePoint ("IT", 20100);
    ss.addCuePoint ("admin", 20000);
    ss.addCuePoint ("maintenance", 19800);
    ss.addCuePoint ("treatment", 16479);
    ss.addCuePoint ("engineering", 14598);
    as.addCuePoint ("logo_epa_npdes", 12356);
    ss.addCuePoint ("construction", 8967);
    ss.addCuePoint ("370 mg/j", 7896);
    ss.addCuePoint ("mc_650, 000 ', 5439);
    ss.addCuePoint ("130 mg/j", 3254);
    ss.addCuePoint ("1938", 2439);
    ss.addCuePoint ("vintage_mc", 0);

    Use the instance of loading external MP3
    ss.loadSound ("Scn04 - 05.mp3", true);

    Create a listener object for the
    cuePoint and onSoundComplete events
    var listener: Object = new Object();
    listener.cuePoint = function (): Void {}
    listener.onSoundComplete = function (): Void {}
    ss.addEventListener ("cuePoint", listener);
    ss.addEventListener ("onSoundComplete", listener);

    and the file as follows:
    Import mx.utils.Delegate;
    class net.quip.sound.SoundSync extends its {}
    private var _cuePoints:Array;
    private var _currentCuePoint:Number;
    private var _interval:Number;
    private var _intervalDuration:Number;
    private var _secondOffset:Number;
    Event dispatcher
    public var dispatchEvent:Function;
    public var addEventListener:Function;
    private var removeEventListener:Function;
    public void SoundSync(target:MovieClip) {}
    Super (target);
    private function init (): Void {}
    Initialize properties
    _cuePoints = new Array();
    _currentCuePoint = 0;
    _intervalDuration = 200;
    _secondOffset = 0;
    Initialize the instance of the class as the valid event broadcaster
    EventDispatcher.initialize (this);
    Add Cue Point
    public void addCuePoint(cuePointName:String,_cuePointTime:Number):Void {}
    () _cuePoints.push
    type: "cuePoint",.
    name: cuePointName,.
    time: cuePointTime,.
    target: this
    _cuePoints.sortOn ("time", Array.NUMERIC);
    Get cue point
    public void getCuePoint(nameOrTime:Object):Object {}
    var counter: Number = 0;
    While (counter < _cuePoints.length) {}
    If (typeof (nameOrTime) == 'string') {}
    If (_cuePoints [meter] .name == nameOrTime) {}
    return _cuePoints [counter];
    } Else if (typeof (nameOrTime) == 'number') {}
    If (_cuePoints [meter] .time == nameOrTime) {}
    return _cuePoints [counter];
    counter ++;
    Returns a null value.
    Get the Index of the current Cue Point
    private void getCurrentCuePointIndex(cuePoint:Object):Number {}
    var counter: Number = 0;
    While (counter < _cuePoints.length) {}
    If (_cuePoints [meter] .name == {}
    return the meter;
    counter ++;
    Returns a null value.
    Get the next Cue Point index
    private void getNextCuePointIndex(seconds:Number):Number {}
    seconds (seconds) =? seconds: 0;
    var counter: Number = 0;
    While (counter < _cuePoints.length) {}
    If (_cuePoints [meter] .time > = seconds * 1000) {}
    return the meter;
    counter ++;
    Returns a null value.
    Benchmark deleted
    public void removeCuePoint(cuePoint:Object):Void {}
    _cuePoints.splice (getCurrentCuePointIndex (cuePoint), 1);
    Remove all Cue Points
    public function removeAll_cuePoints (): Void {}
    _cuePoints = new Array();
    public void start(secondOffset:Number,_loops:Number):Void {}
    Super.Start (secondOffset, loops);
    dispatchEvent ({type: "onStart", target: this});
    Reset benchmark
    _secondOffset = secondOffset;
    _currentCuePoint = getNextCuePointIndex (secondOffset);
    Poll for cue points
    clearInterval (_interval);
    _interval = setInterval (Delegate.create (this, pollCuePoints), _intervalDuration);
    Load sound
    public void loadSound(url:String,_isStreaming:Boolean):Void {}
    super.loadSound (url, isStreaming);
    clearInterval (_interval);
    _interval = setInterval (Delegate.create (this, pollCuePoints), _intervalDuration);
    public void stop(linkageID:String):Void {}
    If {(linkageID)
    Super.Stop (linkageID);
    } else {}
    Super.Stop ();
    dispatchEvent ({type: "onStop", target: this});
    Kill the ballot
    clearInterval (_interval);
    Survey benchmarks
    private function pollCuePoints (): Void {}
    If the current position is close to the cue point.
    var time: Number = _cuePoints [_currentCuePoint] .time;
    var span: Number = (_cuePoints [_currentCuePoint + 1] .time)? _cuePoints [_currentCuePoint + 1] .time: time + _intervalDuration * 2;
    If (position > = time & & position < = span) {}
    Send event
    dispatchEvent (_cuePoints [_currentCuePoint]);
    Advance to the next landmark...
    If (_currentCuePoint < _cuePoints.length) {}
    _currentCuePoint ++;
    } else {}
    _currentCuePoint = getNextCuePointIndex (_secondOffset);
    public function onSoundComplete (): Void {}
    Kill the ballot
    clearInterval (_interval);
    Reset benchmark
    _currentCuePoint = 0;
    Send event
    dispatchEvent ({type: "onSoundComplete", target: this});

    any help will be greatly appreciated.


    > Hi Dave, your tutorial is very cute and it is very useful.

    Thank you! My daughter is cute. She inherited all of
    me, so I have not left. ;)

    > I'm sorry that I don't have my question clearly.

    No worries. :)

    > I have listen mp3 in Windows Media Player and try to
    > get both for the tail, I found it on the bottom of the
    > player time indicates 00:26.

    I'm with you.

    > How can I writer this number in the code? Is it 0026 or 26?

    The code expects milliseconds, then 26 seconds would be written as


    If he said 01:22 (one minute and 22 seconds), you must write it like this:


    ... which is 60 seconds for now, 22 seconds
    side, then multiplied by 1,000 to get milliseconds.

    David Stiller
    Adobe Community Expert
    Dev blog,
    "Luck is the residue of good design."

  • Satellite L650 - recommendation of the OS and can not install drivers


    a deploy a satellite L650 - 18 X and I tried to install windows 7 seveeral times... (x 64 editions) without success, I managed to install an edition clean windows 64, works fine but I have a problem, cannot install the drivers for the keys fn; coomon installation module tracks ask for a reboot but after reboot when I want to install other drivers for the "common module not found" displayed error fn keys...

    I want to know what operating sistem u would recomand me and so is windows 7 How do I find sata driver, o I already serch the forum how to do this on the l series, but could find nothing


    > I tried to install windows 7 seveeral times... (x 64 editions) without success, I managed to install an edition clean windows 64
    Where is the difference between Windows 7 64-bit and Windows 64 edition? In my opinion it of the same

    In any case, best recommendation of OS is version preinstalled Windows in my opinion, because he configured Toshiba s with all the drivers and tools you need. No additional installation is necessary and your laptop is ready for use.

    Generally for the FN keys you need Toshiba value added from Toshiba Web site package.

  • Update of the FP and problems with YouTube

    I've just updated flashplayer to and now I'm having problems posting videos on YouTube.  I always get the audio, but the video does not (no x red in the corner screen, just blank where the video should appear).  I can still watch videos (and get the audiou too) on other sites, such as Yahoo!.  I am running Windows XP and IE8 (32-bit).  I tried to adjust all my security settings of variuos, Shockwave Flash Object is activated in my modules.  Ideas or suggenstions on how to solve this problem?


    Could you by following the instructions on this page to enter information system to help us figure this problem out?  In addition to the DXDiag report, if you could add also the content of that message to the email (or a link to the post) would be great!

    To solve this, I would recommend two things.  The first step to try is updating your driver video card (ATI, NVIDIA, Intel.)  It has helped a number of users, and we would be very interested to know how it works for you.  It becomes even more interesting if you can run the DXDiag report before update.

    If this does not help, the next suggestion would be to disable hardware acceleration.  The steps to do this, you can find here.

  • BlackBerry Storm 9500 Blackberry Smartphones - USB charge the question and problem of missed calls log

    Dear all,

    first of all Hello to everyone and that being said, I * fact * search both Google in general as well as this forum, in particular, prompt even to Vodafone was not any help, here I am, stuck with 2 problems with my BB Storm 9500 (.141 firmware, user of BES, Vodafone Germany) and it drives me crazy. Maybe someone here can help me.

    1. is it possible to load the storm via a USB cable connected to a computer * without * be disconnected from the network?

    Forcing me carry the charger around like a heavy phone (while previous models of BB) user authorized to charge by computer/USB without being offline.

    2. What can I do to see the missed calls in my call log?

    For the moment, I don't have the option to log in the missed calls message window, but to see them I have to unlock the storm via password I try * very * inconvenient (btw, the option to view missed calls directly in the call log was yet another function available with earlier models of BB).

    Any help or advice greatly appreciated!



    Hi all

    It turns out that everything reported were caused by a screwed up political IT... that being resolved, everything works like a charm...

    THX once again all for your support and advice.



  • Two BIG problems: Firefox clears the tabs and will not save preferences

    Long story:
    I'm on a 2009 15 "Macbook Pro Intel Core 2 Duo with OS X 10.6.8. A few weeks ago I started suddenly problems with some features in Gmail... but only in Firefox. Specifically, I was no longer able to preview attachments in the new Gmail attachment viewer. After a long back-and-forth on the Gmail forum with no results, I turned to Firefox. After having poking around in Firefox Help, I decided to reset Firefox. This solved the problem with Gmail, but in turn created two new more serious problems with Firefox: (1) I can't save my history settings in the privacy of the preferences tab (I want to use the custom settings; whenever I have this option in the menu drop down and close prefs., as soon as I open Pref once again, the history of setting is default return "remember history"; (2) even more serious and obviously related: whenever I quit Firefox, all my tabs and groups of tabs went to the re-opening. I can restore the previous session, but this obviously isn't the solution.

    I basically tried everything suggested in the articles referred to in the help of Firefox, reset Firefox again, trashing the prefs.js file in my profile folder (I have no other pref files - that is to say without "prefs - n.js or 'prefs.js.moztmp' or 'Invalidprefs.js'... I don't see not a user.js file in my profile folder either). I even used the disk utility to repair permissions on my Mac HD... for all that is worth it.

    I'm so sick of everything that I am seriously considering ditching Firefox altogether. There, can someone help me understand what is happening?


    Choose "Use the custom settings for history" allows you to see current history and cookies settings, but select this is not make changes to the parameters of the history and cookies.

    Firefox displays "Use the custom settings for history" as an indication that at least one story and cookie settings is not the default to make you aware that the changes have been made.

    If all the parameters of the history and cookies are by default, the custom settings are hidden and see you "conservation rules: (never) don't forget history."

  • Can I change Clips Audio waveform display in the timeline panel to resemble CS6 in CC?

    I just changed my CC of CS6, and I don't like how waveforms of audio clips in the timeline panel look in creative cloud. in CS6 is show the waveform centered in the clip, but CC, he seems to have cut in half.

    I have change a scripted show and have the Visual cues when a line starts and stops was incredibly useful. It was very clear in CS6 because I could see peaks and valleys very easily.

    Can I change how the waveforms of audio clips in the panel mounting back to the way it was at CS6? I want it to be centered in the clip and not cut in two.

    Thank you

    Click on the drop down the timeline and uncheck corrected Audio waveforms.

  • "The network adapter is not correctly configured to use the ip Protocol" problem on Vista

    Hello. My PC has recently came across this problem "the network adapter is not correctly configured to use the ip Protocol", every time I click on diagnose & repair. I don't know how to fix it. Please help, thanks in advance. Magic

    Hello X-x_MaGiC_x-X,

    Thank you for visiting the website of Microsoft Windows Vista Community.

    Try the rest of the stage in this article:

    System restore points are created automatically when the following occur:

    • When you install a new application or driver.
    • When you uninstall or install some programs.
    • When you install new updates
    • Automatically on a daily interval
    • Manually by creating a.
    • If you choose to use system restore to restore to a previous restore point, System Restore creates a new restore point before you restore a previous state in case something goes wrong. If you are restoring to a previous state in Mode without failure, a restore point will create for the current state.

    So that the restoration of the system to work, you must have 300 MB of free space for each hard disk that monitors the system restore. System Restore will also use up to 15% of disk space on each disk that it monitors. That hard disk space runs out, older restore points will be deleted as newer ones. It is also important to note that you must be logged in as an administrator in order to use the system restore. Now that you understand the basics of the system restore, you must continue to the next section to learn how to use it.

    Restore Windows Vista to a previous state

    In the case of a problem on your computer that cannot be solved by normal means, you can restore your computer to a previous working state. To do this, you need to start restoring the system so that you can choose the restore point to restore. If you currently have Windows Vista boot problems, you can use the system restore in Windows recovery environment. Instructions on how to do it in this tutorial can be found: System Restore using the Windows Vista recovery environment.

    If you can connect to Windows Vista, you must follow these steps.

    1. Close and save any documents that you have opened.
    2. Click the Start button to open your Start Menu. The Start button looks like this:
    3. When the Start Menu open click on the menu option all programs.
    4. Click once on the Start Menu Accessories group.
    5. Click once on the System Tools Start Menu group.
    6. Click once on the icon of the system restore. After you click the icon, if a user account control window opens, click on the button continue.

    You will now be on the screen as shown below in Figure 1 system restore. From this screen, you can specify the restore point that you want to restore.

    1 screen of system restore

    By default, Vista will be already selected the restore recommended option. This restore point is one followed a new pilot program, or update has been installed. If you do not want to use this restore point, you can click on the button next to start the restore process. On the other hand, if there is a more recent restore point that you want to restore you should select choose a different restore point and press the next button. This will bring you to a screen, as shown in Figure 2, which contains a list of all available restore points that you can restore.

    2. the list of available restore points

    You must select the restore point that you want to restore, and then press the button next to start the restore process. Vista will display a window showing your selected restore point and asking you to confirm that it is that you want to restore.

    3. confirm the selected restore point

    If you want to select a different restore point, press the Back button. Otherwise, you can press the Cancel button to exit the system restore or the button finish to begin the restore process. If you have selected finish, Vista will display a second prompt asking you to confirm that you want to continue restoring.

    4. second Confirmation

    If you are sure you want to restore, then press the Yes button. Vista will now log you off the computer and start the system restore process, as shown in Figure 5 below.

    5. restoration of a restore point

    When the restore is complete, your computer will be restarted and when Vista starts it backup will be restored to its previous state. When you open a Vista session for the first time after the restore, you will see a message indicating that the restore was successful.

    6. system restore was successful

    If there are problems with your computer because the last restoration, you can return to your previous settings to ebb in the system restore utility and select Undo system restore by pressing the next button.

    7 undo the last system restore

    Your computer should now work correctly again.

    With the help of the restoration of the system in the Windows recovery environment

    Manual creation of Restore Points

    As mentioned previously, it is also possible to create manual restore depending on points. Some popular designs to create manual restore points are when you have your computer configured perfectly and I would save the State in case of problems in the future. To create a manual restore point, you must follow these steps:

    1. Click the Start button to open your Start Menu. The Start button looks like this:
    2. Click on the control panel menu option.
    3. Click the option menu system and Maintenance.
    4. Click on the system menu option.
    5. Click on the System Protection in the list on the left.

    You will now be at the System Protection tab in the system control panel. This tab allows you to enable and disable the system restore as well as making the new manual restore points.

    8. the System Protection tab

    To create a manual restore point, you must click on the button create. When you press this button a prompt asking you to give a title to this manual restore point.

    9. Enter the manual restore point title

    Type a title for the manual restore point and press the button create. Vista will now create a restore point manually and once finished, post a notice that it was created successfully.

    10. Manual restore point has been created

    Now that you have finished doing the manual restore point, you can close the system window.

    Try to download the correct and up-to-date drivers.

    This should solve your problem.

    Let us know if these steps solve your problem.  I hope the information is useful.

    Kind regards

    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • Satellite A30 - how to download audio drivers?

    I have a Toshiba Satellite A30 under XP, suddenly I have no sound! I went into device manager who told me that the drivers for MAC are missing. I have no discs and machine has been preloaded with all the software that I can't find on the net.

    How audio drivers can be recharged so that sound can return?

    Thanks for your suggestions.


    You can download all the drivers of Toshiba's official website: > support & downloads > download drivers

    But to look for in * Archives * because he old laptop s model.

    Download and install the audio driver, then everything should work again properly.

Maybe you are looking for

  • Setting bitmap format full screen

    When Firefox is in full screen Mode, text etc. are only in the middle of the screen and is not displayed as the spread on the entire screen.Why?What are the steps to follow to address this?OS-Windows XP with SP3 and NetFramework 4.0-Samsung SA300 - 2

  • Game/talk AT100 and google

    I, I hope someone can help. Really frustrating. I bought the At100 two weeks ago, second hand in excellent condition. My problemsN ° 1. is that when I try to update or install apps from the google game, I always get the following error message: Error

  • How/where can I find the image masters of my photos in the PHOTOS app?

    How/where can I find the image masters of my photos in the PHOTOS app?

  • Officejet 6310: cartridge error

    I regularly get messages "Cartridge error" as follows: "both cartridges are not intended for this printer" or "both cartridges must be replacred" or another message saying something like the cartridge on the left is incompatabnler & needs replaced. M

  • Cannot remove (2) pinned shortcuts

    There was an updated version of a program that I had pinned on the Start Menu. Now he has (2) added on behalf of the program. I click with the right button on the pinned shortcut, click prperties, then the general tab. When I try to rename the shortc