the dv6614 upgrade

Hey, I was wondering if someone could help me,

I have a pavillion dv6614 I was hoping to upgrade a little more, but I have no idea what parts are compatible with the HP Pavillion laptops.

I wanted to replace the two sticks of 1 GB of ram for two 2 bg

And to maybe exchange the 6400 m GT from nvidia for a 9600 m GT that I found on ebay (

Any information on compatibility would be very welcome.

In addition, no one knows how it is easy to install these things? I have some experience with desktop computers and wanted to know if something was much more difficult for laptops.

See you soon!


Forget the video card; your laptop doesn't have a mxm on that slot. As far as I know the only HP laptops that do are models of expensive business as the nw9440 workstation. Here is information that:


Upgrading memory is very easy. Look at pages 53 and 54 of the manual for instructions:

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    What Satellite Pro L300 laptop, you have exactly or let's say what is the model number of this laptop?
    I checked books upgrade of Windows 7 supported and only laptop PSLB9E is supported for this upgrade.
    Check it!

    Additionally, make sure that you typed in the right massword. Check this again once, maybe you have mixed up a few letters.

  • Satellite A505-S6973 and the OS upgrade

    Users of computers laptop toshiba colleagues,.

    I'm here tonight to find out, my laptop has touchpad buttons and quickplay and wondering if I should upgrade my pc to Windows 7 I was able to use all these features (more eco and pc health monitor utility).

    I ask this because currently my pc has, which is supposed to be a hard disk of 500 GB, 317 GB of available hard disk space, but I barely information or documents stored on my system. I understand I have programs installed, but still for this amount.

    So, long story short, if I had to remove and install the Windows 7 operating system, and I installed the toshibha value added utility programs package and eco, that would be all I need to dload and install because I love this pc.

    Also can anyone with a Toshiba Satellite A505-S6973 tell me if they can smell it the breeze coming out of their laptop because my fan seems to blow slowly and always higher, the temperature on my system is currently 90% and 64% CPU TEMPERATURE FAN SPEED and I HAV my system set up to use low power.

    I enjoyed all the comments, suggestions and advice...

    I don't have a US mobile phone model and can't answer your second question, but I know with certainty that Win7 works well on the Satellite A500.
    Two months ago, I had the Satellite A500 friends home. Initially, it was pre-installed with Vista.
    I did two experiments to see how it works with Win7. First I updated it with the Toshiba upgrade kit and everything was OK.
    With the new installation of the OS, everything was OK also.

    Before Win7 installation please check Toshiba support page to make sure what version is fully supported. Here in Europe only Win7 64 bit is completely compatible.

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    General search for versions of iTunes available -

    Note: Running an old version won't sync with a device iOS9. The only way to do is run a new version of the OS.

  • Qosmio F30-127 is unable to read the Vista upgrade disc

    Hi guys,.

    I have a Toshiba Qosmio F30 (127) with the standard front load Mat * a DVD-RAM (model UJ-846) Player.

    I have for months without any apparent problem burn a variety of CD DVD & (R/RW) and recently received my expected Vista Express Upgrade DVD which I assume adopts the format DVD RAM.

    After the upgrade of the BIOS to v3.4, I successfully installed upgrading startup, but only one of the hard drives (RAID) which has been recognized in my windows session (with the recoil, I would simply have used administrative tools > computer management > disk management) ;-(

    I reinstalled XP using the recovery disks provided original in preparation to retry the Vista upgrade a 2nd time to correct the alleged no recorded 2nd hard drive.

    However, on the startup of XP, the Vista Upgrade DVD doesn't have to be recognized at startup (i) or (ii) in the case of a Windows session, without a visible change in the drive icon to indicate the usual recognition.

    If I try to double click on the drive icon, I get the error message:

    "D:\ is not accessible. The request could not be performed because of an i/o device error.

    I have read a number of threads of support which advises: (i) changing some registry keys, which seem to be unnecessary following a procedure of recovering costs of system; (ii) the transfer mode to DMA to PIO on the primary IDE channel in Manager devices, and (iii) the offending disk and IDE/ATAPI controllers Device Manager uninstall followed by a restart of switching. I tried (ii) & (iii) independently several times resulting in Windows Installer automatically the drivers for the hardware newly found followed by a final reboot, but the Enigma DVD persists.

    I tried to install the latest drivers for the DVD RAM driver, including vF103 firmware update in the Toshiba download pages, but the status quo remains.

    Ideas or current symptoms are swinging more and more towards the likely hardware malfunction?

    Thanks for listening...

    For me, it looks like a hardware problem, maybe the lens of the player is not clean or not can not calibrate correctly in the right position

    But try first to remove the drive from Device Manager and restart the laptop.
    The operating system should recognize what it again automatically. If you want to read from this CD, and then try again.

    If she will not change the situation, then I presume that it s a failure of the equipment.

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    Hello all,.

    I want to install Yosemite BONES 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard) but cannot find updates of Yosemite and not the original 10.10 app - if I select the updates later I thought I must have first the initial upgrade 10.10 installed - I searched the Applemac site and can't find anywhere - Help!



    Apple pulled the Mavericks and Yosemite from the App Store.

    You can only change it to El Capitan.

  • The hardware upgrade on HP computers

    Here is a video that illustrates the hardware upgrade on HP computers

    I hope this helps.

    Good luck!

  • Setup will not be replaced despite the same upgrade code

    Hello again,

    I recently upgraded from LabVIEW 8.5.1 LabVIEW 2010.  This exposed the code upgrade to me for the first time in the Installer properties.  I have 3 installers for my product.  Ideally they would replace each other, but at the moment (or at least in the recent past) simply replace themselves.

    I wanted to make sure that that would still be the case after this update, so I installed an older version of a basic product, then a newly reconstructed version of basic, and it replaced the old (as determined by looking at the Add/Remove Programs list).

    However, when I tried the same test with the full version, the newly created Installer has NOT replaced the previous installation of the full version.  I have read on this forum upgrade Codes and pulled out my old project file (8.5.1) to make sure I don't accidentally hit the button "Generate new code for upgrade", but of course, when I opened it in LabVIEW 2010, she had the same code to upgrade to the full version of the current program.

    Can someone tell me why it would replace another product with the same upgrade code?

    In the form of extra credit, can anyone tell me if there is a way to change my installers at the moment so that they will not only replace older versions of themselves, but also now replace them as well?  I'm guessing that the answer is no, it is not possible, but just thought I'd throw out there, just in case.  I thought to change all codes upgrade to be the same, but it is more important for my clients to be able to upgrade their existing versions correctly and then to be able to change the versions correctly (not i.e. not leave the old version listed as installed).

    Let me know if I need to clarify anything; I believe that this post has been somewhat less clear I like it.

    Thank you


    Well, I realized that somehow my Installer got marked as 'auto increment product version' and started a version number less than my previous version, which explains why it has not replaced the previous version despite having the same upgrade code.  I corrected to have a higher version number, and then it worked, replacing the old version as expected.

    I'll mark this solution (which feels a little weird to mark my own post ), but I'd still appreciate it if someone has a magic solution to the question of additional credit in the original post.

    See you soon,.


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    Microsoft did not say who yet, but if you have a legitimate win 8 key you are probably eligible, but you may have to reinstall 8.0 > 8.1 update > update from 1 to 10.  They just did not for sure yet

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    Hello world

    I tried to download the wizard upgrade of windows 8, but when I try to run it, it comes back with a message: "this platform is not supported.
    It will not open the upgrade wizard more far to tell me more information.
    I have a desktop computer running Windows XP home edition SP3, and I want to see if I can move to windows 8. If my computer is not compatible, I would like to know what I have to do (more RAM, etc) to be able to upgrade. As far as I know that I use a 32-bit system, with 500 GB hard drive, processor clocked at 1.67 GHz and 1 GB of RAM.
    Anyone know if I can get the upgrade wizard runs successfully, or if there is another way to know if my system run windows 8 without spending hundreds on a software package may not work?

    Run Windows Update and install all updates and restart your PC and download and install support upgrade again.

Maybe you are looking for

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