The easy/more faster way to change my IP address?

Using a DSL with an Actiontec GT784. So far, I had to turn off the modem for a few seconds I don't have the password. Is there an easier way to do this?  Using a DSL connection.  Up til now I had to turn off the modem for a few seconds.  Its an Actiontec 701 d.



Thanks for posting your query on the Microsoft Community.

According to the description, I understand that you do not want to change your IP address.

You can try the steps below and check.

1. find your IP from the ISP.

2 copy.

3. open network & sharing Center

4. open the network properties you what your IP to change. In my case, it's an EVDO modem.

5. on the network tab, double-click TCP/IPv4, which will open a window to change the IP and DNS IP address.

6. in this window click on "use following IP address" and paste this IP address you copied in step 2.

7 change the last digit of the IP address to any value above him for example if its change the last digit to something like 122 so that the IP address becomes

8. click on OK until that close all windows.

9 disconnect from this network.

10 reconnect to this network and if it goes as planned the ISP should force a dynamic IP address.

Now, check if you have changed the IP address. If you can not browse, go to step 6, and then select "Obtain an IP address automatically" and then disconnect-> reconnect to the network.

Hope this information helps. Please let us know if you need any other help with Windows in the future. We will be happy to help you.

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    Hi William,.

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    Kind regards


  • Is there a more easy/more simple way to achieve this?

    Good morning (afternoon to you, BluShadow).

    I got following exact, as you wish, output (derived from the EMP table):
    D10     D20     D30     PREZ    MGRS    ANALS   SALESM  CLERKS
    ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- -------
    MILLER  ADAMS   ALLEN           JONES           TURNER  MILLER
            SMITH   JAMES                           WARD    SMITH
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    by using the following query:
       -- pivoted departments  (haven't studied the Oracle PIVOT clause yet)
       depts as
        select max(case deptno
                     when 10 then ename
                   end)                                 as d10,
               max(case deptno
                     when 20 then ename
                   end)                                 as d20,
               max(case deptno
                     when 30 then ename
                   end)                                 as d30,
          from (
                select deptno,
                       row_number() over (partition by deptno
                                              order by deptno)  rnd
                  from emp
         group by rnd
         order by rnd
       -- pivoted jobs
       jobs as
        select max(case job
                     when 'CLERK'         then ename
                   end)                                 as Clerks,
               max(case job
                     when 'PRESIDENT'     then ename
                   end)                                 as Prez,
               max(case job
                     when 'MANAGER'       then ename
                   end)                                 as Mgrs,
               max(case job
                     when 'ANALYST'       then ename
                   end)                                 as Anals,
               max(case job
                     when 'SALESMAN'      then ename
                   end)                                 as SalesM,
          from (
                select job,
                       row_number() over (partition by job
                                              order by ename)   as rnj
                  from emp
         group by rnj
         order by rnj
    select d10,
      from depts a full outer join jobs b
                                on a.rnd = b.rnj
     order by rnj, rnd;
    that takes a total of 5 selects to get there.

    I tried to find a query that would be, I hope more simple, easier and does not require as much selects. My last attempt is the following (which is closer to the desired result, but does not get a cigar yet):
    select case deptno
             when 10 then ename
           end                                 as d10,
           case deptno
             when 20 then ename
           end                                 as d20,
           case deptno
             when 30 then ename
           end                                 as d30,
           case job
             when 'CLERK'         then ename
           end                                 as Clerks,
           case job
             when 'PRESIDENT'     then ename
           end                                 as Prez,
           case job
             when 'MANAGER'       then ename
           end                                 as Mgrs,
           case job
             when 'ANALYST'       then ename
           end                                 as Anals,
           case job
             when 'SALESMAN'      then ename
           end                                 as SalesM,
           row_number() over (partition by deptno
                                  order by deptno)  as rnd,
           row_number() over (partition by job
                                  order by ename)   as rnj
      from emp
     order by rnj;
    The query above annoys me to this result which is encouraging, but... the brand:
    D10     D20     D30     CLERKS  PREZ    MGRS    ANALS   SALESM   RND  RNJ
    ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- ---- ----
                    ALLEN                                   ALLEN      3    1
            ADAMS           ADAMS                                      2    1
                    BLAKE                   BLAKE                      6    1
    KING                            KING                               2    1
            FORD                                    FORD               1    1
            SCOTT                                   SCOTT              5    2
                    JAMES   JAMES                                      5    2
    CLARK                                   CLARK                      3    2
                    MARTIN                                  MARTIN     2    2
                    TURNER                                  TURNER     1    3
    MILLER                  MILLER                                     1    3
    D10     D20     D30     CLERKS  PREZ    MGRS    ANALS   SALESM   RND  RNJ
    ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- ---- ----
            JONES                           JONES                      3    3
                    WARD                                    WARD       4    4
            SMITH           SMITH                                      4    4
    It uses a single SELECT statement and contains all the data that should be displayed, but I can't find a way to eliminate NULL values without losing a few jobs or departments

    Your help is welcome and appreciated,


    PS: I'll be perfectly happy to learn that there is no way more easy/simple. In other words, if the answer is simply "No, there no simpler or easier way", please let me know which is the case. (I ask that you be sure enough of that though, thank you)

    Published by: 440bx - 11 GR 2 on July 25, 2010 07:19 - added PS.

    According to the hoek' suggestion ;-)

    SQL> select d10, d20, d30, prez, mgrs, anals, salesm, clerks
      2    from (select row_number() over(partition by deptno order by ename) rn,
      3                 ename,
      4                 to_char(deptno) deptno
      5            from emp
      6          union all
      7          select row_number() over(partition by job order by ename),
      8                 ename,
      9                 job
     10            from emp) pivot(max(ename) for deptno in(10  d10,
     11                                                     20  d20,
     12                                                     30  d30,
     13                                                     'ANALYST'  anals,
     14                                                     'CLERK'  clerks,
     15                                                     'MANAGER'  mgrs,
     16                                                     'PRESIDENT'  prez,
     17                                                     'SALESMAN'  salesm))
     18   order by rn
     19  /
    D10        D20        D30        PREZ       MGRS       ANALS      SALESM     CLERKS
    ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- ----------
    CLARK      ADAMS      ALLEN      KING       BLAKE      FORD       ALLEN      ADAMS
    KING       FORD       BLAKE                 CLARK      SCOTT      MARTIN     JAMES
    MILLER     JONES      JAMES                 JONES                 TURNER     MILLER
               SCOTT      MARTIN                                      WARD       SMITH
               SMITH      TURNER
    6 rows selected.

    Best regards


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    Hi all

    I use and recently the IP addresses of the servers have changed. Because of this schedule and the workspace URL does not work, although EE and shared services work. If I run the URL of space working everything freezes (EAS and shared services) and I have to stop/start services.

    Please suggest how to solve this problem.

    Thank you


    Well there is your problem then

  • Business Manager does not not with the error code of 1 after change of IP address


    Due to new customer requirements, I had to move a group of servers to a new network and thus changed the IP address on each of them. One of our servers running Oracle 10.2 and is currently not properly start. Oracle Enterprise Manager does not load. When I try to start from the command prompt (start dbconsole enctl) it displays a message that begins, about 3 lines of periods then closes. I checked listner.ora and tnsnames.ora files and found that they had both the wrong IP in them. However, after the correction that it still does not start.

    I did not much of any administration before oracle, so I hesitate to start digging up files or run scripts without first asking someone. I hope that's not too hard to fix, and this group can provide assistance. I have not been able to find my answer on google this morning.

    The server running Oracle 10.2 on Windows server 2003. Thank you!


    Follow this link (oracle will have to resolve to when IP address changed)

    In short, delete and recreate your repository EM

    emca -deconfig dbcontrol db -repos drop
    emca -config dbcontrol db -repos recreate


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    My ISP people seem lost on the issue.
    I'm changing my IP address as a chat IRC room is apparently glitched and reaching the operator/s by e-mail was a problem.

    Thank you.

    McAfee, no. I use Avast! and the Windows Firewall. Although my machine came with McAfee which I removed with the help of their removal tool.

    Interesting, the lease obtained seems to be the same time as before, but the expiration is now close to 02:00, so it is moved to the top of 5 hours or more.
    And once again, means the error message that occurs after the command ipconfig / renew-"an error has occurred all releasing interface Loopback Pseudo Interface 1. The system cannot find the specified file. "- matter?
    Thank you.

    Last question: no as long as your interface PHYSICS REAL releases and renewed.

    When the lease expires, it repeats.  So why I said that, so that you can get an IP address, you would have to turn off your machine through several cycles and hope that someone else either did the same thing and light them before you do and get your old IP address or someone adds a new device after expiration of your lease and clears the memory cache (for the DHCP server) and happen them to get your old IP address When your device is turned off.

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    Yes.  Click on the email at the top of the page and highlight the bottom and shift, click.  Then delete the whole thing.

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    I suggest refer you to the section 'Change of the narrator's voice' at the following link.

    Also refer to this link: Narrator does not read what I expect him

    For Windows related question or which related to the Windows operating system, do not hesitate to let us know and we will be happy to help you.

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    I use display spectral pitch to analyze changes people´s speech (for research purposes). I need the visuals of interesting changes to the basic blue line to document my results in the articles. It has more sophisticated way to do than to take a screenshot? It is very short sequences consisting of a few words I need to visualize somehow on a scale of hertz.

    Hearing is not really adapted to the analysis of speech on a very basic level, I fear. He does not have analysis by Wavelet, or something like that and certainly won't break down whatever it is complex in its components. What you really need is a software dedicated at the end of the analysis of speech, and some of it is free - try this: Praat: doing Phonetics by computer

  • Quick and easy way to change the SID of ORACLE EBS


    I was wondering if it is somehow fast and quick change SID of Oracle EBS databases and Application layer?

    9i database
    EBS 11.5.x
    OS = Unix flavor (Redhat Linux / AIX)

    Thank you

    981553 wrote:

    I was wondering if there anyway quick and fast change SID of Oracle EBS on two layer of database & Application?

    9i database
    EBS 11.5.x
    OS = Unix flavor (Redhat Linux / AIX)

    Thank you

    The way simplest would be using quick Clone - run preclone on the database/application, stop the application/database, run post clone on demand database and change the SID.

    Documentation fund quick Clone version 11i and 12 [799735.1 ID]
    Cloning Oracle Applications Release 11i with rapid Clone [ID 230672.1]

    Thank you

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