The field where the url should be visible, has been reduced so that I can't see the url. I want to restore this field so that I can see the full url.

Until a few days ago, I was able to read any reasonably short url in the familiar field or the space at the top of Firefox. Suddenly, this area, I mean the space where I could type a url, declined. How to restore this field? And by the way what we call this area? This is the address bar or navigation bar or what?


It is called "address bar", try to move the mouse on its right edge. The cursor should get a form of "<>" - and you can click and drag to the right to increase the size of the location bar.

If this does not work, open the dialog questions Troubleshoot Firefox in Safe Mode , select 'reset all toolbars and controls', press 'save changes and reboot.

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