The Flash Builder debugger cannot connect to the running application

Good evening everyone. I installed my signature key, debugging debugging keys and transferred my token to the device and everything seems good, no errors except when I try and debug an application on my device. I click on debug, and it says it's installation. The app looks like it's opening on my device but closes immediately. The FB debugger continues to say "pending to connect to the running application". The icon is on my device but when I try to run it it opens and then closes immediately. I use the software 1.0.2 SDK.


How about configuration in the app.xml file or the XML of BB? Because you are running 4.5, you have the parameters of the solution defined to force AIR 2.5 and Flash 10?

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  • Flash Builder debugger cannot connect to the running application

    I've upgraded to Flash Builder 4.5 and now I get the error - old

    The Flash Builder debugger cannot connect to the running application.
    Ensure that:
    1. for applications in the browser, you run the debug version of Flash Player.
    2. for network debugging on a mobile device, you have a reliable network of the device connection and 7935 port is open on the firewall of your machine.
    Device connection help

    I get both on the Simulator (which is being upgraded to the latest version) and try to debug on my real playbook. There are a few other forums of discussion about this that suggest that the default Debug host IP is the usual culprit. However, which is set up correctly. I also added port 7935 firewall.

    I am able to ping ip address of my playbook without problem. Any other thoughts on what I might have configured wrong?

    Flash Builder 4.5 uses Air 2.6 for iphone and Android, for the moment, we can use only Air 2.5, so the compiler needs a couple of parameters. You have in the ActionScript Preferences tab build package-advanced - forceAirVersion 2.5 and under ActionScript compiler an extra line - swf-version 10

  • ImageView image created in stage Builder 2.0 does not appear in the running application

    I use scene Builder 2.0 and have added an ImageView to the parent AnchorPane.  I added my PNG files for the application icon and the different buttons. I select the ImageView in stage Builder can analyze the file system in the package of the project folder and select the PNG for the Image.  Rated image in the Imageview in the generator from the scene in design mode and preview mode.

    While everything appears correctly when the application is run, the image assigned to the ImageView is not displayed.

    From the FXML file:

    < ImageView fx:id = "ivBRULogo" fitHeight = "64.0" fitWidth "64.0" layoutX = '14.0' = on = "14.0" pickOnBounds = "true" preserveRatio = "true" AnchorPane.leftAnchor = "14.0" AnchorPane.topAnchor ="14.0" > "

    < image >

    "< image url="@BRU_PE_B_64.png "/ >

    < / image >

    < / ImageView >

    Does anyone have an idea of what might happen between the compiled application and what scene Builder generates?

    Thank you


    I recreated the project in Netbeans and copied the Mac files in the src folder.  I opened the FXML in stage Builder and everything looked good.

    Then I built the copied files and voila! The app seems correct with all images and colors of text (another oddity) on Windows 7.

    There must be something weird happening between the stage Builder and Netbeans in Windows 7.

  • Nine SmartBand 2 cannot connect to iPhone running iOS 9.0.2 6

    Please, I beg you! I just got a 2 SmartBand as a gift from my wife, I downloaded the 2 SmartBand of AppStore (tried to remove and reinstall several times), bluetooth (on my iPhone) icon flashes just, as he tried to connect to the SmartBand. Please, someone knows why? Apple has stopped signing iOS 8.x so I can't downgrade my IP.

    Best regards.

    Reset the smartband 2

  • Remove the running Application version

    I know this has been asked, but do not see the answer.  How can I delete

    One Application Runtime of my workspace required.  I don't have SQL * Developer

    rights and I do not know how to connect as 'Internal' in my workspace in the APEX company

    Development DB.

    Thanks in advance for your help.


    1. go to Application Builder-> commercial Workspace-> Build and status App (in the sidebar)
    2. Click the number of the app
    3. in the dialog box change the status to build to run and to build applications
    4. remove application



  • 6 iPhone cannot connect to Itunes. Applications latest Itunes which is already installed

    I have an Iphone 6 Ios 9.2.1 (last updated) bought last December, and I'm trying to connect it to Itunes on my Imac. ITunes is the latest version 11.4.

    When I connect my Iphone to my computer, I get an error message saying that I can not connect my Iphone because my Iphone requires the latest version of Itunes to install. But I have the latest version, then how do I connect to Itunes on my computer to sync my stuff?

    I got Iphones for awhile now and I never had this problem with any of them. For a phone that is worth a lot of money I find these defects or bugs quite disturbing.

    Can someone help me how to get my Iphone connected to Itunes?

    Hi Eliza,

    11.4 is perhaps the latest version of iTunes available for the level of OS X that you run on your Mac, but the devices running iOS 9 require iTunes 12.2 or later to synchronize.

    You need to update your Mac OS X at a current level in order to download the latest version of iTunes available.



  • Computer performance are slow and unresponsive in the middle of the running applications

    Original title: Volsnap error, VSS, registry handle leaks, the drivers won't load is not etc.

    Little by little over the last few months, my computer has been slowing down, suddenly "not responding" in the middle of a program and a few other oddities.  I can't identify when this started because he was progressive.  I had to replace an old drive SSD C and when I did, I also bought a new copy of Windows 7 Prof 64 bit SP1.  Drive C is now SATA 6.

    Specs are adequate, CPU i7 930, 16 GB ram, 2 7200 1 TB WD drives each, 1 WD 'green' 2.5 SATA 6 GB, an Intel SSD SATA2 M225 and a Corsair Force SATA 6, which is the 'new' drive C.

    First mistake, as mentioned above is:
    Log name: System
    Source: volsnap
    Date: 28/08/2012-06:46:26
    Event ID: 8
    Task category: no
    Level: error
    Keywords: Classic
    User: n/a
    Computer: mg - PC
    Flush and hold writes operation on E: has timed out while waiting for a written statement of the volume control.
    The event XML:

        0 x 80000000000000
        mg - PC


        000000000200300000000000080006C 0000000000000000005000000000000000000000000000000

    Following error, which is quite common VSS:
    Log name: Application
    Source: VSS
    Date: 27/08/2012-22:38:52
    Event ID: 12341
    Task category: no
    Level: WARNING
    Keywords: Classic
    User: n/a
    Computer: mg - PC
    Volume Shadow Copy WARNING: VSS past seconds 0x000000000000002b try to rinse and keep the volume \\?\Volume{51e5830d-560c-4d2f-9ed8-343e5dbe5b8c}\.  This could cause problems when the other parts in the cliché of the time-out value for the phase of release-written, and it can cause the creation of snapshots to failure.  Try again when the disk activity is less can solve this problem.

    The execution of an asynchronous operation

    Current status: flush and hold writes
    Volume name: \\?\Volume{51e5830d-560c-4d2f-9ed8-343e5dbe5b8c}\
    The event XML:

        0 x 80000000000000
        mg - PC


    The execution of an asynchronous operation

    Current status: flush and hold writes
    Volume name: \\?\Volume{51e5830d-560c-4d2f-9ed8-343e5dbe5b8c}\

    Following error - register cast handles
    Log name: Application
    Source: Microsoft-Windows-user profiles Service
    Date: 30/08/2012 20:07:49
    Event ID: 1530
    Task category: no
    Level: WARNING
    User: SYSTEM
    Computer: mg - PC
    Windows detected your registry file is still in use for other applications or services. The file will be unloaded now. Applications or services that keep your registry file may not work properly thereafter.

    Register of the 1 handles user are escaped from \Registry\User\S-1-5-21-3328621373-938311138-4019764245-1001:
    800 (\Device\HarddiskVolume2\Windows\System32\winlogon.exe) process has opened \registry\user\s-1-5-21-3328621373-938311138-4019764245-1001-cles

    The event XML:

        0 x 8000000000000000
        mg - PC

        Register of the 1 handles user are escaped from \Registry\User\S-1-5-21-3328621373-938311138-4019764245-1001:
    800 (\Device\HarddiskVolume2\Windows\System32\winlogon.exe) process has opened \registry\user\s-1-5-21-3328621373-938311138-4019764245-1001-cles


    Next error - another problem of registry on the leak and be in use
    Windows detected your registry file is still in use for other applications or services. The file will be unloaded now. Applications or services that keep your registry file may not work properly thereafter.

    Register of the 1 handles user are escaped from \Registry\User\S-1-5-21-3328621373-938311138-4019764245-1001:
    800 (\Device\HarddiskVolume2\Windows\System32\winlogon.exe) process has opened \registry\user\s-1-5-21-3328621373-938311138-4019764245-1001-cles

    Last error I hope - system boot or boot startup failed to load drivers
    The next (s) starting or starting system could not load:

    I apologize for this long post, but I thought that some of them might be related, and I'd appreciate any help I can get like this had been a machine very good and fast until the last month or two.


    The three files that does not loaded at startup proved a Paragon backup facility that I had deleted.  I found in the registry and is more had this error.

    Slow and sudden episodes of "not responding" continues in safe mode, safe mode with network and boot.

    Mr. Fixit noted that I had too many programs loaded on startup that I already knew and will work hard to stop.  It has been useful in this gave me a list of the programs that did not need to start.  Some of this list was a distant base such that suggests my AV does not need to start, but some of it was useful.

    I then started to keep track of programs that seemed more likely to slow down or freeze the machine.  I reduced to one of my drives 3 1/2 inch WD 7200 and my 25 M Intel SSD.

    I ran Intel SSD toolbox and it showed no errors and no updates.  Estimated of life was about 95% and I had the car for 2 years.  There is an option to click that says "SSD Optimizer", and I suspect it is similar to a manual pad because it is one of their first records.  I "optimized" and it was immediately faster.  Intel said to do once a week or two and I never did.

    I ran HD Tune Pro on the WD and it showed a bad CRC so that a warning on the drive, which is less than a year. HD air said the drive is bad OR a cable is bad.  I had a backup, Acronis Disk which took most of the data and I also had the cloud with versioning backup.

    Knowing that the food had been replaced by a technician who had twisted power cables, because most of the readers had been asked in reverse, I attacked this first.  I turned every drive so that the connection of the power supply has been on the same side and reconnect the cable after doing my best to straighten out and flatten the wire.  I then installed a new SATA cable on the WD drive in question.

    Then, wanting to be done with it once and for all and ensuring that I could save between Acronis and my backup of cloud, I used the command line in Administrator, then to Drive E tools mode, error checking.  I ticked the boxes: analyze and attempt to recover bad sectors and automatically fix file system errors.  A reboot and the process had started.

    When you are finished, I seemed to have a catchy machine and some of the programs which often hung, is done in two days.  Programs were pretty much intact, but most of the files had been erased from the disk.  I have restored all wiped files and files of Acronis and the cloud and everything seems to work perfectly.

    Unable to help me, I ran HD Tune Pro and made a mistake (not fast) full scan on the E drive.  She came back without error.

    I know that this drive can fail again, and above all, I couldn't have been this aggressive if I had not had 2 backups.

    Do you think it will fail again?  I decided that, if so, I'll get another SSD (or two) to replace.  Although it will cost you much, I fear that hard drives are not very well made and I don't want to go through this again - and maybe not be so lucky.

    Thanks for your help and I'll post again if it fails in the near future.  Someone knows something about the new SSD Plextor?  Or would you go with Samsung?

    Thanks again.

  • Development buttons does not work when the running application


    I use Apex 4.1. For a new application that I created buttons that come in the bottom of the page (edit page 1, 1 Application, debugging, etc.) are not clickable. They workked for another application in the same workspace.

    Any idea, what could be the problem and how to fix it?

    PoojaC wrote:

    I use Apex 4.1. For a new application that I created buttons that come in the bottom of the page (edit page 1, 1 Application, debugging, etc.) are not clickable. They workked for another application in the same workspace.

    Any idea, what could be the problem and how to fix it?

    It seems that you have these buttons but they were not clickable? This suggests that some of your custom JavaScript broke their.

    Do you have any code js custom in your application? try to disable this code and see if the buttons work

  • Flash Builder does not appear to be deployed to the Simulator:

    Hey guys!

    So here's the deal. I am running Win7 with the IDE Flash Builder Burrito. I followed the guide on the BB step by step to create my first Hello World project. When I try to debug, FB seems to show that it has installed the successful application on the Simulator, but still waiting to connect to the application until it finally expires with the message "the Flash BUilder debugger cannot connect to the running application".

    Host machine, I ping IP of the Simulator, and the mode of development.

    I inserted the target IP address in the Debug menu (it's and the debug host is the IP address of the host too ( I entered the correct device as password.

    Scratching my head here now, what Miss me?

    Alright! It is very very annoying. I discovered that I was in fact trying to deploy on the previous version of the Simulator... Sorry to lose all time on it. Consider this a rookie mistake

  • NullPointerExceptions endless in Flash Builder 4.5

    I have been using Flash Builder 4.5 with the kit Flex 3 SDK. 5 b on Mac OS X 10.8.2 for a few months. It was not an experience perfect - the software has a few bugs, but in general he worked until recently.

    Our application includes two Flash Builder 'projects', which refers to the other. Whenever clone us the repository, it is necessary to update the file .project of the primary project to include the new path of the secondary project.

    The last thing I did before all broken did was move the folder containing the project to a new location. As expected, when I open Flash Builder, it complained that it couldn't find my project files, and they were all marked as inaccessible in the "Package Explorer" view. I did not remove inaccessible project in my workspace, but I tried to re - import the main project of his new location. It was the first time I saw a dialog box that has haunted me since:

    'Building workspace' has encountered a problem. Errors occurred during the build. Details: Errors running 'Flex' on project 'configurator'. java.lang.NullPointerException

    The view of 'Problems' told me to return in the errorlog...

    Errors (2 items): an internal build error has occurred. See the error log for more information.

    .. but the error log was empty!

    The "Package Explorer" view has not changed (the new draft has not been listed) so I decided to just try the import again. When I chose the directory of the project, Flash Builder said that I couldn't import it because the project was already in the workspace. "But the Explorer Package says it's not... maybe he'll try again if I restart Flash Builder" I thought. I have bad thought. When I rebooted, it is what I saw:

    Could not create the view: an unexpected exception was thrown.

        at com.adobe.flexbuilder.util.PathUtils.resolveLocaleInSourcePath(
        at com.adobe.flexbuilder.project.actionscript.internal.ActionScriptProject.getProjectPath(
        at com.adobe.flexbuilder.project.actionscript.internal.ActionScriptProject.getSourceContainers(

    He could not yet list the projects so that I could remove the one that was the origin of the problem. A similar message was displayed in the mode "Editor." Deleting all files from the project did not help either. I was unable to set the workspace, and the only way I could continue to use Flash Builder has been creating a new workspace.

    Since then, I tried a lot of different things:

    • Reinstalled Flash Builder 4.5.
    • Reinstalled Flex SDK 3. 5b.
    • Excerpt from a six - month old version of the project.
    • Flash Builder 4.6 upgrade.
    • Created a new user profile on my computer.
    • Tried to remove some trace could have broken things:
      1. Instruments to monitor the process of Flash Builder affects all files.
      2. Uninstalled Flash Builder.
      3. Used find to locate include files builder or eclipse in their name.
      4. Delete all the files found in (1) or (3) who seemed possibly related to Flash Builder.
      5. Reinstalled Flash Builder.
    • Installed Flash Builder 4.5 on another Mac running Mac OS X 10.6.8.
    • Installed Flash Builder 4.5 in a Windows 7 VM.

    None has made any difference. It seems impossible.

    Other members of my team have worked on this project for a few years without running into this particular issue, yet now project versions from before that I started appear to be broken, and even with the help of new installations of Flash Builder on entirely different systems also violates.

    I don't know what is happening. It seems I must have done something else and forgot about it, because the current situation makes no sense. Someone has encountered this problem before? Do you have an idea what could be causing it, or that I could do about it?

    We finally found a solution. It's rather disappointing.

    Ignore any errors.

    Import your project files and activate the correct SDK version in the order you want. If you find yourself with a messed up view "Project Explorer", with just the close and reopen it or restart Flash Builder.

    Once the display of "Project Explorer" is available, select your primary project and run it. It should work!

  • Flash Builder 4.6 Mobile Application packaging and export

    Hi all

    I'm new to Flash builder, using Flash Builder 4.6 to develop an android application.

    She runs in office, no error occurs. But when I export it or try to run my

    Phone SAMSUNG GALAXY Y S5360 it does not work. This is the version Android is 2.3.6

    I plugged the USB with pc and tried to run the application on my phone.

    First ask that you want to install ADOBE AIR for device I select the option 'YES' then he go for 57% and show me an error

    Error occurred during the installation of the application: pkg:/data/local/tmp/Runtime.apk failure [INSTALL_FAILED_CPU_ABI_INCOMPATIBLE] s 3261 KB/s (8653085 bytes in 2.333)

    And when I export and Release Build for .apk file. I select the Runtime in captivity.

    Then, it displays a message

    The package was created successfully, but the application could not be installed on one or more devices: device ID 0123456789ABCDEF(Google Android): problem occurred during the installation of ADOBE AIR.

    Please guide me...

    Thank you

    After a search on the internet and have hands on this problem, I finally found the solution.

    SAMSUNG Galaxy Y S5360 has 830 MHz ARMv6 CPU and minimum required the minimum system requirements for AIR 3.3 beta on Android:
    CPU: Processor ARMv7 with Vector FPU, Minimum 550 MHz, OpenGL ES2.0 H.264 & AAC H/W decoders OS: Android 2.2, 2.3, 3.0, 3.1, 3.2 & 4.0 RAM: 256 MB RAM

    Later, I used a Motorola mobile device with higher version my .apk file worked fine.

    Click here for Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 phone specification

    Thank you all for your efforts.

  • Pima 560 don't scan. It prints, copies, but says that it cannot connect to analyze

    It is plugged in USB, but he thinks that it is not. If I use the commands to the printer, it said 'prepare' and then returns to "place the scanner option '.  If I try to scan from Mac system preferences, I get the message that it can't communicate with the printer because it can be turned off or not connected to USB. Is the case.

    I have a Mac, under El Capitan. Updated to the latest drivers printer... still does not.

    Very frustrating.

    Hi joiede,

    To try to solve this problem, we will have to remove and reinstall the software for the device.  Please disconnect the USB cable and then follow these steps to uninstall the software (if you are unable to perform a step, proceed to the next step):

    1. close all the running applications - including antivirus software.

    2. click on the Apple in the upper left corner.

    3. click on System Preferences, then double-click on "printers and faxes".

    4. in the printer list dialog box, select all printers that are added to the list of printers, and then click 'remove '.

    5. open the library, Printers, Canon and drag the BJPrinter folder to the trash.

    6. open the library, received, and then drag the files that contain the number of your model as part of the file name.  NOTE: Trash NOT the file CanonPrinterDrivers.pkg.

    7. open the library, picture Capture and TWAIN Data Sources and place the MP560.ds cannon in the trash.

    8. in the Finder menu, select "Empty trash" to remove them.

    9. on the Apple menu, click "Restart."

    Once the computer has been restarted, please follow these steps to download the files necessary to start the installation:

    1. visit the Web site at:

    2. type PIXMA MP560 in the "Type a template name" box and click the Get button Drivers & Downloads.

    3. under recommended downloads, please click on the "Select" button next to the MP560 MP driver series.

    4. If you agree, please select the check box next to "I read and agree to the terms of the disclaimer and wish to continue the download.

    5. click on the download button.

    6. If a box to record under appears, click Save.

    7. once the download is complete, click on the "Select" button next to the MP560 Scanner Driver series.

    8. If you agree, please select the check box next to "I read and agree to the terms of the disclaimer and wish to continue the download.

    9. click on the download button.

    10. If a box to record under appears, click Save.

    11. once the download is complete, open your download folder.

    12. double-click on [mcpd-mac-mp560-11_7_1_0 - ea17_2.dmg] to install the printer driver.

    13. double-click on [msd_-mac-mp560-15_5_2a - ea8_2.dmg] to install the scanner driver.

    The files will be extracted, follow the prompts to complete the installation.

    Reboot once completed.

    Once the computer restarts, open MP Navigator and try to scan.

    If you continue to have difficulties, please contact our support group by using the following link:

  • Flash Builder cannot locate the required Adobe Flash player debug version


    The problem seems to be well known for the last few years and older versions of Flash builder, but I feel that it is still not resolved for Win 7 64 bit, Flash Builder 4.5.

    I have installed:

    -Flash Builder 4.5

    -windows 7, 64 bit

    -The most recent Flash Player - 11.3.r300.257

    Please, let me know how to properly use debugger in Flash Builder 4.5 without error message below:

    "Flash Builder cannot locate the required Adobe Flash player debug version. You need to maybe install the debug version of Flash Player or reinstall Flash Builder"


    This is a known bug in Flash Builder 4.5 and 4.6.

    It will be fixed in the next version of Flash Builder.

    The workaround for Flash Builder 4.5 and 4.6 is to download the two 32-bit & 64-bit debug player.

  • Flash Builder on Mac Lion 10.7.5 4.6: cannot run the Setup program: certificate revoked


    You are aware that FB 4.6 is not install more OS x 10.7.5 and maybe OS X in general?

    Because I really need design view last FB does not offer, I just downloaded 4.6 FB for OS X from Adobe: Adobe - Adobe Flash Builder 4: for Macintosh: Flash Builder 4.6 - Mac OS: thanks

    My real OS X is 10.7.5, Lion.

    Launch of the, it appears an error window:

    Please be aware that I know that this message comes from Gatekeeper, see for example: OS X: on Gatekeeper

    The fact is that this problem is not solvable, apparently.

    The problem is with the application signing certificate, as you can see issuing the command:

    bash - 3.2 # spctl - has CSSMERR_TP_CERT_REVOKED

    So, here we have a certificate of _revoked_, not a certificate/developer unknown or app unsigned.

    Indeed, unfortunately the problem persists even disabling Gatekeeper:

    bash - 3.2 # spctl - status

    co-pays disabled

    since apparently a revoked certificate is not an error that can be ignored or circumvented somehow.

    As far as I KNOW, the idea behind this is: Apple actually provide no verification quality on applications (they are not "approved by") but may possibly (if there are "problems") block a via the recall mechanism. Because of this, the _revoked? _ check cannot be bypassed/disabled. I'll try as soon as POSSIBLE an upgrade of the OS to see if with the Mountain Lion (10.8) I can possibly force execution, but chances appear to be rare so far.

    So, Adobe, can you help me please?

    Maybe sign with a certificate valid for this installer...

    FB4.6 is essential because it is the last version with DV. I had to install FB46 on Windows to keep working, but it's no doubt slow me down as everything is on Mac.


    a pro developer.

    Hello all, good news: after updating to 10.8.5, Mountain Lion I was able to run the Setup program and all went well.

    Mountain lion allows the user force execution through the command open context menu (CTRL-click) and it works, just as simple as that.

    So my advice is: If you want to install or reinstall Flash Builder 4.6 on a Mac with Lion installed, updated to Mountain Lion or better to avoid problems.

    Apple introduced some (not all) Gatekeeper 10.7.3 and following features, but apparently you need a full-fledged 10.8 to also have what you need to work around a revoked certificate error.

    Since usually OS X has auto update active, if you run Lion you find with 10.7.5 and do not install FB46. If you manage to somehow hold 10.7.2 I guess you should be able to install FB46, sincerely I don't check it out. In any case, it is simpler and safer to move to 10.8.x.

    Good bye

  • Cannot change the manifest.xml in Builder flash builder extension 2.1

    In flash builder, I installed the extension 2.1 generator to build an extension of photoshop. Database structure automatically created the manifest.xml file but I can't edit this file in the editor, and if I change outside of the flash builder does not reflect the changes.

    What I want is to add an icon for my extension.



    When you create an extension extension Adobe Builder with Flash Builder 4.6 adobe project, a ".stage-extension" folder is created but do not appear in the Directory tab of Package Explorer. However, the file manifest.xml in the bin-debug folder is shown giving the impression it could be changed.

    To edit the manifest.xml file, navigate to the location of your project and find: YourPorjectName > .stage-extension > CSXS > manifest.xml

    Edit the manifest.xml for the changes to apply.

Maybe you are looking for

  • Password problems and the slowness of IMAP with BTYahoo

    After changing POP IMAP, I experience slow responses (including Thunderbird does not) and repeated messages to change my password. My work around is to remove all the password stored in Thunderbird, close and re - open Thunderbird, enter my existing

  • I have to reactivate iCloud Photo Stream frequently

    I have to reactivate iCloud photo stream quite frequently. It seams to be the same thing with iTunes, where I have to reconnect frequently to the App Store. My guess is that it comes after removing all the data of the website in Safari. Is there a wa

  • My other does not include Windows 7 printer list to add (network).

    Please solve the following (Windows 7): I am trying to add a new Canon printer to the network...  The list for search and browse of a 20 guns, but not this one. Troubleshooting/Mr. Fixit assistance. How can this be repaired? NoFingers

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