The HP 7747c PC support Windows 7 64 bit?

Can I upgrade to windows 7 64 bit?


According to the specifications of product for your PC, you should be able to run W7 x 64 with no problems.

I recommend you max memory to 4 GB (PC2-5300 or PC2-6400 whichever is cheaper) as a 64-bit operating system requires more memory to run a 32 bit OS.  No double, but more.

There is no benefit to running a 64 bit OS when you have 4 GB or less of memory - especially in your model of PC.

Unless you have 64 bit programs that can take advantage of a 64 bit OS, or your PC can take more than 4 GB of memory (you can't) which would be the main reason to upgrade to a 64 bit OS.

Also to check, run the W7 Upgrade Advisor. It should report any problems.


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    You need to install 8 AA on the new OS with your current S/N (the license allows 2 installs). After the installation, do all the updates if you expect any chance of 8 AA to run on the system. If the updates will be installed not in the menu help, then go to and install updates in the order. People seem to have been successful with 32 - bit systems and some have reported success with a 64 bit system. After installation, print something to the Adobe PDF printer to make sure it works. If this works, you should be in good shape as printing treat the bottleneck. There is a solution, but you shouldn't have it.

    If all works well, then go back to the old machine and disable this installing and uninstalling. Don't forget that your configuration is not supported by Adobe. It seems with every new version of Windows, MS seeks to make the user to upgrade the other hardware and software for compatibility. There may be legitimate reasons for this action, but the game just seems to be Ms.

  • Installation Failed for HP Laserjet 1200 Series in the new computer laptop with Windows 8, 64-bit

    Name of the product - HP Laserjet 1200 Series PCL 6 Driver

    Operating system: Windows 8 Home Edition, 64-bit

    Error message: cannot find the series 1200 on the network. To locate manually click ok...

    Changes Made - this is an installation on the new laptop, in Windows 8, 64-bit


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    2. the two portable computers have Windows 7, 64 bit. Above the named printer is accessed successfully for laptops.

    3 replaces one of cell phones with 8 64-bit Windows.

    4. the path of the 1200 series is: wireless printer to the router, router to the desktop via ethernet, from desktop to a printer via a cable.

    5. the configuration of the wireless printer is

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    Port: \\Central\HPLaserj

    Printer: HP Laserjet 1200 Series PCL 5

    Driver: HPMCPM25. GPD 5.8.2008


    Impossible to re-create this path with Windows 8, 64-bit configuration.

    a. when I try to download a driver always end up with a file called UPD-pcl6 - x 64 -

    This seems to be a universal PCL 6 printer driver, can successfully decompress the file and create a folder

    b. during installation, I can see the desktop ICON printer (name: \\central\HPLaserj); So far so good

    c. process is unable to locate a driver and ordered to locate manually.

    d. accessing the HP Universal Driver files fails because a driver is not found.

    e. caraa attempt enter fails because you can't enter address above (\\central\HPlaserj). Cannot enter HPLaserj for the address, which obviously does not work.

    f. when the installation showed a list of drivers, the only one that I found was a universal PCL 6, which is what I thought, I tried to download the original.

    This set up has worked successfully to Windows 7 64 bit. It seems that I need help much more expertise to guide me through this whole upward.

    Problem solved.

    This link gives a good overview of the solution

  • My question is how to open the system advanced settings in window 7 64-bit home preuim

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    Assuming you mean the Windows Advanced System Settings screen, then right click on my computer and choose Properties.  On the left side of the screen, you will see a link for the advanced system settings.

    You can also call directly my pressing the windows and R key (which will bring up the Run dialog box) and typing in control sysdm.cpl

    I would like to know how you, or if you want to say something else.

    Good luck & enjoy Windows 7

    If this message was useful and allowed, please consider the vote and it offers as a response...

    My Blog -

  • Does the m - 105 palm with Windows 7 64-bit work?

    What are the hardware/software compatible with Windows 7 64 bit?  Try to reinstall the palm for the new cfomputer, but not sure this is possible. No COM port, etc.

    Thank you!

    Just FYI... in the years of the computer, three years is considered a lifetime.  12 years... is pretty much history.  :-)  But Kudos to you for those taking good care of your technology!

  • Firefox off telling me to upgrade to the new version of the flash plugin. I can't upgrade to the latest Adobe flash player 11, because it does not support Windows Vista 64-bit. So now what am I supposed to do?

    I have Windows Vista 64-bit. I can not play online games on Pogo. I have already contacted Pogo & they have update me of flash player. Firefox disabled by the Flash plugin. I can't update Adobe flash player because it does not support 64-bit.


  • The NB550D is compatible with windows 7 64 bit?


    I install windows 7 64 bit on my NB550D but always in the properties of the computer--> system Type 32-bit operating system.

    Any ideas?

    How can we be sure that you have installed Win7 64 bit OS?

    I checked the Toshiba download page and your laptop is supported for Win7 32 bit only for don t use 64-bit because you will not find drivers, tools and utilities for it.

    Stay with 32 bit.

  • Installation of the latest SP3 on the environment of SharePoint 2007 windows 2003 (32 bit) farm is a failure, need immediate help

    I tried to solve installation SP3.0 in sharing environment point 2007 windows 2003 32-bit, but not able to succeed. I get the following errors, please make a ticket for this problem.

    Product: Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 - error 1401.Setup failed to create the UNKNOWN\Components\6DB2163C29DACA44A84BDF952B517880\00002109410100000000000000F01FEC registry key. Make sure you have sufficient permissions to access the registry or contact the Support Services technical Microsoft (PSS) for help. For more information about how to contact PSS, seePSS10R.CHM.

    Please help me

    Thank you



    I suggest you to send the same Sharepoint forums to improve the assistance.

    Thank you!

  • With the help of license key windows 7 32 bit to activate windows 7 64-bit Os

    I installed the software under license of the professional 32-bit of windows 7 in my PC. Now, I want to upgrade my PC 2 GB RAM to 8 GB. But 8 GB do not support 32-bit OS. So can I install windows 7 64-bit OS using my 32-bit licensed software? If it is possible, then how?

    First of all, you need to get the 64-bit edition version, so that you have a license. If you have a retail copy of Windows 7, the box must have a disk for 64-bit Windows 7. If this isn't the case, then you must download the copy.

    See the instructions how to download on the download page of Microsoft 64-bit software:

    How to: What are my options for Windows 7 reinstall media?

    If your computer is pre-installed with Windows 7, or you have is an OEM of Windows 7 product key, the software download page will not work with your key.

    You will need to use the following to get Windows 7 64 bit:

    Microsoft Windows and Office ISO download tool -

    Once you have downloaded the ISO, create a bootable on a Flash DRIVE or a DVD copy:

    After graduating the .iso file, you can use the built-in Image disc burning tool or Microsoft .iso to USB/DVD tool to create a bootable DVD or USB (requires a blank DVD or USB flash to at least 4 GB key).

    After downloading the. ISO file, right click and click burn disc image

    Insert a blank DVD

    Click on burn

    Windows 8/8.1 users can mount the. ISO file and start the upgrade automatically. More here


    If you create a USB startup key, make sure the USB is first in the FAT32 format.

    Connect the USB

    Open Computer

    Click with the right button on USB

    Click on Format

    Make sure that FAT32 is selected as the file system.

    There is no place on the way to upgrade Windows 7 32 and 64 bit. This means that applications and hardware drivers must be reinstalled. In addition, you will need the native 64-bit drivers for all your hardware. Check out the Windows 7 section of the following article how perform a custom installation:

    How to: perform a customized Windows installation

  • To access the HP LaserJet 1320 on Windows 7 64 bit computer

    I just replaced a desktop computer with a 64-bit Windows 7 computer and attached our HP 1320 laser printer via the USB port.  Windows 7 automatically configure.  The Win7 machine is connected to a local network with a 32-bit Windows XP Thinkpad.  Now, I can't reach the Thinkpad laser printer.  It is said the 'server is not the correct printer driver' but I can't find any way to update the server or the Thinkpad with a print driver.

    Reading these forums, it seems that I should have a 32-bit printer driver on Win7 64-bit computer.  Links to the center of Windows 7 compatibility to the HP support site, which says that there is no HP drivers for the HP 1320 for a 32-bit computer or a 64-bit Windows 7.

    How can I get the additional required driver and should be on the Win 7 machine (where the printer is connected) or on the Thinkpad?  I used to be able to print correctly from the Thinkpad.

    Thank you, thank you.  With a location for the universal print driver, I was able to solve the problem.  Let me rephrase the question as well as others who may have the same problem can also solve their problem.

    Problem: replaced XP with Win 7 64 bit desktop desktop.  HP 1320 printer connected to this desktop computer.  Win 7 Desktop connected via LAN to XP Thinkpad.  ThinkPad could use the printer connected to the HP 1320 network when the Office was an XP machine and could not use it when the Office was replaced by Win 7 64 bit desktop.  Win 7 has automatically added HP 1320 to the Win 7 machine using the universal printer PCL5 driver.

    In an attempt to 'add printer' to the Thinkpad XP, I kept getting an error message "server does not have the correct printer driver" and I had no luck successfully install a print server (Win 7) driver.

    I tried all the solutions proposed in this thread, of which most have a link to the site of HP print driver.  This HP site says there is no print drivers Windows 7 for HP 1320, because it is automatically recognized by Win 7 without special drivers.


    Follow the link provided by "smittychat" (above) that gives a Universal Print Driver PCL 5 fixed for XP and 64-bit and 32-bit Windows 7.

    I first tried to install the Windows 7 32-bit printer driver on new Win 7 desktop.  It does not work.  (don't forget, the error message, said the print Server driver is not correct)  Then I used the same link and moved to the Thinkpad, installation of the XP version of the Universal Print Driver PCL5 series.  I received an error message, but the installation worked.  I can now print with all the features (two sides printing, etc.) both the Windows 7 Desktop (printing locally) and the Thinkpad XP (printing via the local network).  Thank you "smittychat".  It took me a week.

    Hewlett-Packard is expected to change its pilot site so that verification of drivers Windows 7 points for the universal printer HP 1320 driver link.

  • / close the switch with the media player 12 on windows 7 32-bit o/s

    I try to use the /close switch with media player 12 on windows 7 32-bit o/s, the media player opens and plays the file but does not close after the reading of the file.

    I expect that the /close should work when used in conjunctino with the /play after reading the site-->

    Some commands I tried:

    Start/min Mplayer2.exe /play/c:\alert.wav nearby

    Start/min /play/c:\alert.wav nearby wmplayer.exe

    This same exact command is currently working on Windows XP. Appreciate any help on this.

    Thank you


    Hi Kalyan,

    The question you posted would be better suited in the TechNet Forums. I would recommend posting your query in the TechNet Forums.

    TechNet Forum

    I hope this helps.

  • Trying to find the Pavilion dm4-1165dx with Windows 7 64 bit

    While using my laptop it is stopped and tried to restart, but was unable to do so.  When I first turn on the HP splash screen will appear and then freeze.  If I turn it off and then turn on the HP splash screen appears and then the screen turns white with the exception of a cursor blinking in the upper left corner.  I can access the BIOS and run all the system diagnostics indicate no problems.  When I first bought the laptop I did a disc that I had to label as 'Windows 7 64-bit repair disc'.  At the start of this disc, it says that Windows is loading and I finally gave different recovery options, but so far none of them doesn't seem to work.  HP Recovery gives me the opportunity to use the Microsoft System Restore. It will tell the laptop has been restored successfully, but the results are the same, a frozen HP splash screen or the splash screen and then the curors flashing on a white screen.


    Boot from your disk to repair again, select repair your computer and choose the command prompt.  When this charge, enter the following commands and press on enter after everyone – including spaces as shown.


    bcdedit/export C:\BCD_Backup


    Boot CD

    BCD attrib s h - r

    Ren c:\boot\bcd BCD.old

    Bootrec /RebuildBcd

    Bootrec /fixmbr

    Bootrec /fixboot

    Remove the repair disk and try to restart the laptop.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • With the help of VISA with Windows 7 64-bit resource control


    My company has recently upgraded our laptops, and I now work on Windows 7 64 bit rather than Windows XP 32 - bit.  I reinstalled a bunch of basic LabVIEW 2009, hoping that the 64-bit Windows 7 operating system would be able to handle 32-bit LabVIEW 2009 without problems.  But trying to run our test system, the control of VISA resources does not work.

    We use it to get a list of the COM (RS232) ports on the computer.  But the list is now empty.  The only option that appears in the list, is the text "Refresh."  But nothing happens when I press it.  Is this a bug in LabVIEW?  I installed the latest patch that I found, so now I'm under LabVIEW v9.0f3 (32 bit).

    Many thanks for any help!

    LabVIEW SP1 has an x 64 native installer.  I'm running very well with drivers 64-bit on this disc.  I think that the later will have something to do with your problem.  See the com ports in MAX?

Maybe you are looking for