The IP address of my printer

I need to find the network, ip address printer to print from my phone Samsung S6. How do I do that on my computer windows 7?

You need open the printer on your Windows 7 computer management page. It will tell you the address.

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  • HP photosmart c4795where can I find the ip address of my printer?

    need to find the ip address for my printer that I'm putting up my I phone to print wirelessly with the pro app lite printer

    I am including a link that will show you how to print a Network Setup page. This page will have the information you're looking for.

    Click here

    Let me know how it goes.

  • How can I change the IP address of my printer 4000TN

    My 4000TN printer displays the IP address in the configuration menu.  How can I change the IP address so that I can connect the printer to my Apple Airport Extreme Base Station for wireless printing?

    How do you connect the printer? According to information I found that this printer has that option must be directly connected to your Airport via an Ethernet cable.

    Let me know!

  • How to find the email address of my printer for my printer HP 4622? cc = us

    I can air print from my ipad with airprint on my printer HP 4622 but do not know the e-mail address of printers to send the mail from other places.

    I can't find the printer on the mentioned page email address and when I press the e-print on the front button, nothing happens.

  • The printer receives do not all data. It is caused by the MAC address filtering.

    How can I solve this problem.

    The printer attempted to join the network but does not receive any data.  This may be caused by the MAC address filtering. If MAC address filtering is enabled and you want to keep enabled, add the MAC address of your printer in the list of devices allowed for your wireless access point or router before continuing.

    HP Officejet 4500 - G510n wireless all-in-one printer

    Not at all use MAC filtering.  Make sure it is off in your router.

  • How to find the email address on a cp1025nw

    There is no display on the printer to indicate the e-mail address for eprint

    When I type the IP address of my printer in the address bar of your web browser, I don't get the printer embedded web server

  • Reset the IP address on Photosmart D110a

    I had to update my wireless network and I forgot to update the IP address of my printer.  It connects to my wireless but I can't print or logon to it because the IP of the printer is in another network (  My new network is - 199.  Is there another way to reset the IP address of the printer?  I tried the factory reset and that did not work.  Thanks for any help!

    Hi jpmccarth,

    Welcome to the HP Forums.

    I see that you experience a problem when you try to re - connect to the wireless printer.

    I suggest that restore us the default settings of network on the printer and then run through the Wireless Setup Wizard.  To do this, simply use the wrench on the printers screen to get the Setup Menu and then use the right arrow to access the wireless menu.  Scroll down until you see restore default network settings. Once completed reset, return to wireless Menu and select the wireless configuration wizard.

    If you have any questions, feel free to write me again.

    See you soon,.

  • DeskJet 6940 connected via ethernet to the airport cable, do not print


    I used to run my HP Deskjet 6940 printer using a USB connection. I recently installed an Apple Airport Extreme so I can print wireless. If necessary, the printer is connected to the airport by using an ethernet cable and turned on the light green network. On the advice of a HP rep by phone, I uninstalled all old HP software and reinstalled HP software downloaded from the HP website.

    When I try to add the printer to my 'system preferences', it opens a panel that contains the following options:

    Protocol: Automatically selects "line printer daemon - LPD.

    Address: Empty but allows me to type in the IP address assigned

    Print using: no idea.

    More than two things: when I open the HP Device Manager and select "set up a network, information network configuration printer seems in good condition but the Manager does not allow me to 'apply'.  Not sure if this is important but no the printer utilities appear in my folder utlities since the new software download. Thank you.

    Looks like you are using a Mac.

    First of all, the driver for the Deskjet 6940 is built into Mac OS.  You really didn't need to download additional (sorry for the bad advice) stuff.

    Next, we'll check that the printer is on the network.  In Safari, select bookmarks, display all bookmarks.  Select Hello in the left pane, and then check the Deskjet 6940 appears on the list of devices on your network.

    Then, follow these instructions to reset the print Mac subsystem:

    Now add the printer to the Print & Fax under System Preferences applet by pressing the [+] button.  The Deskjet 6940 should be among the kind Hello from printers.  Select it and press Add.

    I think that should do it.

  • How to find email address of my printer HP 8100

    The instruction sheet tells maore I care to know eprinting except the MOST important detail required - how to find the email address of your printer?


    You must enable ePrint in order to get a sheet printed with a claim code.

    Follow the steps listed below in the implementation section ePrint:

    Once you enable Web Services (step 1), a printed with the information sheet will be printed in a few minutes...


  • HP Officejet Pro 8610: Try to install the full software concludes printer, but the IP address is the address of the router, not the printer

    I tried several times to remove printer, uninstall the drivers, reboot, reset the printer to the factory, etc. without success.  I even went into the registry and deleted the printer reference as much as I could.

    Please note I know how to connect the wireless printer and did successfully to the router with IP   The problem is that the installer will search for a printer on the network and detects the 8610, but it appears with the IP address, which, of course, fails to install correctly.

    How can I get the dialog box to see the printer with the CORRECT IP ADDRESS?

    Well, I gave up trying to connect wireless and connected the printer with an ethernet cable.    Re-installed software that went much smoother, but still showed printer with IP router when you try to add it.   I chose "other devices" and is manually entered IP ethernet.

    Everything works now, including scanning.

    I think that the new router (for satellite internet) blocking a port that is required to complete the driver installation.   I had to add a switch to have an additional ethernet port to connect the printer.

    It was NOT a good experience.   I had a lot of practice of deleting, downloading, installation, configuration of the HP printer again and again well, therefore perhaps not all a lost cause.

  • Adding HP ePrint home and Biz iPhone app - mal printer cannot find the email address of the printer

    I'm trying to connect my HP Photosmart c6380 to my iPhone. I have already downloaded the app and my printer is connected to my wireless network, as is my iPhone, but I can't add my printer to the app.

    When I go to 'Manage ePrinters' and try to add a printer with the + button I see 3 choices:

    Add x to list: "no available ePrinters.

    Manually add: I can't find the printer even email address using the instructions available on the ePrint centre.

    Add the WiFi network: my printer is not shown in this list, so it does not support Autodiscover.

    So I guess that if I could just find email address of my printer that would connect to my iPhone for wireless printing, but I can't for the life of me find.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

    Hello amybett,

    I have bad news and good news. The bad news is that your printer is not Airprint/ePrint capable. However, the good news is that with the HP ePrint capable home and Biz iPhone app, it didn't need to be Airprint/Eprint, as it is connected to the same network as your phone.

    Here are the steps that you want to print something:

    1. installation of the application by filling in the electronic registration and entering the code (which I believe you have).

    2. Select the item you want to print by using the menu in the application (Photo Albums, files saved, Web browser, etc.).

    3. Once you select the item, you should see article and a big button "Print" under him.

    4. If the printer you want to print to is not listed above the 'Print' button, select the icon on the right (key/computer), and then select the printer you want to use (and other parameters).

    5. press the button 'Back' at the top left, then tap "Done" (blue top-right button) and then press the 'Print' button to print your article.

    Let me know if you still have problems after following the guide above.

  • HP photosmart B110a: change in router, need to change the IP Address of the printer.

    I have a HP photosmart B110a and Windows vista.

    Previous using of my router, I put a static IP address.

    Now, I have a new router and I can not change the IP address of the printer.

    I've already tried

    Factory reset the printer (IP address does not change)

    Turn off/on router/Printer PC

    Type IP address of the printer to the current address in the browser (the page does not exist)

    Connection USB and USB current running to the wireless program that generated the following message "the PC and the printer are connected to different networks ( and  They must be connected to the same network.

    My Network Setup page shows that I am connected to the identifier SSID is correct


    Subnet mask

    Default gateway

    Really need help, thanks, George

    Run the wizard from the front panel wireless configuration, then set it to DHCP Auto IP printer.

  • Printer HP B209a does not get the IP address of my router

    Computer is a HP G71 running under Windows 7 64-bit

    Router is a NETGEAR's WNR3500L with the latest firmware and a unique SSID

    Using the latest version of the software install HP B209a

    Towards the end of the installation for the wireless feature, the installation stops and tells me that my PC is on a network other than my printer.  All wireless devices connected to my router have 10.0.0 # IP addresses.  Through many installs the printers IP address is constantly as  The summary on the printer wireless shows my unique routers SSID but when I open my router software and devices attached, the printer is not listed.  My router is attached to a simple DSL modem with no wireless features.  I tried the following hotfixes recommended in these forums.

    1. Connect the printer to the router through WPS with push button.  Connection is returned as a success, but identified printer router SSID as grabbled alphanumeric characters and not an IP address.  Router does not show the printer in the devices.  During the printing installation software PC and printer fail to communicate when the USB cable is connected.
    2. Connect the printer to the router through WPS with PIN.  Connection is returned as a success, but all the information in the router has been changed and all other wireless devices disconnected.  Connection to the router has shown the SSID THAT became grabbled of alphanumeric characters and the security key was changed.  No wireless device was attached to the router, but the wired connections remain intact.  Fixed key SSID and security.  All other wireless devices back in place, printer does not have.
    3. Ping network devices.  Ping to 7 came back as successful. ping failed.
    4. IP address of the printer has entered into a browser address bar.  Returns a Google search page, but not for access to the network printer.  Address of more than one entry address bar and couldn't connect to (router) and (DSL modem)
    5. Unplug the DSL modem router.  All wireless devices to connect to the router but do not have access to the internet.  During the installation of the printer software, when you are prompted to connect the USB to the PC, printer and PC fail to communicate.
    6. Turned off the Windows Firewall, both public and private without success
    7. Used the Hp network diagnostic utility and it does not can find printer.

    I have installed and uninstalled the software several times.  The printer has always identified my identifier SSID is correct and the network key.  But during the finalization of installation I get the message and cannot connect PC printer because they are on different networks.  I have no idea where the printer receives the IP address.  It should be an address from the router, but it is not.  IP address of the modem DSL IS in the format # 192.168.0, but given that the modem is the base model with the wireless or network capabilities, the printer cannot logically connect to it.  I tried to unplug the router and the printer several times without success.  The possibility of changing the IP of the printer through the browser is not possible for the reasons given in 4.  What are the other options to change the IP address of the printer?  If I can assign an address # 10.0.0, I think it will solve my problems.

    Is your DSL modem is a modem/router combo (most are)?  If so, it probably has a structure of 192.168.0.X and is probably a wired router (only).

    This DSL modem/router is attached to the WAN, or one of the LAN ports on the back of the Netgear?  Try to move to the other type of port, and then restart both routers.

    On the front of the printer, click the settings 'Restore defaults' and wireless the wireless radio.

    Finally, the Netgear settings, here are some tips:

    1 make sure that DHCP is active, the SSID is not hidden and that MAC filtering is not enabled.

    2. ensure that the 802.11 g mode (as well as other modes is very well).

    3. use WPA or WPA encryption, not WEP (it is not secure and may cause connection problems)

    4 change the channel of the Netgear to 11 (Yes, I know it makes no sense, but it works).

  • How to find the IP address of the printer

    Hey, it's a very simple question that I'm sure many of you know the answer too.

    My HP Office Jet Pro 8600 has a printer IP which of course is incorect and not good. Is it possible to work on the IP address of the printer, but not with the command prompt that I tried and it did not tell me the printers IP address.

    Tips are welcome.

    Thank you...

    "It is strange to think that I have the pleasure of watching a screen over 7 hours a day... »

    Here is a link to the user guide

    Go to the home screen --> Setup, then press the reports , and then select Network Configuration to see all the details of the network printer.

    What model Office Jet Pro 8600 do you have? (there are five or six different models)

    Do you use a wired (LAN) or a wireless network environment?

    Is the wireless radio on?

    The following image from page 220 of the manual to that I provided the link.

  • LaserJet M1136 MFP: Find the MAC or the IP address of the printer

    Hi, I tried to find the IP address or MAC address of my printer of office for days without result. The printer is connected via USB to a computer on the network and others connect to it like a computer on the network.

    I need to add the printer to a Mac laptop, and I need the IP address to it. I tried the config/print test pages but they do not have the information, I looked in the Ports tab in the printer properties, but port poster not the IP address, on the contrary, it didn't USB001

    I also used 'arp - a' command in CMD to get a list of attached devices, I have the list of IP and MAC addresses, but I don't know what is the printer. So I tried to watch the MAC address and could not find anyone.

    Can you help me?


    What the below URL :-).

Maybe you are looking for

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