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How to access my photo stream on icloud for my iPad

If you use a photo stream and not the iCloud photo library photos in your photo stream will be photos in the photo stream on your iPad.

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  • Unable to connect the iPad to iTunes or iPhoto

    I've improved iOS9 to iOS10 and now can't sync with iTunes or iPhoto on my iMac. iTunes and iPhoto recognize the iPad tries to connect, but display the error messages on the iPad (saying it is locked or has unrecognizable code). How can I fix?

    It seems that if you are dealing with very old (outdated) software on your Mac, like iPhoto has not been maintained by Apple since OS X Photos about eighteen months ago.

    You need iTunes 12.5.1 or later to communicate with 10 iOS devices.  iTunes 12.5.1 requires OS X 10.9.5 or later version.  (The current version of the Mac operating system is Mac OS 10.12 Sierra.)

    My guess is that you are far behind in OS X and iTunes.

  • Same lightning bolt card is usable on the iPad

    I am a new user of iPhone; had an iMac and iPad for some time. I was wondering if the same whitening of bolt charger can be used on the iPad and iPhone. Bottom line: when I travel, I can bring just a charger and it will work for both devices?

    Thank you.


    Your iPad adapter and cable can also be used to charge your iPhone:

    Using the iPad with your iPhone, iPad, and iPod - Apple Support power adapters

  • Woman updated its iPAD Pro 10.0.2 and is now locked screen display "Enter Access Code, contact ID requires your access code when you restart the iPad." She has no idea what is an "access code". Any help is appreciated.

    Woman updated its iPAD Pro 10.0.2 and is now locked screen display "Enter Access Code, contact ID requires your access code when you restart the iPad." She has no idea what is an "access code". Any help is appreciated.

    If she don't remember: If you have forgotten the password for your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, or your device is disabled - Apple supports

  • Photos not appearing is not on the iPad on the iPhone.

    I have an iPhone iOS 7.1 and ISO iPad 10.0.2. Photos taken on the iPhone appear on the iPad, BUT photos on iPad do not appear on the iPhone. I followed all the instructions from Apple, but nothing helped.

    Please start by telling us your 'My Photo Stream' and "iCloud library" settings on all of your devices. (Settings > Photos & camera on your device iOS and Photos > Preferences > iCloud on your Mac)

    Please also indicate if there is no activity current synchronization on any of your devices (includes download, update, download, or preparation).

  • Try to update iPad OS10 and froze on "check update" and now unable to turn off the iPad.

    Tried to update iPad OS10 and "check update" has been spinning for over an hour 1/2 and impossible to each slide to open or to turn off the iPad.


    If you are sure its impasse press and hold the power button / stop and menu button

    Hold both down until you see the apple logo

    It may take 30 seconds.

    You have enough space on ipad for download, you need about 4 g?

    See you soon


  • I have a first version iPad and impossible to get an application that I need because of the iPad version.

    My neighbor asked me to help them get an app they need on their old iPad.  I think it's a first version iPad.  From what I can tell, you cannot update the software on the iPad.  Is this true?  I know that the app they watch used to have a version of this application years ago but I can't find the old version.  What I can do to help or is there no way?

    1. that the iPad can't be updated past 5.1.1.

    2 tell them to download the latest version of it to a computer or a compatible iOS device, click hereand try the instructions.


  • Is the iPad compatible with iOS 10 3rd generation?

    Is the iPad compatible with iOS 10 3rd generation? I want to upgrade, mainly using the new maps application. I saw some sites state that it is possible to upgrade a 3rd gen iPad. If not, is there a way to download just the Maps app.

    Thank you


    Yes, the 3 gen iPad is compatible with iOS 10. You can update.

  • iCloud library does not appear in the iPad

    After uploading my photo library to iCloud, I am went to my iPad settings, selected "Photos & camera", then on "iCloud photo library." I also checked "download and keep original.» Four hours later, I see not all the photos of my library of Photos in the Photos app on the iPad.

    What should I do to download the iCloud photo library on the iPad?

    As long as you are connected to the same on all devices iCloud account, all that is needed is time. Even if your library to iCloud is only a few thousand large images at full resolution, it will be a long time before it is downloaded.

    Let your iPad connected to the charger and a Wi - Fi connection at night.

  • After resetting the iPad to default it show that the power cord is trying to connect to iTunes

    I got an iPad 16 GB factory reset default after a while display only the power cord going to iTunes, need help to get this operational back, it worked Ok before resetting all we have tried to make clear the former owner information

    The iTunes icon and cable image means he went into recovery mode, you will need to connect it to iTunes to your computer to reset the iPad, and you can then restore/resync your content.

    If the previous owner had not disconnected from the settings > iCloud on it and find my iPad has been activated, you will need to communicate with him or her: disable find them my iPhone Activation Lock - Apple Support

  • Can I fast charge an iPhone Plus seven with the iPad higher amperage charger

    I have an iPhone 6 more and it can be loaded more quickly using the iPad to the higher amperage charger (this was not true for the iPhone 6).

    I have an iPhone Plus seven on order and want to know

    one, I can charge the iPad charger?

    b. If it loads faster than with the provided charger?

    According to the specification on power adapter USB Apple 12W news

    It is compatible with most of the iPhones leave soon enough, until the recent series of iPhone 7

    and is also compatible with the iPod and iPad models. See the + toggle to open/view

    These product lists, this adapter can be used with that.

    Because of the available cables to adapt this to other models, it is backward compatible.

    However, the adapter for iPhone out below correspond to the request of the iPhone; While

    This adaptor 12W can do more. The device connected to the adapter would determine

    what the total capacity available can be consumed. But you cannot force-feed a

    more powerful device designed for, so the idea of sharing the power adapter is

    a fine; but don't force a load more faster/more that the unit is determined in advance of use.

    Example: An iPhone 6 uses a 1 to 5W charger, & is compatible with 12W 2. 1 a charger.

    The device limits what he can use. Some may load faster, within the limits set by the design.

    And the cable (if done for power transmission) should not be a problem. The entrance

    power supply for an iPhone more large 7 plug can be such as a charger 29W (for example, MacBook)

    USB - C) can be used with the appropriate adapter. The device should be a factor limiting.

    • Power & cables - iPad (and others as indicated) Accessories:

    • Power & cables - iPhone Accessories:

    There are cables like lightning to USB in different lengths; Some are limited. -Also a

    little can be designed for data and no power. See Apple store accessory specs.

    You may be able to use the "chat" link or call the main sales online Apple help

    information in the pages linked above.

    Good luck!

  • The IPad 2 air

    Can I pass air ipad 2 to 10 iOS?

    Yes. You should not have problems with Air 2. The iPad 2, an older version, is not on the list.

  • Why Apple does not provide a 10 W charger with the air of the iPad 2 when the barn of the computer and hundreds of people on the web say he needs a 12 W charger because Apple has changed their software and 10 W very slow iPad charges.

    Why Apple does not provide a 10W for I pad air 2 charger when the barn of the computer and hundreds of people on the web say that the 10 W does not work and it takes a 12 W charger.  Burning of the computer told me that Apple has changed their software on the iPad and now requires a 12 W charger.

    So you're claiming Apple is selling iPads with a charger that doesn't work?

    A charger 10W works perfectly well. A 12W charger can be slightly faster to load under certain conditions.

  • Recharge the iPad 2 in Italy

    I visit the Italy at the end of the month and I'm bringing my iPad 2 A1397 model for the first time.  Do I need a voltage converter to charge the iPad?  Italy works on 220V, while the USA is 110V. I already have adapters.

    Thank you!

    You only need an adapter plug, iPads can use any voltage (from 100 to 240)

  • Apple health must be available on the iPad


    because I mostly use an iPhone from the company with a dedicated Apple-ID company and use my iPhone private especially on weekends, I find it quite annoying that I can't synchronize data from the Tracker to my physical condition for the health of Apple on my private iPad.

    Apple, it's time to bring the health of Apple for the iPad... come, this was asked as he came out.

    Made of Google is available on phones and tablets, then the missing health on iPad is just embarrassing!

    You do not discuss Apple here. This is a user to user support forum. For Apple to hear you, you must use their comments here, link and click on the box in this area.

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