The .iso file I created with the Windows DVD 7 Professional 32 64 BIT is not installed using BootCamp because it says that it requires a 64 BIT .iso?


I try to have a system dual boot on a 2012 end iMac 27 inches with Intel i7 under OS X El Capitan v10.11.4 who had replaced running Fusion HD. I created files .iso files to both a .cdr WIndows 7 all-in-one 32/64 BIT DVD and a DVD from 32 to 64 BITS of Windows 7 Professionaland also downloaded the BootCamp5.1.5621 drivers. I created the files .iso on a USB disk ejector WD Passport 160 GB ATA. When I try to use BootCamp to create a WIndows 7 install disk from the selected .iso files, it is said that this version is not 64-BIT and it requires 64-BIT install on my iMac. What Bootcamp, look in the files of la.cdr/.iso it determines that it is not 64 bit?


Please use your product key and download an ISO only 64 bits from and place it in your Documents folder. Find a 8 + GB USB Flash drive, which will be in the format / erased by BCA. Run BCA and use the option create USB Installer (it should automatically check the software download option). When you are prompted, point to the ISO. This installer from USB can be used repeatedly.

El Capitan will create Setup with BC6 USB drivers. Please follow install Windows 7 and previous versions on your Mac with Boot Camp - Apple Support and follow steps 1 through 16 in the Windows 7 installation section. Pay attention to step 11 in particular.

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