the lack of simulated material

I just installed Labview 2015 and DAQmx 15.1.1. I am unable to find digital 6552 or 4130 4110 power supply cards or an i/o card in the list of simulated devices.

This screenshot shows the entire list that I can see. No power option.

Do I need additional drivers until I see these devices?

None of those are DAQ devices so expect them to be missing. Download the correct drivers (DC-Power, HSDIO) and go from there. I'm not sure of the digital camera, but I think you can use others with IVI and capacity of simulation.

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  • Apps denied the lack of test material?

    I have two applications that work together.  Here is the description:

    hxFOV is a live video monitoring and control system.  It consists of 2 applications: application of the Agent and the application of control.

    This Agent app turns your mobile device into a remote listening and viewing device. When activated, it turns off the display, while secretly video and audio streaming to a remote device running the application of control of hxFOV, which has full control of the application of the Agent.

    To use, install the Agent on a single application device and control on another device app.  Make sure that both applications use the same password to ID, group, and the server.  They would connect automatically, allowing the aircraft to control control device officer.

    Your device can be remotely controlled (through the application of control):
    -Toggle front/rear camera
    -change of resolution, frame rate, quality
    -change the microphone gain level
    -switch between streaming modes

    My rejection email States:

    All the features of the application could not be tested as a unit and remote access server requires to operate.  Repro steps: 1. launch the application. 2. try to enter data for the device of the agent. 3. notice to the user cannot continue further in the application without these credentials.

    I provide the servers (they use my existing servers of ReelPortal), which the applications load during startup.  But it seems that the tester is not a second device to test with.

    What should I do now?


    The developer was contacted offline to fix the problem.

  • Lack of Options > Advanced Options > Applications entry for the application of Simulator test

    I'm new to BlackBerry dev and I'm still doing my set up and tested development env.

    EPS consists of XP, Eclipse SDK 3.4.1 BlackBerry JDE plugin for Eclipse, BlackBerry component Pack version 4.3.0 and the BlackBerry 8120 Simulator.

    I created a test application simple and loaded on the Simulator for testing through the cmd Eclipse Run > run as > Blackberry Simulator.  As expected, the application icon was displayed on the screen of the Applications (in the Simulator), and, when selected, the application has successfully launched and behaved normally.  So far so good.

    However, when I checked the Options > Advanced Options > Applications on the Simulator, I found that my request was not among others installed apps.  (I tried on two other simulators with the same results.)  I thought about reading the other posts on this forum that I would wait to see this information.   When I install on a simulator I would indeed expect display name information and the app version contained in Options > Advanced Options > Applications list?  If Yes, what should I do to make the information appear?

    Thank you.

    If you install your app in the Simulator simply by copying the COD file in directory of the Simulator (what is JDE when you run Debug), then you should not wait for the application to create. The modules in the files of the cod will be stil it well and that's all that generally the County. You can see the list of modules under Options-> Advanced Options-> Applications-> (Menu)-> Modules. Applications that are included in the Options-> advanced-> Applications are just constructions of metadata on top of modules to simplify various tasks, like setting permissions, adding and removing applications rather than tracking dependencies and individual modules.

    PS, You can programmatically create the entries in the application using the CodeModuleGroupManager and CodeModuleGroup if you really must have your request under Applications. Do not however forget that classic pose methods (Desktop Manager, Web OTA Download, BES OTA Push) all create them the entries in the appropriate application. So, you don't usually have to worry about this problem in the production environment.

  • What is the most important difference between 3D Picture control and controlling the display of Simulator

    I want to create a simulation of 3D on the front panel, and I see that we can use a 3D image control or a display of Simulator control. It seems that each of them can be used at the same position. What is the most important difference between 3D Picture control and display of Simulator?

    Hi sfh1,

    You are right, I found examples of Robotics that use 3D photo control and display Simulator control to display a scene 3D on the front panel. After further research, it seems that control the display of Simulator adds additional features compared to the 3D picture control. The control displays Simulator allows the user to right-click control during execution and change the background color, draw fashion, draw contact, view the ID of robot, display sensor data, suspension of service Simulator and reset service Simulator.

    More in depth on these options and the display of control Simulator can be found here:

    If you would like more information on the picture here 3D control is another resource:

    Kind regards

  • Microsoft sidewinder gamepad 2 does not work on the Combat Flight Simulator WW11 and Europe series

    Original title: I have the Combat Flight Simulator WW11 and Europe series. My microsoft sidewinder gamepad 2 does not work on my XP and my Windows 7 computer. The joystick works on CFS2 Pacific. Help, please.

    I have a HP Pavilion p6717c with a radion HD 6900 graphics card. With windows 7 home


    1. don't you make changes to the computer until the problem occurred?

    2. you get any error message?

    I suggest you to see link below and check if it helps.

    You experience problems when you use a Sidewinder Force Feedback Pro joystick with Flight Simulator on a Windows 2000, Windows XP, or Windows Vista-based computer:

    How to fix game controllers in Microsoft games:

    Items of Combat Flight Simulator:

    Also I suggest you to send your request in the below link.

    Hope this information is useful.

  • Windows ME error after installing an Ethernet network card: "DEVCON. EXE FILE IS LINKED TO THE LACK OF EXPORT SETUPAPI. DLL:CM_FREE_LOG_CONF_HANDLE ".

    I installed 32-bit network card Ethernet 10/100mbps in a tower of E which has Windows Millennium Edition.  When I tried to run the C/D that came with it I got the message, "DEVCON. EXE FILE IS LINKED TO THE LACK OF EXPORT SETUPAPI. DLL:CM_FREE_LOG_CONF_HANDLE' in the network configuration panel it lists the network adapter as a TCP/IP Protocol, but could not get on the internet. In the past, the only way this computer connected to the internet was through a dial-up access. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    original title: problem of setting up a network of maps by ME


    Windows ME (Windows Millennium Edition) is a Microsoft product.

    There is more support available for Windows Millennium Edition.

    end of support for Windows 98, Windows Me, and Windows XP Service Pack 1

  • Windows vista and the air combat Simulator series World War II Europe.

    We have home edition of Windows Vista 64-bit, have loaded Microsoft CombatFlight Simulator WWII Euope series while running as "administrator."  No problem with loading.  Have a Logitech extreme 3d pro. In the development of the game, allows to calibrate the joystick very well, but when you go to missions, nothing works.  If you return together to the top, we get message asking if we want to re - calibrate the device and there a lot of symbols not words in the name of the device of the message window. Anyway to get the game to work with the joystick. We also have the Combat Flight simulator 2, Pacific Therater, and the joystick works very well with it.  Any suggestions to get the game to work?

    Hello Debicin,

    Welcome to the Microsoft Answers Forum!

    First of all, I suggest to uninstall and reinstall the drivers of joystick from Device Manager and check if it works very well. To do this, please follow the steps below:

    Click Start > type devmgmt.msc > right click on the joystick device in the list > click on uninstall > then restart the computer.

    You can also check out the link on how to troubleshoot the problems of gamepad on Combat Flight Simulator 3 (battle for Europe) and follow the steps to check if it helps solve the problem below.

    I hope this information helps. Please get back to us if you have any other questions on this subject.

    Thanks and greetings
    Mir - Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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  • I reinstalled the air combat Simulator 3 but he can't play. He gets at the beginning and then freezes. I've got shield deluxe antivirus 2009. He has not done this with the 2008 deluxe version of shield. Yet, I can play any other game.

    I reinstalled the air combat Simulator 3 but he can't play. He gets at the beginning and then freezes. I've got shield deluxe antivirus 2009. He has not done this with the 2008 deluxe version of shield. Yet, I can play any other game.

    Hi gullo56,

    Welcome to Microsoft Answers Community Forums.

    To help you better I would ask,

    a. If it functioned very well under Windows 7 before?

    ·         I suggest you to disable your firewall security software and check if you are able to play the game.

    From the link below, what I discovered is Microsoft Flight Simulator 3 is not completely compatible with Windows 7, but I would suggest that you follow the steps below to help troubleshoot your problem.

    1. as Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator 3 is supported by Microsoft Windows Vista to function normally, I suggest you run this program in Vista compatibility mode in Microsoft Windows 7.

    For information about how to run a program in an earlier version of Windows, visit the link below,

    2. you can also try to reduce the hardware acceleration and check if it solves your problem,

    1. Click Start-> Control Panel-> appearance and personalization.

    2. under customization, click on adjust the screen resolution.

    3. in the display settings dialog box, click the Advanced Settings button.

    4. in the monitor Properties dialog box, click the Troubleshooting tab.

    5. click on the change settings button.

    6. in the Security dialog box, click on continue.

    7 move the hardware acceleration slider to none to reduce or turn off video hardware acceleration.

    8. click on OK.

    9. restart Windows.

    Hope this information helped you.

    Kind regards

    Arona - Microsoft technical support engineer


    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

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    my windows vista computer is to download a lot of updates which will create the lack of disk space in my hard C drive? Please help...

    You already have disk cleanup?

    Please use this tutorial:

    The Atlantic tutorial has 2 parts:
    Step 1 to 11 is for the classic disk cleanup which will give you back some disc FEPs.
    Step 12 until the end (more), is to delete all except the most recent restore points. This will give bring you a ton of disk space.
    ATTENTION: Make sure that your computer works OK because you delete restore points.
    You have no past point to fall up to restore more new restore points are created.

  • To use the computer with the different Flight Simulator equipment that is only compatible with 32-bit versions of Windows

    Original title: change the version of Windows

    I have a computer used only for Flight Simulator and is running Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit.  I want to use the computer with the different Flight Simulator equipment that is only compatible with 32-bit versions of Windows.  Is there a way I can upgrade to Windows 7 64 bit for Windows 10 32 bit and enjoy free upgrade of Windows 10?

    No, the upgrade program will replace existing windows with the same number of bits, 32 to 32 and 64 to 64.

    Even within the same version of Windows, passing from 32 to 64 and vice versa requires a clean installation.

  • Who should be subjected to the App world, Simulator or device?


    I use the SDK of webworks for BB10 command-line to package and sign my apps. I found 2 subfolders named "Simulator" and "peripheral" generated.

    My first question is what should I submit the .bar file in the subfolder "peripheral" in appworld?

    In addition, the .bar in "Simulator" folder works fine once deployed on the BB10 Simulator. I'm trying to deploy the file .bar 'device' folder on the Simulator, but there is a dialog error popped up. I don't know if it will happen in the event of physical device, because I have no alpha device yet.

    Here's some of my file config.xml


    I have an alpha device and only use the "Device".bar files to test my apps. Works very well on alpha machines.

  • EventLogger events does not appear in the event log Simulator

    So, I was more than a little frustrated with debugging Widget applications and decided to help me a bit.

    I've created a Widget extension that connects to System.out and the EventLogger BB using:


    public class Logger {}

    public static final String APP_NAME = "AppName";
    public static final long GUID = 0xb50dd37e31148effL;

    public static enableLogging() Sub {}
    If (EventLogger.register (GUID, APP_NAME, EventLogger.VIEWER_STRING)) {}
    out ("recorder active.");
    else {}
    ("EventLogger record has failed.");

    * Prints System.out and event log (if enabled).
    public static {Sub out (String msg)
    String message = formatMessage (msg);
    System.out.println (message);
    log (message);

    * Prints in the journal of the events with the ALWAYS_LOG level.
    Public Shared Sub log (String msg) {}
    logEvent (msg, EventLogger.ALWAYS_LOG);

    private public static Sub logEvent (String msg, int level) {}
    If (EventLogger.logEvent (GUID, msg.getBytes ())) {}
    System.out.println ("EventLogger.logEvent succeeded.");
    else {}
    System.out.println ("EventLogger.logEvent failed.");

    The Widget extension works.  I can not even log JavaScript stuff :

    somewhere in file.js:

    Logger.log ("it is JavaScript!");

    as seen by the Eclipse debug console:

    AppName [2010-09-24 12:01:33.609]: active recorder.
    EventLogger.logEvent succeeded.
    AppName [2010-09-24 12:01:33.625]: it's JavaScript!
    EventLogger.logEvent succeeded.

    RIDDLE ME THIS: WHY are the messages NOT sent to the event log Simulator! (9550 or 9800 > tools > Show Event Log does not show my posts.)

    My frustration with BB Monte.


    Windows XP 32-bit

    Install Eclipse Version: 3.5.2 version identifier: M20100211-1343

    Version plugin Web blackBerry: - 33

    BlackBerry Java plug-in Version: - 16

    BlackBerry Java SDK Version:
    BlackBerry Widget SDK Version: - 126 blackBerry SmartPhone Simulator

    As a new BB developer, imagine my surprise when I discovered that the API of EventLogger BB and the BB Simulator event log were completely foreign.

    It's like they're really trying to confuse us.

  • How to receive and send SMS in the emulator or Simulator?


    I am newbie to blackberry. I want the code to send and receive SMS listener in the emulator or Simulator.

    the research would have helped you a lot here.

    in particular with regard to the Simulator:

  • messages from the console on Simulator


    I have a command line application that is simply a cost "Hello messi '... How we test the application on the blackberry playbook Simulator? How to get to see the message on the console after running the application?

    We'll see all the exits to the command prompt in the display window of the IDE, but for what Console you should use an IDE.

  • Debugging is not supported on the selected Blackberry Simulator

    I just installed the plug-in for Visual Studio. Installed simulators are Torch 9800 (v6.0.0.534), the Torch 9800 (v6.0.0.313), 9930 (v7.0.0.318), they all give me the same message. I have a simple HTML web page, set to debug, when you click on play, I get the message, "debugging is not supported on the selected Blackberry Simulator. Only the loading and the launch of WebWorks Applications currently available. Please select a different Simulator if you need.

    Any ideas?


    I think that the debugger works with the simulators that have v5.0.x BONES.  All those you listed are 6.0 or more.

    Try a simulator to v5.0x.

    The visual studio plugin is removed in October I think.  The new test environment is the emulator of the ripple.

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