The most convenient airport and T-Mobile ZTE Falcon Z - 917 hotspot


Have my Time Capsule airport set up for my home network and connects to the Internet via WiFi (WiFi Mojave) antenna Service.

I would like to connect my network to a T-Mobile Hotspot for a faster speed.

Anyone know how I can do this via the AirPort Utility please?

A time Capsule WiFi AirPort can connect to a WiFi Hotspot?

Thanks much for any help you can give.


A time Capsule WiFi AirPort can connect to a WiFi Hotspot?

Yes, if the hotspot provides an Ethernet port for a wired connection... Since the Capsule must be connected to another router or a modem with a connection permanent Ethernet cable, fixed.

If the hotspot does not offer an Ethernet cable... it would be awkward, but it would probably work. Add an AirPort Express to 'join' the wireless hotspot, then connect an Ethernet cable to the Ethernet port LAN Express on the WAN on the Time Capsule port and set up time Capsule to create a wireless network.

If you decide to try this, make sure that you understand the political s store back before buying the AirPort Express... in case things do not work.

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  • The most convenient airport and Arris CM820 modem drop connection

    I have Airport Extreme 6 Gen and a few months back from a 'new' Arris CM820 Time Warner Cable modem. Since then, I did have slowly and dropped connection problems a day - mostly in the evening so that streaming on Apple TV and Roku, and navigation devices on the MacBook Air and iPads at the same time. Each time, I do unplug it, wait 30 seconds and plug back in and it's good for a while. But it happens almost every day. I have been emailing and talking by phone with a representative from Apple support for a few weeks (had a record of the case), then she disappeared on me. I've updated firmware (v 7.7.7). Have also tried using a 5 G network as an alternative - but there is no help. Anyone else having these issues with the 'new' modems THAT TWC sends?

    If you have already tested the modem, try to choose a time when you can turn off the AirPort router and connect your Mac directly to the modem for a day or two to try things like that.

    Alternatively, you can of course call TWC support and have them check the line and the modem, but you already know that they will say that "things seem good to here" and that "the problem must be another device, like your router. .. even though things worked very well before receiving the 'new' modem.

    If the MacBook Air listed in your slogan is the only Mac you have, then you will need a lightning Apple Ethernet adapter to perform this test.   Maid in Gigabit Ethernet Adapter - Apple

    If connection problems continue when you have the Mac connected directly to the modem, the modem would then become a strong suspect.  This is possible.  But, it is also possible that the connection remains stable throughout your test... and if it's the result, TWC has strong arguments to say that their service and the modem are working well.

    Until then, you really don't know if you have a modem problem, a problem of the airport, or as can sometimes be the case... a modem - router compatibility issue. In such cases, the modem out OK and airport does as well, and each manufacturer blames the other for the problem.

    Please post on your 'test' results in the next few days.

  • The most convenient airport in Bridge mode lose packets

    Hi all.

    I have an airport extreme with the version of firmware 7.7.7 (later at the time of this announcement). My modem ISP settings are blocked and it is already fixed to make routing/DHCP/Nat, so I use my airport extreme in Bridge mode to avoid the double NAT (it connects connects to the ISP with DHCP router).

    Both the ISP modem/router and Airport extreme are creating two different 'wifi networks", which belong to the same network (

    I can enter each of this Wifi network, obtain an IP address in both cases and start using the internet.

    However, when I use it on my ISP router, everything works perfectly, however, when I use it on the airport network, it fails from time to time.

    If I start ping an external IP address (e.g.:, I've never lost a packet on the network of the ISP router, but I lose packets often on the airport extreme network.

    Also, if I ping the ISP of the airport extreme network router I lose packets from time to time. Sometimes also vice versa. I never lose packets when ping the router whose network providing I'm connected to.

    All the settings on the airport extreme values by default (except that I created an additional network of 5 GHz).

    Can you give us some advice as how to solve the problem? I read somewhere that disable ipv6 connection sharing could solve the problem, but it didn't. Thanks in advance

    If you have the Ethernet cable from your ISP router that is connected to the "O" on the AirPort Extreme WAN port, unplug the cable and plug it into one of the three ports LAN <>- on the airport to see if this will help with the issue.

    However, if you have the Ethernet cable from the ISP router already connected to one of the LAN <>- port on the AirPort Extreme, then you'll need to reset the AirPort Extreme back to default settings and then set up again.

    If you have any further questions, the Airport extreme is defective and must be replaced.

  • The most convenient airport or TimeCapsule blocks google search

    I think that there is a virus or some kind of my network home preventing me from Google search.  It seems to work without a problem when I use use Wifi Hotspot through Verizon LTE, but through comcast cable, it does not load.  I had Comcast service person come and check the signal and until the TimeCapsule is loading and fine.  When it reset the modem and the TimeCapsule it worked for a minute or two, but then the problem comes back.  It has been almost a week to have this problem.

    -Does anyone know how to fix this?

    Last Comcast guy says to TimeCapsule is nine years old.  and the problem from there.

    What version of firmware is installed in your Time Capsule? For information, launch the AirPort Utility (it's in your Mac utilities folder) and select (click on) the time Capsule. His version of firmware is adjacent to the versionof word.

  • Not the most convenient airport

    I tried to change my user and the airport of "works" password. Airport utility shows green Internet but shows no airport. I tried all the fixes and made sure everything was up to date. When I reset and tried to start over, he's not asking for my settings as it did when it was new. I connected an ethernet cable from the airport to my laptop, it works on my other computers but not my printers. The green light is on the airport, and sometimes I have a yellow triangle in the utility. Is there a file for every thing. Any ideas?

    "When I reset and tried to start again it does not ask for my settings as it did when it was new."

    If you perform the reset correctly, the product then displays default settings... just as it did when you took it first out of the box.

    A real reset default is a bit tricky for some users.

    Turning off the airport by pulling on the power cord to the back of the unit.

    Wait 10 to 15 seconds

    Press and hold to reset first... and hold in for another 7 to 8 seconds while simultaneously you plug the power in the airport

    After 7 to 8 seconds, release the reset button

    Allow a minute for the airport back on the way to a slow, flashing amber light status

  • The most convenient airport wireless

    Can I connect my Airport express to my N450 netgear modem/router combo? And if I can then what are the benefits to do? Or it would be useless to do so?

    The AirPort Express can connect to the Netgear modem/router using either a permanent wired Ethernet cable connection... or... the AirPort Express can connect to the Netgear with only a wireless connection.

    How the Express connects determines what he can or not do.

    Which method of connection you thought?

    We assume that you have a Mac with the help of a current or recent operating system and also what you are asking about the current version of the AirPort Express, which has two Ethernet ports on the device.

  • the most convenient airport

    my airport does not

    Is what model?

    What are the symptoms?

    You have it powered off and on again?

    Have you turned on and on the whole of the network?

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    If this is not the case, check that the Windows themes service is enabled and running.

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    If the other themes of work, but can't always the Zapotec theme to work, then most likely it is corrupt.

  • The most extreme airport in roaming network.

    I should create a WiFi for 50 people. Simultaneous connections number supports both the airport extreme, roving networked?

    Specifications for Apple AirPort Extreme for say 50 users for each AirPort Extreme, so with 2 airports, it would be total 100 users.

    Things would be really slow with 100 users, but 50 users should be OK with 2 airports.

  • The most recent airport TC is compatible with all other routers?

    I have a relatively complex setup, in which case I have 2 TP-Link routers & outdoor CPE of TP-Link covering an acre & two buildings.  You want to have the capabilities of backup for my new MacBook.  The discussions I've seen so far are either old or do not seem to solve the problem...  Ideally, I replace the main router with TC and run ethernet to SCE in open air that feeds on 2nd router for the 2nd building.

    Routers are routers, and it is usually not much matter if they are wired... It is only when you use wireless configuration that things get complicated.

    A lot depends on how your existing two routers are connected... both should not be in router mode...

    There is no reason why you can not try to replace the main router with TC... test and see...

    If you experience problems after the exact problems... but first you need to know this modem and high-speed type are you?

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