The most visited folder on the toolbar is not up-to-date and does not the same content as the list of the most visited in the bookmarks library.

The content in the most visited tag on my toolbar doesn't seem to update and contains a few sites I have visited only once. If I look to organize Favorites there is a library for the most visited folder that seems to have a correct information, which is very different from the list of sites under the label of toolbar. How can I get the latest update list?

Is this a smart bookmark with the icon to the same folder as the working version?

If a copy and paste of the Working Group "Most visited" bookmark in the bookmarks (library) Manager only gives not a working copy you can create a new "Most visited" bookmark with location defined place: sort = 8 & maxResults = 10

You must paste the full text in the location field of this new bookmark and probably need to close and restart Firefox to make it work like a smart bookmark.

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    Essentially inside the bookmarks library, when you search for a particular bookmark, there is no way to view the folder that favorite who is logged in.

    It was very frustrating not being able to do this because I'm a guy who has probably 2000 + favorites for reference and if I want to be able to move bookmarks or confirm that they are in the folder that I want, I want a way to be able to search for them and did not only show their location like a web address as well as where they are registered. Maybe the name of this new "Folder" column as does Microsoft in windows when you view a folder in the "Detail" view you know?

    Thank you!

    You can watch these extensions to add a column to the folder parent for the Bookmarks Manager.

    The only way to locate a bookmark without extension is to open the bookmark in a Firefox tab (possibly offline), and then click on the yellow star on the address bar to open the dialog box "edit this bookmark".

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    Ubuntu 11.04 displays the window menus in the control at the top of the screen bar

    Click bookmarks/view all bookmarks, and then move your mouse to the upper left corner to the Firefox Web browser.

    You will get a pop up menu (Organization, views and import and backup).

  • How can I open a new firefox window when the window open is only the bookmarks library?

    Open a new firefox window.
    Open Bookmarks window
    Close the firefox window that you opened in the beginning and open the Bookmarks window.
    Try again to open a new window of firefox Windows; You can't just; You must close firefox Bookmarks window FIRST, and THEN reopen.

    If the bookmarks library window is open and then displays Firefox still works.

    Open a bookmark, history item or this library folder opens a new Firefox window.

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    "load this bookmark in the sidebar" is an option in the bookmarks library. What and where is the "sidebar"?

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    Using the bookmark Library, I can locate specific bookmarks, but there is no way of knowing which of my cases, it is in. Is it possible to do this? I have about 15 cases of bookmarks with a total of about 150 bookmarks. The research of the Library bookmark gives good results insofar as find the specific bookmark, but I IN. WANT to KNOW WHO MY RECORDS THE SPECIFIC BOOKMARK IS how can I do this?

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    I use Firefox v.3.6.6 and take a college course on the use of e-Business, which refers to the Firefox "Bookmarks manager" window. Finally, I learned through this forum that the name was changed to "library". (Please tell us!) However, I see a typical menu bar and a row of buttons on toolbar below that in the screenshot. And I can't find any information in the forum about how to enable these features, or what happened to them.

    Thank you for any information and help on this topic!

    I recommend not all of what is called "update managers'. Why? I want to know what is installed on my system, when and by what comes in the update. I also want to follow the update process so that the articles 'extra', such as toolbars and search engines does not get installed on my system. Look how many people on this forum asking how to remove tall, mywebsearch, etc., or a toolbar that they insist that they not have installed. This kind of cr * p - ware comes with free downloads is installation of people. Some security software developers are including even this junk, because they get a small amount for each installed - SHAME on THEM!

    To update and maintain your system up-to-date is part of a user responsible for computer/internet. If you get lax, then you run the risk of transmitting malware, friends, family or co-workers. Why lock us our doors, set the alarm, etc., when you leave the House or lock our cars when you go inside a commercial shop? To try to keep the bad guys! It applies to keep your computer up to date and protected.

    Which I'll talk takes 5-10 minutes a week to be sure that you are up-to-date; a little more if you need to update an element. Even 5 minutes a day for the average user don't ask too much, considering the possible, and costimplications of contracting a virus/trojan really bad or another infection of malware on your system.

    We are all busy and never seem to have enough time. But a couple Youtube videos per week or per day, or a game or folded, is all it takes!

  • Bookmarks bar is empty, although I've shown in the bookmarks library

    1. click on menu/bookmarks button, then choose View Bookmarks Toolbar

    Expected behavior: toolbar should display the bookmarks.

    Actual behavior: toolbar is empty.

    Continuation of the discussion: if I go to Firefox > bookmarks > show all bookmarks and click on the 'personal bar' in the library then there are 22 bookmarks or folders listed.

    Make sure you always have the "Bookmarks Toolbar items" on the personal bar

    • Make sure you have the 'personal bar' visible: "view > toolbars".
    • Check in "view > toolbars > customize" "Bookmarks Toolbar items" are on the personal bar
    • If the "Bookmarks Toolbar items" is not on the bookmarks toolbar, then get it back from the window Customize on the bookmarks toolbar
    • If you do not see the "Bookmarks Toolbar items" then click on the button "Restore Default Set"

    This may be a problem with the places.sqlite file that stores the bookmarks and history.

  • Is - slow down Firefox Sync, editing the bookmark library?

    Since I started using Firefox Sync, I noticed only edition or organize my library of bookmark has become slow or lazy.
    Characterizes this synchronization behavior? Or...
    I'm having a problem unrelated?

    Thanks for the reply,

    It is possible.

    We have seen other reports that Firefox is trying to synchronize bookmarks changes too quickly.

    You can try to exclude bookmarks in sync to see if that helps.

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  • What happened to save a bookmark in an existing folder? Now, I have to save and then change the bookmarks - huge time waster

    I'm sorry if I'm simply not see something obvious, but save and organize bookmarks appear to have taken a huge step backward. It seems I can save only a bookmark in the zone unsorted bookmarks and then need to open the bookmarks library to move the bookmark to a folder. In the past, you had options to save a new bookmark in an existing folder or create a new folder and save here.
    Again, I'm sorry if I simply don't see a method to achieve that is right in front of my face.

    • By clicking on the star in the toolbar navigation go to bookmark the page in the "Unsorted Bookmarks" folder and the star lights in blue to show that
    • Bookmarks > 'Bookmark this Page' (Ctrl + D) going to bookmark the page in the folder of bookmarks Menu (you will need to confirm that)
    • 'Bookmark this Page' is accessible via the context menu in the area through the bookmarks menu or navigation in the menu or Firefox menu button drop-down bar (Alt + B)
    • If the URL in the Navigation bar is set bookmark and the star is blue highlight then click on this star highlighted or use the menu item "Bookmark This Page/Edit this bookmark" (Ctrl + D) to change the properties of the bookmark as the name and the location and move the bookmark to another folder or delete the bookmark
  • How can I display the bookmark shortcut?

    The most recent update has deleted the bookmark button in my toolbar.
    Bookmark star also disappeared to the right next to my homepage of Foxfire.
    When I go in the menu at the far right of the Foxfire homepage bookmark Star opens a bookmarks column that cannot be added to, sorted or edited.
    There is no 'bookmark this Page' in the bookmarks column. There is instead a "change a bookmark this" which is unusable.
    When I try to move a bookmark in the bookmarks column I get only a gray bar mobile but no movement of associated bookmark and I can't delete the bookmark.

    In Firefox current releases the menu entry 'Bookmark this Page' in the bookmarks menu changes to "Edit this bookmark" once you have bookmarked the page and the star on the Navigation bar is highlighted blue.

    So do not get confused by the lack of 'Bookmark this Page' in the menu bookmarks and see "Edit this bookmark" instead if you try to bookmark a page that is already set bookmark.

    Note that you no longer have the bookmarks star in the address bar, but now have a star/record button combined to bookmark the link and open the drop-down list in the bookmarks menu that has "Show all bookmarks" at the bottom of the list

    In current Firefox released (29 and following), which are have a UI Australis, the orange Firefox menu button has been replaced by the three button bar of Menu of Firefox at the far right of the Navigation bar and this button is always visible, if you have the bar of menus visible or hidden
    A consequence of this situation, it is that you can no longer hide the Navigation toolbar

    • There is a star as the button next to the search bar on the Navigation toolbar to bookmark the current web page and a "Show bookmarks" button next to it to open bookmarks in a menu drop-down.
      You can find "Show all bookmarks" to open the bookmarks (library) at the bottom of the drop-down list manager
    • If bookmark you a page, then 'Bookmark this Page' in the bookmarks menu replaces it with "edit this bookmark".
    • You bring up the title bar via the "Title bar" button at the bottom left in the palette to customize window

    It is still possible to have the bar of menus visible via the menu popup of a toolbar for menus as the file menu to print (Ctrl + P) and preview before printing and the bookmarks menu available.

    See also:

  • How to customize the menu bookmarks, such as remove subscribe to this page and and hide or remove the unsorted bookmarks in the bookmarks menu bar?

    In the old version you could hide the or delete to subscribe to this page from the bookmarks bar option menu option and the same for the unsorted Lily book option.
    I would also like to remove some spaces that surround these options in the menu.

    I want to talk about the menu bar with the bookmarks menu item.

    All of these options in the bookmarks menu makes for lots of unnecessary scrolling for the bookmarks menu in any direction (upwards or downwards). I think it's very annoying that there is NO option to hide these elements either to just outside and to remove it!

    The toolbar that I speak has this list on this.

    File Edition display history bookmarks tools help

    In this menu bar in the drop-down menu bookmarks menu is now where I want to get rid where hide the items mentioned above, that allows you to be able to do.

    If you want to hide Unsorted Bookmarks in the bookmarks Menu (However he always appears in the bookmarks library), follow these steps:

    -> Create a userChrome.css file in a folder named chrome in your Firefox profile folder

    -> Close Firefox

    -> Now enter (or copy / paste) the following code into the userChrome.css file.

    @namespace url (""); / * This line is needed only once * /.

    #appmenu_bookmarksPopup menuseparator[builder="end"],
    #bookmarksMenuPopup menuseparator[builder="end"],
    #BMB_bookmarksPopup menuseparator[builder="end"],
    #BMB_unsortedBookmarks {display:none!important;}
  • Make a right-click the star to an already referenced site does NOT have the option to edit the bookmark to a selected location as described in Helpl

    The option to edit the bookmarks is absent from my current version 29.0.1. Right-click the star
    produces a menu but not one described in help.

    Go to the Menu
    Remove from the toolbar
    Menu bar
    Bookmarks Toolbar

    This question was on by clicking on the star in the Navigation toolbar to edit the bookmark.
    The button star highlight to edit the bookmark because right click opens the context menu of the toolbar, you must left click.

    You can right click on a bookmark in other places such as the bookmarks toolbar or in the sidebar and in the bookmarks (library) Manager to change the properties.

  • I can't have my favorites of IE 8 bookmarks Firefox (ver.25.0.1) even after export IE fav. html file and then import via the bookmark manager!

    using professional XP, hundreds of favorites in IE 8. I can't their in Firefox, either directly by the Bookmark Manager (show all bookmarks/importing data and backup/import from another browser OR exporting favorites in IE 8 to an html (fact) file and then get back Firefox Bookmarks and using bookmarks/show all bookmarks bookmarks-import and backup/import html file.) I find the file, double click on open, BUT nothing happens in the bookmarks library?

    It is not one case about others come more - nothing happens?

    Have you tried a search in bookmarks (library) Manager since some know bookmarks?

    Problems with bookmarks and history does not properly can be caused by a corrupted database places.sqlite file.

    You can check for problems with the database places.sqlite file in the Firefox profile folder.

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