The NB305 has a mini PCI-E slot?

I have a NB305 (PLL3AA-01E009), I have purchased from HN about 3 months ago.

I just read with interest on Whirlpool where a guy pulled apart his Aircard 880U and adapted from the mini pci-e card in his laptop computer "Dell".

As my NB305 has a light for WWAN (at the front), but no hardware, I wonder if she has the pci - e slot, where I too may be able to adapt this card?

I checked the specifications and is no pci-e slot - but the light on the front gives me hope!

See you soon,.

The light in the front doesn't say much. Loan of equipment (slot, antenna) and compatibility is important.
If I understand you well this guy that write you about has probably changed his address. What you want to change on your laptop?

If you want to use the AirCard 880U USB version of this card check card.

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  • Lenovo Mini PCI-E Slot P500 locations?


    Happy holidays ~! Hope everyone is having a great time.

    I need help to determine if the Z500/P500 manual material actually told the truth or not.
    According to page 27 of the manual of the equipment to the Z500/P500 Ideapad, there are 2 Mini PCI-Express slots:

    "PCI Express Mini Card Slot: Slot 2.

    That means actually? To me, it sounds like there are 2 mini PCI-Express slots somewhere on the motherboard, but when I opened it upward, I only found one, and it was taken over by the Wi - Fi card. I looked under the slot where the Wi - Fi card has been, but I couldn't find another location.

    Can someone tell me where is the second Mini PCI-Express slot? I looked carefully through the motherboard, but I couldn't find the other - I hope it was just because I haven't looked hard enough.

    Assistance specialists have an answer?

    Thank you very much for your time and once again, happy holidays!


    Hi Zoey

    It is confirmed that the computer that you have only 1 location but this machine could be found also with two slots as the Z500

    Thank you

  • HP ENVY 15-j052nr TouchSmart: Question Mini PCI-E Slot

    Hi, here is my problem: I replaced with an external GPU adapter wireless LAN module, I thought that the port Mini PCI-E free, my laptop was able to detect this new GPU adapter, but turns out he didn't, only the Wifi Slot detects it

    I can still use the Ethernet port for internet, but I don't want to lose my wifi connection then the questions are:

    This supplement Mini PCI - E port is really a Mini Port PCI - E or is it just a reserved port SSD? they have all both has the same appearance
    If so, is there any adapter out there that can allow me to use this Mini PCI - E instead of just normal port port of SSD?
    If the awnser is NO, then is there any WiFi Module that would work in this port? (I tried to install my WiFi Module in port said, but the system could not detect it)

    Here you can see the two ports

    I would bet dollars to donuts against this thing work and still think you run a risk of damage to the laptop. The wi - fi connection port is a 1 x pci-e card and video it wants at least a 8 x lane. But if you are happy with it so I am.

    Oh and the port of the WSSD is a unique single-purpose storage connector that you discovered. You will need to get a usb wifi dongle.

  • Need advice for the purchase of a mini PCI Wireless


    I have a laptop Toshiba I bought nearly two years ago. This laptop has an Intel 2200BG wireless chipset, which works, but the quality of connection is quite low. Sometimes, the connection speed climbs, sometimes it falls in total. I tried all the updates driver, power management tips and everything that could be found on the net. Some of these help, but there is always something that doesn't work as it should.

    Long story short, I decided to buy a mini pci wireless card. The problem is that these cards are nowhere to find. There is nothing on the Toshiba site, and apart from a few offers on eBay, there is almost nothing to choose. I know there are other options, but I prefer a mini pci card.

    Can someone help me on this issue?

    Thank you


    Hi Peter

    Can you please tell us which laptop model you have?

    In any case, the network without WIRE Intel 2200BG card is good enough and works very well on my Satellite M70 (with the latest driver). Download speed is very good and I do not need a wireless network card. I don't know what is the problem with WLAN connection in your case, but please try to test with another router WLAN (maybe your friends have all other routers). Also, install the latest WLAN driver for this card.

  • The attention! Error initializing PCI express slot 4 (for a PCIe used in the PXI-1033 chassis)


    I have problems with my PXI system. When I try to contact the 1033 chassis using his high card my computer does not recognize (the PC displays the message during the start-up stage: "alert!) Error Initializing PCI express Slot 4). It was working fine before, but the chassis has been disconected with the PC on. I read that it may cause failures of communication, but I have not found a good source for this problem. Could someone help me with this problem?

    Thank you very much!


    Hi Victor,

    Can you check something for me? One, can you try to disconnect the cable between the PXI and PCIe cards and try to restart your machine. When you do this, you still see the message? I know that you mentioned in your first point that the chassis is turned on when you see the error message, so I'm just trying to clarify what you mean by that.

    Also, it is quite easy to plug in a cable express MXI upside down, so even if point 2 you said that the links appear to be good I had to check to make sure that the cable is properly connected. You have additional cables, you can test?

  • I can't get my computer to work when I move the NIC wireless to another PCI-e slot.

    I bought a new graphics card for my desktop computer (e9220f HP Pavillion, MOBO H-RS880-Μatx ALOE), then when I tried to install it I noticed he had a profile higher than my last card and would require the displacement of the interface (p/n 502300-001) WLAN card to the PCI-e slot x 1 higher following. The problem is that when I did that I would get the start screen initial followed by a black with a half inch Bright screen multicolored in the form of a toothpick or a model, (green light with metal lines) run through a quarter of the screen there are 3 of these slots PCI-e x 1 which look identical to each other. Why can I not move the device map local network without any problem? Help, please...

    If you can live with it in 'only the lowest PCI-e x 1 slot work.'  Then the big.  If you have to have in another location, then maybe try a USB wireless adapter led.

  • Satellite Pro M10 - location of the mini-pci slot?


    I have a M10 Pro of the Satellite with a mini-PCI Intel Pro 2100. Now, I wanted to put in a new card, but I can't find the mini-pci slot? I opened all the way down, but there nothing. Where is it located and what is the best way to open the laptop? I guess a lot of screws must come out...


    Well, as far as I know the mini-PCI card is under the keyboard. In this case, you will need to remove the unit covers. But if you open Notepad, you will lose the warranty.
    In my opinion, you should contact the ASP for help and detailed descriptions.

    Good bye

  • What to do with free mini PCIe - Flash for the swap file


    in my T500, there is a free mini near the location of SIM location PCIe, but that's only half of length. I found an SSD at SuperTalent in these Dimensions. Someone out there who has tried to use this slot for storage, for example $TEMP or swap file?

    Kind regards


    It will not work. This SSD is designed for the Dell Mini 9, which uses a special type of mini PCI-e slot [FLASH_CON]. This slot machine is connected to a PATA or SATA controller on the motherboard.

    The DSS will not work on PCI-e standard minis housing because they are not connected to a PATA or SATA controller.

    I think that half height mini PCI-e slot is used for Intel Turbo Memory.

  • HP dv6-3150us has a PCI express slot?

    HP Pavilion Dv6-3150 we

    I want to add an external graphics card and it is possible olnly via PCI Express slot or a slot express card, and this model does not have an express card slot.

    I also discovered the mantanence and service guide & lc = in & product = 4308465 this type of models support bluetooth module, since my laptop doesn't have a bluetooth, is it possible that the PCI Express slot for the bluetooth module is empty.

    And I would like to know if it is possible for me to add an external graphics card or I need to change the graphc card that comes with this laptop?

    There is no way to change or supplement the graphics system. I've seen the videos floating around devices of Frankenstein connected to the card slot wireless with the back cover open and then a powered external Bay with a standard desktop video card. Trying to put something like that will almost surely fry the motherboard, or at best will not perform very well. The mini pci-e slot for the wireless card is a 1 x pci-e bandwidth and video cards require 8 x bandwidth. So if you want to access a pci-e slot, you will need to remove the wireless card. Bluetooth on this model is made by a card in combination with the wireless.

    Your laptop doesn't have an expresscard slot, as you acknowledge. They are available only on business models high end of our days, and the same limitations apply to have an external videocard connected through an expresscard slot.

    You can change the motherboard of your laptop. You have a version with the Intel HD graphics only, and I'm sure that other versions of the series dv6-3000 used best graphics systems. You seek to a significant investment in time and money for it. Post back, however, if you want to just give it a shot and we can track down numbers of specific parts and manuals of instructions or videos for you.

  • Wireless Mini-PCI card does not work after installing it in socket

    I have laptop satellite A30, it has a plug for a mini PCI card.
    I buy a (chipset intel) and install the driver on the PC.
    The problem that I can not power on the wireless?
    There is a switch for this perpose on the side of the laptop, but when I change nothing happen!
    Also press the Fn with F8 button but nothing is also happening.
    I discuss this issue with other friends, they told me that there must be something in the BIOS and activiate/deactiviate the wireless, but I can't find anything related to map wireless in BIOS?
    For this I need your help

    Hi guys,.

    THX starbucks for the post, but I must correct you:

    As the wireless card in the mini-pci card slot is the only one, there is NO onboard wireless card. So it can't be anything to be disabled except the pci socket.
    And regarding the problem: perhaps the card is not compatible with this machine. I suggest to buy a card based on the atheros chipset because they are known to work VERY well (in fact they work) in almost all brands without bigger problems and they do in computers laptop toshiba.

    If the card was not recognized then another card must be installed-> atheros and not INTEL chipset

    Welcome them

  • Mini PCI DSS in U350

    I would try to put a mini 60MB PCI SSD in my U350 as the start/program disk and leave the HD existing as my data disc.  From my reading of various Councils, this sounds like a clean reinstall of the operating system for the SSD is the best way to do it.  I also heard that it is better to remove all the other disks during installation to avoid conflicts.  My question is, if I uninstall the existing HD, install the PCI DSS and do the reinstall using Lenova provided, recovery disks it will work? The Bios detects the PCI DSS?

    It is the SSD, I'm looking at:

    Any guidance would be appreciated.

    Note: this assumes that the U350 has an mSata slot, which is not the same as just mini pci even though they look like. Is it won't work but you have to do a clean install of windows and not just use the standard restore disks. Be sure to get a list of the device drivers before installing new ones.

  • using mini pci-e ssd for U260

    I saw the post on installing an ssd in the ideapad u260

    but it is technically beyond what I'm willing to do at this point, and I want to keep a large disk for data and use the ssd for the OS, etc.

    My laptop has a Mini PCI-e, I can't imagine using it for what it is, and I can get mini drive pci-e with controllers mSata apparently at a fairly reasonable price.

    But I wonder

    (1) it will work with a u260

    (2) is it actually fit INTO the slot? Or it will eventually stick on the side of the computer

    (3) (it's a little sad), how do you get the open PCI slot? I see it on the left side, but it does not seem to come off. Why Lenovo put the slot just hide behind this piece of plastic?

    Hi Pete,.

    Please watch the Videos of Service U260:


    and read "Lenovo IdeaPad U260 Hardware Maintenance Manual":

    Good luck... Zehn

  • Satellite M40x-105: Mini PCI Wifi card available?


    I recently bought a M40x-105. Does anyone know if she has a mini-pci card to install a wireless card? I know that I can use a pcmcia wireless card.



    As far as I know the card Mini PCI Wi - Fi is not available for your laptop model. Satellite M40X is no ready wireless and the only option available is the PCMCIA card.

  • Pavilion DM3-3112nr: Pavilion DM3-3112nr aditional mini pci-e

    yesterday, I opened my hp pavilion dm3-3112nr for cleaning. It is about 4 years old. And I see a mini pci-e slot available. can I use it for a msata drive install windows 10 and use the drive as a secondary drive?

    This is the Manual:


    See page 57-58. What is the location that you have seen? If so, it is only for a cell model (WWAN) card. It does not support a drive of the WSSD.

    If it's 'the Answer' please click on 'Accept as Solution' to help others find it.

  • On port free mini pci-e in Pavilion dv4 series

    I know that whole new dv4 series features a free mini pci-e slot.

    When you customize, which is optional for the WSSD. is it not?

    Then, can I use this mini pci-e slot with mSATA SSD?

    Hey Ruby,.

    You are right, you can use the mini pci-e slot for one SSD drive.


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