the new adobe puts out of my pc...


That's it's been few months that adobe no longer works correctly on my pc, I am running windows7, Mozilla Firefox, whenever I desire to use a site or there is need of Adobe, PAN ca fucks me everything up, I mean:
The new version 11.7 works not at all blocking me everything so I just uninstall and there version Adobe 10. (something) does not have my videos (youtube, games, etc.), plus I in the just before address bar the address of any site or I'm going a little red "lego" who wonder: activate or activate all plugins, if I click it asks me: always activate the plugins pour site this.

I put you a link so that you can see what I see on my Web site:

I am forced to stay on the old adobe that I have, but here's what I see.

Thank you, and by the way I am a real computer nozzle, if I could have an explanation in normal language thank you in advance.



PS: I am not using IE, it always crashes...


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