The new update with the Patch for Camera Raw does not work. Code U44M1P34


I have a problem with the new CC update - including the patch for Camera Raw 8.7.1

Error code: U44M1P34

Photoshop CC (2014)

After Effects CC (2014)

Brisge CC

The log file shows 1 fatal error:

FATAL: Payload ' Photoshop Camera Raw 8_8.7_AdobeCameraRaw8.0All with a number that follows.

I tried to uninstall reinstall. Did not work at all, because the same problem appears.

I have not installed in other folders. All other updates worked - but not this update. The problem seems to bee only caused by the Camera Raw update.

Are there other people with the same problem? Any ideas?

Thanks in advance and greetings,



Hi Jeff,

It seems I found a dirty solution, but work for my problem on this site: Getting fatal exit Code 34 when installing an application

To change these 3 names of folders and reinstall my programs worked fine without error:

Adobe PCD-> Adobe PCDold

backup-> backupold

Caps-> capsold

Now, the programs are on the actual status with all the updates that are included and everythings looks fine.

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