The new vesrsion Firefox for Windows does not allow for recording of images from websites. Why is it so?

When I select a photo from any website by clicking right, popup options. But the option "Save as" does not work.

Hi tkbabu3,

Yes it is, I am unable to replicate this, can you provide an example of the Web site where this is happening please?

Happy to help you otherwise!

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  • A Dell PowerEdge 2850 server is used for the new ESXi server, but it does not support the 64-bit VM.

    A Dell PowerEdge 2850 server is used for the new ESXi server, but it does not support the 64-bit VM.

    I can't believe it.

    When I start up a virtual computer, it gives a wrong message shown in the picture below.

    Does anyone have any ideas on this?

    Usually not enabled virtualization technology in host BIOS.

    Take a look at can not power on a 64-bit Windows VM

  • Firefox bookmarks bar does not allow me to drag-and - drop Web site icons. I went into the display and click on "bookmarks bar".

    Firefox bookmarks bar does not allow me to drag-and - drop Web site icons. I went into the display and click on "bookmarks bar". bookmarks bar but her but its not allowing me to drag and drop the icon on the toolbar. I tried everything it is supposed to do, but his does not work. his frustration.

    Stef. /. \

    Make sure the toolbars like the toolbar 'Navigation' and the 'personal bar' are visible.

    • View > toolbars
    • Right click on empty toolbar space

    Use the toolbar (Customize) to open the Customize and set the toolbar to display items.

    • Make sure the "bookmarks toolbar items" are on the personal bar
    • If "Bookmarks Toolbar items" is not on the bookmarks toolbar, then FRY it in the palette of the toolbar in the window the bookmarks toolbar Customize
    • If the missing elements are in the toolbar palette then drag them from the window, customize the toolbar
    • If you do not see an item on a toolbar in the toolbar palette and then click the button "Restore default" to restore the default toolbar configuration

    You can check the problems caused by a corrupt localstore.rdf file if the above didn't help.

  • error message indicates that the new 450 turbo label printer does not support the type of paper 119

    error message indicates that the new 450 turbo label printer does not support the type of paper 119

    Contact the society of the printer.  There is nothing that Microsoft or Windows, can do to force the printer to accept a type of paper, though it says it will not accept it.

  • Equium M40X: I get to the banner of Toshiba, but Windows does not start

    When I start my 2 year old Toshiba Satellite M40X, I get to the banner of Toshiba, but Windows does not start. I tried using the recovery CD and it does not either.

    Any suggestions as to what could be the problem?


    What do you mean with the banner of Toshiba? Did you mean the Toshiba splash screen that appears at the begging of the boot?

    Equium M40X successfully passed this screen?

    If the laptop is unable to switch to the home Toshiba screen then I presume that the BIOS has detected a hardware problem.
    In this case primarily the motherboard fails

    But if the laptop is able to spend the Toshiba start screen, the motherboard must be ok and only a 3rd device malfunction as HARD drive could cause this problem.

    Try to study a little

  • New SSD in T430, Windows does not, tried everything...


    I bought a T430 a week ago. I'm not completely inept with computers: I have successfully added an another 4 GB of RAM with no problems.

    Then I wanted to replace my HDD with my SSD. I know that the SSDS works because he was in another laptop. I put it in an external dock; It hooked up to my T430. He allowed. I kept safe backup HARD drive, I used several times since then. I also did a recovery of Windows on a CD disc.

    I cloned the HARD drive on my SSD using EaseUS software and said to make it bootable. It didn't for me, so I blamed the software.

    Then I used Acronis True Image to make a bootable copy of my setup on a USB key. I turned on the computer with just the SSD (empty) and tried to load the USB key. My computer does not recognize the bootable copy of white point. Everything takes back me to a screen asking me which drive I want to start since several times.

    Good then, I said, clone the HDD to the SSD and try the bootable USB. Has done this, but it had no effect. Same problem as above.

    Okay okay, let's try a new installation on the SSD using the recovery disk. That's when the real fun happens. I get to the menu on the theme of Lenovo System Recovery, and I click Next. Then I get a warning message saying "this version of the System Recovery Options is not compatible with the version of Windows that you want to repair. Try to use a recovery disc that is compatible with this version of Windows. What? I did only this morning. I don't think that the main Windows updates has been since then! (Just in case, I made an even more recent recovery disc tonight. I had the same error).

    Then I erased the SSD and tried the recovery on the own SSD disk. Same mistake once again. Recovery disks do not work, the system does not recognize the USB copy and the SSD cloned (and allegedly boot-loan) does not start.

    What is going on? All I'm doing is replace my with my SSD HARD drive and running Windows 7. I don't think it would be this hard

    Some additional points:

    -I'm inserting readers. The computer can read it is a series of 840 Samsung SSD.

    -There is no problem with the USB. My office can read very well and sees that there are 29GB of stuff there.

    -J' have changed the boot order in the BIOS to load the disk USB (or CD) first.

    -J' disabled the safe boot option in the BIOS.

    -J' tried UEFI, inheritance, etc. etc., mixture of both.

    -Yes, it's a legitimate copy of Windows. It came with the computer a week ago. There is [i] might [/ i] a question I try to reinstall Windows 7 on SSD, but the only recovery disks that come with the computer are Windows 8... but then how do I get Win 7 on my SSD?

    -J' looked for in the forums. None of the solutions proposed (for most listed above) have worked.

    Any help would be appreciated, people.

    I had one extra hiccup. The disc of Windows 7 could not find the product key for activation/product on the BIOS. Couldn't any semi-douteux program I downloaded. So I could not allow Windows 7.

    I called Lenovo. They said it was my fault for using disks of Windows recovery instead of Lenovo recovery disks. (God forbid! It really should not matter. It is a terrible approach the part of Lenovo who their initial recovery disks gave me an error about the licenses, but yet they apparently do not support the Windows stocks recovery disks.) In any case, after that I said to the officer - in my polite way - that it is a ridiculous scenario, she offered to send me Lenovo recovery disks.

    I agreed. They arrived today. I reinstalled Windows and now everything works fine.

    In the case where someone reads this thread in the future: ask Lenovo will send you recovery disks Win 7 Pro and use after the installation of the SSD. It considerably facilitates the process.

  • I get a pop up screen I need, but the screen is very low and does not allow more than 1 line of information while IE shows the window contextual integers of 27 lines

    I play games that allows me to send gifts to your facebook friends and when I click on send gift, a screen with the names of my friends will be displayed so that I can select the ones to send to... but since yesterday morning, the pop up screen using firefox became so weak that it allows only one line and it does not allow me scroll more than 5 times... While the IE pop-up window shows 27 lines at once, and I can scroll the following 27 and so on... I have pictures of the screen if you need...

    You should be able to resize the window pop - up to enlarge.

    You allow sites resize the popup window?

  • When I start my computer I saw a MSI logo and then the screen goes black and Windows does not load.

    original title: HELP ME PLEASE!

    (I am running windows xp) I need help! I tried installin linux ubuntu for netbook 10 on my msi u100, but everything was wrong when my little brother from my FlashDrive from the port, it has been installin linux from. so now when I turn on my computer it will not load windows, it will just have the msi logo and then the screen goes black and it does not load windows xp.

    Netbooks and also most computers these days, do not come with an installation CD. Instead, it has a recovery partition. Assuming that you have not deleted the recovery partition,

    Take a look at this:

    Hope this helps

    Post back if necessary


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  • Adobe Master CS4 due to the new PC RELOADED - After Effects does not appear

    Recently had a PC take a bolt of lightning! When it is re-load the Adobe Master CS4 on my replacement machine, After Effects does not appear.  Any suggestions apart from reloading of the whole of the suite?  Thank you!

    The CS4 installer will allow you to select by check each application so that you can simply install After Effect.

    before you which however make sure you check that your program directly files for the older AE.

  • InDesign does not allow me to save my work. Why is this? Time sensitive project.

    I downloaded the trial version for InDesign and have been using it for working on an important project. I got the free trial for a little while, but I don't know exactly how long. I opened it an hour ago, and she still offered the option "continue trial", so I clicked it, but now it does not allow me to save or export my file in PDF format. I'm almost finished on the project. He holds today, but if I'm not able to save the file, I will not be able to submit the assignment. Is my inability to save the file, the result of the trial running out mid-session? If so, what can I do to recover the work I've done?

    In my view, there is a known problem where it happens to a few Mac users. The solution is to export to .idml. open and save to a new file.

  • I can not open a new tab - when I restart my computer (or firefox), ctrl T does not work and the tab '+' next to the tab on my browser window does NOT open a second tab

    Firefox3.6.18, running on Windows XP (all patches from Microsoft), opens with a single tab. By clicking on the tab add '+' or by pressing CTRL T does not open a new tab, even if I open a new window. In addition, when you exit Firefox, my location of the tab is not saved.

    Please click the button solved it next to the answer that solved your problem of Firefox support, it appears when you are connected, so this thread is marked as resolved to help other users who may have this same problem.

  • Windows Vista install the new WD hard drive empty - does not not :(

    It was my original question:

    And now...

    I got my CD of HP recovery and ordered a new WD 500 GB HDD... same features as the seagate who pooped me and I can't get windows install on the new HD

    No matter what I do, computer wants to open the Recovery Manager and according to the available procedure does not work.  It works me in circles asking for #1 drive, then the drive recovery supplement and back with no progress.

    What I have to do is use this form: but only the Recovery manager opens when I boot from the CD.

    Anyone have any ideas?

    If I followed your questions correctly... you had a BIOHD-2 error, ordered HP recovery discs, replaced the hard drive and tried to restore your system with no luck. Is that a correct assessment of the situation?

    OK, you need to make a Windows Vista install screen... not who's going to go with your HP recovery CD/DVD. The disks do not contain the Windows installation routine, only the HP Recovery Manager. These discs contain more or less, an image of the HP installed OS and software, plus some drivers and applications. To the best of my knowledge, you should have three DVDs (1 of 3, 2 of 3 and 3/3) more an additional drive. You should boot from CD 1 of 3... Then, when asked to insert the 2/3... Then, when asked to insert 3/3. And finally if/when necessary additional drive.

    At HP; Recover the system after the hard drive is replaced (Windows Vista)


  • Windows does not allow me to update the drivers for my Nexus 7 (USB port)

    I'm having a problem connecting my Nexus 7 compressed (version 2013) to my desktop. I've successfully connected to my laptop. The two computers running Win 7 (64).

    When I plug the USB cable in my office, says Windows is to install the device driver software. After a short interval, it pops up a message saying that the software has not been installed correctly.

    So of course I went on Google Nexus web site and downloaded the latest version of the driver and unzipped the file.

    I opened the Device Manager. The Nexus is not listed, but under "Portable devices", it a "MTP USB Device", which I think will turn out to be the Nexus.

    I right click on this point, then "Update Driver Software", then "Browse my computer...". "and"Search for driver software in this place"(and of course, I've come to the place where my file downloaded and unpacked.

    Click "next".

    INSTANTLY, I have "Windows has determined the driver software for your device is up to date. It seems there being no attempt to load the new driver. I maybe trying to load the drivers in the wrong place?

    FWIW, I checked to see if there are group policies that would prevent Windows update drivers, but there is not. I'm not aware of the problems of updating all drivers.

    I even tried to copy the drivers in my laptop, without success. When the Tablet is connected to my laptop (with success), it appears in device under portable devices-> Nexus management, but this does not happen on the desktop.

    This who should I try next, please?

    Hi TRHD,

    Depending on your answer update, I suggest to run the next fixit and check if it helps.

    Diagnose and automatically fix the Windows USB problems

    Please post back your results for assistance.

  • After I downloaded firefox installation window does not appear

    I'm trying to update Firefox on my laptop. As soon as I clicked on download the most recent edition, I'm waiting for the next step - RUN - to appear, but it does not. I tried this four times without success. Please notify. Thank you.

    Firefox is not a race for .exe which is a good thing for security reasons and common sense.

    After downloading Firefox, you go there where you save the file and run.

  • I can't get Firefox to load my comcast e-mail. I can browse the web using firefox, but it does not load my emails. How can I fix it?

    I have a Mac, and I use Firefox for years. Recently, I started having problems loading my emails from Comcast when I use Firefox. I am able to load my mail using yahoo and safari... but not on Firefox. Can I do to solve this problem? I tried to reset firefox several times... at first, it seemed to solve the problem, and then after the first 5 minutes, it was back to my emails does not. So I uninstalled firefox and reinstalled... but no luck in fixing the problem. Any ideas?

    try to clear your cache and cookies to see if that solves the problem. Incase it doesn't work, then it is possible that the cookies.sqlite file that stores the cookies is corrupted.

    Rename (or delete) cookies.sqlite (cookies.sqlite.old) and delete the other files of cookie present as cookies.sqlite - journal in the Firefox profile folder where the cookies.sqlite file has been corrupted.

    Start Firefox in Mode safe to check if one of the extensions (Firefox/tools > Modules > Extensions) or if hardware acceleration is the cause of the problem (switch to the DEFAULT theme: Firefox/tools > Modules > appearance).

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