The notebook does not work in Windows 8

Update WIN 7 Ultimate to Win 8 PRO.

Notepad opens and the message can be typed into it.

When you try to save the file, a part of message informs you that the notebook has failed.

When the pane is closed, closes Notepad and typing is lost.

I had problems with this recently - kept Notepad opening in computer language.  I realized that the last time I had to refresh my computer, I lost the Adobe Reader software.  As simple as that! Go to and install the player.  :-)

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  • Pavilion G6 2338sl: hardware button to turn off the touchpad does not work on Windows 10


    I have a Pavilion G6 mobile 2338sl. When I was on Windows 8.1 the touchpad worked a lot, so I've updated for Windows 10. Windows updated my drivrs to last, provided also by Synaptics ( HP says the moment is upgrade from Windows to provide the driver for this laptop, as you can see on the driver support page. The touchpad works, the parameters can be set (gestures etc.), the touchpad turns off when another mouse is connected (it's ok).

    The problem is that if I use the touchpad and I want to turn off the button, it does not work and the computer reacts like a click. So I returned to the old driver and button works. But Windows Update continusly updated the driver (I disabled the option in the advanced settings, but it still update) and I come to every time.

    So I tried to reinstall Wndows freshly (not update Windows 8.1) and with the old driver works, but when she updates to, the button to turn off the work stoppage.

    I looked on the interent and someone tips to set minimum detection of palm. I tried but it still not working.

    I hope someone can help me



    If you find that the old Synaptics driver works Ok, install it and then use the utility on the following link to prevent Windows 10 to automatically update again.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • the joystick does not work with windows 8


    I have a problem using the joystick; When I used it with windows 7 it works, but when I tried to use it with windows 8, even if it is detected in windows, it does not work with any of my VIs(labview_2012).is there an issue with labview, or there is a solution to solve this.

    Thank you

    I wrote this VI in order to study how to integrate a Joystick into my LabVIEW code (I called the "Joystick Sampler" VI).  It has two parts - the lowest fact function, "Query Input Devices", an array of devices, their names and the number of Axes, buttons and POV "hat", in a table called "Joystick Info".  Look at this attention first, in pay to the array Index that seems to match your gamepad, when plug you it into a USB port.

    The upper code can enjoy (one of the) Joystick (s) at the rate of 10 Hz, which allows you to test the buttons, axes, etc..  Note that the primary function of "Initialize the Joystick" takes a parameter (default = 0) which corresponds to the Index of Joystick, you have discovered by looking at the table Info Joystick (see previous paragraph) - If your joystick, for example, seems to be at Index = 4, thread has '4' in the function Initialize Joystick.


  • Horizon of the UPC does not work on Windows 7

    I opted for horizon wifi and my laptop with Windows 7 saves only a few seconds and then left. Previous modem worked well.

    All other devices in the end work from home just seems to be a laptop.
    I've updated all the drivers etc and no improvement.

    UPC seem to think it's a question of laptop and not their problem, they said something on the horizon, was not compatible with Windows 7.

    Is this true?
    One of the solutions to this please?

    Give more details about your problem?
    I guess want to connect the laptop to a wireless network at home. Right?

    What cell phone do you have exactly?

    You can connect the mobile correctly to open WLan (unsecured)?
    Change the security settings and try different types of encryption.
    Also try wifi channels (1-9) usually only found this option in the settings of the WLan router.

  • The printer does not work with windows 7

    Just bought a Samsung R480 today and discovered that my existing printer is not compatible with it. The Setup disk only works with Windows XP and Vista. Samsung R480 running Windows 7 at the moment.  I was also considering changing my desktop computer for Windows 7 as well.

    So my question is, is it possible to request an another HP installation cd that is compatible with Windows 7? Or I have to buy a new printer that is compatible with Windows 7?

    Thank you!

    The link below should show the selection of OS for the drivers of J4680c. just click on what version of Windows 7 you have (32-bit or 64-bit), then download it the driver full of features.

    Pilot J4680C

  • unsupported game: why the most of the games does not work on windows 7?

    Why do most games doesn't work on windows 7?

    If yes how can I do?

    Hello forevermaster,

    Thank you for visiting the Microsoft answers community.

    Visit and see if the steps under the title program does not properly? helps solve your problem.

    Hope this helps

    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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  • Tecra A10 - update the BIOS does not work on Windows 7

    Upgrade the BIOS for TECRA A10/M10 and Satellite Pro S300/S300M to v1.90 version using P0065v190.exe (bios 20090304141534) fails with the message:

    "The [error] BIOS update is not taken in charge of operating system. No support for operating system or service pack is installed. »

    Note: Running as Administrator returns the same error.

    Probably Windows 7 only is not supported but, it must be explicit protection since the release of Vista should work in 7. There is no update setting to jump this protection?

    BIOS update is designed and tested for some OS. Win7 is not on the market and now Toshiba offers tested BIOS updated for Vista only.
    Sorry, but what else to say. You probably know how supposed BIOS updated and it can be dangerous. So do not play with this and do not untested experimenting with such things.

    Win7 will be placed on the market in a few months and Toshiba will start a public support. You can wait a few weeks isn't it?

  • My scanner on the MF4370dn does not work with Windows 8 or 8.1.

    I have a Canon MF4370dn which the scanner part has not worked since I was a computer with 8 windows and will not work at all since I downloaded windows 8.1 right.

    I rebooted tools scanner, tried the Presto! PageManager supplied with the oomputer. I downloaded the latest drivers for the scanner on the site.

    He has worked with Windows 7 fine, but this computer is no longer functional and I often use my scanner.

    Any ideas?

    Solved my problem by redownloading and installing (x 64) Windows 8 pilots and Toolbox software. Thanks anyway.

  • Brother printer and the scanner does not work after Windows Update.

    Separated from this thread.

    I have the same problem with my Brother ADS2000 scanner and my multi MFCJ4710.  I can print with the MFC, but the Control Center detects or scanners.  They worked and suddenly stopped.  I wonder if Windows update changed something?  Scanners both work with Windows Fax and Scan, but not Brother Control Center 4.  I called support of brother and again, they have said something about TWAIN and I have to do some registry clean.  I tried their manual steps, they sent with the registry fixes and which totally screwed up on my computer.  I had to do a restore and now back to square one.

    Any solution out there?

    It was my dose,

    (1) start search box type menu "user accounts".

    (2) open and select "user account control settings."

    (3) to change the cursor to "never notify".

    (4) 'ok' to save

    (5) fact! You may need to restart you machine.

    PS: this was my fix, it was caused by software AVG anti-virus, AVG has replaced this setting and would fail to wireless for my scanner. It will be useful.


  • Qosmio G20 - Blue LED for the volume does not work on Windows 7


    I have a minor problem. Yesterday, I update my Qosmio G20 on 2 GB of RAM and I have install Windows 7. Everything works fine even better than XP, but I notice that my blue led lights for volume no longer works.

    Is there a driver I need to install or any solution that these blue lights for the volume can function again?

    Hi Gabriel,

    I m not Qosmio G20 owner but I m asking you to install Windows 7. I think XP would be the best choice for this portable little plu

    Normally the lighting on Toshiba laptop to install the package of added value. It s is only not for this model, so I put t know if it will work. You should try to download from another model of laptop that is Windows 7 supported.

    In addition also check the BIOS if lighting is enabled.

  • The mouse does not work in Windows Media Center and computer

    I have not any known cable (CTI broadband) and have no box ar place anything I can use WMC, after I put the display on the computer of long I can divide 2 monitors display (two). 1 monitor 1. TV. move WMC on TV (although) now I can't move the mouse on the screen. While WMC is in TV, the mouse still there I can't move it to the monitor to use it and watch TV at the same time. How can I watch TV and work on the computer at the same time?


    This behavior is by design, Alt + Tab is the work around. If you think that it should be replaced, you can leave your comments on the following link:

    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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  • Why the sound does not work in Windows 10 with BootCamp installed on MacBook Pro mid 2012

    So, I recently had a mistake huge hard drive, then I formatted the drive and installed Windows 10 I downloaded the BootCamp 5.1.5621 software (which is the version for this computer) and my audio didn't work. I've used Windows 8.1 in the past without Activation, but that was a few months ago. I've deleted it 2 days after I put it on the computer, but all drivers well worked out there. Although I plug in a USB headset and audio installed and worked fine! Help, please! I even reinstalled BootCamp!

    I have the same Macbook Pro 2012 with boot camp and dual boot Windows-10 and Sierra.

    Everything works fine. I think you have the wrong boot camp files.

    I think that you need version 6. Reconnect to OS X and run the boot camp assistant and try to download new files from boot camp.

  • batch file to copy the file with the extension of the date - does not work in Windows 7

    Under XP, I got a batch file to copy files daily and rename them with the date, as:



    Project_Tracker_Copy_2012_01_17.mdb - it would make the current format YYYY_MM_DD day

    next day, through Planner, he would run the batch and I'd end up with


    Here is the key part of the DOS command:

    Ren S:\archive_2012\Project_Tracker_Copy.mdb Project_Tracker_Copy_%date:~6,4%_%date:~0,2%_%date:~3,2%.mdb

    A batch file that runs hidden in Task Scheduler. [Task Scheduler starts the vbs & the vbs starts the batch file.

    This example shows how run the batch BackupCoreFiles.bat - the only point the vbs to packaging is so he can run hidden like Task Scheduler it would be otherwise in the default command window & that can be a distraction, if you work on something else at the time.

    Set WshShell = CreateObject ("WScript.Shell")
    Chr (34) WshShell.Run & "C:\Program Files (x 86) \Backup" & Chr (34), 0
    Set WshShell = Nothing

    The well-informed person who first posted this code was Ramesh Srinivasan how to run . BAT files invisible

  • Reclassification of LR 2.4 to 5 - software downloaded but the installation does not work on Windows Vista


    I'm upgrading from 2.4 LR LR 5. The software downloaded OK, but when I try to run the Lightroom_5_LS11.exe file nothing happens - no installer, no error message, nothing. I use Windows Vista on my personal system - I have administrator access. Can anyone suggest a solution?

    Thank you


    You can go ahead and make the change. The version of Windows and the Mac version use the same catalog. Your biggest problem could show Lightroom where the images are found on the new computer.

    Now, you need to do is to take note of the serial number of your Lightroom existing. When you install an upgrade on the Mac version you will need your serial number current as well as new to Lightroom 5.

  • Download of the OPA - does not work for Windows 8 & Microsoft 2013?

    I downloaded the software of the takeover bid on my laptop but when I'm in a project and right click to 'Rules' - I don't have all the options to "add a new word document" or "add new excel document.

    Also, when I opened a doc of rules that someone sent me, I don't have the OPA in the Ribbon.

    Do you know if the OPA runs on windows 8 and microsoft word/excel 2013?

    Thanks for your help!

    Windows 8 and Microsoft 2013 are not currently supported. See the system requirements for 10.4.3 (the latest version):

Maybe you are looking for