The Ntrig digitizer driver

Is there a scanner driver for Vista 32 to the TX2Z NTrig. The driver is not listed on the product page. I was running 64-bit for a short time... and Solver problem Vista actually sent me to a Dell product patch... that worked very well. Now I'm running Vista 32 bit (64 had too many problems with some software 32 I want to run). This same patch of Dell will not work 32... and site of NTrig seems to have nothing...


I found it... the Latitude XT NTrig driver in Vista 32 section works very well in the Dell Latitude XT supportpage and fills with 3 new devices HID NTrig Device Manager. Otherwise... a new installation of Vista with all drivers HP installed... still avialable shows an unknown device.

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  • When I deleted a picture of my MacBook, why it also remove the external hard drive?

    So I tried to help my wife to free up space on his MacBook Pro by putting all of his photos on an external hard drive. After iPhoto slide the hard disk and wait 40 minutes so that he could transfer, I wanted to make sure it worked. I ejected the disk and then plugged in. Of course, all iphotos were still there. Just to be sure, I deleted one file in the folder on the computer's iphoto. I went to my shock and horror, the external hard drive, that it has been deleted it too! How is that possible? I've been scouring the Internet trying to retrieve this file with no luck. It was not in the trash. There is a tab "recently deleted". Time machine was not turned on. iCloud shows nothing. I can't download any software, because the computer is completely filled. How is it possible that by deleting this folder on the computer he did also leave the hard drive? AND it has not been saved in the trash? I have used PC, and whenever I need something in return, he was ALWAYS in the trash. And if I deleted something on the computer with an external hard drive connected, it would NEVER be removed from the external hard drive at the same time. I'm so frustrated and feeling SO bad that I deleted a folder with important pictures of our kids. Is that what I can do to recover the pictures? Any help is greatly appreciated.

    You used Time Machine at all? I see you say it was not on, but it never on and is at - it a backup Time Machine on the Macbook Pro?

  • How to set up the second hard drive

    My Mac Pro has two, the hard drives of 1 TB.  I had originally planned on the use of the second hard drive for Time Machine.  However, instead of using Time Machine, I now save by cloning my first hard drive to an external hard drive using Carbon Copy Cloner.  I did not use Time Machine in a year and do not expect that I have to use more.

    My first hard drive fills up-I have about 150 GB unused on it, and with video editing I'm is squeezed.  What is the best way to configure my system so that I can use my second, now sleeping, hard drive? Is it possible of them gang up together so that my system will behave as if there is a 2 TB HDD?

    Thanks in advance.

    Yes. It is called RAID.

    For more information on how to do this, see

  • Of failure, white screen MacBook Pro HARD drive try to boot from the external HARD drive


    I have a 2008 Macbook Pro which is having some problems, I was able to fix them, but eventually the hard drive failed. I know that because at startup until it would have a white screen Uni (no logo) and you can hear a clicking on in the lower left corner. I thought initially it was a memory problem, but after opening and verification of memory, it's clearly the hard drive.

    I solved this problem temporarily (until I can replace the HARD disk) by installing El captain on an external HARD disc and start from that. Here's the twist, I couldn't he can begin to El captain, I tried CMD + R, CMD + OPT + R, CMD + OPT + R + P and now shift. Everything that's happened would be that clicks would cease to release the keys.

    I left the macbook on while I'm at work, when I got home it was on the screen to connect the external HARD drive.

    I accidentally closed the macbook yesterday and again once when I tried to log on, I could not and I left it on a white screen while I was sleeping. There is a possibility that he may have launched from the HARD drive when I get home, but if not, is there something that escapes me to force do this?

    See you soon

    Usually start up to a blank screen without the Apple Logo, may report one of the following:

    • Hardware failure
    • Boot drive is not recognized as valid and updated updated
    • OS X essential software is missing, hurt moved or renamed or corrupt
    • A firmware update is necessary

    No matter who, in order to boot from an external drive "bootable", you would normally hold down the Option key until you get a screen that offers a number of devices to try to boot from.

    Alternatively, you can try holding down the C key to try to boot from the external drive.

    If none of these startup options work, then the bootable disc or the USB port on your MacBook Pro can be the question.

    Since you have a Mac pre-2013, if you hold down the D key while booting, the built-in Apple Hardware Test should start up.  This can help to identify hardware problems.

  • Power mac g4 does not recognize the DVD/CD drive.  It has worked very well in Leapard

    I just newly installed Tiger on my PowerMac G4, and now it does not recognize the DVD/CD drive.  I did all the updates and it does not see the DVD in the DVD drive.  It works perfectly before a new clean install DVD of the Tiger.

    What is your indication that the DVD is not recognized?

    Run the utility disc with the disc in the optical drive.  The drive will appear in the sidebar of disk utility?

    I did all the updates and it does not see the DVD in the DVD drive.

    If you put another type of disc in the optical drive, as a music CD, it is recognized?

  • file .avi and .mov on iMac changed in .m4v when they are copied to the external hard drive. I will be able to open these files on other devices like a Windows PC?

    file .avi and .mov on iMac changed in .m4v when they are copied to the external hard drive. I will be able to open these files on other devices like a Windows PC?

    FWIW, do not change the extensions of file simply by copying the files to an external drive.

  • Bookmarks to Safari from backup to the New Installation drive

    Failing HARD drive. Fortunately just copied HDD external HDD before the failure. New Safari installation on the new HARD drive. How to make bookmarks and favorites of the old disk backup on external drive for the new Safari installation on the new HARD drive?

    How do you have copied the data externally? You want to backup the folder User/Library/Safari, but how to get that depends on how you copied. If it's a Time Machine backup, go to Finder and select your user folder. With this Finder window as the windshield, select Finder/display/display options for presenting or order - J.  When the display options opens, check "show the library folder. This should make your visible user library folder in your user folder.  Select library/Safari. Enter Time Machine and restore this file.

    If the outside is bootable, boot off of it, do what above, and then copy the folder to the library user to internal drives.

  • How to use the book of fonts with fonts that are installed on the external hard drive

    I have all my fonts to a folder on an external hard drive. How can I use font book to manage these fonts? I want to keep on the external hard drive, not book fonts move them to my main hard drive. For some reason, font book does not know where are the fonts and as soon as I show, he sets in motion all the fonts on my hard drive in a folder/library/fonts. NOT what I want! I don't want thousands of fonts clutter up my main hard drive. I just can't understand how the font book. Only option, I can see, it is 'Install' and it is then the copy begins. I read and tests all day and I just can't understand this. Thanks for your suggestions.

    Font book handles only the fonts that are present in one of the folders of fonts on the startup disk. It can disable these fonts, but it won't work as a custodian of the fonts installed also. I would have suggested using a symbolic link to the folder fonts on the external drive to ~/Library/Fonts, but apparently that no longer works: allow to use symlinks in ~/Library/Fonts

  • How to fix the fsck "your drive could not be partitioned..." Bootcamp does not

    Hello, after days of searching for a solution and try several times to fix this, I write a question.

    I want to create a partition with Bootcamp to install Windows 7. Here's what I made in the following order:

    1. Tried to partition with bootcamp, but he was only let me pick 32 GB or 1024 GB (which I did not available).
    2. Manually create the partition with utility disk and at the start of my flash, found that USB 3.0 drive / Bluetooth drivers don't would not load then ran in question where I couldn't go beyond 'select language' screen on Win 7 install.
    3. Tried to restart and delete my partition but noticed that I couldn't so I had to boot in recovery of the Internet and the use of the terminal commands and gpt, deleted the unused partition and used disk utility to merge it into main drive. I followed these instructions: deleted my bootcamp partition, but can not resize my osx partition
    4. Re-directed training camp and received the error "your drive could not be partitioned."
    5. Disc repair/check etc. ran and found errors.
    6. Run fsck by this thread that your disk cannot be partitioned. Win7 Bootcamp and still got here.
    7. Thought that maybe filevault caused outcome so disabled that. 48 hours later my 2.3 TB have been deciphered.
    8. Ran bootcamp, same problem.
    9. Run fsck, same problem.
    10. Currently using TestDisk to analyse the sectors on disk 1, correct? :

    I'm ready to create another partition manual if I can get drivers USB/BT to work.

    Furthermore, anyone know why there is a limit of 32 GB/1024 on the size of my partition for bootcamp? Why can't choose anything between the two?

    Data sheet:

    Thanks in advance for any answer!

    Please after the release of

    Cs diskutil list

  • Find Firefox bookmarks on the old hard drive to transfer HD again?

    I had to replace my motherboard and install a new operating system on a new hard drive. Windows 7.

    The former hard drive windows 7 OEM and wouldn't start with the new MB.

    I need to retrieve the bookmarks from the old HD which is connected to the new MB.

    I can access the folders. I just can't find the bookmarks.

    I need them to be complete, because I used advice in bookmarks so you can connect to some sites that I don't remember.

    Help please!

    Hi wertach, in JSON files are "restored" instead of "any". Please visit:

  • How to migrate the imac 2007 to the new iMac using the TM backup drive?

    My mid 2007 iMac does start more (gray screen of death) so I have a new iMac on command.

    I expect to use the Migration Wizard when the new machine arrives in a week or two from here.  I'll need to do it from my Time Machine backup disk however.

    The backup TM drive is a TB drive WD MyBook Studio 2 2 (physical hard drives 2 x 1 TB) in a RAID 1 array.  This is the Firewire 800 and it looks like 2 USB as well.

    The new iMac looks like it's fall in love 2 and USB 3.

    So I guess I'll need an adapter of some sort to migrate my stuff to the new iMac maybe?  Can someone advise please?

    Connect the drive via USB. No adapter is required.


  • My motherboard has exploded and I have the hard drive. How can I copy the address book for a new installation on a new computer from the old hard drive?

    I have the old hard drive in a USB enclosure and connected to the computer again. I have installed firefox and you need to have the address book (critical) copied and inserted information from address book on the new computer. I hope that there is a file I can replace easily?

    Firefox send an e-mail, it's strictly a web browser.

    If you use Firefox to access your e-mail, you use "webmail". You must seek assistance from your service provider or a forum for this service.

    If your problem is with Mozilla Thunderbird, check out this forum for support.

    or this one

  • USB port from a digital Multiport card will not read the external SSD drive. Right USB - c for the USB adapter works fine.

    USB port from a digital Multiport card will not read the external SSD drive. Right USB - c for the USB adapter works fine.

    It's a new 12 '' MacBook

  • Cannot transfer pictures to the external hard drive (refused)


    I can't transfer jpg on my computer to my external hard drive all of a sudden. He's worked a lot of years and now when I try to drag the photos on it gives me a stop sign, that white circle with the diagonal line through it. What gives? Any help would be great appreciated! I have a lot of work there.

    Additional information:

    -J' have permission to read and write on the jpg photos, but the disk that he said that I can read only, and there is no way to change this, when I click on the little triangle down.

    -I can drag photos that already exist ON the disk hard ON my desk, but not vice versa

    -All files are jpg files, and they are in a separate folder on my desktop, not from my iphoto library or whatever it is

    -J' also tried to delete the "" of the finder, and nothing has changed

    -The disc model is a "Slim Seagate laptop drive"

    -Here is a photo of the hardrive info:

    Thank you

    The external HARD drive is formatted NTFS, which allows you to write on it unless you have a third party app like Paragon or Tuxera.

    You had these software installed by Seafgate in the drive, but it is now obsolete and should be updated.


  • IPhoto on the external hard drive will not launch despite the force quit and relaunch several times. Can someone help me?

    I have a MacBook from 2008. 4 years ago I moved my iPhoto on an external hard drive. I have thousands if photos on it. IPhoto on the external hard drive will not launch despite the force quit and relaunch several times. Can someone help me?

    < re-titled by host >

    I moved my iPhoto on an external hard drive.

    Did you move the iPhoto library for the external hard drive or the iPhoto application, or both?

    How is formatted the external hard drive? Is the file system on the drive Mac OS extended (journaled) or other system files?  Is the drive directly connected by USB or similar, or is it a SIN?

    IPhoto on the external hard drive will not launch despite the force quit and relaunch several times.

    I don't understand - if you force quit smoking, launches the application, or you can not force it quit?

    IPhoto is suspended without doing anything, when you launch?

    What version of iPhoto does? And what version of Mac OS X?

Maybe you are looking for

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    -If I backup my data to iCloud from an Iphone (iMessage, SMS, calls, Whatsapp story) and then attempt to restore this backup on a new iPhone with a SIM card different, using the same iCloud account, he would restore the history of calls, SMS, history

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    Qosmio F750 - 12 pBD - RW Pioneer BDR-TD04AWindows 7 Home Premium Problem: Bluray discs will not play. CD will play. History: I did a clean install of Windows 7 and then installed 60 all the drivers from the support site for this laptop model. Or at

  • Satellite A350-233 - Seagate Momentus XT compatible?

    Hi guys, I want to buy a Seagate hard drive but I can't be sure if it's compatible with my Toshiba Satellite A350-233. The hard drive, I want to buy is the following: "Seagate Momentus XT 500 GB at 7200 RPM / MIN SATA 3 Gb/s 32 MB Cache 2.5 inch Soli

  • Re: Equium A200-1V0: hard drives

    Can someone tell me if there is a simple way to "bind" the two hard drives so that when the "C" drive fills up the brain of the laptop starts automatically data dumping in the drive "E"?