the old version allowed me to save all open tabs by giving it a name, i.e. on 29 April, but I can't find it in the new version. Is there something like this? If so, I really want to come back

Tonight, for example, I have several tabs open that I would close but reopen tomorrow.

I would like to save them all as '30 April' in my favorites... the 0ld version allowed me to do, but I can't find it in the new version.

The only way I don't seem to lose these tabs open, I work with is making "Contol + delete", but I know that this should not be done all the time...

There must be a better way, but if it does not exist, I would be able to come back and work with the old version?

Some menu entries are hidden by default and only appear if you use the keyboard to open the menu.

You can see the difference if you use Alt + F or Alt + B to open the menu 'File' and 'Favorites' and compare them to what see you if you use the mouse to open the menu after completing the bar menus visible by pressing Alt, or by pressing F10.

  • "To bookmark all tabs" (Shift + Ctrl + D) is no longer present in the menu bookmarks unless you open the bookmarks menu via the keyboard (Alt + B).
  • 'Bookmark this Page' is accessible through the context menu of the browser page.
  • "To bookmark all tabs" are available through the context menu of a tab on the tab bar.

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