The OSX 10.4 installation DVD can be installed on a completely wiped Mac?

I have an iBook G3, with the type of disc loading slot. At present, it has an operating system installed. I found a DVD of 10.4 Installation on craigslist for very cheap, but I know that this type of disk requires that a previous installation of 10.3 be on the hard disk. I have no idea, and I don't want to buy the DVD to see that it does not work. Here is a picture of the disc:

Can it be installed on a Mac without any version of Mac OS x on the hard drive, and if not, is there a workaround or modification that I can do to make it work?

There is a part number on the DVD, so maybe it's a way to know if the DVD 'install' is or

isn't wall installation or upgrade to OSX earlier. What is visible in the image, it does

not seem to be an update for version 10.3 Panther. And a gray-label would indicate the disk

was designed for use with a Mac specific build version only. So far, she poses as an installation DVD full.

The iBook G3 (white and colors) do not comes with an optical drive to load per slot. Yours is a G4?

From what I can tell by observing that the Tiger DVD install image you posted, it most of the

not match a full installation DVD Tiger, that I still have in the official retail box.

Mine says:

Mac OS X Tiger includes 2 XCode

Version 10.4 2Z691-5305-A

If you have access to the actual DVD, try searching for the item by part number; If it is hidden

in the picture you posted, so I can't say what I see enough search. And the numbers I do

See are not among those listed in the database MacTracker which shows all OS X build versions.

{Something on an installation of Tiger DVD, is the content of the disc is compatible with the capacity of a

Media single layer; so if you need to, you could make a backup of emergency with the old style drive

optical drive. {Later versions of OS X have more content and a double-layer disc would be required.}

Should the cost for the DVD be really cheap and compose a full retail disk, which can be large.

Install sites such as welovemacs and others who used to deal with the old system of out of stock

media, sometimes, you can see what they ask if they have a few for sale again.

This page includes pictures of the media the retail labels more old OS X install original disks: - mac-os-x-install - discs.html

{Even though I have a few original on DVD, the oldest media of retail OS X disks that I have is Jaguar or Puma;

I have a tiger in the retail box & the image you show looks like an installation-in-all support Mac DVD.}

Are you sure that your iBook is a white G3, or is this a G4? You say that it is an optical drive slot-loading;

G3 models all had tray optical drives. I used to own a first white model dualUSB G3

and no iBook G3 models use an optical drive "slot-loading". It was only the first iBook G4... And I have

have a last G4 iBook model perfect condition, always close. It comes with 10.4 Tiger gray-label.

Good luck & happy computing!

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