The overnight cycle battery

All I have this problem:

I turn off my cell phone, to go to bed with almost full battery, when I wake up and try to turn it back on, it has no power, the battery has completely discharged.

What can I do about it?

Return it.  If you lose the battery with the phone turned OFF, then it is defective.

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  • Satellite click Pro P30W-2B - the docking station battery not charging


    I have a Satellite click 2 Pro 30WB; at first, I didn't have any problem with this product, but a few months does not charge the battery of the docking station. I am able to load only the Tablet battery.

    Can someone help me?

    Thank you

    Hmm... If this problem has appeared since the first day of the purchase, the home question battery might be related to battery failure.
    In this case, you will need to contact the service to fix.

    But just one question: it's your BIOS up-to-date?
    Check the update in the station of service and if available new version of BIOS; try to update the BIOS to the latest status.

  • Portege M750 - replacing the CMOS (RTC) battery

    Hello world

    I have a Portege M750 model PPM75A-007010 and I need to change the CMOS (RTC) battery.

    If someone can share with me
    -where to find this battery
    -is normal around the battery and if you can tell me the number of battery?
    - or where I can buy this battery and price range?

    Thank you


    Normally, the RTC battery in these models are rechargeable.
    If not already done, please leave the unit on for the night (not disable, not extended, not sleep - but ON) and see if the problem is resolved.

    I think the accusation-description/also the RTC battery is mentioned in your user manual.

    Tom BR

  • Re: The Portege Z930 battery life

    Hello everyone!

    I have no problem with my new Toshiba (I hope I won't have any in the future), but I wanted to ask you guys for the advice on the maintenance of the batteries.

    Some people recommend taking the battery when you use your pc attached to the power cable, but as poretege Z930 is a ultrabook, which is not possible. Can you tell me how to use my toshiba to preserve autonomy?
    Can I use it when it is powered by a power cable, or should I mainly use it when the laptop only uses its battery power source?

    Thank you very much for your advice!

    What people are saying was interesting in the past. Today cell phones have much better batteries, and you should not remove them. Just use your laptop and don t think much about it.

    If you use the laptop on battery power check power options and reduce energy consumption and increase s notebook, running time.

  • How can I turn off the beep low battery?

    I just bought a laptop of HP ENVY m6.  It is running Windows 8.  I want to know how to disable the beep low battery.  It was not a problem until last night when my battery started to beep before going to bed.  I just close the lid and the beep stopped so I went to sleep.  Then to 4:am, he started a beep again.  I don't know if my computer has made himself, to do an update but not any reason, I would have preferred for the battery to die rather than wake me up in the middle of the night.

    It is also just a beep really FORT that scares my younger child whenever it starts.  It's like a race to find the power cord so that it can stop.  I'd rather just a prompt to come on my screen and tell me that I have 10% battery life left.

    Thanks in advance.

    When you click on the link in my previous post, the download should start automatically.

    • Google Chrome users will see falling immediately into the bar of downloads at the bottom of the screen when you click.
    • Internet Explorer users will see the box "do you want to run or save...". "at the bottom of the screen when you click.
    • Mozilla Firefox users will get a box "do you want to save this file.

    If for any reason that does not come to the top, you can also get it on this page. This page has a number of listed product and I know that everyone is not the 1184 this but it's the same BIOS version.

    Pages of the product all the pilot the aura.

    Click here to go to support and drivers Page

    1. Find the number for your product by pressing FN + ESC
    2. Enter it in the 'Product search' field and click on Go
    3. Click on your model in the results (1 match)
    4. Select Windows 8, and then click Next
    5. Expand the BIOS
    6. Click the update HP Notebook System BIOS F.34 Version
    7. Click on the Orange download button
    8. Run the file. IMPORTANT: Your laptop will reboot on its own during the installation. Enable restart and return to the start screen
    9. When it's convenient for you, let your battery run down and let me know if you encounter the beep.

    Thank you all!

  • Please help me I have problem with the Li-ion battery in my Toshiba M30 Centrino


    Is it easy to fix the Li-ion battery. My batt shows that it is fully charged but when I disconnect it works only 10 min. (xp shows about 70%) and suddenly xp shows that it is unloaded.
    I have Toshiba M30 Centrino is battery model: PA3331U-1BRS


    It would be very interesting to know how old is your laptop and the battery.
    Have you removed the battery while the laptop was used with power supply?
    As far as I know it s not optimize for the life of the battery if it is still attached to the unit. If you have used your device with the AC adapter / CC, the battery should still removed the laptop. Please read the operating instructions how to handle the battery.

    Good bye

  • Releases of the same main battery is plugged in Satellite L series


    I hope someone out there can help you. I have a problem with my laptop, even when it is plugged to the mains, the battery symbol appears and starts to run down. It happens intermittently and sometimes it's good, but then all of a sudden it shows a battery with virtually no load in it and goes down very quickly.

    Sometimes if I power down and back up again once it returns to normal. I took it to PC World and they say nothing worng with the charger or battery. Maybe a control panel problem. Can I trust them, or is it useful to another charger or battery to test.

    It seems to work very well when its plugged into the sector without the battery in it at all, although sometimes if I move it on my desktop it immediately stops as if I have something wrong.


    Hi Victoria)<- it’s="" very="" nice="" name="" ;)="" i="" like="" it="" ;)="">

    Your question seems a little odd.
    I think the problem might be due to battery failure or electronic malfunction of the power supply.

    Very useful information published on the homepage of European support of Toshiba.> support downloads & -> support home page-> Product Updates-> update: voluntary battery Toshiba trade-in program.

    You'll find utility BatteryCheck software that could help identify the defective battery.
    If the battery is concerned the software sends a notification e-mail to Toshiba and starts the battery replacement procedure.

    But if the issue will not be resolved after changing the batteries, I recommend to contact the service provider allowed in your country to run a check of the laptop.

    Good luck


  • HPLJ printer M6 - model M605n: need the date of the life cycle (or em) for M6 Printer HPLJ - model M605n


    I need the date of the life cycle (or end of Support) to HPLJ printer M6 - model M605n.

    Where is the best location / # to find the dates of the cycle of life for HP products?


    You can contact HP for the info.

    Best regards

    Mike G

  • Pavillion DV4: Does not increase the level of battery

    Laptop is connected however increases the level of the battery, even when the laptop is turned off. I already tried a new battery and a different charger, I already tried to uninstall and update the drivers of battery, bios update, update Windows 7 and nothing has worked.

    I would try all the possibilities before you send the laptop to someone else attempt a repair.

    Thank you.

    Seems to be a problem with the motherboard, charging function, but unfortunately my laptop is an old unsecured more.

    I hope that all the other steps described in the post can help others with similar issues.

    Thank you.

  • My IPhone 6s did the update of battery charge you change the time manually or time zone. I wonder if the problem is in the IOS or mobile phone? I say that because I changed my IPhone in a Bar in engineering (Brazil) 6, precisely because of this problem an

    My IPhone 6s did the update of battery charge you change the time manually or time zone. I wonder if the problem is in the IOS or mobile phone? I say this because I have changed my 6 IPhone in a Bar of genius (Brazil), precisely because of this problem, and the new cell has exactly the same problem

    This is a known, problem if the time is not set correctly.


  • Satellite M70-122: the first time battery charge


    I just bought a new M70-122. I have read all the user guide but could nowhere find the time I have to let it charge...

    Does anyone know?

    In addition after a hour of charge blue light is already on? Normal = +/-3 h charging time...

    What will happen? What should I do?

    Thank you very much...



    If your laptop is running during the process of loading the battery if this charge will process much more time if the laptop shuts down.

    More load time when the computer is turned on is affected by the ambient temperature, the temperature of the computer and how you use the device.
    If you make heavy use of external devices battery sentence likely to be practiced at all during the operation.

    In the user manual which must be preinstalled on your laptop, I found info on the charging time:
    Battery with power on takes about 12 hours or more; power off about 3 h and more
    RTC battery with power on and with the AC pack or the battery takes about 24 hours

  • Problem with the Lenovo Z510 battery indicator

    I have an old Ideapad of one year z510. Last week, the battery indicator began to stuck on 100%. So not connected, he stops suddenly without notifying me with 10% and 7% remaining notification. I tried to uninstall the Microsoft ACPI control method battery compatible from the Device Manager but no change... Anyone has an idea what should I do otherwise.

    Thank you

    In response to customer relationships of unexpected problems with the performance of the batteries portable Z500 and Z510, Lenovo made an update of the firmware of battery available via download on the Lenovo Forums.

    This battery firmware is intended to solve unexpected load following symptoms when a Z500 and Z510 mobile phone is turned on:

    • Battery is dead

    • Battery is not detected

    • Battery is detected and charged 100%, but when the power is removed, the laptop turns off immediately

    • When the battery is fully charged and the AC power is removed, the battery level falls considerably less than 10 minutes

    Please note a procedure step by step for the upgrade of the firmware is included in the .zip file, found in the file "ReadMe".

    The battery firmware update can be downloaded here:

    Thank you

  • How to see the percentage of battery apple pencil?

    CNET had a short article but the battery on the iPad widget Pro does not show the percentage of pencil and even the iPad, as article said it would be.

    In this support article, it mentions that you can see the percentage of battery under view today.

  • cDAQ-9181 with NI 9402: after the first cycle of meter reading lack certain counts in all subsequent cycles.


    I'm reading pulses TTL of a generator of service using a meter. I apply a 1 kHz signal to the meter. Each time counter reads the pulses correctly in the first cycle of measure, but it lacks some counts in all subsequent cycles.

    I use NEITHER 9181 cDAQ chassis and NI 9402 module with 2014 LabVIEW and NI Max 14.0.

    My computer has the Windows 8.1 operating system.

    Please find the VI joint and the front image after EXECUTION.

    I also used the same VI with chassis USB cDAQ-9171 . Results have been improved, but the same problem persists.

    What could be the reason for this, please guide.

    Thank you!

    B. Sharma

    1. the loop time is defined by software and therefore won't be compatible.

    2. you restart the meter patch between each iteration of loop - so that the task is restarted, it does not take samples.  The new start is faster on the USB device from the device ethernet due to the latency of the lower bus, so that explains why the behavior is improved on the 9171 compared to the 9181.

    Using method 2 meter would be a clever way (maybe too smart...) to implement which, according to me, you are looking:

    This will configure a second counter (ctr0 is paired with ctr1, ctr2 is paried with ctr3) to generate a signal of a period known (time measurement).  The meter is taken into account the number of external pulses during this period, and since we are because data in terms of 'Ticks', it will give you the number that occurred during the measurement time.  This measure is repeated for the specified number of Cycles without software-timing or latency between cycles.

    The appeal of reading will have a time-out value long enough to ensure that all cycles have completed (or you can query to see if the task is made first of all to give the user the option to cancel the measure).

    Best regards

  • Get the Max values and average of the different cycles in the single channel


    I'm trying to get the Max values and average of the single channel that has different cycles it contains. I tried to use commands such as Chnclasspeak3 and chnpeakfind, but they were not useful for me. What I need is the Max values and average of the different cycles numbers saved in the data channel.

    Exampld if the string contains 5 numbers of repetitive cycles, then we must find the maximum values and the average of these 5 cycles in the single channel. Attached reference data. This is the .raw file and I have the plugin for it to use in diadem 11.1.

    Kind regards

    X. Ignatius

    Hello, Ignatius,.

    Sorry, it took some time to provide a replacement based on the script for the function. Please take a look at the attached script. I changed the script to use my function if the tiara-version is less than 12. My script function is not as fast and more stable than the implementation of tiara, but for now, it does the job


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