The phones call log smart blackBerry, connection cables and several SMS

Hello... Using a Blackberry Curve 8900, bought about 10 days back.

Can you please advise me how to put the call on log settings...

I can't see the fact/received/missed calls in the morning, when I check in the evening...

Pls advise.

Also, I have a cable in my car for I - pod, which works very well (when I connect the cable for ipod, the sound comes through the speakers of the car)... but when I connect it to the port of blackberry, there is no output sound in it... (I was eager to do away with the i - pod)... assistance requested!

Also, I noticed that I can not add more than 10 prs both for texting!

It's very disappointing, because I used earlier my nokia e90 to send 100 sms to a go... and that for I type on my system and send my system... any help on this would be great too!

urajay wrote:

Hello... Using a Blackberry Curve 8900, bought about 10 days back.

Can you please advise me how to put the call on log settings...

I can't see the fact/received/missed calls in the morning, when I check in the evening...

Pls advise.

Try to hit the green button to go in your call log. Click on the menu button and go to Options. Try to change your phone list. Also if you are in your list of Messages you can press ALT + P to display the list of your calls

Also, I have a cable in my car for I - pod, which works very well (when I connect the cable for ipod, the sound comes through the speakers of the car)... but when I connect it to the port of blackberry, there is no output sound in it... (I was eager to do away with the i - pod)... assistance requested!

Not sure about this one. He said that it is compatible with the BlackBerry? Since the BlackBerry has a receiver bluetooth inside, products like this work well for listening to the music and phone calls in the car

Also, I noticed that I can not add more than 10 prs both for texting!

It's very disappointing, because I used earlier my nokia e90 to send 100 sms to a go... and that for I type on my system and send my system... any help on this would be great too!

Currently, 10 is the maximum that you can send at once. There's no other way around it. Do not know if a third-party program is there who can

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  • The phones call log smart blackBerry showing an incorrect date

    When I access the journal to call from the main screen, select a call and select view history, the date appears wrong. Even if I make a call, hang up and display the log, it shows the date until the next day. Example: Make a few calls last night (March 08), then had to announce date and time; After that all calls, call log consulted for times and showed calls made on Mar 09. However, if I go to Messages / display folder / phone call logs, dates are shown correctly. No idea why this is?


    Try a reboot simple: with the BlackBerry device powered on, remove the battery a few seconds and then reinsert the battery to restart.

    See if the dates agree now.

  • The phones call log smart blackBerry in Messages


    A few hours ago all my call log has started to appear in my messages folder. I go to my email and it shows my emails, but also all the calls I have made/received or missed. No idea how I can get these off my emails?


    You can control whether or not the call log entries appear in the messages. From the home screen, go to the phone application (press the Green key). Then press the BB (the button to the right of the green phone button) and select Options. Then select Call Logging... in there, this is where you control what that name (if applicable) get connected in the message list.

  • The phones call log smart blackBerry on each icon

    On my "BOLD", icons from time to another stop functioning and only will pull up the call log.  Send icons, browser icons, application icons, etc., does not work and will instead pull up the call log.  Menus will stop working as well; the menu key works and it opens a menu, but I can't choose any menu item. the button disconnect on the phone also stops working.

    Restart the device by pulling on the battery is * not * curing the problem (I leave the battery for a minute or more).  Subsequently and oddly enough, the self-healing of the device, which means that the icons of started working again and I can get my email, calendar, browser and so on for work again.  All this makes me think that the device enters some State, remains in this state between reboots, and then something, somewhere forcing the latter out of it - but what? - and the return to normal.  The last time it happened that it happened right after that I got a phone call, but I can't tell if it's diagnosis because it doesn't happen every time after a phone call.

    Any ideas?  ATT wants to do a warranty Exchange, but I would like to avoid that if there is a simple solution.

    Last update: I took it in, and (very smart) thought that the problem was probably linked to the trackball.  Pressing the trackball made the device behaves as if the send key was pressed instead, a hardware error.  Swap warranty - my fourth in a month.

  • The phones call log smart blackBerry does not display date/time/period of appeal...

    YET to learn... I know...

    I like to call log to be separated from my "messages"...

    But I want the call log to provide information such as the time and duration of call...

    In any case, the way to do it WITHOUT adding in the 'messages' list so that it gets all mixed in the e-mail and calls, etc.  I like having separate calls/messages/texts. Maybe I could just "Finish" with the "messages" application and have everything in a separate application. ?  For now, I have TEXT Messages in a single application (which I love) but my email goes to the email app and the application "messages".  Can I have a detailed call log and carry 'messages'?

    Thank you

    If you can change the display of the call log. On what you are in the call log, press the key menu you and go in the Options. Then, go to the General Options. You can change the phone list view in the call log. Which shows the date of a call.

    If you highlight a name, press your menu button, you can enter the story as seen looking more details about all the times that name/number was called.

  • The phones call log smart blackBerry is no longer view all calls

    With the help of Pearl and the call log is no longer appear I made, received or missed calls.  The settings in the options Menu are on the list of missed calls all, but none made their appearance for two days.  Any thoughts or fixed or is this a known issue with no resolution?

    You are facing constraints of memory in your device. Because of which MMS is received in your device, but for a short memory that they have been deleted, you can still see the.

    Perform the following steps-

    1. Give a soft reset by removing the battery for 30 sec.
    2. Check the amount of memory is free in your device to Options -> status -> free memory. To view all aspects of database go to Option -> status -> click on the Menu button and then select the database size
    3. Remove the less frequently used application. To remove go to Options -> Advanced Options -> Applications -> highlight the application you want to delete-> click Menu , and then select Remove
    4. If you stored your image in the memory of the device to move them to your card.
  • The phones call log smart blackBerry does not / nullpointer exception

    I just noticed that the call log is followed not calls received or placed. It saves only the missed calls. I was also making the mistake:

    Uncaught:exception.Java.lang.nullpointer exception apparently since this issue started. Any thoughts on how to solve this problem? Thank you.

    I suggest (IF you want) to scroll to the top of the newspaper to call messages > Menu > view folders > call log > Menu > delete everything prior. This should remove the call log.

    You can also open the Desktop Manager > Backup/Restore > advanced and on the right pane will be your BB device databases. Find the call log and press CLEAR.

    Then, while power is on, remove the battery and restart the device.

    See if the problem persists.

  • How to make/receive the phone call from a laptop connected to the smartphone via bluetooth?

    Dear community of Microsoft,

    I have a smartphone (Samsung SCH-I759) which I want to connect to a laptop running Windows 7 Professional, then I could make/receive the phone call on the cell phone.

    After browse around, I saw several methods to do are pretty simple. Activate bluetooth on both devices connect, match and set - the bluetooth device menu.

    When I followed these instructions, I was able to pair the devices but the ability to use the bluetooth connected as a phone smartphone does not appear. Instead, I have less accessible services in the menu. Here is the screenshot:

    For those who have been successfully pair and use their laptops as phone, would you care to share the how-to?

    Thank you

    NALA Jati

    It depends on the abilities programmed into your phone. Your photo, I can say that is not possible on your phone, then you will not be able to do.

    If you want to make/receive calls on your computer, you could try to use Skype or Google Voice.

  • The phones call log blackBerry smart when they are blocked


    I used to be able to view my call log by pressing the button green call and 'Call up', even when the Blackberry was locked. This allowed me to make calls to numbers passed without entering my password each time. Now without apparent reason, the call log does not show until I have unlock the phone with my password. I have not changed anything in the Options, so I am at a loss.

    Someone at - it solutions?



    Your BES Admin or the BES version, that your device is connected has changed something in the it security policy.

  • The phones call log blackBerry smart and SMS text messages disappear from newspaper. Memory is sufficient.

    Hello.  New to the forum and not super good filled in with what this phone can do.  It seems that maybe once a month that my log of phone calls and SMS text messages disappear.  I'm not all messages if... some messages stay in the newspaper, but all my calls, present and many of receipt simply disappear.  That happened last night and the memory on my legacy 3 690 821 bytes.  Any ideas?  And are lost forever, or is it possible to recover.  I have now understood how to save them, but would like to return the others if possible.


    You have not only the options on your device.

    Thank you

  • The option Call Logging Smartphones blackBerry - cannot access as indicated on the phone and manual - HELP help!

    I am trying to remove my calls to appear in the list of messages.  Everything I read - manual and help on phone said to press the Menu button, click Options, and click call logs - I don't have an option for call Logging on my list of Options.  Is there another way to access to this?  And why would I not one if the manual indicated that it should be there?

    In your device, press the green button to access the call log, press menu, option to call Logging and change on ANY

  • Recover phone calls log position of the telephone Journal


    I'm trying to retrieve the position of the PhoneCallLog, based on the name/number highlighted in the PhoneLog.

    If you click the green phone icon, you will see the whole phoneLog.  If you scroll down to the third entry and click on the trackball, BB will give you a list of possibilities with the entry of specified PhoneLog (for example calling NameInTheList, SMS NameInTheList, copy 5556666, set of ring tones, full Menu).

    If you move to the next (or previous entry in the PhoneLog), and if you click again on the track-ball, will list Exchange, based on the name of the person

    (for example calling AnotherNameInTheList, AnotherNameInTheList, copy 8889900 SMS, ringtones Set complete men)...

    I want to retrieve the name, but it's easy once found the position in the PhoneLog.

    Which is actually possible?

    Thank you in advance,

    Hrvoje Kevic

    Tehning d.o.o..


    Hi, Mark!

    I have already created the application that adds a MenuItem the phone log (it is added to the startup of the BB device).  So, when the phone device starts - up, I add the item menu, and when, in the log of phone calls and by clicking on one of the items in the log of phone calls, I get the menu item I want.

    However, I am not able get the name of the participant.

    Here is the code I use to do this:

    public Object execute (object context) {}
    If (context instanceof PhoneCallLog) {}
    _PhLog = (PhoneCallLog) context;
    PAP UiApplication = UiApplication.getUiApplication ();
    theApp.pushScreen (new TTelephoneCallScreen());
    theApp.requestForeground ();
    Returns a null value.

    Is this piece of code written in the right direction?

    Here instead of PhoneCallLog use something else?

    Or is that what you wanted to know what phone call log has been selected?

    When the comparison with the link you send me (which I've used in development - it seems that I was on a good path), I'm guessing that the essential line is

    _PhLog = (PhoneCallLog) context;

    I said like,

    Private Shared PhoneCallLog _PhLog

    If all this is correct, then it seems to me that the only thing I have to do is to create a constructor in the class that implements the screen.  Am I right, or...?

    Thank you for your help,



  • Smartphone blackBerry, sort phone call log

    My phone call log is used by contact instead of sequencially as calls are made and received.

    How can I keep the newspaper not sorted?

    in the phone app (when you can see the log of cal), press menu, options, options General and go to the phone list view, you can change the most used, most recent call log, name,.

  • Phones calls Smart blackBerry does not and cannot text


    Since Friday, I was unable to take a phone call for more than 20 seconds and not able to send text messages. The call fails each time exactly 10 or 20 seconds. This requires that the call is incoming or outgoing. I tried to pull the battery and that solves the problem temporarily, but it usually returns in about 5 minutes. I am able to receive text messages.

    Phone Info:

    Carrier is Bell Mobility

    BlackBerry Bold 9000

    OS v5.0.0464

    Thanks in advance.

    Thanks for the advice, I visited the Bell shop today and they recommended a new SIM card. This solved my problem.

  • iPhone 7 micro cut the phone calls

    I have a 7 32GB iPhone. Im running iOS 10.0.1.

    The problem that I am running is that when on a call FaceTime Audio, regularly call FaceTime or a regular phone call, my microphone seems to be cutting out and sounding very scrambled according to several appellants, when a speaker. They say I look fine and clear when not using the speakerphone, but the moment I switch to speaker mode on any type of call, by default for FaceTime, callers are immediately reporting that I'm cut in and out, and when I'm not cut I garbled sound. As soon as I put the call on the ear mode, I look very well again and it isn't a problem.

    To diagnose this I tried to have friends use my phone and I hold the phone in different positions away from them and in environments of different intensity. No matter what either the environment, people report that using the speakerphone, the phone cuts and is blurred. I don't have this problem when I was running iOS 10.0.1 on my iPhone 6 before I updated, so I'm assuming that it is a hardware problem with my new iPhone 7.

    For the first time poster, so I hope that was enough information and enough I hope to get some clear comments.

    Thanks in advance!

    I'm having the same problem only the exact opposite. Callers can hear me well on speaker, but not on phone normal ear mode. I tried with case and without breakage. Question has been lived with more than one caller.

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