The preview of a selected image no longer appears in the window open the file

I have CS2 in the Windows and Mac versions.  For the most part, I use the Mac version.  On this one the preview of the selected image no longer appears on the window open the file.  He appeared, but recently ceased to appear.  This makes the image to open much more difficult.  How can I get the preview back?

No thumbnail appears in the open dialog box or the thumbnail is black?

Is this with any file or only those registered lately?

Are your windows system files?

In the open dialog box you have to display thumbnails?

If you have recently registered their CS2 mac, you have Macintosh thumbnail checked in file management preferences?

You use the open dialog box standard or the Version Cue one?

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    I am the first person it have this problem with the last update? When editing or previewing I see all loading of images, but after several

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    Hi Jason,

    I got to look closer the link you posted and I think I just through the expected results?

    When I go to the link, I am able to see all of the images you pointed out in your screenshot of the Design view.

    In your first screenshot attached, it seems that you're overview of your site in the browser. The problem occurs when you view the site in other browsers (e.g. Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, etc.)?

    Later in your post on the forum, you notice:

    Jason Lachance says:

    .... When editing or previewing I see all loading of images, but after several

    attempts, nothing seems to change. I noticed that even some of the names appear not or only some of them.

    This only happens to you after trying to get an overview of your site in the browser several times?

    Kind regards


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    Go to your Lightroom preferences, performance tab, uncheck the box use the graphics processor.

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    my toolbar (for the PDF edition) does not appear in a newly opened PDF file. What is the problem?

    Hi Joanne,

    If you are unable to display the toolbar by choosing View > show/hide > elements elements toolbar, please send along a screenshot of what you see. (And just double check that you open your PDF files in Acrobat and not player - that is a mistake that I make here and there).



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    I have a Web site; on several pages, I created links to images that are found in a download folder. Whenever I click on one of these links on the current site (using Firefox as browser), a dialog box appears to ask: do the Firefox with this file? Under question is a drop-down menu that has "TextEdit (default)", selected next to an option button. The image file opens in a browser window when I select Firefox in this menu drop-down. I can't tell Firefox to open all similar files using Firefox. How can I solve this problem because I have to go through the same process every time that I try to open one of these links.

    no link to my knowledge. We know that win 7 request to associate a program every time u open a file online. I think that you need to configure Windows 7. im not an expert yet in win 7, but it is what im sure on many computers that freshly installed win7

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    Imagine that you are working on an Excel file. You have completed and saved. You leave open and want to download it via Firefox - whether for a portal, or to send an email or anything else.
    As soon as any Excel file is selected in the window of the Explorer/upload (be it by single click or highlighting by the arrows), Excel window is set up to forward - as if I had clicked on the icon in the taskbar.

    I can't make pile or face of this - it seems to be only Excel.
    It's pretty frustrating in itself and especially when needing to download several Excel files.

    Any ideas?

    Guigs2, you understand.

    COR - el, Yes, it happens only when Excel is already running. He does not Excel if Excel is not running.

    Update: now it no longer. I have no idea what has changed. I have probably quit Firefox, I killed all the process of Excel running, or just rebooted.

    I uninstalled the Flash plugins and installed the latest version.
    If the problem occurs again, I will try it in safe mode.

    Thanks for your help so far!

  • New procedures to import re - generate image files is not allowing us to rename the files.

    Hey guys suggestions to solve the following problem?

    A recurring problem with RoboHelp since always our names project being too long to migrate. We can manually reduce the size of the folder names and the names of theme files, however, with the new import procedures, RoboHelp generates separate image files in the theme files and we cannot rename these files. This cancels the efforts to reduce the filenames of the subjects. When attempting to rename files, RoboHelp recreates the original folder and the image no longer appears in the project manager pod or in the published HTML files.

    Any kind of help is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

    Hello again

    OK, so I just wanted to make you understand that what you see inside RoboHelp's nothing RoboHelp done to change anything. Now let's talk about this document. One thing I would say (and my good friend Peter suggested) are that you rename this document before importing in RoboHelp. Short filenames will lead to short paths (and fewer questions possible) once we enter the world of RoboHelp.

    When you work with something like RoboHelp, you have all kinds of different files involved that help track your project. I noticed that your Word document using a comma in the name of the file. I strongly suggest to avoid any character other than 0-9, a - z, A - Z, underscore (_) line. Any character other than those who must be considered to be 'special' and will only cause you pain at some point.

    So as you have seen, when Word creates HTML, it also creates for these files. RoboHelp strives to have your back and prevent you from shoot you yourself in the foot. I noticed that when I tested it by saving as HTML, that more than simple images were placed in the Word folder created. RoboHelp probably prevents you from changing the name of the folder because of other files inside. In General, RoboHelp allows you to name your images as you wish and store anywhere you like. But this content is a bit special, because it comes from the word.

    One way to work beyond this would be to save your images separately from the word, appointing appropriately, and then import a Word document without the image. Then add the images later. In this way you should not end up with unwanted files and images may be stored where you want.

    See you soon... Rick

  • Prevent the app to open the window to open the file

    Everytime I open applications like QuickTime and preview, the window open a file keeps popping up. How can I stop this from happening? Thank you in advance!

    It's because he doesn't know what file do you want to display. The only way to avoid this is to open the file, and if the preview is not the default, then click right and in the menu, choose Preview. It is the same with TextEdit, and many other applications.

  • In "My pictures" I wish that all my photos appear as thumbnails, NOT in the files. How can I get rid of the files and get all the pix shown as thumbnails, like a spreadsheet?

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    I want pix shown as a spreadsheet, rather than in files.

    Perhaps the following would offer a few ideas:

    Windows 7 - How to enable or disable
    Thumbnails in the Explorer of Windows 7
    (Scroll down to: an Option)

    Windows 7 - change file options

  • thumbnails and preview the image no longer work

    When I'm in a folder with images of the thumbnail of the file or the Preview on the right side, preview the file. In other words, the thumbnail and preview displays the photo icon 'generic '.


    Click Start
    In the search box type "run".
    Next to open it, type "regsvr32 shimgvw.dll".

    Let me know if it solves your problem.

    Thank you


  • I can longer open attached pdf files. I am able to preview the files, but they are too small for me to read.

    * Original title: attachments

    Help, please.

    I did something wrong (AGAIN!)

    I had no problem with access to attachments to my e-mails, but a problem occurred just.

    I can longer open attached pdf files.  I am able to preview the files, but they are too small for me to read.  When I click to open all the I get now is a kind of icon (in Microsoft Office Picture Manager) with which I can't do anything.

    It seems I should have arranged for Picture Manager automatically opens attachments to emails, but when this happens, I'm stuck as what I try, I can't do pdf files appear as they did.

    The help file does not really help.

    I hope it is something simple, even an old fool like me can do with your expert (and, I hope. friendly) help.

    My fingers are crossed.

    My apologies if I offended Protocol - this is my first venture.regards

    Octogenarian John

    PS My usual guru (aka grandson James) has acquired his first girlfriend, is not so disinclined to waste time me tutoring on the PC

    Create a file association.

    1. download and save the attachment to the office.
    2. right click on the saved file.
    3. Select: Open with on the shortcut menu.
    4. click on: choose [default] program.
    5. Select: (Whatever you have installed a PDF reader).
    6. check: always use the selected program to open this type of file.
    7. click on OK.

    This should allow you to open these attachments directly from email address now.

  • Download the image does not match the selected image - incorrect cataloguing.

    Hi have downloaded an image but it does not match the selected image.  He has obviously been catalogued incorrectly.


    Can you please SRS.

    stock photo.jpg

    The image image / I download who is it


    Thank you

    Hi Karen,.

    I have a license of the image on my end. You are right, that the preview is incorrect for the file I.

    We would get the image inspected and you will receive a credit on your account by Monday, May 16, 2016.

    Kind regards


  • New cover image does not appear in the preview of the iPad

    I replaced the image on the cover. New image appears when I saw on my MacBookPro, but not when I saw on the iPad Pro: the old image stills appears. How can I fix? Maybe I deleted the original placeholder. This would cause the problem? If so, how can I solve this problem?

    Thank you!


    Try to select Reset for iBooks Store on the file Menu in iBooks author before exporting it to iBooks for iPad you.

    OR remove the original of your iPad file before adding the new version.

  • n005tx Pavilion 15: "selected image is not authenticated to. "Press on enter continue" at the start of the

    Hi all, I have a pavilion laptop g6 - 2253ca who works with a windows 8 (64-bit). I have a strange problem since this morning and an error msg "selected image is not authenticated to. "press on enter continue ' that appears when I try to start. I have not installed program on my computer before it happens. I just sailed on the Internet and all of a sudden the screen is grey and the msg appeared on this subject.

    I went on several forums for information on this subject. That's what I did:

    -hard reset
    -Restart and boot into BIOS
    -Disable secureboot and enable legacy initialization
    -Press F10 to save and exit BIOS


    -the system asked me to enter a digit of 4 password and press ENTER to apply the changes

    -done, but I got stuck another MSG: "no boot device, insert the boot disk and press any key.

    Not able to find something else to move to another service I thought that maybe the value default bootable device was not the HARD disk if:
    -I restart and boot into the boot F9 Manager
    -does not not the same msg (no boot device, insert the startup disk and press a key) is displayed.

    Try to run the auto repair using the F11 Recovery Manager, but I can't start on it during startup.

    So, what should I do now? I am really disappointed...


    Try loading at F2 run check disk test hard if that passes you will need a recovery disk. If the hard drive is not detected reinsert the disc hard try to rerun the test if you have the same hard disk problem that went wrong to replace the drive. Please call HP technical support check for warranty and the part replaced.

  • How do to "Select image file" - trying to load the photo on Facebook

    Forgotten how to access the photos to load pictures on the computer on Facebook - what should be entered in the field asking "Select image file?

    Depends on where you are trying to get him to leave.

    Old school, you go to facebook, connect and use their download functions.

    New world (live), you open windows live photo gallery, find pictures, highlight the photo you want to send to facebook and click on the facebook symbol in the toolbar, and then it will open a field to enter your facebook information,.

Maybe you are looking for