the printer breaks

I have a C4780 into one connected wireless via airport to a Macbook.  Lately I have partial impression of delays in printing, and paused in printing. I called HP and did all the things, the tech told me to do and it improved for a day.  I tried online support, but the site does not recognize my serial number and product number.  Help!  I'm wasting paper, time and patience.  It worked great up until a month ago


We will set an IP address of the printer:

-Print a the front of the printer Network Setup Page. Note the IP address of the printer.
-Enter the IP address in a browser to reveal the internal settings of the printer.
-Choose the network tab, then wireless along the left side, then on the IPv4 tab.
-On this screen, you want to set a manual IP address. You must assign an IP address outside the range that the router sets automatically (called the DHCP range). Yours is a.200.  We will use 10.0.1 220 for your printer.
-Apply the subnet (unless you know it's different, if so, use it)
-Enter the IP of your router (trimmed du.1) for the bridge and the first DNS. Let the second white.
-Click 'apply '.

Now, stop the router and printer, start the router, wait, and then start printing.

Finally, we will restore the print system:

-Sys Prefs, Print & Fax
-Right (control) click inside the box that lists your printers and select Reset Printing System.
WARNING - This will remove ALL your printers!
-Select the sign + to add again. Search for the printer, select it, and wait until the button 'Add' becomes available. Until it clicks.

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  • Only 1 page print well. Page 2 is shifted to the right, and the information is lost in the page break. FireFox 8 and 9, Mac OS 10.6.8

    Mac OS 8 and 9 FireFox 10.6.8
    If I print a web page, all simply to print or save to PDF, only the first page prints fine. Page 2 is shifted to the right, such as the information is cut on the right edge. Information is lost in the page break, several lines of text will be lost. If I need to print a page, I open Safari, which does a very nice job of formatting of the page for printing. But I want to use FireFox. Can you help me?

    The problem persists if start you Firefox in Mode safe?

    What is with an empty profile?

    If it happens in the two safe mode and with a new profile, please post the content of about: support

  • HP C6380 all in one _ does not print because has the status break

    Hello world

    We just bought a printer and we did all the installation as suggested and we could print, but why never the status has been changed to make a break and we do not know how to change it.

    We are able to copy and scan.

    Thanks in advance.

    Xavier and Antje

    Just right click on the printer icon and click resume printing.

  • OfficeJet 6812: How to prepare the printer for shipment

    I need to ship an Officejet 6812 to a small satellite office.  I managed to remove the tray paper without problem, but the output paper tray seems locked in place.  According to this support page it should just slide out, but it does not work.

    How can I remove it without breaking, or is the only way to use a much larger area?  The largest box that we have, without having to purchase one, fits perfectly into the printer, with the exception of the output tray.


    Thank you for using the HP Forums.

    For the printer you have, the output tray is fixed.

    Thank you.

  • Windows 2000 and XP Update: freezes at the installation of the printer software

    When he performs the upgrade from 2000 to XP, it stops when you try to install my printer Brother MFC software.

    The message "not tested logo.

    Although there is a 'stop install' button YES/no, I can not select YES or NO, because I don't have a mouse to select with.

    Any key on the keyboard do anything either.

    I can't find any references to break out of the loop you are in. You might be better pull the reader, get the information you need to install out of it and then format and do a clean instead of upgrading. Of course, you'll need get the drivers from the site of PC manufacturers.

    Unless of course someone can provide additional information for you.

    Note: you try to continue installing with the printer * not * attached?

  • OfficeJet 4630: "can't print to the printer" error ONLY on Windows 8.1

    I have PDF document ("test.pdf") thatwas created using Quick Books and a creator of PDF file called pdfFactory. Quick books and pdfFactory never gave me any problems in the past. The document is 2 full pages of text. (no color) My printer is connected wireless.

    Here's the problem:

    If I print in duplex mode and select 2 copies on Windows 8.1 I ALWAYS get this message:

    "Error printing on HP Officejet 4630 series...".

    The printer could not print test.

    When it breaks down, the second side of the second copy is not printed correctly.  A little is not printed.

    I can reproduce this using two different computers and 8.1 of Windows computer.

    My Windows laptop 8.1 and my printer behaves exactly like my neighbour Windows 8.1 office.

    We all have two series connected 4630 wireless printers. Both Windows 8.1 systems are 64-bit and are up-to-date about Windows updates and the latest drivers for the printer.

    Here's something interesting:

    If I print from any computer Windows 8.1 (1 copy front and back), it works

    If I print from any computer Windows 8.1 (2 copies/monoface, 1 it works)

    If I print from my desktop Windows 7 (2 copies front and back), it works

    If I print from my iPhone 6 (2 copies front and back), it works

    If I print from my MacBook Air (2 copies/duplex), it works.

    The problem started to happen this month, July.  There was a Windows 8.1 update on the 17 who has been installed.

    Any ideas?

    We have had success!

    1. I ran the utility to try Windows troubleshooting and "fix printer problems" and it did not help.

    2. I downloaded and followed the instructions to install the suggested fix. When I did the reboot required, he said that there was who had several other updates being installed. After the reboot, I decided to redo the update of Windows. There was another set of updates pending.  I installed and rebooted. There is expectation nstill optional updates. I installed all the people.  Finally when I did Uopdate of Windows he did expect NO updates of any kind.  I looked through the list of installed updates and did not find the hot fic among them.  On the assumption that one of these recent updates superseeded the fix, I just did the tests again.  They all work,.

    So, I don't know if the healed fix or something in many other updates.  According to the description of the correction to hot I think he had a very small chance to solve our problems.

    I intend to help my neighbor install standard updates and see if the problem goes away also.

  • Print cartridges: refer to the documentation for the printer.

    First of all, what kind of error is this? It's like breaking a leg and the doctor would say "your not in good health."


    HP photosmart C5280 All-in-one printer/scanner

    Connected to Windows 7 64-Bit enterprise Edition (I suggest using business even for users because it does not have the stupid DRM)

    I am runing on this question, which I cannot do anything with a printer. No button responds with the exception of the Sub and turned off. via computer software I can run scan, but that's all.

    First time I had this, I bought new cartridges, and the prblem is resolved for a few weeks, the second time, what has worked for 2 days, third time not at all.

    I tried:

    Reinstall the cartridges - 100 + times

    Clean the contacts - 4 times

    Do a hard reset with connect with the printer power on and stop - at least 3

    Make a semi full reset in the reset - menu once

    Replacement cartridges - twice (see above).

    In the case where I forgot to mention, I tried every troubleshooting I could find on these forums via google, did not help at all. The computer thinks that there is no catrigdges (the icons disappeared in the Hp Solution Center). The printer itself gives the error message in the title. I'm losing hope with this one.

    Is there a solution or should I buy the new printer? because it would not of course be HP after the amount of bad it gave me. I'm even typing this from an HP laptop, and I regret buying now.

    SUPPORT Yes, I want to be able to use your printer, but you leave me no

    A solution of force-ignroe the error and print either way would help, hell, I have same colors. just let tell me him to ignore the error and try anyway, everything is in good condition, but the stupid printer software does not include it.

    Joe, the issue would almost certainly a problem with the cartridge. With this kind of cartridge, it is a cartridge and print head combined. If a problem is detected insofar as the mechanics of it would be only performed on the side of your printer by a possible build-up of ink on your electrical contacts where the cartridge connects to the transport.

    My recommendation would be to replace the color cartridge and see if the problem resolves.

    Let me know if this solves your problem and have a great day!


  • Cleaning the MICR band (loud bang of the carriage of the printer)

    Clean the MICR band

    More information
      That you perform the following steps, be careful when handling the coding Strip as it can break easily.  

    It is possible that dust can gather on the coding Strip which will make it very difficult for the printer determine where transportation is on his trail. To clean the MICR band, perform the following steps:

    1. Turn off the printer and disconnect the power supply.
    2. Lift the cover of the printer.
    3. Using a dry, not fluffy, pinch the MICR band on the right side of the cartridge carriage and pull your fingers on the right side of the printer (Figure 1).

      Figure 1: The band of coding to the right of the door-cartridges

        The coding Strip is a narrow band of clear plastic and can be difficult to see without direct lighting.  
    4. Plug in the printer and the power.
    5. Open the lid to allow the transport of the cartridge to center itself.
    6. Using a dry, not fluffy, pinch the MICR band on the left side of the cartridge carriage and pull your fingers on the left side of the printer. (Figure 2).

      Figure 2: The band of coding to the left of the door-cartridges

    Someone tried for hours link my band of coding and finally found the way to do it after reading several postings on the web and my own trial and error. The key is to use a "dental mirror" that you can pick up at a pharmacy or store of material for about $5. (Maybe a small compact mirror may also work.) And you need based on the discussion there. (I used a head lamp). The problem is that you can't see the small located slot through which the coding Strip should go through the front of the printer. He is sitting behind the ink cartridges. This thin slot "tunnel" is fine a piece of rectangular plastic. You can feel the rectangular piece of plastic behind the ink cartridges, and looking through the dental mirror, you can see how small slots are on the left and right side through which the coding Strip must be threaded. After "seeing" these small slots using the dental mirror, you can feel them with the tip of your nail and then know exactly what you are aiming for as you then feed the MICR band by. (It made no difference to feed you the Strip from the left or the right, but the end of arrow to the bottom of the encoder stip must lead right when you later attach it to the wire tab). I fed the 'blind' to the band after I had formed a mental image of exacly what I was doing and now to be able to feel the small slot located I was aiming for with the tip of a fingernail. (It is difficult to work in a small space behind the ink cartridges, and if you have fingers and very big hands, it may be impossible. I didn't use tongs or tweezers because of fear of harming the MICR band.) The coding Strip should then be set at the end of the arrow towards the bottom to the right attaching to a flimsy looking wire on the right side of the printer. The left end of the coding Strip must be attached to a metal tab on the left side of the printer. You will need to retain traction on the coding Strip and manually push the ink cartridge sliding back from the road as you attatch both ends. (It's probably a good idea to carefully clean the stip encoder of all your fingerprints and ink dirty with a handkerchief once you get it back in place.) Be sure also to clean the metal bar the ink cartridges slide back, if you receive error message 0502) Be prepared for this be a very frustrating experience! You will be panicked by how many times it will take to put on the good coding Strip slot, it will be difficult to catch the end of the encoding on the wire tabs and metal band, and how you have to find a way to keep the tension on the band of coding up to one end falls that you attach the other end. But once you use the mirror to see where you need to screw the Strip encoding, and once you see the tabs of wire and metal that must be attached to the ends of the strip of coding, then YOU CAN DO! It takes just the persistence.

  • Two questions - cannot save the printer shares with the error code 0x000006d9 and part of the Machine is not accessible from the network of working groups

    I think this are problems, but here is the separately questions, first of all - the basics:

    4 PC network using the working group with two Windows 7 (ultimate) and two xp.  Everything worked fine with the a previous vista / xp 3 network.  All except the Windows 7 Desktop behave well. The network is connected with a modem cable to a 5XT netscreen NS (firewall hardware to the outside and the inside hub), a netgear wireless access point and Windows workgroup use (as mentioned above).  Name all is correct on all machines, all the discovery settings are in place and each has Norton Internet security for its local protection services. Upgrades of Windows 7 have been computer vista laptop connected wireless and wired desktop previously running XP Professional sp3.  XP conversion was assisted on the desktop of the wizard upgrade Laplink PC Mover.  Applications executed in appearance on the two level computers.

    On the desktop - I can't share printers. When I use "networks and printers" in the start menu to share on a printer I get code 0x000006d9 error saying something like the configuration cannot be saved.  All local jobs printing works well.

    On the desktop - the name of the computer records also of all as on the network (it is discovered and mapped by each PC) but when I try to access it from any other machine I get a general error says something like "check your spelling of the name mannequin." This desktop computer Win 7 can browse shared folders on the network of and write about everything.  Somewhat added data - this device can ping all others in the network sucessfully but none get a ping successfully into the offending machine either with ip address or computer name (times out waiting for a response or said the name is not found).  He himself can ping successfully.  It accesses the internet very high hand.

    Solutions have been attempted without a firewall (Firewall Norton Smart Internet - 2010), with the firewall and various changes to authorization.  A final discovery was that Windows Firewall will not allow because BFE is not able to start - error 5 - access denied (this was discovered by train to allow a possible solution because of some internet chatter that the Windows Firewall must be running to implement shared printers).  All other dependencies are running to get a break on why BFE is not (it turns on the Win 7 laptop as well as the firewall).  Authorizations have been verified in the registry for settings of firewall and BFE (ports, permits, etc.) have also been looked at with a very critical eye.  SFC has been run with no problem.  All ports for net drivers, Win 7 networking and other actions are open in the firewall.

    Then people - I did some internet research and I tried a lot of suggested solutions nothing doesn't.  My apologies in advance if a person provides a solution and I say "tried".  Any help is very appreciated

    You can mark this as resolved problem!
    The program involved, causing this error is firewall Windows, here is what you need to do to fix this...
    If like me you have disabled windows firewall, I use Security Suite of ZoneAlarm, you will need to re-enable the firewall to share the printer.

    If you have disabled or turned off the Windows Firewall. (and in my case this error was caused by exactly that)
    Step #1 - disable any other firewall can be installed. Stop to load at startup and restart your PC.

    Step #2 - go to the tools of Admin folder > Services > Windows Firewall > double click and is it set to manual or automatic and keep it.

    Step #3 - open Control Panel > system & security > Windows Firewall > enable or disable the Windows Firewall > (Enable) turn on the Windows Firewall > save
    Then go to Restore Defaults > click on restore default button > save
    (you only do this IF you have changed the settings of the firewall, but it is always a good idea and will ensure that there are no problems during the proceeding)

    Step #4 - click Control Panel Home > view devices & Printers > Select / click on your printer > screen printer properties > share > share this printer > OK

    Step #5 - go back to firewall Windows and the tower he walks back > save

    Step #6 - go back to Services > and the Manual value Windows Firewall (or turn it off if you want, I recommend the manual)

    Step #7 - reboot and re-enable your firewall preferred to start at startup > Reboot

    Step #8 - take a deep breath and sigh of relief! :)

  • Manually delete the printer

    My Canon LBP 5000 worked fine in Windows 7 (64 bit), but after upgrading to Windows 8 it is causing crashes.

    for example, Word and Excel (2010) crashes when you try to enumerate printers. Sometimes, stop the spooler service brings the app, not always.

    I managed to print once, very well, but have no idea why it worked then and no more.

    (Yes, I tried the printer troubleshooting tool - no help.) No, Canon does not provide specific drivers of Windows 8).

    I read that reinstalling with Setup in Windows 7 compatibility mode can help, but before I could try that I have to uninstall the printer.

    However, Windows cannot do. (for example via Control Panel, devices and printers, use the delete command - it breaks down after 20 seconds to try something.)

    -What regedit hack should I do to remove a local printer?


    In case it is useful to anyone with a similar problem:

    I decided to just use regedit to find all occurrences of the name of my printer and delete it. Hack and slash. I then re-directed the setup.exe for the printer, with compatibility for Win 7, and as administrator mode. So far, it seems to work. But I'll return in a day or two if it doesn't--yet.


    Try uninstalling in Device Manager, and then try to DELETE in devices and printers...

    In fact, you don't HAVE to remove to uninstall the drivers and software, but my experience is that things go more easily if you do.

    Thank you, but no. Normal (through a window) was not working.

    Finally just did the regedit thing and delete everything I have seen with the name of the printer in it.

    This seemed to work and welcomed the new driver to install, so it's good.

    Unfortunately (coincidence?) the printer is now (i.e. after printing 1 page after installing the new driver!) complain about calibration, that Googling autour seems common with this model, so it seems that I then have to take to the printer with a screwdriver and give it a good cleaning.


  • Lightroom crashes when you set the corresponding colors in the settings of the printer Canon Pro1

    Myself and my partner have experienced the same problem on two different computers. When we have implemented a new preset in the print for printing profiling module and enter the corresponding color in the grave lightroom print module down. We're not sure if it's a lightroom problem, Microsoft or the gun problem. I systematically after backup everything in re installed lightroom printing software Canon, - no change still crashes, Lightroom 6 - not even change crashes. The only thing I did is restored my windows 7 OS because I found windows vista back roller is save me only since the last 5 days. I hate to re load my o/s. The problem is all three have issued software recently updated and with nothing the following report is generated from Lightroom when it checks and fails to find a solution online.

    This is the moment where it breaks down

    Screen Shot 05-31-16 at 08.19 PM.PNG

    Here is the report of accident

    Signature of the problem:
    Problem event name: APPCRASH
    Application name: lightroom.exe
    Application version:
    Application timestamp: 571b61a0
    Fault Module name: CNMUIBQ. DLL
    Fault Module Version:
    Timestamp of Module error: 52013e65
    Exception code: c000041d
    Exception offset: 00000000000e23cb
    OS version: 6.1.7601.
    Locale ID: 2057
    Additional information 1: c22c
    More information 2: c22c491ecc670eef693019368111d3a3
    3 more information: ce7b
    Additional information 4: ce7be9b7d11b0243cf91c6abd11e5cb4

    Read our privacy statement online: & clcid = 0 x 0409

    If the online privacy statement is not available, please read our offline privacy statement:

    Anyone else had a problem like this? and if so what was your solution.

    Hi, maybe I can help.

    I had the same problem starting yesterday when I installed a small application had to manage the internal designation of ICC profiles, i.e. tried to make the ICC more friendly user name profile in Photoshop or Lightroom: "CANSON_Baryta_310g_CanonPro1", instead of "cifa_pixmapro1_baryta310".

    At the same time, I had downloaded new versions of the CANSON ICC profiles for my CANON Pixma Pro-1.

    Seems new or rewritten Canson profiles those who got a corruption which prevents the pilot CANON to correctly read the ICC profiles available in C:/Windows/system32/drivers/color.

    After having the same operations as you pilot and relocation application Canon without success, I had the idea that it could be linked to the management of ICC profiles or corrupted ICC.

    I have created therefore then a "backup" subdirectory in the directory of 'color' of icc and have moved all the Canson and CANSON rewrote the ICC files.

    The problem has been resolved.

    I suggest you do the same thing, i.e. move away all uncertain icc profiles until you get the Canon printer properties /driver to work and then replace one by one all ICC to determine which of your the ICC is corrupt.

  • Photoshop CS5.1 crashes when you try to open manage sizes personalised in the print window. Help?

    I have OS 10.10.2.  When printing and attempting to access the 'manage custom sizes' in the print window, my Photoshop CS5.1 breaks down.  I had no problems so far.  Don't know what has changed. Can someone help me understand this?

    Update says it all. 12.0.4 was supposed to have fixed a lot of bugs. I usually consider that all the world is fully updated, but now I have to make sure.

  • Unable to connect to the printer via ThinPrint error: "serial0: unable to connect to the virtual printer daemon after 25 attempts." The device will be disconnected.

    I started this thread on the debate under of the "Fusion free v2.0.3" but Michael suggested I post this as a new thread, because it turns out that my problem was not due to the much discussed most recent update security Max OS causing ThinPrinting to break.  Whenever I have start up of my (Win XP and Windows 7) VM beta I get the above error message, and therfore cannot take advantage of the ability of merger of ThinPrint print on my printer Mac network.  Michael asked several log files, I have attached 3 in this post and others attached to my next post, so I hope you smart people of VMWare will be able to help me with this problem.  Thanks in advance!


    I got a response from ThinPrint with a possible solution - the problem may come from a file/etc/printcap obsolete, which refers to a computer that no longer exists. The DNS lookup may be a delay of 30 seconds and can block the process of thnuclnt. The file/etc/printcap file contains a copy of the configuration of the printer, but it is not necessary for the thnuclnt. It is generally not yet created by OS X by default, but it seems that previous updates to the OS X system or printer drivers can be turned on at any given time. Subsequently, the option got turned off, but the old file was left with outdated information.

    Could you try to rename the file/etc/printcap file and see if it eliminates the delay of 30 seconds? To do this, run Terminal and use the following command:

    sudo mv/etc/printcap /etc/printcap.bak

  • Correct use of the page-break-after


    I don't know that it is a simple question for you.

    I have LONG pages of stuff on the web for people to print, and I wish they were able to print in a very specific way-

    I want to decide when the page "breaks".

    On the web, I saw simple HTML, but also JAVASCRIPT solutions - and I like to keep the solution as simple as possible.

    On this forum, there are a few discussions of pagebreak, but no simple and final solution.

    In your opinion, does the following work?

    < html >

    < head >

    < style >


    page-break-after: always ;}

    < / style >

    < body >

    Page 1

    Page 1

    Page 1

    Page 1

    Page 1

    Page 1

    Page 1

    Page 1

    < div style = "breakhere" > < / div >

    Page 2

    Page 2

    Page 2

    Page 2

    Page 2

    Page 2

    Page 2

    Page 2

    < div style = "breakhere" > < / div >






    < / body >

    < / html >

    Have a look here

    However, the best solution for printing, is to use a PDF file, what they are for. Create a PDF file containing the same data. You have total control over the printing format in this case. Have a look here

  • Using CSS to create layouts of the printer

    Hello again,
    Please forgive my novice questions, but I'm doing things the first time and I was wondering if it's possible (or not recommended) to create a CSS file for the design of a page for viewing on the screen as well as for printing?

    The page I am working on:
    begins to look as expected (on screen), but when I go to preview before printing (and reduced to adjust) using Firefox, the page breaks things half and looks generally "bad."

    In the IE7 print preview, everything looks even worse, because now my product description text is all moved out of its original location.

    I also noticed the justification of the text don't continues not via preview before printing in FireFox, but it maintains it IE7!

    All the advice of some of you out there benefits as to the best approach to manage both print and on-screen display would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you
    ~ Greg

    Generally, you create style sheets two, one for display and one for
    print. In this way in the print css, you can hide items that are not relevant
    such as navigation

    Paul Whitham
    Certified Professional Dreamweaver MX2004
    Adobe Community Expert - Dreamweaver

    Valleybiz Web design

    "Myrrhlin225" wrote in message
    News:[email protected]
    > Hello again,.
    > Please forgive my novice questions, but I'm doing things the
    > first
    > time and I was wondering if it's possible (or not recommended) to create a
    > CSS
    > style file to a page for viewing on the screen as well as for printing?
    > Page: I work:
    > starts to look as expected (on screen), but when I go to print
    > Overview
    > (and adjust) using Firefox, pages in half and just things breaks
    > seems generally 'bad '.
    > Preview in IE7 printing, everything looks even worse, because now my
    > Products
    > description text is all moved out of its original location.
    > I also noticed him does not have the justification of text
    > himself
    > using print preview in FireFox, but it maintains IE7!
    > All boards of the pros you there as to the best approach for
    > handling
    > time print and on-screen display would be greatly appreciated!
    > Thank you,
    > ~ Greg

Maybe you are looking for