The product key on my Satellite Pro P300 does not work

The product key on my Satellite Pro P300 does not work.
I entered the key from the sticker on the back of the computer. What I am doing wrong?



Why use this product key?

Firstly the Toshiba recovery image is already enabled and you don t need this key more activations.

Second, it's an OEM key and it will not work with other versions of Vista!

Cheers mate

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  • Touchpad on Satellite Pro P300 does not work with Windows 7


    Recently, I load Windows 7 (64-bit) on my Satellite Pro P300. I downloaded all the drivers for W7 64 bit and installed everything, fortunately, most of the time.

    The touchpad, however, is not completely functional. The upgrade page says to use the Vista drivers and did not provide any drivers for win7. Installing the Vista drivers didn't really go so well.

    In any case, the essential element of the missing features is this thing where you drag your finger up and down the right edge of the touchpad, and it scrolls for you. I can click and double click and move the slider. But I can't scroll. And it's such a pain with move the slider above the scroll bar of the application, with a big screen.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    See you soon

    If I understand you right you are missing these additional mouse settings. Am I right about that?
    Which driver you have installed?
    Perhaps Synaptics driver?

  • FN + F10/F11/F12 in Satellite Pro U300 does not work


    need your help...
    I have the Satellite Pro U300 series and most recently the numbers four and six obtained busted... its does not work so I try to use the superposition of numeric keypad but I have observed that after pressing FN + F11 nothing happens...

    Please help me...

    Thank you


    When you use FN + F11 small control LED must be lit and the keypad must be enabled.
    If your laptop is preinstalled with Toshiba recovery image this option SHOULD work correctly.

    So nobody here knows what you did with your laptop and why these options are not available more.
    Before you start with advice how to get this working again once please let us know what operating system is preinstalled on your Satellite Pro U400.

  • Satellite Pro M40X does not work with battery


    I have toshiba satellite pro m40x laptop. It haves apromaly 11 months.
    In recent weeks, the laptop does not work with the battery.
    With the battery and the power running, if I turn on the laptop, it turns off after 10 seconds. If I only turn the computer batteries, laptop not respons.
    The laptop works without battery.

    I have rma is not the portable and the technical suport fixed the battery because it only 6 months guarantee.

    I'm sure that battery modules were not upset because I used the battery not very often.
    I disassemble and I wached the control circuit. I'm sure that something of them, it was broken, but I can't fix it without the schema.

    Another question is if I can change the graphics card to laptop. Is actually a x600se but I need power more graphic

    I hope you can help me



    It is not easy to say what the problem is here. Have you noticed something strange with LED power control? It is also possible that the electronic power supply do troubled. Try to talk with authorized Toshiba and explain the situation. If you open only one Notepad, uneducated, it may be simply worse.

    Graphics card cannot be updated as on desktop computers. I put t know how it is on this model laptop but the graphics card is fixed on the motherboard and cannot be traded.

  • Satellite Pro C850 does not work after Bios Update

    My satellite pro c850 cd does not work after updating the bios of toshiba.

    What should I do?

    Saying: don t work do you mean it does not fuel upward or what do you mean exactly?
    Flash the BIOS correctly?

    Maybe something went wrong during the upgrade, which means that l ROM flashed module isn't properly

    In most cases a special disc of crisis of the BIOS would be required to operate
    Not sure if you can get it repaired by your own
    Check this thread. Maybe this helps:

    Otherwise you need help of the authorized service provider available in your country.

  • Satellite Pro L100 does not work after BIOS update

    Okay, the computer is a Toshiba Satellite Pro L100 PSLA4. Problem occurred during an update of the BIOS on the official website of Toshiba. I downloaded the zip file, it extracts and activated the .exe file at the Interior.

    The window opened by the .exe is a program flashing BIOS, the .exe wrote at the same time a new BIOS file to a temporary folder.
    When he tried to use the program I got was an error saying it couldn't find the new BIOS to the entrance.

    I tried again only to get the same error. Then I left the laptop for several minutes and when I got home, I found a laptop no longer Virgin.
    On which I hear by an obvious lack of BIOS functions i.e. power LED does not change when the connection to disconnect it from the power outlet and the fact that I had to take out the battery to turn off the machine. When the power is turned on now it is check readers and restarts (no display, no beeps)

    What should I do?
    The first thing that comes to mind was to reset the BIOS.
    A problem, I can not find the RTC battery or a rider switch.

    Hi George

    I can't tell why it happened, but I can tell what happened.

    In my opinion, something went wrong during the process of updating the BIOS and the ROM modules was not writer properly.

    Simply says the BIOS update procedure has failed.
    In this case, you will need to contact the ASP in your country for a fix
    The technician must be able to rewrite the ROM module and updated the BIOS again.

    Good luck buddy

    See you soon

  • My product key of windows xp home edition does not work?

    Good while my laptop was a major virus, so after 5 antivirus, antispyware programs could not locate or get rid of it, I had no choice but to re - install windows xp home edition. But the problem is that my product key does not work. Why is this and what can I do, I don't have money to buy another computer laptop/product key

    Dell inspiron 6400

    p.s the guarantee expired already tried that one.

    In this case, you are probably using the wrong type of disc.

    You MUST use an OEM disc with an OEM key in WIndows XP

    You MUST use a disk of Windows XP Home Edition with a WIndows XP Home Key

  • Re: Keys FN of Satellite L855-135 does not work correctly

    The problem is that I installed Windows on my new pc.
    I lost my Driver Cd so I downloaded them from Toshiba.
    Also, I installed the 'value added package' for the fn keys.

    Now, I can not use the most pressing fn + F3 (for example).
    I have to press FN and clicking it with the mouse over the buttons fn on top of my desk.
    Also the symbols on my desk are no longer correspond with the keys on the keyboard.

    For example on my keyvorad the F12 key is to turn on the WiFi network, but it is shown as F8 on the desktop by pressing fn. But if I'm getting close F8 it does not work as well

    I assume that you installed Win7 64 bit, right?

  • Sound on Satellite Pro 4600 does not work


    I downloaded the latest driver on this site.

    But if I want to install it, I get an error. The INF is missing.

    With Suse Linux, the sound worked. With 2000 is not Windows.
    Can someone help me?

    Welcome them

    Hey Buddy,

    the Inf´s are missing? Maybe archive has not been correctly downloaded.
    So, maybe you can give a try on the Canadian tosh site, they have almost all the drivers you can't find on this site:

    Please give a feedback, would be appreciated. :)

    Welcome them

  • Integrated on my Satellite T130 webcam does not work

    Hi all

    the built-in on my Satellite T130 webcam does not work.

    I use Windows 7 Home Premium and already reinstalled the drivers of webcam 64-bit through this Web site. However, when I click on the webcam application, simply, nothing happens - program doesn't open at all or turn off instantly. Skype is not also acknowledge a cam. In addition, there is no webcam in Device Manager (a not detected USB device however) and no symbol of cam in the Ribbon of Toshiba quicklaunch, which is like the camera is started according to the "manual".

    Someone has an idea what is the problem? Looks like a common problem according to Google, but no suggestions other than to reinstall the drivers. Perhaps another application blocking the camera? Firewall settings?

    I'd appreciate any help, thank you.

    Best regards Florian

    > a USB not detected if

    Maybe it's the webcam from the webcam is connected to the internal USB controller on the motherboard.

    It looks like a webcam driver is not installed correctly.
    Try the webcam driver released for the satellite t230 or other series of satellites.
    Versions are newer

    Also recommend that you check the BIOS settings.
    In some cases, the BIOS contains a webcam option where the webcam can be turned on and off.

  • Why Satellite Pro A300 does not start when you press the power button?

    Suddenly my new Satellite Pro A300 does not start correctly when you press the power button. The situation is the following: when I press the power button is displayed the opening of Toshiba (Leading Innovation) and the disappers image quickly. Then there is a black screen for about 30 seconds. There is a rectangular frame with the text Microsoft Corporation under. And nothing happens however long wait.

    In order to get with the trial starting I then shut down the computer by pressing the power button until the computer turns off. ("The hard way to close")
    Now, I press the power button shortly to turn on the computer. Then, the computer starts normally with the photo to open Toshiba and after a few seconds, I wonder to open the computer in safe mode or in normal mode. I now choose to open in normal mode and the computer opens normally and is ready to work.

    What should I do to get a normal departure procedure?

    When the laptop starts normally (after choosing normal mode) stop your laptop properly using START > shut down option. Next launch should be normal.

    When the OS is moving towards the low irregularly will always ask you how to start this new (secure or normal mode).
    The same thing happen on my Satellite A300.

  • Satellite Pro 4230 - does not light

    I have the following problem:

    A Satellite Pro 4320 will not feed, DC-in light is on (green), with inserted (quite old) battery, the quickly flashes orange, (charge of compensation, according to manual) battery. If I press the power button / stop, DC-In goes off for half a second and turns on, that of all, nothing else happens.
    The power supply is 15V 4Amps one correct, I load tested it works and provides all the power, according to the specifications. It does not matter if the battery is inserted or not.

    Now the question: is this a battery problem or there is a problem with the entrails of laptops (internal DC converter)? Normally, your laptop should work on the included power supply.

    Best regards


    > Normally a laptop should work on the included power supply.
    You're absolutely right, mate. All cell phones work with power supply only, theoretically, a battery is not necessary. That's only important if you want to work without power, otherwise laptop mobile working with power supply only. No battery is needed.

    So my personal opinion it of a card mother dysfunction :(

  • Satellite Pro C660 does not illuminate

    Satellite Pro C660 does not illuminate. no noise, no light just fill out the dead.

    any suggestions?


    On this virtual path, it is not possible to provide an accurate diagnosis. All you can do is to unplug the power plug, remove the battery and leave it for a while. Then press the power button and hold it for 15 or 20 seconds.
    After doing this connect the power running and try to start again.

    What happens when you do this?

  • Recently, the delete key and rt click on remove does not remove a message. Must restart you Bird to be able to delete a message. With the help of v 24.5.0

    Using Thunderbird 24.5.0, W7, patches up-to-date

    The DELETE key or right-click delete suddenly does not remove a messsage.

    Restart Thunderbird and then they both work.

    What should I look for?

    File is not very large and simply restart brought the function.

    But, as a note aside, I don't have the problem in the last two days.

    Don't know what has changed. However.

  • Satellite Pro A does not start


    my daughter has a sSatellite pro laptop with vista basic on this subject.
    Yesterday he was not able to load but I have manged to start in safe mode and did a system restored.

    Today, however the same thing happened. Yet safe mode does not work, nor any of the other options?

    Can someone please help?

    Thank you


    Did you receive any error messages?
    What happens if you turn on the laptop, press F8?
    You see the advanced boot menu?

Maybe you are looking for

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    Hello! I currently own a Toshiba Qosmio X 300-112It runs on windows Vista Premium Dutch Version Everything seems to work fine except for a Chicony Webcam.When I start the Webcam, it behaves as expected when it is sufficiently advanced.However, when t

  • Where to find model #.

    Where can I find the model and the serial number of my laptop?

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