The Qosmio G40 display white point

I need to calibrate my monitor for my G40, but white point information are missing. Anyone know what is the white spot?

Unfortunately, this page Web from Toshiba provides this information.
I think you should check the user manual. Maybe you'll find something useful.

PS: just for the record;

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  • Signal (PAL 60) record with the Qosmio G40 Line In (Capture) Option

    I'm in Australia - and I have a lot of NTSC video tapes I want to MPEG...

    These bands play very well on all the TVs/LCD TV in the House.

    Qosmio G40 seems to have problems with PAL 60 signal that sends my VHS player...

    My VHS/DVD from Toshiba drive is to convert NTSC to PAL 60 signal - as this VHS player bought in Australia - this seems to be the Australian standard bought a VHS/DVD player.

    There is no option on the VHS player to the NTSC signal... I tried another VHS player - and it gives me the same output PAL 60, this player also could leave the NTSC signal...

    So I wonder if the Qosmio G40 is able to record the signal PAL 60 - maybe I'm missing a setting somewhere...

    I use Ulead movie maker software, which is supplied with the machine... but I don't see any options on the support PAL 60...
    Maybe the TV card installed in the machine does not support PAL 60 - I can't find any info about this...

    Maybe I need to use a software of different capture which will support PAL 60 options...
    Or maybe I just buy a VHS of America drive, and qosmio q40 will capture the NTSC image very well... (I already have a few products from 110V at home)

    Any thoughts?


    I'm not sure if this is possible, but you can check the BIOS settings, if there is an option that would allows you to change settings of NTCS/PAL.

    Check it out

  • Drivers Windows 7 for the Qosmio G40-12 s

    I have a Qosmio G40 - 12 s with windows Vista 32-bit Edition full
    And I install a Windows7 Ultimate 32 bit instead of vista, before I had to download all the drivers in this link (
    I select these choices:
    Laptop > Qosmio > Qosmio G Series > Qosmio G40 > PQG40E > Windows7 32 Bit > ALL > ALL > English > search

    but I think that there is no version of Windows7 that vista has, for example: there are no drivers for Windows7 infrared but here one for Vista
    He is there not TEMPRO, ASSENT, silent acoustic, AMT, online Information product, Manager of remote control, Touchpad Driver, tiles for Mobility Center, etc... For windows 7!
    My Vista driver was 27 driver - windows 7 driver only 19!

    Driver 8 was missing in this link, we find that drivers?

    I find TouchPad driver and I found one for her, but I can't found pilot infrared and Manager remotely so my remote not working do not now?

    Please advise me!

    You are right. Some drivers are not available. I noticed the same thing for my Satellite A300.
    For missing drivers, you can install the Vista drivers.

    I did the same thing and everything works fine.

  • No RAID on the Qosmio G40

    I received the new Qosmio G40 to test, but there is no RAID more?

    But I also found the RAID on C:, Toshiba, drivers, Raid drivers - what can I do with this... I don't really know how :(

    To my knowledge only Qosmio G20 and the G30 supports the RAID. Units of the RAID on the third page of the BIOS can be found on it.

    The G40 has two hard disks, but the RAID is not supported and is not available!

    Please don't be confused! That is a simple made!

  • XP PRO on the Qosmio G40-10 s


    I had my Qosmio G40 - 10 s about a month and I think to change the o/s to XP Pro because Vista has loads of bugs with stuff 3d graphics I do. I was wondering if somebody did it and how it was?



    Before that you would expect from a search option check response. You can find several discussions on WXP on G40. For example this one:

    Bye and good luck!

  • Preview in the browser web displays white screen

    Hi all:

    When I do a preview in the web browser, I get a blank white screen that points to a temporary location on my system.  Someone knows how to operate the my overview of the web browser? I tried to remove my preferences... nothing.


    Windows 7

    See you soon!

    Have you defined the location of publication record as a location approved in your Flash Global security settings? - security

  • Can I use two hard drives in the Qosmio G40-10th

    Anyone know if it is possible to install two hard drives in this laptop. I read simewhere that it had to be two slots hard drive in it?
    If so where is it located?
    Ther would be all issues around extra heat that could be generated etc.?

    I have had mine for about 5/6 months and have had a screen replaced (defective backlight).
    Many other people have had problems?

    I wonder if its worth buy the extended warranty.

    See you soon.


    As far as I know this laptop takes support only a single HARD disk.
    Check the underside of the laptop. Do you see a second slot (cover) the second HDD?
    I imagine that it has a single HARD drive Bay, and so only a single HARD disk can be used.

    I m not a G40 owner and, therefore, I cannot comment on any other issue.
    But each computer technology may start to malfunction it is why I always recommend buying an extended warranty.

    Best regards

  • Low volume on playback of DVD on the Qosmio G40-10 s

    Hi all

    Just address my new G40 10 s - one single machine hell! On playing a DVD through WMP or HD Toshiba player the playback volume is not so great when the ramp up to the max...

    Anyone know if there is a way to overridding the settings and get more volume? MP3 playback is fine and has punch, its just DVD that are the problem.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you very much


    Eventually, you pay the wav volume control or readers to a higher level.
    This should be possible in the sound properties located in the control panel.

    Select this check box.

  • Qosmio G40-108 - when and where it will be on sale in the United Kingdom?

    I really want to buy the Qosmio G40-108, but I can't find anywhere to sell and have in stock.
    Nobody knows where and when they will be available for purchase?


    Do you like the G40?
    I think it is a fantastic laptop. I saw the pictures and find interesting information of material. Not bad! ;)

    As far as I know at this time G40 laptop isn't on the market, and unfortunately I can't find any info when this Qosmio could be available in the United Kingdom.

    But I found the info where the laptop can be purchased.
    Qosmio G40-108
    Go to the tab 'Where to buy' and you should get a list of retail partners. You can communicate with these partners and ask for the date.

    If you know more about the availability of Qosmio G40 please come back and post it!
    Thank you

    Best regards

  • Qosmio G40 - no sound on HDMI

    I can't get sound on my LCD TV connected with cable HDMI with my Qosmio G40. Help please.


    I found a very interesting document from Toshiba which provides a step by step instruction how connect a Qosmio G30 to a TV using the HDMI port and why there is no audio over HDMI on Qosmio G30 under Vista.

    [No audio over HDMI on Qosmio G30 under Vista. |]

    _The paper said: _

    (1) open the "Control Panel" to click 'Start'-> 'Settings'-> 'Control Panel '.
    2) click on 'Hardware & Sound.
    (3) left-click on "his".
    (4) a window appears where you can select the playback device. Left click on 'device of digital output (S/PDIF).
    (5) after selecting the digital output, click on 'Set as default', then 'apply '.
    (6) now the signal must be properly transferred correctly to HDMI.

    Check this box:
    1. fix a television for the Qosmio G40 HDMI while both units are State in a "powered off the coast.
    2. turn first on television and then the Qosmio G40.

    _Notes on the HDMI connection: _

    S ' Please refer always to the manual of your TV on how to select and activate the TVs HDMI input port.
    -Please ensure that TVs equipped with a HDMI input port can be connected to the computer.
    S ' Please use a HDMI cable (NOT supplied with the computer) commercially available to connect to the TV and the computer.
    -Not all TVs equipped with a HDMI input port have been tested for compatibility with the computer. Therefore, does not guarantee that the HD DVD-video content can be displayed on any TV with an HDMI input port. Contents of the DVD - video HD may not display correctly on some TVs.
    -Qosmio G40 should automatically detect the HDMI connection and video output can be seen via HDMI to the TV.

    Good bye

  • U2713H / white point Calibration Software Dell precision

    System: Windows 8 x 64

    Calibration equipment: i1Display Pro

    Hardware calibration: Calibration Dell - 1.0.0 software 1.0.1 1.5.1

    Calibration of the software: Argyll v1.6.2, dispcalGUI v1.5.3.1 (spectral correction matrix)

    Monitor: U2713H

    I tried to calibrate them and profile my system with the above settings. The question is: Why am I not able to precisely define a D65 whitepoint using domain controllers for the calibration of the equipment? Each software version Dell lead a difference of temperature of about 100 KB (average) each time. This translates into a cold shade on my monitor. I tried two predefined calibration options and customized in the software in three areas of color (sRGB, aRGB and native). The values used are D65, 120 cd/m ^ 2, gamma of 2.2. I tried the XML hack so for 1.0.0 but 1.0.1 and (at least) 1.5.1 should include as a default?

    Here is a report of one of the dispcalGUI ARGB tracks:

    Instead, calibration software in dispcalGUI is more or less on the spot. This is a report for the native color space:

    Can someone shed light on this issue? Is my workflow calibration flawed or HW software Dell just this wrong? Changing white point is clearly visible and completely unacceptable. Also, I wonder why the dispcalGUI assume 6600K white point in reports?

    I did ' t need XML hack in DA 1.5: before calibration under the icon display and serial No. There is a text with applied BDU, RG_phosphor.

    Measure right after seeing the ArgyllCMS reports and cost of DEVELOPMENT. Look at the white point of profile (see additional statistics). So the problem is that DA is calibrated WRONG, but it measures right. Calibration is just against the profile, but the WP profile (and measured) is not very close to the curve of daylight. It is proposed to green in a plot of xyY (0,310, 0.33 x), a D65 moved to the Greens

    ArgyllCMS working properly assuming a 6600 K D whitepoint to evaluate WP measured. Color temperature is not as important as many people think. It is more important than the white point is if it is in the light curve. ArgyllCMS choose as "asumed WP daylight" closest point in the curve of daylight to WP measured. It is very close to the curve of daylight it is very dificult for the eyes to notice of 6600-6400 K

    Subject of your problem. I think there are two ways to do this kind of bad calibration:

    1 - may be you have some color improvements active GPU. Search for "digital vibrance" in nvidia Control Panel, set it to 0%, the look of the similar things FRO in ATI Catalyst Control Center. I have suffered from this problem with and my old nvidia GPU. Then she re - calibrate with the DA.

    2 - there are a few flaws not fixed with 1.5:

    One is that there is need MORE calbration patches to measure native gamma. No response from Dell

    Another is the luminance in fixed after writing the values of LUT3D. Change the contrast of luminance or changes of WP. Backlight LED - GB is more or less predictable. Dell/Xrite must patch its software, first of all make an aproximation + 50 cd for desured luminance, then put WP desired with LUT3D and the last to refine luminance/lower luminance in measures very tine. Of couse, it would be preferable to have an iterative process, but I doubt that this will never happen with Dell or Xrite.
    For GB-LEDs: more brightness OSD rises, the colours blue and Red occur. More contrast OSD triggers more green hue is displayed on the screen.
    It seems you case (you have more green WP coordinates as you want). You can try this:
    -Place you CAL1/CAL2 OSD
    -Open DisplaclGUI, "calibrate button" with D65 target, start measuring WP with the three RGB bars. You're not calibrate, it's just to measure WP.
    -Open OSD, brightness & contrast. Try to decrease the contrast by no 1, to be careful of in DispcalGUI measuremet window. Please note that this will lower the luminance to 110-115cd, but if it fixes WP I think it is aceptable.
    (--Once an acceptable WP is reached)<2dE), close="" calibration,="" cancel="" it.="" in="" dispcalgui="" do="" a="" "profile="" only"="" to="" caracterize="" your="" screen="" (not="" to="" calibrate="" it),="" check="" that="" "embed="" current="" calibration="" curves"="" and="" "reset="" calibration="" curves"="" are="" enabled.="" do="" a="" xyzlut+matrix="" profile="" or="" the="" one="" yo="" like="">
    -Run check the profile against the new profile.

    I hope that one of these two solutions to work for you

  • Windows 8 Pro would be runs Qosmio G40?

    Does anyone know if the QOSMIO G40 running Win8 Pro?

    System is 'only' 4-year-old and Win7 Ultimate without any problems.
    However, some drivers for Win8 are found...

    The only found drivers are following [this | family = 381 & selSeries = 229 & selProduct = null & selShortMo d = null & language = 12 & selOS = 42 & selType = all & yearupload = & monthupload = & dayupload = & useDate = null & mode = allMac hines & search = & action = search & macId = & country = 3 & page = 1] page

    Any suggestions?

    You can install the Windows 8 on all computers that would meet this hardware configuration.

    Pilots win 8 out for all the portable Win 7 appearing in this list:

  • Qosmio G40 and Windows 7 upgrade


    Can someone tell me please on why Toshiba has no support for the Qosmio G40 when it comes to upgrading to windows 7?

    Are you sure about that?
    Have you already checked

  • RAID 0/1 support on Qosmio G40-129


    I got the Qosmio G40-129. It has 2 hard drive, raid 0/1 support?
    The chipset is intel PM965 Express
    The URL is: ie = Yes & PRODUCT_ID = 145962


    As far as I know the RAID options are offered on laptops with preinstalled Toshiba RAID Utility.
    With this tool, you can choose between two options:
    -RAID 0 stripping
    -mirroring RAID 1

    I'm not 100% sure but I think that Toshiba do not offer this tool for Qosmio G40 and I'm afraid that's not possible on your laptop.
    This tool is preinstalled on your computer?

  • Qosmio G40 Windows XP - some drivers/utilities missing

    Dear all,

    I would be grateful if anyone can tell where I can get drivers/utilities for Windows XP for the following:
    -Flash cards (to make the combinations of work: switch between monitors, brightness, ets);
    -Shortcut keys on the keyboard {eleven buttons}.

    All the other drivers/utilities have been found/installed/proved to work correctly. XP seems to work a lot smoother and faster on this beautiful piece of hardware.

    Thank you for your help,
    Kind regards

    The utility of flash cards is only available for Vista.

    I looked on the page of the Toshiba driver and, unfortunately, but I didn t see the XP drivers for the Qosmio G40 at this time.
    I assume that you've found the XP drivers some currents such as graphics card or driver sound on 3 third-party pages. But to use the features of Toshiba as button of keyboard shortcuts, you will need a XP driver and tool designed especially for this laptop.

    Looks like the drivers are not available at this time and we will have to wait until XP drivers will be sorry, but I really put t see another possibility.

    Best regards dude

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