The receiver volume is low on iPhone6

The volume of the telephone receiver on my iPhone6 is extremely low. Sometimes, I have to put it on the speaker to hear the caller.


It may be obvious, but you can adjust the volume (increase) of calls only when you are on a phone call.

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  • the laptop volume is low



    Hoping you can help...
    I have an Acerr laptop, Aspire 5738Z and the volume is not terrible on it, is this standard with this model or is there something I can do to adjust / sort it... Have you looked at the volume mixer and evn at full capacity, it is still low...?
    Thanks in advance for anyone reading this and willing to help...

    Hi, TR-79,

    Acer - voice volume to low during DVD playback

    During playback of DVDs in Acer Arcade, the audio output for the voice is quite low, yet the other noises are at normal volume.

    1. Start the computer, allowing the computer to boot completely.
    2. Left-click on the "Start" icon in the lower left corner of your screen.
    3. Left click on the "Control Panel", this will open the Control Panel window.
    4. Left window double click "Sound effect Manager" icon, this will open the AC97 Audio Configuration. "
    5. The "Sound Effect" tab (window opens to this tab) in the section titled "karaoke" remove the green check mark in box "voice cancellation".
    6. Close all open windows.

    Reboot-Arcade and Play movie, sound levels voices should now be closer to other sounds on the audio track of the film.

    Check the settings of volume on all of the media players you have installed - iTunes, WMP, etc...

    Check Control Panel > Volume > Speakers > Speaker properties

    Check the Equalization of the Volume

    Open Device Manager and look for problems with the sound card drivers - uninstall the drivers, reboot to reinstall

    Go to the sound card manufacturer's website and search for driver updates

    How to fix the Volume low on Ace laptop

  • Why the max volume is lower since the update to IOS 9.2.1?

    I also find that the volume control does not more call volume level indicator.

    How can I get that back again please?

    Try a hard reset of your iPad by simultaneously pressing buttons Home and sleep/wake button until your iPad goes to the dark and restarts with the Apple logo, then release the buttons.

    Good luck!

  • The microphone volume is very low on a Dell inspiron 13 7348 with Windows 10

    On my new Dell inspiron 13 7348 the microphone volume so low that my Skype partners can barely hear me. I checked all the settings in Skype and software audio dell and I updated all drivers... without success

    Connect a microphone extermal solves the problem, however, I prefer to not always have an additional microphone with me!

    Has anyone found a way to increase the volume of the microphone?

    Since an external device works well I'm afraid that the build-in microphone is actually of minor quality... what a disappointment

    So far, nothing has changed. I continue to go all my encounters with my laptop and this webcam with microphone build - in which I used the last in 2005... It's ridiculous... Don't know how many times I have had to explain to my colleagues why I use this external microphone... BTW, their Skype works well on non Dell computers with Windows 10 so I guess it's a problem that only affects users of Dell...

    As I said before, it's a big disappointment, and in the future I will avoid Dell products.

  • iPhone 6 s the ear speaker volume is low

    iPhone 6 s the ear speaker volume is low, I turned the volume all the way to the top and there is still no improvement and the volume of the phone's normal when on a call by speaker and earpods. Problem volume level is only known when using the earphone.


    Follow the steps here:

    If you do not hear a person on an appeal or a voice message or if the sound is not clear on your iPhone - Apple Support

  • The HT820 ear and lower volume stuck button

    I had these headphones for almost 2 years works very well. I don't have a bluetooth phone, but I use my HT820 with my HP Ipaq 211 listening to music or watching movies. I also connected them to my work and the home pc. At work I connected them to the phone Nortel 1150. I just had a few problems since I got to the two atria are beginning to tear. I had them in my backpack and I don't know how, but one ear cushion came off the coast. So I'm wondering where I could get replacement tips? The other problem I have is with the low volume on the left hand button. The button is stuck, but I can live with that, because it is just the right volume level. If I don't find any guesswork replacement I can buy another pair and I can leave the old one at work since I can use it with the 1150 of Nortel. Thank you

    Join this other thread:

    As for the volume key. This aspect will likely be repaired if the warranty is only for one year. Sorry!


    Support Forums Manager

  • After the 8.1 windows upgrade my vaio sound volume is low

    solution please.

    Hi shamemuclan,

    The volume is low on a certain program, browser or apply to all applications? Thank you.

  • The volume of the recorded sound is very low when played. I tried to solve the problems through Control Panel of configuration-sound options and increased the volume to 100 form my mic too. All the other volume options, it's 100 too. It has no effect. Hel

    The volume of the recorded sound is very low when played. I tried to solve the problems through Control Panel of configuration-sound options and increased the volume to 100 form my mic too. All the other volume options, it's 100 too. It has no effect. Help needed ASAP


    Control Panel - SOUNDS - Audio peripheral devices configuration-manager

    Make sure you write down the description and model double click top - tab drivers - write version. Now
    Click on update drivers who cannot do anything like MS is far behind the certification of drivers. Then RIGHT
    CLICK above and UNINSTALL - REBOOT - this will rebuild the driver stack.

    If your driver shows 06 you have the default windows and part of the question.

    Go to the system manufacturer's website and get the latest Audio/Sound drivers - download - SAVE - go to the place where you
    Put them - right click on Reboot - RUN AS ADMIN -.

    Check the Version on the tab of the driver in the device as a sound Manager often restoring drivers, then install
    the current version. Restart and check after each try, not uncommon to have to run the pilot of 1 to 4 times or more.
    Just make sure that the version you have installed appears in the tab of the driver.

    Then navigate to the site of the manufacturer of the device and search for the drivers more recent and repeat the installation procedure.

    Look at the sites of the manufacturer for drivers - and the manufacturer of the device manually.

    How to install a device driver in Vista Device Manager


    After the updated driver.

    Click with the right button on the speaker near clock - recorders - right click in the box - check show disconnected devices
    and show disabled devices - check your micro - highlight them, then lower right properties. Do
    of course the appropriate injector is enabled and check that other settings - on the levels tab make sure MUTE is not checked
    and APPLY / OK changes.

    Also in the search for some Audio Manager Panel (perhaps named after the manufacturer of the sound driver). Mine
    is the RealTek Audio Manager, yours can be quite different name if you have one.

    How to activate Audio devices hidden in Vista

    Connect one microphone, music player or other audio device to your computer

    Problems with sound and audio or no sound - a Mr Fixit

    I hope this helps.

    Rob - bicycle - Mark Twain said it is good.

  • Use of 'root' for the system volume is 100% and/dev/md0 is full


    I recently started to receive notifications that the use of 'root' volume of my system is 100%

    I went through all the files and it seems that the culprit is/dev/md0

    I don't have any add-ons installed, and this NAS solution is specifically used as a backup to another NAS. It uses ReadyNAS Replicate for backups.

    Here is the output of df - h and df - i

    I tried commands like this:

    du - csh/var
    du - csh/var / *.

    And the problem doesn't seem to be in these directories. Very low use it.

    This error started appearing on the day that I got a copy no error of ReadyNAS Replicate that gave me an Exit Code: 11 (error e/s files)

    Can someone help me solve this problem?

    The reason why you could not find, was that at some point, your encrypted volume was not mounted (perhaps the USB is not was connected when you start the NAS server) and a repeated backup job is filled with the partition of the OS on the NAS.

    When you have looked at the system, the data volume has been mounted. There was data under/data on the partition of the OS, but could not say that.

    I passed on a summary of what has happened to our engineers and am waiting for their suggestion. However as it is a long weekend in the United States I don't expect an answer at least a few days.

  • call the default volume in lenovo A6000


    I bought the phone A6000 recently in India. During phone calls, people complain to me that my volume is very low and they are hardly able to hear me.

    Everyone knows the same problem? Y at - it a setting I need to change to fix the problem of call volume?

    Help, please.

    Kind regards


    Sometimes I'm even in the face of this problem. When I receipt/dial a call, sometimes I can't hear the voice, but also the receiver not able to hear my voice... I felt there is a network problem, but I suspect it's because the mobile device...


  • copy and paste volume too low noon


    I am a new user to Logic Pro X I recorded audio and midi in a song tracks, when I copied the first verse and stuck on the second verse, the volume of the second stanza is lower than the original one.  How to fix this? Thank you!

    Can you be more specific please?

    You create a MIDI region for verse 1 and then copy / paste the entire region?

    Or did you copy all and paste events - either in the same region or in a new area?

    Have you checked the values of velocity in the MIDI region - and they are the same? Use the Piano Roll Editor to check.

    There is an offset of speed for each region setting, perhaps you accidentally set that? You can see this setting in the region Inspector.

  • Volume down lower and lower

    WWhy is my volume go lower and lower while watching something on my apple tv

    Is what version of ATV?

    If you've programmed the remote to control the TV volume, maybe it's mad crazy go on low voltage. Try reloading, or new batteries, in function.

    Try turning off the "reduce loud sounds" ATV audio mode, if they are available. He might try to save your hearing...

  • Is it possible to adjust the sound volume of Windows to more than 100%?


    I have a very simple question:

    Is it possible to adjust the sound volume of Windows to more than 100%?

    I explain why I need to do this:
    I can watch DVD files or .avi with my computer and VLC, that allows to adjust the volume to 100%. Some DVDs have a very low sound. So if I set VLC to 200% volume and the system volume to 100%, I can watch movies in good sound conditions. Then, my computer speakers are strong enough for me watching a movie.

    However, I have a problem with VSD: I use VOD with Windows media player and that player does not allow me to adjust the sound to more than 100%. So I put the sound of Windows media player at 100%, the sound of Windows to 100%, but the sound is very low.

    Please don't tell me to buy speakers, mine are pretty strong, and I find it uncomfortable to plug the speakers.

    Please don't tell me to use a software that increase the volume of the file I want to watch VOD.

    Is there a way to increase the sound volume of Windows to more than 100%?

    Please don t tell me this, please don t tell me that. You want to hear other people's opinions or what?

    AFAIK all sound level settings in Windows are synchronized and if you change the sound level in the properties of the speaker at the same level will appear in the Windows for the Volume Mobility Center and the maximum level is 100%. No more than that.

    As you already wrote the sound level can be increased in combination with Windows and some players.

    Is there any other way to watch these videos, but using WMP?

  • YouTube volume is low in Safari

    Very low volume level on videos from youtube in Safari. It is true, any site, the videos are built on. However, the videos on other sites play the normal volume. But this is not true in Chrome or Firefox on the same machine. There is no control volume on the videos. There is only a mute control.

    There is a huge difference. If I turn the volume up to make the audio content, any other content will blow your ears back.

    I've scoured the web, but there is no current positions with the same problem.

    1. System Preferences > Flash Player > advanced

    Press the button 'Clear all' under 'Navigation data and settings.

    2 Delete Cookies

    Safari > Preferences > privacy > Cookies and other data from the website:

    Click on the button "Details".

    Delete all cookies except those from Apple, your internet service provider and the banks.

    3 hold down the option key and click on the "Go" menu in the Finder menu bar.

    Select 'Library' in the menu drop-down

    Library > Preferences > Macromedia > Flash Player

    Right-click on the Flash Player folder and select "move to trash".

    Close the finder window, and then restart the computer.

    Test YouTube"

  • Volume buttons control only the ringer volume

    It seems that the volume buttons on the side of the phone just control the ringer volume. On other Android phones, ringtone and Notification volumes have been linked together for ease of use.

    On the Droid Ultra/Maxx, there are four different volumes: media, ringtones, Notifications, and alarms. And none of them are interconnected. It is extremely annoying for many reasons, the main reason being there is no easy way to lower or increase the volume of ringtone and Notifications at the same time by using the volume buttons.

    The ring volume is adjustable to the max, but the text message sound will be very quiet. Or the ring volume can be set down, but text message noise will be very strong.

    Is it possible to fix this?

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