The Satellite Pro 6000 motherboard is compatible with the satellite Pro 6100?

Hello, need information about mainbord...
Is the the same Satellite Pro 6000 and 6100 mainbord?


Satellite Pro 6000 belongs to the PS600E series, and it supports the Celeron and PIII-M (Mobile) processor.

The Satellite Pro 6100 belongs to the series of PS610E and supports the CPU P4 - M (Mobile).

The two laptops are very similar so eventually Sat Pro 6000 motherboard could enter Satellite Pro 6100.

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    Anyway let's not get carried away. I would like to know if this card mother (697230-001) is compatible with this laptop (645527-001). Or if there is any other compatible with the 645527-001 Board.

    I want to thank this answer and all that helps.

    Your model is g6-1325sa. It is the repair:


    All supported cards are listed on page 21. The 697230-001 motherboard is not listed, but it is 645527-001 (is 645529-001).

    The official description of the motherboard 697230-001, is that it is:

    System Board only for computer models of processor AMD E2-1800 and FreeDOS

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    It is capable of both and it uses the same type of socket... it will happen just at a lower speed with the 1st generation, but it will be barely perceptible.

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    Motherboard ASRock website:

    Most of these Intel LGA 1155 Micro ATX motherboards should support PCIe v3.0 with the use of a 3rd generation Intel iCore (i3, i5, i7) CPU. Installation of a 2nd generation Intel iCore CPU will very likely the slot PCIe x 16 back to v2.0. These cards mothers Micro of ATX Intel LGA 1150 will support PCIe v3.0 and will require the use of a 4th generation Intel iCore (i3, i5, i7) CPU.

    You can buy a new motherboard and CPU use PCIe v3.0. You can buy a new Windows operating system. You will not be able to continue to use your recovery disks. You will not be able to continue using the software 'value-added' originally shipped with your computer. You may need to purchase other components (power, graphics, memory, etc.) as needed. You can have problems with a new motherboard corresponding rods threaded fixing OEM and/or the rear plate of I/O. You may have trouble connecting to the connector on the front panel of the new motherboard.

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  • What motherboards are compatible with the s1400-103?

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    Hi ian

    I was not being able to find an exactly number description or a part, but you can it search the net or even try to get the info of service partner.

    By the way: do you really want to exchange one?

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    This is my setup:

    8 GB RAM
    Intel Core i7-3770 CPU @ 3.40 GHz (8 CPUs), ~3.4GHz
    128 GB SSD
    AMD RADEON HD7570 2 GB - upgraded to GTX 760
    HP 460W PSU - upgraded to 625W

    Card mother IPMMB-FM (Formosa)

    Is someone can you please help me solve this problem?


    From your PC with Windows 8, you need to change 2 BIOS settings in order to launch a video card no HP.

    Please see the link below for more information.

  • DG33fb motherboard is compatible with Win 8 *.

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    Have you checked with the support of Intel for the drivers?

    If there is no Windows 8 pilots, and then try to install Windows 7 drivers in compatibility mode and check if it helps.

    You can also get in touch with Intel support for further assistance.

    Intel support

    Hope the helps of information. Let us know if you need help with Windows related issues. We will be happy to help you.

  • Which WLan router would be compatible with the Satellite Pro A300D-13th

    I'm really new to laptops and I hope this isn't an issue as fundamental, but I'm looking for a router for my A300D-13th. I see a lot of posts on the forums about the problems with broadband so many different routers, I just thought that some knowledgeable forum members could point me in the right direction please.
    I use ADSL Max.


    I don t think that a Satellite A300D would not support some routers high-speed WLan.
    The point is that the laptop uses the latest generation of internal WLan cards which should be compatible with most of the WLan routers.

    Sometimes the WLan driver needs to be updated to get all the features, but to be honest I have never had problems with WiFi

    Of course, if the wireless network card does not support 802. 11 G, then you will not be able to connect to this wireless network

  • Satellite Pro 4340 is compatible with Wlan?

    my friend has offered its satellite pro 4340 for my work to a level of children. I need to connect to the internet on this subject. what I'd like to know is: is - this compatible with the radio? If I bought this wireless could it be plugged in and used? is this a laptop useless? I have no IDE on computers

    Hello Wendy

    I found some info on this unit, and I'll try to give you some advice on its use. First be sure the unit is in good condition and it starts. This unit is initially shipped with Windows 98SE. According to RAM, you can also use other operating systems.

    Please talk with your friend and ask him which OS is pre-installed and the amount of RAM is here. Maybe someone can give you some useful tips on more operating system installation or how to use it in the best way.

    This laptop is definitely not pointless and it's very good for children and they can use it to learn more about the use of the laptop and also how to deal with operating system (basic knowledge).

    Computer laptop itself has no wireless card but you can use the PCMCIA WLAN card. To find more information please contact your local dealer to PC. They can give you important information about compatibility, and you can also ask them to install the device and also test in store for you.

    If I forgot something please ask again and make your friend under pressure with price. ;)

  • What are the cards Wi - Fi are compatible with the Satellite P10-304?


    Please can someone tell me what mini-pci Wifi cards are compatible with the laptop Satellite P10-304?

    I tried a broadcom 4318 with no look.
    It installs the material as seen in the Device Manager, but can not find all the networks (think there is a conflict with the motherboard)

    Tried an AW-GM100 Azure that has a conflict as soon as the computer message cell phone messages.

    As in advance



    Theoretically, most of the WiFi cards should work, but the best way would be if you take a WiFi card that was delivered with a computer laptop Satellite P10.

    I put t know what cards shipped with this laptop, but I have a little search here in the forum and I have created a thread that might be interesting for you:

    Good bye

  • Satellite M70-354 - is compatible with another motherboard?

    Hello guys,.

    I need to replace the motherboard for a Toshiba Satellite M70 354 PSM70E.
    The card mother inbuild is a K000033860, so it is compatible with any PSM70E mainboard avayable (K000XXXXXX)?

    Thanks for any help

    I think so. Satellite M70 comes with two different mothers.
    One is with the graphics card Intel for PSM70E models and is second with graphics card ATI for the PSM71E models.

    Thus, you can use any PSM70E motherboard and use it for other M70 with PSM70E model number.

  • Is compatible with Satellite 2450-101 with Digidesign mbox 2 mini & Pro tools

    My computer laptop satellite 2450-101 is compatible with digidesign mbox 2 mini and pro tools? It seems that if a dedicated graphics AGP or PCIe controller is necessary... Any help gratefully received!

    You will be very happy if someone has the same laptop model and exactly the same external device (digidesign mbox 2 mini) for you give the right answer. AFAIK for each external device there is a description with the minimum system requirements.

    I recommend you to check carefully and I presume that you will find the right answer. Google all over the place. I'm sure you can find some forum with interesting discussions on this MBOX 2.

    If find you some useful information please share it with us.

    Good bye

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    Thank you!


    It was reported a number of not being able to save or to new projects with the title of the Sierra.

    I would conclude some time if I were you, especially if everything is working well at the moment.

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    After no.

    "Mac Pro (mid-2010 or more recent).

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    El Capital is compatible with the MacBook Pro version 10.10.5? Can anyone help answer this question before I update? Thanks in advance.

    Why did you start a new post? Post again only after only 8 minutes accomplished nothing.

    There is no general problem going to EL Capitan on your Mac.

    Some applications may require updating.

    Some devices like printer may require the updated drivers. For some readers of devices not being updated are available.

    This is the Office Mac Pro forum. I asked that your post be moved to the El Capitanforum or another appropriate forum.

    Please move to the EL Capitan forum or another appropriate forum. Thank you

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